Marimar Episode 91 – The one about Marimar having a sister
Aired in the UAE 24 December 2007, Monday
Vanessa Mae reveals to Marimar about herself and the daughter she gave away at birth, a child sired by Gustavo Aldama, Marimar’s father.  Marimar is excited at the thought that she has a sibling.
Corazon doubts if Marimar indeed does have a sister and tells Marimar so.  Marimar wants to talk to her aunt, Esperanza, to seek her advice and ask if she can truly trust this woman, Vanessa Mae.
Dra. Ria meets with  Julio and she asks him about Renato.  She requests if the young man could help talk to Renato so the elder man could recall his past and gain his life back.
Monica asks Angelika where they are headed as both walk briskly.  Monica is cautious as both haven’t got any money.  Angelika says she’s got a thousand pesos.  Monica is pleased and asks her friend where she got the money.  Angelika frankly tells Monica, “Asan pa? Di sa bulsa ng asawa mo!” that she stole some money from Diego’s pockets.
Julio can see that the lady doctor has a soft spot for her latest patient and he tells her, “Nahuhulog na ang loob mo sa kanya.”  (You’re falling for him.)
Corazon tells Marimar to consider that Vanessa Mae could just be a poser, someone out to con Marimar.  But Marimar is more excited about the fact that if Vanessa Mae is telling the truth and she does have a sister, who is she?  And where is she?  How will Marimar find her?
Monica is shocked at Angelika’s revelation.  “Kinukupitan mo si Diego?!” (You’re stealing money from Diego?)
Angelika reasons she is just  borrowing it and will pay later when she’s got more money.  “Hiram lang, babayaran din.”
Monica tries to tell her friend something, “Eh kasi naisip ko lang…” (You know I was thinking…)
But Angelika cuts her off, “Wag ka nang mag-isip.  Wala kang isip.”  (Stop thinking.  You are incapable of thinking.  You have no brains.)
Sergio visits Cruzita who is very happy to see her father.  He tells Marimar that they are going out for some bonding time.  Then he asks her is she isn’t going. “Hindi ka ba sasama?”  Sergio’s eyes pleads with Marimar to join them.
While Angelika and Monica are walking they bump into Angelika’s father, Jose.    Angelika turns from this bitch into a supplicating child calling for her father to recognize her.  Jose, obviously drunk tells them, “Anak?  Di kita anak kasi baog ako.”  (Child?  You are not my child because I cannot have children.  I’m sterile.)
Marimar tries to avoid looking into Sergio’s eyes as she reasons that she’s too busy with work.  But Cruzita pleads with her to come join them, “Please mommy, happy ako kung kasama ka namin.” (I’d be happy if you’re with us.)
Angelika presses on telling her father that she is his daughter.  “Tay, ako (ang) anak nyo.” (I am your child.)
It takes all of Marimar’s will power to reject her daughter’s pleas.  She tells Cruzita that she is truly busy but if she finishes her work early, she will call them and follow.  Cruzita seems to accept this and Sergio can be seen to show a bit of disappointment.  Marimar tells Cruzita to be a good girl.  The child replies, “Lagi naman po akong good girl,” telling her mother that she is always one.
To Sergio, Marimar adds, “Ingat kayo ha?” (Take care.)  Sergio kisses Marimar and both get surprised at how normal the kiss went, almost as if it would have happened on its own, but of course they pretended not to notice.
Angelika is left depressed when even her own father rejects her.  She laments, “Bakit lahat ng tao ayaw sa akin?  Ganon ba ako ka walang-kwenta ha?  Lahat ng mahal ko, ayaw sa akin.” (Why does everyone dislike me?  Am I that useless?  Everyone I love rejects me.)  She yells at Monica to leave her alone.
A while later Angelika is drunk like her father earlier.  She gulps down a bottle of alcohol while walking.  She sits on the curb and recalls Sergio’s hurtful words:  that she was just an object that Sergio and Renato toyed with.  She also recalls her own father’s rejection of her: ‘hindi kita anak!’
Sergio takes Cruzita to work.  At the Santibanez Motors office she meets her tito (uncle) Antonio and Arturo.  Arturo suggests, “Pwede be tita Arturo na lang tawag mo sa akin?” (Can you call me auntie Arturo instead?)  Antonio just laughs and shakes his head, “Arturo ikaw talaga.” Hoping Arturo would stop confusing the child.
Ria visits Renato and she tells him that he seems to be getting better.  Renato agrees and adds that if he gets really better, “Aayain kitang mag-date,” he’ll take Ria out on a date.  Ria reminds him that he is married.  “Renato, may asawa ka na.”
A very drunk Angelika crosses the street and gets hit by a speeding van. 
Renato nods in agreement but reveals, “Naaalala ko, puro masama ang pinagsamahan namin.”  (I can remember that our relationship was mostly bad.)
He admits that he doesn’t fully know himself nor does he fully know Ria; but adds, “Pero gusto kong malaman mo na gusto kita.” (I want you to know that I like you.)
Ria looks on Renato, a smile growing on her lips.  He gets the courage to ask her, “Kung manliligaw ba ako sa yo, papayag ka?” (Would you allow me to woo you?)
Angelika lies on the road, unconscious and injured from the collision.  One of the pedestrians who saw the accident runs to Angelika.
In her home Vanessa Mae is thinking about her daughter.  She prays, “Sana mahanap na kita anak at nang maituwid ko na ang mga naging kasalanan ko.”  (I hope I find you soon, my child, so I can correct the wrongs I’ve made in the past.)
Sergio is preparing to leave the office and his friends ask where he is going.  He tells them he is off to take Cruzita home and hopefully to see Marimar too.  His friends wish that this access to Cruzita would lead to his reconciliation with Marimar.  Sergio could only hope. “Sana nga.”
Marimar’s car arrives at the accident and she sees Angelika.  It is a case of hit and run.  The woman asks Marimar who has gotten off her vehicle to take a close look if she knows the victim.  Marimar denies it, “Hindi.” The woman tells her that Angelika needs help badly.  Marimar debates within herself whether she is going to help Angelika after all she has done to her or just leave her in the road to die.  An angry voice inside her protests against helping her mortal enemy, “Bakit ko siya tutulungan?  Mortal kong kaaway si Angelika!”
Sergio is worried, Marimar should have called at least to check on Cruzita by now.  It is so unlike her not to check on her daughter.  He looks at Cruzita who is happily playing with Arturo but Sergio gets more and more worried as time passes without any news from Marimar.
Marimar makes a decision that truly shows how good she is deep inside , “Sige dalhin natin sa ospital.” (Let’s take her to the hospital.)  Marimar’s driver carries Angelika and they drive off to the hospital.
Sergio calls Cruzita telling her daughter that it’s time to go home but Cruzita pleads, “Not yet, I want to stay with you.”  Arturo smiles, “Inggit naman ako!” pretending to be envious at how sweet Cruzita is to Sergio.  Antonio adds, “Parang gusto ko nang magka-baby!” (Makes we want to have children too!)
Antonio recalls he and his father were very close too.  This prompts Cruzita to ask her own father about her grandfather.  Sergio becomes serious, “Matagal nang di kami nagkikita.” (It’s been a while since we saw each other.)
Cruzita is curious, “Bakit daddy?” (Why?)  Sergio honestly tells her, “Di kami magkasundo noon.  Kaya naisip naming magpakalayu-layo na muna sa isa’t isa.” (We didn’t agree on many things then so we decided to steer clear of one another for a while.)
The child feels sorry, “Ang lungkot naman.” (How sad.)  Sergio cheers her up as he too makes a decision to mend his relationship with his father, “Dati yon, pero ngayon gusto kong magkasundo na kami.” (That was then, but now I want us to be close.)
Renato continues to convince Ria to give him a chance.  “Simple lang, kung gusto mo: Oo; kung ayaw mo, di huwag.  Hindi ka humihindi so ibig sabihin, may pag-asa.”  (It’s simple, if you like me: yes.  If not, then no.  But you aren’t saying no so that means I have a chance.)
Ria explains, “Duktor mo ako.  At may asawa ka na.  Nandito lang ako para tulungan ka.”  (I’m your doctor and you’re already married.  I’m just here to help.)
Angelika is now in the hospital.  She is bleeding and screaming in pain.  Marimar looks on her nemesis and pities Angelika for her sufferings.  Angelika calls out Sergio’s name, “Sergio tulungan mo ako!”  Angelika stubbornly fights with the doctor and nurses even when in pain!
Marimar finally arrives home looking exhausted.  Sergio is there, waiting.  He tells her, “Madaling araw na.” (It’s the wee hour of the morning.)  He looks worried, “May nangyari ba sa iyo?” (Did anything  happen to you?)
Marimar looks absorbed in something, “Wala, pumunta ako sa ospital.” (Noting, I went to the hospital.)
Sergio looks more alarmed, “Ospital?  Bakit, may nararamdaman ka ba?” (Hospital?  Why, is anything wrong?)
Marimar tells him, “Dinala ko si Angelika.”  (I took Angelika to the hospital.)
Sergio looks puzzled now.  “Si Angelika?  Bakit?” (Angelika?  Why?)
Marimar tells him what happened, Angelika’s accident, her being in the same place…”Di ko alam kung pinaglalaruan ba talaga kami ni tadhana.  Si Angelika ang huling taong gusto kong tulungan.” (I don’t know if fate is playing some trick on us.  Angelika is the last person I’d want to help.)  She tells Sergio that while Angelika was in pain, she was calling out his name.
Sergio admires how Marimar helped the woman who caused her so much pain.  This only makes him love her more as he stresses, “Di ko siya mahal, ikaw ang mahal ko.”
But Marimar tells him to stop, “Hindi pa ako handa,” as she is not yet ready to deal with what he is telling her.
Sergio nods, “Kaya nga ako nandito para patunayan sa iyo.” (I’m here to prove to you how I feel.)
Vanessa Mae takes out a small cloth commonly used as a baby diaper.  She looks at it as she cries, asking for forgiveness from the child she gave away.  “Mapapatawad mo ba ako?  Kasi sa sarili ko di ko mapatawad.  Nasaan ka?”  (Can you forgive me?  I cannot seem to forgive myself.  Where are you?)
Angelika comes to and the nurse tells her that she is not yet fully recovered and must rest.  The nurse also tells her that a Senora Aldama brought her to the hospital.
Marimar with tia Esperanza, Vanessa Mae and a private investigator hold a meeting.  Vanessa Mae ask Marimar whether she believes in her.  Marimar frankly admits that she doesn’t but adds that there are many ways to find out about the truth.
Monica visits Angelika at the hospital and checks on her friend.  “Di ka ba nabalian?  Wala kang galos?” (Didn’t you break any bones?  How about some scratches?)
Angelika snaps at Monica, “Tingan mo nga ang hitsura ko!” (Just take a look at me!)
Monica tries to calm her friend, “Buti na lang may sumaklolo agad sa iyo.” (It’s a good thing that someone was able to help you in time.)
But this seems to anger Angelika all the more as she reveals, “Si Marimar ang tumulong sa akin!  Kung sino pa ang taong kinamumuhian ko, siya pa!”  (It was Marimar who helped me!  Of all the people I hate in this world, it had to be her!)
Vanessa Mae thanks Marimar for helping her find her daughter.  Marimar reminds her not to give her thanks yet as they still haven’t found anything, “Di pa natin alam kung saan patutungo ang ating paghahanap.” (We still don’t know where this searching will lead us.)
Monica is quite surpised at Angelika’s outburst when she should be thankful.  “Si Marimar?  Ang bait-bait naman niya.  May utang na loob ka na sa kanya,” (Marimar?  How kind of her.  Now you owe her.)
Angelika however sees it differently.  “Anong utang na loob?  Di ko maatim na isang busabos…” (I owe her?!  I can’t bear that some poor…)
But Monica cuts her off, “Di na siya busabos.  Ikaw na yon!” (But she’s no longer poor.  That’s you now!)  Angelika kicks Monica for reminding her.  The latter whined in pain and kept silent.
In their meeting, Vanessa Mae presses that they need to find their old housemaid with whom she entrusted her child.
The nurse tells Angelika that she need not worry about money as all her hospital bills have already been paid for by Miss Bella Aldama.
After the meeting, Marimar admits to Corazon that she is not sure about her feelings towards Vanessa Mae but she needs to find out about her sister.
Corazon, usually a good judge of character, tells Marimar that Vanessa Mae looks sincere.  Marimar hopes that she is as she won’t be able to forgive her if she’s lying. “Sana na, dahil di ko siya mapapatawad kung siya’y nagsisinungaling.”
Esperanza joins them and tells Marimar that she’d like to talk to her about Vanessa Mae.  Corazon leaves and Esperanza tells her niece not to believe the sick woman. “Kalokohan yon!” (It’s all nonsense!)  Marimar argues with her aunt, asking her what if it is true.  Esperanza tells her that this all happened a long time ago.  How can they be sure?
Marimar asks her aunt, “Bakit siya magsisinungaling?” (Why would she lie?)  Vanessa Mae must be telling the truth.  She is rich and so she is not after money.  Besides she is a dying woman, suffering from cancer.  Her days are numbered and she just wants to find the daughter she gave away, one child that Gustavo sired, the sister that Marimar longs to have…a family she craves.

