Marimar Episode 91 – The one where Marimar has a sister

March 21, 2008

Marimar Episode 91 – The one about Marimar having a sister
Aired in the UAE 24 December 2007, Monday
Vanessa Mae reveals to Marimar about herself and the daughter she gave away at birth, a child sired by Gustavo Aldama, Marimar’s father.  Marimar is excited at the thought that she has a sibling.
Corazon doubts if Marimar indeed does have a sister and tells Marimar so.  Marimar wants to talk to her aunt, Esperanza, to seek her advice and ask if she can truly trust this woman, Vanessa Mae.
Dra. Ria meets with  Julio and she asks him about Renato.  She requests if the young man could help talk to Renato so the elder man could recall his past and gain his life back.
Monica asks Angelika where they are headed as both walk briskly.  Monica is cautious as both haven’t got any money.  Angelika says she’s got a thousand pesos.  Monica is pleased and asks her friend where she got the money.  Angelika frankly tells Monica, “Asan pa? Di sa bulsa ng asawa mo!” that she stole some money from Diego’s pockets.
Julio can see that the lady doctor has a soft spot for her latest patient and he tells her, “Nahuhulog na ang loob mo sa kanya.”  (You’re falling for him.)
Corazon tells Marimar to consider that Vanessa Mae could just be a poser, someone out to con Marimar.  But Marimar is more excited about the fact that if Vanessa Mae is telling the truth and she does have a sister, who is she?  And where is she?  How will Marimar find her?
Monica is shocked at Angelika’s revelation.  “Kinukupitan mo si Diego?!” (You’re stealing money from Diego?)
Angelika reasons she is just  borrowing it and will pay later when she’s got more money.  “Hiram lang, babayaran din.”
Monica tries to tell her friend something, “Eh kasi naisip ko lang…” (You know I was thinking…)
But Angelika cuts her off, “Wag ka nang mag-isip.  Wala kang isip.”  (Stop thinking.  You are incapable of thinking.  You have no brains.)
Sergio visits Cruzita who is very happy to see her father.  He tells Marimar that they are going out for some bonding time.  Then he asks her is she isn’t going. “Hindi ka ba sasama?”  Sergio’s eyes pleads with Marimar to join them.
While Angelika and Monica are walking they bump into Angelika’s father, Jose.    Angelika turns from this bitch into a supplicating child calling for her father to recognize her.  Jose, obviously drunk tells them, “Anak?  Di kita anak kasi baog ako.”  (Child?  You are not my child because I cannot have children.  I’m sterile.)
Marimar tries to avoid looking into Sergio’s eyes as she reasons that she’s too busy with work.  But Cruzita pleads with her to come join them, “Please mommy, happy ako kung kasama ka namin.” (I’d be happy if you’re with us.)
Angelika presses on telling her father that she is his daughter.  “Tay, ako (ang) anak nyo.” (I am your child.)
It takes all of Marimar’s will power to reject her daughter’s pleas.  She tells Cruzita that she is truly busy but if she finishes her work early, she will call them and follow.  Cruzita seems to accept this and Sergio can be seen to show a bit of disappointment.  Marimar tells Cruzita to be a good girl.  The child replies, “Lagi naman po akong good girl,” telling her mother that she is always one.
To Sergio, Marimar adds, “Ingat kayo ha?” (Take care.)  Sergio kisses Marimar and both get surprised at how normal the kiss went, almost as if it would have happened on its own, but of course they pretended not to notice.
Angelika is left depressed when even her own father rejects her.  She laments, “Bakit lahat ng tao ayaw sa akin?  Ganon ba ako ka walang-kwenta ha?  Lahat ng mahal ko, ayaw sa akin.” (Why does everyone dislike me?  Am I that useless?  Everyone I love rejects me.)  She yells at Monica to leave her alone.
A while later Angelika is drunk like her father earlier.  She gulps down a bottle of alcohol while walking.  She sits on the curb and recalls Sergio’s hurtful words:  that she was just an object that Sergio and Renato toyed with.  She also recalls her own father’s rejection of her: ‘hindi kita anak!’
Sergio takes Cruzita to work.  At the Santibanez Motors office she meets her tito (uncle) Antonio and Arturo.  Arturo suggests, “Pwede be tita Arturo na lang tawag mo sa akin?” (Can you call me auntie Arturo instead?)  Antonio just laughs and shakes his head, “Arturo ikaw talaga.” Hoping Arturo would stop confusing the child.
Ria visits Renato and she tells him that he seems to be getting better.  Renato agrees and adds that if he gets really better, “Aayain kitang mag-date,” he’ll take Ria out on a date.  Ria reminds him that he is married.  “Renato, may asawa ka na.”
A very drunk Angelika crosses the street and gets hit by a speeding van. 