Marimar Episode 90 – The one where Sergio and Marimar both survived

Police and media both swarm the place of the crime.  Monica and Angelika both watch the news and heard that Sergio rescued Marimar prompting Angelika to comment why Sergio had to go be a hero and rescue the woman she loathes the most.

Meanwhile Renato is ready to leave the hospital and Dr. Ria introduces him to Julio.  Ria asks Julio to take care of Renato for her and asks him to lend Renato some clothes as well.  Julio looked at Renato, he smiles in a friendly way and adds that Ria doesn’t have to worry, his elder brother, Kuya Fernando’s clothes would fit Renato.  Renato asks Ria if Fernando was the boyfriend she lost.  Ria wonders how he knew about it.

The police take Rodolfo away but first he would be taken to the hospital so his wounds can be treated.  As he lies in a stretcher ready to be taken to the hospital, he calls out Bella’s name.  Marimar comes closer but Sergio tells the police to go take him away.  Rodolfo insists that he wants to talk to Bella first.

Renato admits to the kindly doctor that the nurse gossip about her.  Ria doesn’t like it but Renato tells her that they don’t have any ill intentions.  Renato thanks Ria for everything she has done for him, for everything she is still doing to help him.  He looks into her eyes with something more than gratitude that unnerves the lady doctor prompting her to say, that all she wanted is for Renato to get his life back and live a normal life.  Renato looks thoughtful as he admits, “Ayaw ko nang bumalik sa dati kong buhay.  Masaya ako sa piling mo.”  (I don’t want to return to my old life anymore.  I am happy with you.)

Marimar goes a step close to Rodolfo where he can see her, Sergio quickly right behind her.  Rodolfo asks for forgiveness for all he has done.  Marimar is sad, she thought she and Rodolfo were friends.  She honestly tells the mastermind of her kidnapping, “Hindi ko alam kung mapapatawad pa kita.  Hindi mo nga ako pinatay pero ikaw ang may kagagawan ng lahat ng ito.”  (I don’t know if I could ever forgive you.  You may have not killed me but you were the one responsible for all these.)  She turns away as Rodolfo is carried into the ambulance.

Sergio signals the police and ambulance staff, “Sige na kunin nyo na yan.”  (Go ahead and take him.)  The ambulance door closes and they leave.

Marimar and Sergio hug, thankful to both be alive despite gunshot wounds.  (Kilig!  They are so good together!)  Both hold each other’s hands.  Marimar is relieved that this traumatic episode in her life is over.  Sergio however is worried that his family is always in danger and he is unable to protect them.  (Sergio looks a bit pangit in this scene…medyo monkey-looking but he is so buff, sooo macho!  Aw!)

Julio tells Renato it’s best for them to go.  On their way out of the hospital, Renato asks the young man how long has it been since his elder brother passed away.  Julio replies it’s been seven years.

Dra. Ria is musing on the comment Renato made before leaving.  Is her patient falling for her?  If he is, is she letting him?  There is a hint of a smile but just then Dr. Hayden arrives and tells her they should go.

Sergio is now allowed into Bella’s home after being the hero who saved her from her kidnappers.  Corazon is glad of this new development in their lives and hands Sergio a warm cup of coffee telling her old ward, “Two sugars no milk.”  Sergio smiles at Corazon glad she still remembers how he liked his coffee.  Corazon assures him she never forget and the yaya and ward share a moment.

Cruzita enters Marimar’s room and goes to her mother who smiles and greets her good morning.  Cruzita explains, “Daddy told me not to disturb you kase you are resting.”  Marimar smiles at her daughter and assures her she is fine, “Ayos a ako lalo na nandito ka na sa tabi ko.”

Fulgoso who is right behind Cruzita comments, “Pinakaba mo kami, tingnan mo nangayayat ako sa pag-aalala.”  (You had us all scared!  Look at me, losing weight from too much worrying over you!)

In another part of Manila, Angelika is angry that Marimar is okay.  “Buwisit na Marimar yan, di maubos-ubusan ng swerte!” (Damn that Marimar, she never seems to run out of luck!)

Sergio asks Corazon, “OK lang bang nandito ako?”  (Is it alright for me to stay here?)

Corazon exclaims, “Of course!”  She goes over Sergio to check on his wound.  She asks him if he is alright.  Sergio replies that it still stings but he is alright.  “Malayo sa puso,”  he jokes about his wound. (It’s far from the heart.)

Angelika unleashes her anger at Marimar’s survival on Carlitos who until now has not done what she has requested of him.  She hits him and walks out in a huff.

Corazon sits beside Sergio, ready to make a confession; “Mahal na mahal pa rin ka ni Maam.” (She still loves you very much.)

Sergio lights up, “Talaga?” (Really?)

Marimar thanks her daughter for praying for her.  Mother and daughter embrace and comfort each other, glad that they are together.

Corazon tells Sergio what Marimar feels, “Kaya lang hindi ako sure kung gusto pa niya magkabalika kayo kasi na-hurt sya sa ginawa mong pag-alis.  Tapos dagdag pa na hindi totoo ang kasal ninyo.  But don’t lose hope, kay habang may buhay, may hope.  Marimar will change her mind.”  (I’m not sure if she still wants to get back with you.  She was hurt when you left her.  Add to that the fact that your marriage isn’t even real.  But don’t lose hope…)

Sergio sighs, agreeing with Corazon’s wish for Marimar to change her mind.  “Sana”  Corazon tries to comfort Sergio and taps him on the shoulders, hurting him instead, “Aray” exclaims Sergio in pain.  Corazon looks apologetic when she tells him, “Hindi ko po sadya, promise.”  (Sorry, I didn’t really mean it.)

After some time, Marimar goes down to the living room area to find Sergio still there.  He asks her how she is and she replies that she is alright now.  He follows her to the balcony area as they both try to feel what each thinks about the other.  Sergio makes a request from Marimar.  If possible, he doesn’t want Marimar to take Cruzita away from him.  He acquiesces that should she take their daughter abroad, at least to give him their contact number so he could continue being in touch with their child.

In another part of the city, Innocencia is reminiscing the sweet kiss she and a heavily drunken Sergio shared.  She looks into the mirror as she touches her lips, hoping for the impossible: that Sergio forgets about Marimar and loves her instead.  Her mother, Nanay Leonor, catches her in the moment.  She asks, “O bakit nag-iisa kang nakangiti diyan?” (Why are you smiling there all by yourself?)

Marimar tells Sergio her decision of staying put in the country. “Hindi na kami aalis.”  Sergio smiles, relieved.  “Pabor sa akin yan.”  He knows her decision is in his favor.  He quickly adds, “Pero kung gusto nyong umalis,” thinking how dangerous it is for his daughter and the woman he loves here in the Philippines, “pwede naman.”  He’d rather have them far away and safe than be in the country but always be in danger of kidnapping or whatever crimes.

Marimar softens a bit telling Sergio she is a jealous of their daughter’s affection towards Sergio.  “Sa limang taon kaming magkasama, inalagaan ko si Cruzita mag-isa.  Nagseselos nga ako dahil ngayon lang kayo nagkita pero hinahanap ka niya.”

Sergio looks into Marimar eyes wanting to say more but instead says, “Thanks for staying.”  Marimar in return wants to forgive this man whom she loves with all her heart but keeps her feelings to herself.  Instead she replies, “Thanks for rescuing me.”

Prompted by the moment, Sergio tries to make another promise which Marimar quickly cuts off. “Huwag ka nang mangako kung hindi mo kayang tuparin.” (Stop making promises you cannot keep.)

Sergio knows she still hurts inside so he changes his tone and asks for her forgiveness. “Mapapatawad mo ba ako?”  He admits he has hurt her recently and in the past. “Sinaktan kita.”

She nods in agreement, “More that you know.”  She wants to end them hurting each other so she asks him, “Can you be honest?”

Sergio is quick to reply, “yes”. 

Marimar asks him the nagging question in her mind, “Ano ang relasyon ninyo ni Innocencia?”  Sergio is honest when he tells her, “Wala.” (Nothing.)

She tells him what she saw, “Nakita ko kayong naghahalikan.” (I saw you kissing.)

Sergio explains. “Lasing na lasing ako noon, akala ko natuloy ang kasal ninyo ni Rodolfo.  Naalala ko, nakita kita.  Akala ko ikaw yon.  Nagulat na lang ako si Innocencia pala.” (I was very drunk.  I thought you pushed through with your marriage to Rodolfo.  I remember I saw you.  I thought it was you.  I didn’t know it was Innocencia.)

Nanay Leanor can guess what her daughter is thinking of.  She tells her straight, “Hindi para sa iyo si Sergio.” (Sergio is not for you.)

Innocencia frowns, reasoning, “Di ba pwedeng umasa man lang?” (Can’t I hope at least?)  She whines that Marimar has all the luck especially when it comes to Sergio’s love.

Her mother soothes her, telling her what she already knows.  “Tigilan mo na itong kalokohang ito.  Si Sergio at si Marimar ang para sa isa’t isa.”  (Stop this nonsense.  Sergio and Marimar belong together.)

Sergio tries to assure Marimar he’s no longer going to pursue her or force her into anything.  “Hindi na kita pipilitin pang mahalin ako.”  He is happy that they can talk about things and would accept her friendship, “Kahit maging magkaibigan lang tayo, tatanggapin ko.”  He reveals that all he wants is for them to be close by.  “Huwag lang kayo lumayo, please.”

Marimar is speechless.  Somehow she is not as angry with Sergio anymore, after all he’s done, rescuing her, still caring for her.  So they had a fake marriage, so he left her, so he kissed her ex-best friend…so what.  Deep down inside she knows there is no other man for her but this man now standing in front of her, moving closer to her until their toes almost touch.    She surrenders to the moment as she puts her head on his chest. (Pakipot pa kasi si Marimar eh!)

He tries to keep his arms from embracing the woman he loves to prove to her he wants only to be friends again.    He drops his head until it joins hers he takes a deep breath taking in the fragrance of her hair.  Can they ever really be just friends when deep inside both know they want nothing but to love one another?

It is morning and Marimar takes joy in the simple act of feeding her daughter.  Marimar asks Cruzita, “Sarap?”  (Is it delicious?) and she promptly nods, “Opo.” (Yes, it is.)

Cruzita asks her mother if she is going to work and Marimar admits that she is.  Cruzita asks whether she can see her father today, if he can come visit her.  Marimar smiles at her.

In the Santibanez Motors office the three friends are having a joyful conversation.  Arturo and Antonio are getting updates from Sergio.  Arturo wants to hear it again, “Bossing talaga, OK na kayo ni Marimar?” (Are you really in good terms now with Marimar?) 

Sergio is happy to confirm it, “Oo, inurong na yung restraining order laban sa akin.”  He adds that she even voided the restraining order against him.

Antonio asks his friend, “So what are you now?”

Sergio’s smile faded a little when he admits, “We’re friends”

Corazon enters the dining room with Marimar and Cruzita looking up at the plump cook for news.  She tells Marimar that a lady is outside looking for her.

Marimar meets the woman by the lanai area outdoors.  She gives her hand to Marimar, “Bella Aldama?”  Marimar takes her hand “Yes.”  She tells Marimar her name, “Vanessa Mae.” (Played by actress, Lani Mercado)

But Sergio snaps up again as he thinks about his plan of courting Marimar again, “Pero liligawan ko pa rin sha.”  Both Arturo and Antonio nod in agreement with Antonio professing, “I support you all the way.”

Vanessa Mae doesn’t waste time to tell Marimar the reason she came, “Kasintahan ko ang ama mo.” (I was your father’s girlfriend.)

Marimar replies, “Walang naman siyang nabanggit.” Gustavo and her didn’t really have time to talk more about themselves given the tragic end Gustavo went through.

Vanessa Mae continues her tale telling Marimar that Gustavo and her parents agreed that she and Gustavo would wed when they come of age.  Their families have agreed on this since they were children but she and Gustavo didn’t love each other.   Despite having no feelings they did have a relationship that led to her being pregnant.  By then Gustavo had met and got head over heels with Lupita so she left not wanting to shame her family.  She bore their child but gave it away as soon as the baby was born.  Vanessa Mae tells Marimar that she gave the baby to one of their servants.

At the Santibanez Motors office, Innocencia is signing some papers and Arturo notices that she is quieter than usual.  “Tahimik ka ata Innocencia?”

The gay driver continues to prod the reason for Innocencia’s self-imposed silence.  “Parang di ka masaya dahil nagkabalikan na sina Bossing at Marimar.”  (You don’t seem happy now that Sergio and Marimar have gotten back together.)

Sergio just pretends not to hear this but Innocencia comes to him and says, “I wish you luck, sir” and leaves.  Arturo is quite puzzled, “Anong problema noon?” (What’s wrong with her?)

Sergio reasons, “May pinagdadaanan lang siya.  Saka ko na lang kakausapin.”  (She just going through some things.  I’ll talk to her later.)

Normally, most people would doubt incredible stories such as Vanessa Mae had just shared but Marimar looks hopeful, happy even, “May kapatid ako?” (I have a sibling?)

Vanessa Mae nods confirming it.  She tells Marimar she is dying and wants to help Marimar find her sister.