Renato nods in agreement but reveals, “Naaalala ko, puro masama ang pinagsamahan namin.”  (I can remember that our relationship was mostly bad.)
He admits that he doesn’t fully know himself nor does he fully know Ria; but adds, “Pero gusto kong malaman mo na gusto kita.” (I want you to know that I like you.)
Ria looks on Renato, a smile growing on her lips.  He gets the courage to ask her, “Kung manliligaw ba ako sa yo, papayag ka?” (Would you allow me to woo you?)
Angelika lies on the road, unconscious and injured from the collision.  One of the pedestrians who saw the accident runs to Angelika.
In her home Vanessa Mae is thinking about her daughter.  She prays, “Sana mahanap na kita anak at nang maituwid ko na ang mga naging kasalanan ko.”  (I hope I find you soon, my child, so I can correct the wrongs I’ve made in the past.)
Sergio is preparing to leave the office and his friends ask where he is going.  He tells them he is off to take Cruzita home and hopefully to see Marimar too.  His friends wish that this access to Cruzita would lead to his reconciliation with Marimar.  Sergio could only hope. “Sana nga.”
Marimar’s car arrives at the accident and she sees Angelika.  It is a case of hit and run.  The woman asks Marimar who has gotten off her vehicle to take a close look if she knows the victim.  Marimar denies it, “Hindi.” The woman tells her that Angelika needs help badly.  Marimar debates within herself whether she is going to help Angelika after all she has done to her or just leave her in the road to die.  An angry voice inside her protests against helping her mortal enemy, “Bakit ko siya tutulungan?  Mortal kong kaaway si Angelika!”
Sergio is worried, Marimar should have called at least to check on Cruzita by now.  It is so unlike her not to check on her daughter.  He looks at Cruzita who is happily playing with Arturo but Sergio gets more and more worried as time passes without any news from Marimar.
Marimar makes a decision that truly shows how good she is deep inside , “Sige dalhin natin sa ospital.” (Let’s take her to the hospital.)  Marimar’s driver carries Angelika and they drive off to the hospital.
Sergio calls Cruzita telling her daughter that it’s time to go home but Cruzita pleads, “Not yet, I want to stay with you.”  Arturo smiles, “Inggit naman ako!” pretending to be envious at how sweet Cruzita is to Sergio.  Antonio adds, “Parang gusto ko nang magka-baby!” (Makes we want to have children too!)
Antonio recalls he and his father were very close too.  This prompts Cruzita to ask her own father about her grandfather.  Sergio becomes serious, “Matagal nang di kami nagkikita.” (It’s been a while since we saw each other.)
Cruzita is curious, “Bakit daddy?” (Why?)  Sergio honestly tells her, “Di kami magkasundo noon.  Kaya naisip naming magpakalayu-layo na muna sa isa’t isa.” (We didn’t agree on many things then so we decided to steer clear of one another for a while.)
The child feels sorry, “Ang lungkot naman.” (How sad.)  Sergio cheers her up as he too makes a decision to mend his relationship with his father, “Dati yon, pero ngayon gusto kong magkasundo na kami.” (That was then, but now I want us to be close.)
Renato continues to convince Ria to give him a chance.  “Simple lang, kung gusto mo: Oo; kung ayaw mo, di huwag.  Hindi ka humihindi so ibig sabihin, may pag-asa.”  (It’s simple, if you like me: yes.  If not, then no.  But you aren’t saying no so that means I have a chance.)
Ria explains, “Duktor mo ako.  At may asawa ka na.  Nandito lang ako para tulungan ka.”  (I’m your doctor and you’re already married.  I’m just here to help.)
Angelika is now in the hospital.  She is bleeding and screaming in pain.  Marimar looks on her nemesis and pities Angelika for her sufferings.  Angelika calls out Sergio’s name, “Sergio tulungan mo ako!”  Angelika stubbornly fights with the doctor and nurses even when in pain!
Marimar finally arrives home looking exhausted.  Sergio is there, waiting.  He tells her, “Madaling araw na.” (It’s the wee hour of the morning.)  He looks worried, “May nangyari ba sa iyo?” (Did anything  happen to you?)
Marimar looks absorbed in something, “Wala, pumunta ako sa ospital.” (Noting, I went to the hospital.)
Sergio looks more alarmed, “Ospital?  Bakit, may nararamdaman ka ba?” (Hospital?  Why, is anything wrong?)
Marimar tells him, “Dinala ko si Angelika.”  (I took Angelika to the hospital.)
Sergio looks puzzled now.  “Si Angelika?  Bakit?” (Angelika?  Why?)
Marimar tells him what happened, Angelika’s accident, her being in the same place…”Di ko alam kung pinaglalaruan ba talaga kami ni tadhana.  Si Angelika ang huling taong gusto kong tulungan.” (I don’t know if fate is playing some trick on us.  Angelika is the last person I’d want to help.)  She tells Sergio that while Angelika was in pain, she was calling out his name.