Marimar Episode 89 – The One Where Rodolfo Shoots Bella
Aired in the UAE on Thursday, 20th December 2007
Marimar is back in the room and tied again.  The thug enters and she asks for Rodolfo.  “Umalis na, babalik na lang daw.”  The paid kidnapper tells her that Rodolfo has left and will return later.  She offers him triple the amount of what Rodolfo agreed to pay just so he will set her free.  “Triple?” he asks doubtful.  Marimar eagerly nods, “Oo, mayaman ako, alam mo yon.”  (Yes, I’m rich you know.)
Renato and Dra. Ria are talking.  The good doctor tells her patient that his vital signs are okay.  She also adds that his speech and motion development is improving well.  Renato seems unhappy despite the good news.  “Bakit ang memory ko, palyado?”  Dra. Ria assures him that it is but normal to have a bit of memory loss and compares Renato’s mind to that of a computer’s, “Parang hard drive, ang ibang files corrupted.”  She advises to give it time.  He will regain his memory soon but he must be patient.
Meantime Rodolfo press the police to catch Sergio but the police tell him they cannot put anything against Sergio as he has a solid alibi.
The hired goon thinks for a while and says, “Baka ipahuli mo ako.” He fears Marimar will have him imprisoned but she shakes her head hoping to get through to the man, “Hinde, tatanawin kong isang malaking utang na loob pakawalan mo lang ako dito”. (I would greatly be indebted to you, if you set me free.) Assuring the man she will not give details about him to the police.  He thanks her and keep silent.
Dra. Ria tells Renato that he can leave as he is not on the men.  He is caught in a dilemma, “Saan ako nakatira?” (Where do I live?)
Sergio arrives at Bella’s home.  Immediately Rodolfo asks him accusingly what he is doing there, “Bakit ka nandito?”  Sergio suspects Rodolfo has a hand at Bella’s kidnapping and accuses his rival outright telling the police that of all people, Rodolfo has motive to kidnap Bella.
Marimar prods the thug into agreeing with her, pressing on she relates, “May anak ako.  Kailangan ako ng anak ko, pakawalan mo na ako.”  (I have a daughter and she needs me so please set me free.)
Having thought it through the ruffian declines her offer, “Kahit anong sabihin mo, sabit na ako sa krimeng ito.  Kahit hindi mo ako ipakulong, tiyak ipapakuling ako ni Rodolfo.” (Whatever you say, I’m already in too deep in this crime.  Even if you do not send me to prison, for sure Rodolfo will.)
Sergio and Rodolfo’s argument heat up leading to some punches being exchanged.  Luckily the police stop them in time with Rodolfo screaming at them to have Sergio put in jail and Sergio retaliating, “Ikaw dapat ang ikulong!”  (It is you who should be imprisoned!)
The thug continues to tell Marimar that there is honor even among thieves and low-lives.  “Business is business.  Di na pwede sumira sa usapan.”  (Can no longer back out from an agreement.)  He leaves Marimar alone who continues to scream and plead for him to set her free.
After  the scuffle, Esperanza comes out of the house to talk to Sergio.  It is the first time that they meet so she introduces herself as Marimar’s aunt, “Sergio Santibanez?  Esperanza Aldama.  Tia ni Marimar.”  Sergio goes inside the house to talk with Esperanza leaving a still fuming Rodolfo.
Marimar got tired of shouting.  She recalls Cruzita and starts to cry.  Flashback to her putting a band aid on her daughter, playing in the pool, eating.  She exclaims, “Dios ko, kung ano mang mangyari sa akin, huwag nyong pababayaan ang anak ko.” (God, if anything happens to me, please take care of my daughter.)
Sergio calls Antonio who is at the Santibanez Motors office.  He tells him about his suspicions that Rodolfo has a hand at Marimar’s disappearance.  His doubts grow even more when Rodolfo seems to be framing him up to take the blame for the kidnapping.
Meanwhile a package arrives at Bella’s home and the police open it.  There is a CD inside.  They insert it into a computer to view it and Marimar greets them on the screen.  She tells them, “Ayaw ko pang mamatay.  Ibigay ninyo ang hinihingi ng mga kidnappers ko:  200 million.”
Flashback to Rodolfo showing Marimar a picture of Cruzita.  At first, Marimar doesn’t give in to his demands and refuses to read the ransom note but Rodolfo forces her and she acquiesces.   In the video, Marimar instructs them to deposit the amount to an account number 246753.
Stunned by the gravity and the reality of it all, it was Tia Esperanza who first spoke, telling the police that she will arrange to have the money transferred as she authorizes the transaction on her niece’s behalf.  Rodolfo seconds her decision and urges her to do it as soon as possible.
Angelika is a bit miffed about her new found beau having discovered that he is married.  “May asawa ka?”   She confronts him.  Carlitos shrugs as if it’s the most normal and trivial of all things and adds, “Mga asawa!” Indicating to Angelika he’s got more than one.
Dra. Ria tells Renato that she is releasing him.  Renato panics and asks where he is to live.  The kind doctor tells him not to worry.  He is to stay with her friend.  “Makulit yon pero mabait.”  Assuring Renato that her friend will take care of him.
Angelika reveals to Carlitos the story of her life: that she loves one man but married another.  Carlitos asks her if she regrets that she used her brains instead of her heart.
Renato tells Dra Ria she didn’t have to do any of this, going out of her way to arrange somewhere for him to go to, after his stay at the hospital.  Ria tells him she is doing this perhaps because she feels sorry for him.  Renato looks in her eyes, hopeful about his question, “Yun lang?” (That’s all?)
Rodolfo calls his friend Bruno to check if the money has indeed been transferred and the handsome side-kick confirms that it has indeed.  San Jines is confident the transaction will not be traced as it will immediately get transferred into his Swiss account.
Back at the Santibanez Motors office, Innocencia blames Antonio for not accompanying Sergio in looking for evidences to pin Rodolfo as the mastermind behind Marimar’s kidnapping.  She worries that Sergio might do something harsh and cause him ill.  Antonio only shrugs, helpless.
Bruno asks his ambitious friend what happens now that the ransom money has been paid.  Rodolfo tells him that he still has unfinished business to attend to and cuts the line.  Unknown to San Jines, Sergio is tailing him.
Rodolfo arrives at the hideout and ask the thug about Bella.  The ruffian answers that she is asleep and Rodolfo hands him his pay.  Rodolfo gives him instructions, “Tuloy ang plano, ako papatay sa kanya, ikaw magtatapon ng bangkay niya.” (The plan is set, I’ll kill her and you’ll dispose of the body.)
The hired goon nods his agreement but Rodolfo has another condition:  if the plan goes wrong, he, meaning the thug, will take the blame and not Rodolfo.  The hooligan shakes his head, surprised at this new  provision.  He protests, “Wala sa usapan yan!” (That is not in the initial contract!) He demands more payment and Rodolfo is quick to oblige, handing him another envelop of cash.  The thug accepts the new terms.
Sergio arrives at the same hideout and crouches beside bushes.  He calls the police for back-up.
Rodolfo and his hired goon go inside the house to retrieve Bella.  Rodolfo enters Marimar’s room and tells her, “May two million na ako…nakapsok na sa account ko ang two million.” (I already have two million, it’s in my account.)
“Yun naman pala eh,” yells Bella, “pakawalan mo na ako!” (In that case, set me free already!)
But Rodolfo cuts her off and snaps at her, “Hindi ako gago.  May plano ako sa iyo.”  (I’m not stupid.  I have plans for you.)
Arturo tells Innocencia and Antonio that Sergio just called him telling him that he has found Rodolfo’s safehouse.  He suspects it is where San Jines is hiding Marimar.
Rodolfo tells Bella his plans. He will kill her, Sergio will be blamed for her murder, and he would be able to salvage his business with the ransom money she paid.
Innocencia fears for Sergio’s safety and urges the two men to take action and call the police. 
Rodolfo mocks Marimar, “Patay ka na, nakakulong si Sergio at naisalba ko pa ang kumpanya ko. Everybody happy!” exclaims Bella’s ex-fiance. (You’d be dead, Sergio imprisoned and I’d save my business.)
Sergio notes that there is very little men guarding the premises so he makes his move and shoots thug number 1.
Rodolfo is alerted by the gunshot.  Sergio meanwhile is able to neutralize thug number 2. 
Rodolfo pulls Marimar up and takes her out of the room.  Marimar manages to escape Rodolfo and run away, she bumps into Sergio and they hug.  Sergio and Marimar make their escape but Rodolfo runs into them.
Rodolfo and Sergio fight.  In the scuffle, Sergio grabs his gun and sees that thug number 1 is still alive so he shoots him again.  Rodolfo scrambles and grabs his gun too and aims it at Sergio.  Marimar quickly untied herself and seeing Rodolfo aim his gun at the man she loves, she runs to cover Sergio.  Rodolfo hits Bella on her back, near her shoulders.  Sergio holds Marimar shocked at what she’s done. 
The hired thug is still alive and he shoots, complying to their contract, aiming for Sergio.  He is hit on his shoulders but hold firmly onto Marimar.  He slowly kneels to ease her onto the ground.  They continue to hold and embrace each other, supporting each other as they fall.
Thug number 1 comes closer, now ready to complete the contract, he aims true.  Rodolfo realizes that Marimar truly loves Sergio seeing how she protected him, taking the bullet for his sake.  Rodolfo’s heart is broken as he acknowledges, “Talagang mahal mo si Sergio.” (You truly love Sergio.)
Sergio convinces Rodolfo to give it up telling him that the police are on their way.  Rodolfo know’s his hired gunman will finish off Bella and Sergio as per their contract.  He uses his gun to shoot at the thug instead, in his own way, saving the lovers from certain death.
Marimar and Sergio continue to convince Rodolfo to surrender.  He turns to leave but thug number 1 is like a cat with nine lives, he uses the last of his breath and bullets to pump all into Rodolfo’s back.  San Jines falls, a heartbroken multi-millionaire.
Marimar and Sergio continue to hold one another, thankful to be alive despite their bullet wounds.  From a distance, sirens and police cars can be heard coming.
Marimar Episode 88 – The one where Marimar meets her kidnapper
Aired in the UAE 19th December 2007
Monica warns Angelika against her new friend, Carlitos feeling that the man is up to no good and could only harm her friend but on the contrary, Angelika finds it his best and most attractive trait yet as she declares they have many things in common.  “Kaya ko nga siya gusto dahil pareho kami, pareho kaming walang konsensiya.”
Dr. Ria tells Renato that she is going to interview him to help him recall his past.  He nods signaling his acceptance and cooperation.
Rodolfo tells the police how Sergio had kidnapped Cruzita once.  Corazon defends her previous ward telling that police that although Sergio may have taken Cruzita from the hospital but he took her home to Bella.  The police listen to both sides and conclude that there could be something, some connection there.  Rodolfo adds, to convince the police some more, that he is witness to the countless times Sergio had harassed Bella. “Ilang beses niyang ginulo si Bella?”
Dr. Ria asks, “May asawa?”  Renato admits he remembers to have been married twice.  He tells her that the first one passed away.  As for the second one, Renato recalls a darkness in his mind, one filled with cruelty, suffering and pain.  He winces at these memories.
Angelika tells Monica that she is only using Carlitos to take vengeance from Marimar.  Monica, intrigued, asks her friend what she plans to do.  Angelika back to her old scheming, bi-atchy self declares, “Pagsisisihan ni Marimar na kinalaban nya ako.”  (Marimar will rue the day she made an enemy of me.)
Renato admits to Dr. Ria that he had been cruel to his second wife, Angelika.  He recalls himself slapping, hitting, hurting his wife and doesn’t like these memories at all.
Rodolfo tells the police how Sergio recently threatened Bella about stopping her from leaving the country with Cruzita. 
The police are curious how Sergio can keep harassing Bella when he has a restriction order in force.  Rodolfo sees the chance and keeps pressing Sergio so he will be blamed for Marimar’s kidnapping.  (Aba parang iba na ang mga ina-asal ni Rodolfo, looks like he has a hand at Marimar’s kidnapping instead of Sergio!)
Esperanza cuts Rodolfo off telling the police that if Sergio is a suspect then they must also consider that possibility but she is convinced Sergio will not do such a thing.  “Hindi talaga ako makapaniwala na gagawin niya eto.”
Sergio enters Marimar’s room, the place where she is kept.  Marimar is shocked to see him, “Ikaw?” He smiles as he looks down on her.
Marimar still couldn’t believe it is Sergio after all, “Ikaw ang nagpadukot sa akin?” 
Sergio looks maniacal in this scene, perhaps he has truly gone nuts, telling Marimar he will do everything to get her back.  “Gagawa ako ng paraan para mabawi ka.”
Marimar screams curses at him telling him to let her go.  But Sergio has no such plans.  “Pakawalan?  Hindi, dyan ka lang.  Hindi ka makaka-alis dito.  Di ba sabi ko sa iyo, dyan ka lang?  Akin ka.”  (Let you go?  No, stay.  You can’t leave.  Didn’t I tell you to stay?  You’re mine.)
Marimar cries as she continues to plead for freedom, “Pakawalan mo ako dito!”
Sergio looks weird, like a crazed man he asks Marimar to tell him she loves him. “Sabihin mo sa akin, mahal mo ako.  Sabihin mo!”
Marimar relents, “OO mahal kita.  Mahal na mahal kita.  Hanggang ngayon mahal kita.”  Sergio smiles at her.  She adds, “Ngayon alam mo na ang totoo, pakawalan mo ako.” (Now that you know the truth, let me go.)
Marimar wakes up in a jolt finding what transpired to be nothing but a dream.  She’s still in the same room, a prisoner, but instead of Sergio it’s the same thug guarding her.  Marimar is confused as she voices out one possibility and ask confirmation from her captor, “Si Sergio?  Siya ang nagpadukot sa akin?”  (Sergio had me kidnapped, him?)
The ruffian just laughs at her and mocks her for sleeping on an empty stomach.  “Yan ang hirap sa iyo, natutulog ka na walang laman ang sikmura, kaya kung anu-ano ang napapanaginipan mo.”
Innocencia and Sergio talk.  He gives her instructions then leaves immediately.  Innocencia ask him where he is going and why is he in such a hurry.
Marimar talks to her captors to set her free and she is willing to pay a price if he wishes.  But the brute tells her it is not about money.  She can’t her ask which is it about only to be told again to wait. 
Sergio tells Innocencia that he wants to go and see Marimar.  Innocencia cautions him, “Ipagtatabuyan ka lang niya.”  She is only going to send Sergio away, knowing Marimar.  Sergio throws caution to the wind telling his secretary that he needs to talk to Marimar immediately.  He turns to leave as the police arrive at Sergio’s office.
Marimar tries her luck with the ruffian again this time asking for some food as she felt the pangs of hunger missing several meals.  He stands up but mocks her first saying he knew sooner or later she’d succumb to hunger.  “Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh, bibigay ka rin.”  He tells her to wait in her room and not try anything funny while he goes out and finds something for her to eat.
The police tell Sergio they need to question him about the kidnapping of Miss Aldama.  Sergio’s shock is genuine, “Nakidnap si Bella?”
The hired captor returns with food for Marimar.  “Kain ka na.” He tells her to eat.  She asks for him to loosen the rope tying her hands together so she can eat properly.
Police tell Sergio that he is one of the prime suspects in Miss Aldama’s kidnapping.  He shakes his head in disbelief and now with the additional worry about who took Marimar.  Innocencia looks at Sergio.  Her eyes are accusing and she has suppressed anger in her being as she immediately believes that Sergio may have indeed kidnapped Marimar.  He certainly has motive to do so.
Marimar eats but she drops a glass on purpose.  The thug is upset that she made such a mess.  “Ano ka ba, dito ka pa nagkalat!  Babatukan na kita eh!”  He goes out to get a broom and dustpan to collect the broken pieces.  Unknown to him, Marimar hides a broken shard. 
Sergio is taken away by the police. 
It is night time and her captors are all asleep.  Marimar uses the piece of broken glass to cut the ropes that tie her hands.  When she had done freeing her hands, she cuts loose the binds on her feet.
In another part of the same house, a ruffian is fixing the broken glass, putting back the pieces together and discovers a huge chunk missing.
Now free, Marimar moves to the door to leave the room but she hears footsteps coming!  It is the ruffian who knows she may have hidden a broken piece of the glass.  Marimar opens the window and makes a run for it seeing no one is around.
Rounding a corner she is now somewhere outside the house when a thug stops her.  Incredibly agile and strong, she is able to take him down and run away.  She is now in the lawn by the side of the house and runs into a car.  Out comes the mastermind of her kidnapping.  It is none other but…..Rodolfo who points a gun at her.
Rodolfo greets her as she stops in her tracks, shocked about the identity of her captor.  “Hello Bella, leaving so soon?”
Marimar gains her composure back, challenges her ex-fiance, “Huwag mong sabihing ikaw ang nagpadukot sa akin.” (Don’t tell me you’re the one who had me kidnapped.)
But he admits it is him indeed, “Yup, ako nga…wala ng iba.”
Marimar is now full of anger, “Hayop ka!”  She tries to run away but Rodolfo catches her and they struggle against one another. (Wow, girl power talaga si Marimar – she’s strong and can fight!  I like that they made her such instead of a damsel in distress, always waiting for a man to rescue her.)
The police had taken Sergio in their headquarters and are questioning him.  They ask where he was the night Marimar got abducted and he replies that he is with his lawyer.
Rodolfo confronts Marimar, “Pagkatapos ng ginawa mong panloloko sa akin?” (After fooling me?)