Sergio admires how Marimar helped the woman who caused her so much pain.  This only makes him love her more as he stresses, “Di ko siya mahal, ikaw ang mahal ko.”
But Marimar tells him to stop, “Hindi pa ako handa,” as she is not yet ready to deal with what he is telling her.
Sergio nods, “Kaya nga ako nandito para patunayan sa iyo.” (I’m here to prove to you how I feel.)
Vanessa Mae takes out a small cloth commonly used as a baby diaper.  She looks at it as she cries, asking for forgiveness from the child she gave away.  “Mapapatawad mo ba ako?  Kasi sa sarili ko di ko mapatawad.  Nasaan ka?”  (Can you forgive me?  I cannot seem to forgive myself.  Where are you?)
Angelika comes to and the nurse tells her that she is not yet fully recovered and must rest.  The nurse also tells her that a Senora Aldama brought her to the hospital.
Marimar with tia Esperanza, Vanessa Mae and a private investigator hold a meeting.  Vanessa Mae ask Marimar whether she believes in her.  Marimar frankly admits that she doesn’t but adds that there are many ways to find out about the truth.
Monica visits Angelika at the hospital and checks on her friend.  “Di ka ba nabalian?  Wala kang galos?” (Didn’t you break any bones?  How about some scratches?)
Angelika snaps at Monica, “Tingan mo nga ang hitsura ko!” (Just take a look at me!)
Monica tries to calm her friend, “Buti na lang may sumaklolo agad sa iyo.” (It’s a good thing that someone was able to help you in time.)
But this seems to anger Angelika all the more as she reveals, “Si Marimar ang tumulong sa akin!  Kung sino pa ang taong kinamumuhian ko, siya pa!”  (It was Marimar who helped me!  Of all the people I hate in this world, it had to be her!)
Vanessa Mae thanks Marimar for helping her find her daughter.  Marimar reminds her not to give her thanks yet as they still haven’t found anything, “Di pa natin alam kung saan patutungo ang ating paghahanap.” (We still don’t know where this searching will lead us.)
Monica is quite surpised at Angelika’s outburst when she should be thankful.  “Si Marimar?  Ang bait-bait naman niya.  May utang na loob ka na sa kanya,” (Marimar?  How kind of her.  Now you owe her.)
Angelika however sees it differently.  “Anong utang na loob?  Di ko maatim na isang busabos…” (I owe her?!  I can’t bear that some poor…)
But Monica cuts her off, “Di na siya busabos.  Ikaw na yon!” (But she’s no longer poor.  That’s you now!)  Angelika kicks Monica for reminding her.  The latter whined in pain and kept silent.
In their meeting, Vanessa Mae presses that they need to find their old housemaid with whom she entrusted her child.
The nurse tells Angelika that she need not worry about money as all her hospital bills have already been paid for by Miss Bella Aldama.
After the meeting, Marimar admits to Corazon that she is not sure about her feelings towards Vanessa Mae but she needs to find out about her sister.
Corazon, usually a good judge of character, tells Marimar that Vanessa Mae looks sincere.  Marimar hopes that she is as she won’t be able to forgive her if she’s lying. “Sana na, dahil di ko siya mapapatawad kung siya’y nagsisinungaling.”
Esperanza joins them and tells Marimar that she’d like to talk to her about Vanessa Mae.  Corazon leaves and Esperanza tells her niece not to believe the sick woman. “Kalokohan yon!” (It’s all nonsense!)  Marimar argues with her aunt, asking her what if it is true.  Esperanza tells her that this all happened a long time ago.  How can they be sure?
Marimar asks her aunt, “Bakit siya magsisinungaling?” (Why would she lie?)  Vanessa Mae must be telling the truth.  She is rich and so she is not after money.  Besides she is a dying woman, suffering from cancer.  Her days are numbered and she just wants to find the daughter she gave away, one child that Gustavo sired, the sister that Marimar longs to have…a family she craves.

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  1. Lily Says:

    Where’s the rest?

  2. Eunice Says:

    i can’t seem to find summaries for episode 92 and above.did you stop posting the summaries?in my country they are showing it this year but it is a long way from finishing.
    ps-i just love your summaries they are well detailed and as i read them i feel like i’m actually watching.thanks alot

  3. Lilian Says:

    Where is the rest of the episodes? Am hanging here!

  4. sugarpeach Says:

    Hi, I would really, really love to have the synopsis of the rest of the episodes in Marimar. Do you have them somewhere else?
    Btw, great job in writing the detailed episodes!

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