Marimar argues, “Akala ko ba nagusap na tayo?”  (I thought we already had the talk?)
Sergio tells the police he couldn’t possibly kidnap Marimar as there is a restraining order against him filed by Marimar herself.  The police consider this but tell Sergio he has been known to break it several times in the past.  Sergio admits he has indeed but explains, “Magulo talaga.  Pero mahal ko siya at hindi ko pwedeng gawin sa kanya iyon.” (It is complicated.  But I love her and I am not capable of kidnapping her.)
Rodolfo taunts Bella, “Alam mo ban a kaya kita pakakasalan ay dahil sa pera mo?” (Didn’t you know that I was marrying you for your money?)
There is a flashback about Rodolfo talking with his lawyer.  The lawyer is telling Rodolfo that his business is bankrupt.
Rodolfo continues, “Nang-gago ka eh, eto na ang kabayaran.”  (You played me for a fool so it’s now payback time.)
Flashback again, this time Rodolfo is talking to his hired tugs, giving them instructions about Bella’s schedule, how many guards are in her employ, etc.
Rodolfo toys with Bella, “You are at my mercy.  Game?  Lahat ng gusto ko, gagawin ko.  At lahat ng sasabihin ko, gagawin mo.” (I will do as I wish and whatever I tell you to do, you will do it.)
Sergio tries to convince the police that he has nothing to do with Bella’s kidnapping.  He urges them to go and talk to his lawyer who will verify he is indeed with him at the time of Bella’s home was attacked by the kidnappers.
Marimar is livid with rage as she curse Rodolfo. “Hayop ka Rodolfo.”
Rodolfo slaps her hard.  “Ang ingay-ingay mo.  Tahimik ng lugar na ito.” (You’re too noisy.  This is a quiet place.)
Marimar defies him telling him she will have him captured by the police, “Papahuli kita.”
Rodolfo disputes her, “On the contrary, I’m helping the police in looking for you.  Bentang-benta ang pagiging concerned friend ko.  At alam mo ba (ang) pinaghihinalaan nila?  Si Sergio.”  (The police are buying into his concerned friend act and suspect Sergio of the crime.)
Marimar stops, remembering her dream.  “Sergio?”
Rodolfo feigns sympathy, “Wawa naman no?”  (Poor Sergio, yes?)
Sergio stands up after his interview and tells the police that they cannot detain him.  He also relates that he is going to look for Marimar.
Marimar tries to bribe Rodolfo, telling him that if he needs money, she can give him.  He only has to name his price, so long as he lets her go.
Sergio and Antonio back at the Santibanez Motors office are talking about this recent event in Marimar’s life.  Both agree that whoever had her kidnapped will surely demand a huge amount of money.
Rodolfo reveals to Bella his true feelings. “Sayang Bella, gusto kitang asawa.  Nahuhulog na nga ang loob ko sa iyo.  You’re a perfect package, ang ganda-ganda, dami mo pang pera….I remember the first time I saw you.  Hindi sa pagyayabang, I’m quite the debonair.   Pero bakit mo ginawa sa akin yon?  Isa akong San Jines, at pagbabayaran mo ang pang-gagago mo sa kin!”  (What a pity, Bella, I liked you to be my wife.  I was already falling for your then.  You are the perfect package, so pretty and with lots of money…But why did you have to do that to me?  Why fool me?  I’m a San Jines and you are going to pay for deceiving me like that!)
Marimar sees that Rodolfo is truly crazy as well as dangerous.  She fears for her life as well as for what would happen to Cruzita if she died.  For the first time, she perhaps longs for Sergio to come rescue her as she succumbs to fear and cries in her helplessness.
Marimar Episode 87 – The One Where Marimar Gets Kidnapped
Aired in the UAE on 18th December 2007
Sergio threatens Marimar about taking Cruzita abroad and far away from him.  After all the child is also his daughter to which Marimar vehemently denies that he has any claims.
Angelika smokes outside the house.  She’s seen by a tattooed man playing a game of cards with his friends from across the road.  Even if he is already with a girl beside him, he likes what he sees in Angelika and calls her attention, “Psst….Sexy, baka gusto mong tumable muna dito?” (Hey Sexy, perhaps you want to join our table for a while?)  Angelika stops for a split second, sees a possibility and crosses the road to join the men. 
Renato is helped by a nurse from his bed onto a wheelchair.  He asks for Dr. Ria but the nurse tells him that she is not coming.  He sits, disappointed as the nurse takes him for a tour around the hospital.
Angelika is now with the group but acts as if she is better than any of them telling tattoed guy, “Hoy hindi ako aso para sutsutan mo!  Pero tama nga sinabi mo, sexy nga ako, di tulad ng kasama mo.” (I’m not a dog, the way you called me!  But you’re right, I’m indeed sexy, unlike that one beside you.)
The girl tries to stand up and protest but Angelika cuts her off.  Tattooed guy appears elated, excited, “Yan ang gusto ko, palaban!” (That’s what I like, a fighter!)
Angelika replies, “Ako gusto ko madaming pera.” (Me I like one with lots of money.)  She smiles at the man with many tattoos who appears to be their leader and snaps at the other girl to leave.  She joins Mr. Tattoo and the men as they continue playing.
The nurse tells Renato about Dr. Ria, how he has an uncanny resemblance to her ex-boyfriend, Ronaldo who has passed away a few years before.  Renato listens attentively, intrigued by the mysterious and beautiful doctor.
Marimar thanks Rodolfo for bringing her home after her confrontation with Sergio at the Aldama’s building lobby.  Rodolfo sighs, “Grabe talaga  si Sergio!” (Wow, that Sergio is surely something!)  He shows concern for Bella worried about the threats Sergio made.  Marimar assures Rodolfo that she can take care of herself.  “Kaya ko (ang) sarili ko.”
Meanwhile, Cruzita, who is in her room,  protests about her mother’s plan of going abroad to her yaya Corazon.  She doesn’t want to go especially, she doesn’t want to leave her father or be away from him.  Corazon assures her that soon she will find friends in America and her mother will be with her. 
In the Santibanez Motors (SM) office, Arturo talks to Sergio who seems to be quite agitated about something lately.  The race-car driver doesn’t want Marimar and Cruzita to live far away.  He is against them living in the United States while he is in the Philippines.
Angelika has found a new man.  She slept with the tattooed guy and found out his name is Carlitos, a petty thug who is into all things illegal – kidnapping, robbery, drugs – which delights the villain in her.  She asks him if he and his men can help her have someone kidnapped.
Rodolfo takes his leave from Marimar who is intrigued at how quickly he has seemed to have forgotten their fiasco of a wedding.  She teases him, “May date ka?” (Do you have a date?)  He only gives her a mysterious smile as he kisses her cheeks and leaves.
Corazon may not agree with Marimar’s decision but she still helps convince her ward that this is for the best.  She tells the child that Marimar doesn’t want her and her father to have any form of contact.  It may be to protect her…something she will later understand when she has grown up.  Cruzita whines that it is unfair.  She feels for her ward as she gives her a piece of good advice, telling Cruzita to pray that her parents get back together if she wants to have them all living near each other.
Sergio shares with Arturo that he will surely make some plans to stop Marimar and Cruzita from leaving the country.  Arturo is worried that Marimar will have him sent to prison again.  Sergio doesn’t care, what’s important to him is to win back Marimar and to have both mother and child back with him.  He stands up and leaves prompting Arturo to ask, “Boss, saan ka pupunta?” (Where are you going?)
It is night time in the Aldama home and Bella looks like she just came from a workout wearing light blue sweat pants and dark blue sleeveless top.  She’s by the porch and her security detail are roaming about the grounds.  A man lurks by the bushes and hits a security guard in the head.  He makes his move towards Bella as two more men, looking like his accomplices make their appearance, similarly neutralizing the other security guards.  The third accomplice grabs Marimar and puts a cloth with sleeping gas over her face.  She tries to struggle but loses consciousness as they take her away.
Arturo is worried about Sergio’s state of mind.  He tells Antonio that Sergio left in a hurry looking like he wants another confrontation with Marimar.  The gay driver is also worried that something about Sergio’s current behavior might lead him to do something rash that could affect Marimar and Cruzita.
It is the morning after and in the Aldama home, Corazon questions the three guards.  She suspects them to have been drinking the night before,   gotten very drunk and passed out.  The guards deny this accusation.  Everyone wonders who took their employer – Marimar is still missing.
Marimar wakes up and she discovers that she is tied up in both her hands and feet plus gagged in her mouth so she couldn’t talk or scream.  She tries to scream anyway, calling for help, struggling to free herself from the ropes that bind her.
Corazon calls Rodolfo who seems to be in good terms with Marimar (why didn’t she call Sergio instead?) and appears to be the man Marimar trusts and tells him that she has been abducted.  He asks her how it happened.
Marimar is able to get her gag off and she kicks a window open to scream for help.  “Tulungan nyo ako!”
Corazon relays to Rodolfo what happened.  She woke up and made breakfast for the family.  She went to Bella to wake her but found that she is not in her room.  Rodolfo asks Corazon if she has tried calling Bella on her cell phone.  The plump cook replies that all Bella’s things – bag, cell phone – are in the house.  Surely she would not leave without them.
Back at the SM office Antonio and Arturo are still worried about Sergio.  The former recalls how he kidnapped Cruzita when she was taken to the hospital before – just so Sergio could force Bella to admit that she is indeed Marimar.
At the Aldama home, Rodolfo calls all the security guard and questions them about what happened the previous night.
Marimar sees a man by the window who tells her she can scream all she wants but no one would hear or help her.  She asks him who he is, “Sino ka?” 
He tells her that he is just someone who is following orders, “Napagutusan lang ho,”  Marimar asks  him who is giving the orders. “Sino nag-utos?”
At the SM office both Antonio and Arturo are worried why Sergio is still not in for work.  He left in a sour mood the day before with intent to stop Marimar and Cruzita from leaving the country.  They fear what he has done towards that end and where did he go.
Angelika and her new beau, Carlitos are snuggling and cuddling.  He exclaims how she smells really good and how he stirs passion in him despite her scarred face. “Ang bango mo!  Parang tinamaan ako, mabango eh!  Kakagigil ka.  Sayang may peklat na (ang) mukha mo pero ‘pag madilim naman eh, din a kita.”  He adds this is not a problem when the lights are turned off.
Angelika asks him about her request to have someone kidnapped, whether he’s already done it.
Marimar asks the man again, who gave the orders to have her kidnapped.  He evades the question telling her she will find out in time, “Makikilala mo rin siya.”  His phone rings and he talks to someone.  After their conversation, Marimar asks him whether that caller is the one who had her nabbed.  He doesn’t reply.  Marimar tells him, “Gusto ko siya makausap.” That she wants to talk to whoever ordered this.  She seethes with anger as she curses, “Hayop siya.  Hayop siya!”
Police have now arrived at Bella’s home to investigate.  They begin by talking to Rodolfo and Corazon taking their statements about what happened.
Carlitos assures Angelika that will all be done in good time but the important thing for now is how Angelika is going to pleasure him.  “Easy ka lang, isipin mo muna how to make me happy.”  Angelika smiles, evil schemes running in her head as she acquiesces Carlitos.  She further asks, “If I make you happy, will you take Marimar to hell?”
Kidnapper thug calls someone on the cell phone and addresses him as “sir”.  He tells “sir” that he has done all that he ordered.
Sergio arrives at SM office but is not ready to work.  He instead calls a man on the phone telling the man that he wants to have Marimar and him alone together so they can have a talk, just by themselves.
In Bella’s house, police and Rodolfo talk.  The latter wants to alert the media who can help spread information that may lead to them finding Bella but the police are hesitant.  They don’t want to tick the kidnappers who have yet to make their demands.
Sergio prepares to leave again.  The two concerned friends ask their boss is he had patched things up with Marimar.  He is evasive with his reply, not giving any details to his two closest pals.
Marimar tries to escape but one of the thugs guarding her catches her before she makes any progress.
Cruzita is crying, looking for her mother.  Corazon tries hard to calm her down but is unsuccessful.
Fifi asks Fulgoso what’s all this fuss about Marimar. Fulgoso tells her she’s gone missing.  He adds that he wants to go out there and search for his mistress and he has good sense of smell and would easily recognize Marimar by her smell. “Gusto kong lumabas para hanapin si Marimar.  Malakas pang-amoy ko at kabisado ko ang amoy ni Marimar.”
Fifi not totally getting it, seems shocked that Marimar smelled! “Ano, may amoy si Marimar?!”
In the “safehouse” where Marimar is kept, one of the thugs tells her to relax.  He assured her that that they will not hurt her.  In fact, one of their prime orders is to treat her well. “Kabilin-bilinan na alagaan kang mabuti.”  (Oh no, did Sergio order Marimar’s kidnapping?)
Cruzita is inconsolable.  She wants to talk to her mother.  Corazon is at a loss, she doesn’t know what to do.
Fulgoso replies that before Marimar smelled of shellfish now she smells like flowers…expensive flowers.  “Dati amoy talangka.  Ngayon amoy bulaklak, na mamahalin.”
The kidnapper continues to talk to Marimar telling her that despite her efforts there is no one around to hear her scream.  It would be better for her if she calmed down and wait for “sir” to arrive.
Rodolfo help Corazon in keeping Cruzita calm but she continues to look for her mother.  He promises that he will do all he can so Cruzita and her mom will be together.
Marimar continues to be defiant despite the thug’s effort to calm her down.  She screams, “Hayop kayo!” (You are all animals!)  This ires the kidnapper so he pushes Marimar back down the bed with more intended force.
A while later the thug returns to give Marimar some food.  She kicks the tray spilling food all over.  The thug gets really angry, “Pinaghirapan ko ito tapos sisipain mo lang.  Kung away mo kumain di huwag, mamatay ka sa gutom!”  (I worked hard to prepare this only for you to kick it away.  If you don’t want to eat, then don’t.  You can starve to death!)
He takes the tray away and leaves the bedroom.  Another thug meets him and takes the tray from him.  This one eats the food.
Esperanza arrives at Bella’s home.  She came as quickly having heard the news about her niece while she is in Cebu attending to some business.   Rodolfo and Corazon update her of what has happened.  She is worried that the day is almost over, it is now night time, and still there are no words from Marimar’s kidnappers.
Police assure them that some kidnappers have this style of playing with the family, delaying their demands to intensify their fear and worry.  Rodolfo suspects that Sergio is behind all this and tells the police.  Esperanza and Corazon looked shocked at Rodolfo’s accusations but appear thoughtful, knowing deep inside that this could be a possibility.
My take:  After this incident Marimar should fire all her guards and replace them with more competent ones!  Also she should change homes, the one she is currently living in has picket fences that do not really secure a multi-billionairess.   The previous one, when Gustavo was still alive looked better and more appropriate for someone of her stature.
Marimar/BellaRodolfoCruzitaMarimar Episode 86 – The one where Marimar Finds Innocencia & Sergio Kissing
Aired in the UAE on 17th December 2007, Monday.
Sergio is sleeping on the sofa, too drunk to go upstairs in his room.  Innocencia arrives and calls him.  The door is open so she lets herself in.  There are tall glass panels that serve as windows showing the outside what is in. 
Fulgoso is concerned for his friend’s state and laments, “Dios mio, kelan ba magiging masaya itong si Marimar?  Lagi na lang malungkot.” (Until when will all this sadness be in your life?)
Fifi replies, “Kasi naman ayaw pang aminin na mahal niya si Sergio.” (Well why doesn’t she just go and admit that she still loves Sergio?)
Fulgoso reasons, “Kasi mahirap aminin.” (It’s not that easy.)
Marimar is driving as she calls Arturo on the cell phone to ask him a question.
Innocencia goes to the sleeping Sergio and holds his hand; lovingly putting it in hers as she talks to the man she loves.  “Bakit pinagpipilitan pa ang sarili mo kay Marimar?  Ilang beses ka na niyang pinagtabuyan pero nandiyan ka pa rin.  Kelan mo ba siya makakalimutan?” (Why do you keep insisting for Marimar to love you when she has so many times sent you away, still you remain.  When will you forget her?)
Dra. Ria tells Renato to rest as his therapy starts tomorrow.  Renato asks her to stay a while and talk, he asks her about her life.  “Boring ang buhay ko,” (my life is boring) was all she can say.  Renato jokes that if she tells him about it, it will help put him to sleep if it really is that boring.  Ria shares a smile with her patient.  Renato asks her about her parents, whether she has any siblings…Ria relates that both her parents live in the States and that she is an only child.  “Yun na yon,” (that’s that) she declares without further elaborating on any more details.  Renato agrees, “Boring nga” (boring indeed).  Both doctor and patient share another smile.  Uuuy mukhang nagkaka-igihan na tong dalawang ito!  Sabagay mabait si Ria unlike Angelika who was such a user.  Sige na nga!  Although I’m still hoping Renato meets Tia Esperanza and something happens there…parang bagay kasi sila.  They’d complement one another well.
Angelika urges her friend Monica to drink with her.  Monica cautions her to keep the noise down as Diego is already asleep.  Angelika raises her voice all the more, forcing Monica to drink with her as she declares, “Damayan mo ako sa problema ko.” (Come join me in my sorrows.)
Innocencia tells Sergio that she loves him.  “Tutuluungan kitang makalimutan si Marimar.  Hindi kita iiwan.  Mahal na mahal kita Sergio.” (I will help you forget Marimar.  I will never leave you, I love you so much Sergio)  I feel for Innocencia.  She is a good person and her only mistake was falling for the same guy as Angelika and Marimar.  Swerte ni Sergio no!  Daming pretty girls all out for him!
Angelika looks at the bright side, “Kahit nanalo na si Marimar, talunan pa rin siya.” (Even if Marimar won, she is still a loser.)
Monica, being rather slow on the uptake, questions her friend’s statement. “How can you say that?  Ganda-ganda na ng buhay ni Marimar.”  (Marimar has such a great life now)
Angelika agrees, “Oo mayaman siya, maganda, famous, pero talunan pa rin siya.  Hindi siya masaya dahil wala sa kanya si Sergio.” (Yes she may be rich, beautiful and famous but she is still a loser because she doesn’t have Sergio.)  Itong isang to kung magsalita, kala mo nasa kanya si Sergio!  Eh sa kanya lalong wala na talaga si Sergio…di ba nya naisip yon?
Innocencia couldn’t help herself.  She hesitates at first but the moment gets the better of her as she leans in to kiss Sergio.  He grabs her dreaming that he is instead kissing the woman he loves, as he calls out her name, “Marimar…”
Innocencia pauses, “Marimar?”
Sergio talks in his sleep, “Sabi ko na ba ako pipiliin mo.  Ako mahal mo di ba?  Napakalungkot ko kung wala ka.  Sabihin mo mahal mo ako di ba?” (I knew it, you’d pick me because you love me, right?  I’d be so sad without you.  Tell me you love me, you do love me right?)
Angelika considers it her triumph, separating Marimar and Sergio as she makes a toast with Monica, “Sana habang buhay silang miserable!” (I wish them a lifetime of misery!)
Innocencia forces herself to believe Sergio is talking to her.  She replies, “Sergio, mahal na mahal kita.”  Sergio still dreaming grabs her and kisses her thinking she is Marimar.  Innocencia gives in to her feelings and pretends Sergio means this kiss to be for her and not Marimar.
Dr. Ria and Renato had a nice time chatting she hardly noticed the time. She exclaims, “Nine na pala, kailangan ko nang umalis.” (It’s 9pm, I need to go)  Renato protests but she assures him, “Babalik ako bukas.” (I’ll return tomorrow)  Eager, he asks “Anong oras?” (Which time?)  She smiles at him as she replies, “tanghali.” (Noon.)  He protests, “Tagal naman!” (That long)  and adds, “Sana bukas pag-gising ko, nandito ka na.” (I wish tomorrow when I wake up, you’re already here.) There is a tenderness in the wish that gives the pretty doctor an awkward moment which she quickly brushes aside by her own protestations, “Napaka-demanding mo naman!” (You’re so demanding!) She adds that he is not the only patient she is seeing in the hospital.  Though to us viewers it appears to be so. hehehehe.
Renato pursues, “Saan ka pupunta?” (Where are you going?) Ria offers a vague answer, “May ime-meet lang.” (Just meeting someone.)  Renato is curious, “Boyfriend?”  She denies it, “wala.”  He asks the dreaded question, “Asawa?” (Husband) She gives him hope with her answer, “Wala.” (No)
Corazon and another household help talk about Marimar’s earlier walkout drama in the church.  It must be the hottest gossip in the Aldama household with Corazon probably the best source being the closest to Marimar.
Meantime, she is at the gate of Sergio’s house.  She hesitates as she mulls over the next step, “Ewan ko kung tama itong gagawin ko, bahala na…pero handa na akong sabihin sa iyo ang totoo.” (I don’t know if what I’m doing is the right thing but I’m ready to tell you how I truly feel.)  She takes a big breath as she steels herself for what she is about to do.
Corazon enjoys being the source of all the hottest goss as she shares the latest bit of information with her colleague, “Punta siya kay Sir Sergio, mag-talks.  Sana magkabalikan na sila.” (She went to see Sergio and have a heart-to-heart talk.  I hope they get back together.)  She’s been the staunchest supporter of the Sergio-Marimar love affair ever since the two got together and is clearly excited about the two getting back together.
Marimar walks up Sergio’s flat and through the glass panel, she sees Innocencia and Sergio wrapped in each other’s arms and kissing passionately.  She takes a step back in her shock.  A moment longer, she sighs in resignation and leaves; saddened by what she just witnessed.
On the other side of the glass, Innocencia smiles in bliss, happy to kiss and embrace the man she truly loves.
In the car, Marimar drives like a raging lunatic cursing Sergio and her love for him.  “Hayop ka Sergio, hayop ka!” (damn you Sergio!) She cries, blaming herself for being too soft, “Ang tanga-tanga ko!” (How could I be so stupid?)  She suffers from her love for this one man who continues to hurt her the most, “Hanggang kailan mo ako papa-iyakin?” (Until when are you going to make me cry?)  She cries in jealous rage as she questions, “Hanggang kailan?”
Marimar arrives home with slumped shoulders.  Fulgoso exclaims, “Dios mio Marimar, ang bilis mong nakauwi!  Nagkabalikan na ba kayo ni Sergio?” (back so soon, so did you make up with Sergio?)  Of course, Marimar doesn’t hear him like we do so Corazon asks a similar question but she notices that Marimar doesn’t look well.
Marimar cries, “Di na lang sana ako nagpunta doon.” (I wish I didn’t go there.)  Corazon wants her to explain her current state, “Ano ba ang nangyari?” (What happened?)  But Marimar is still caught up in self-pity, “Di ko na lang sana hinayaan ang sarili kong umasa sa wala.” (I wish I’d stop myself from hoping.)
Corazon shakes her out of her misery wanting Marimar to tell her exactly what happened.  “Di ko makaintindi, ‘Day!” (I don’t understand) Fulgoso seconds the motion, “Me too!  You what’s going on?”
Between sobs, Marimar relates, “Nakita ko si Sergio at si Innocencia, naghahalikan sila.  Kaya pala ako trinaydor ni Innocencia, may relasyon silang dalawa ni Sergio.  Noong una, si Angelika; tapos ngayon naman si Innocencia.” (I saw Sergio and Innocencia kissing.  No wonder Innocencia betrayed me, she and Sergio are having an affair.  First it was Angelika, now it’s Innocencia.)
Corazon tries to calm her down, giving a different point of view, “Teka, sure ba ka Inday?  Baka yung nakita nimo na parang naghahalikan baka nag-uusap lang.” (Are you truly sure?  Maybe they are just talking and it appears like they were kissing.) Oo nga naman, remember Marimar your pictures with Choi which Angelika used to anger Sergio?  Give him the benefit nga naman of the doubt.
But Marimar defends what she saw, “Hindi ako bulag!” (I’m not blind!)
Corazon refuses to believe it knowing well how Sergio loves Marimar, “Hindi magagawa ni Sir Sergio yon.  Mahal na mahal ko niya.  May lihim na pagtingin kay Sir Sergio si Innocencia.” (Sergio won’t do something like that.  It’s Innocencia who has secret feelings for Sergio.)  Well Corazon, it’s no longer a lihim at bonggang-bonggang bunyang na with what she has done!
Marimar doesn’t want to hear anymore explanations, “Tama na!  Lagi mo na lang pinagtatanggol ang lalaking yan!  Wala shang kwentang tao.  Hindi siya dapat iyakan at hindi sya dapat mahalin!” (Enough, you are always defending him!  I shouldn’t even be crying over a useless man like him and he doesn’t deserve to be loved!)
The next day at the Santibanez Motors office, Arturo and Innocencia are talking.  Arturo is babbling on about a crush but Innocencia is not interested.  She is quite distracted about something but Arturo doesn’t know what is bothering her.  She asks Arturo if Sergio is OK.  She explains to the gay driver that when she found him last night, Sergio was already asleep.  Sergio joins their conversation, overhearing Innocencia’s comment, “Galing ka sa bahay?” (You went to my home?)
Marimar asks Atty. Romualdez to represent the company on her behalf.  She asks about plane tickets and the lawyer replies that she got them booked as Marimar requested.  Rodolfo arrives and hearing about booked tickets and he asks his ex-fiancée, “Going away somewhere?”
Arturo leaves the two as Innocencia asks Sergio, “Wala ka bang natatandaan?” (Don’t you remember anything?)  Sergio prods her for more information as everything seems hazy from his end, “Bakit, may nangyari ba kagabi?” (Why, did anything happen last night?)  Innocencia is quite disappointed that the man she loves doesn’t even remember what she may consider as the sweetest moment of her life.  She lies, “Wala.” (Nothing.)
Marimar plainly tells Rodolfo the facts, “Babalik ako sa America, magpapahinga muna roon.”  (I’m going back to America, get some rest.) Rodolfo is sarcastic when he asks, “Tatakasan mo ang mga usap-usapan about us?”  (You’re escaping from all this gossip about us?) Marimar realises she hasn’t properly asked forgiveness from Rodolfo for what she’s done to him.  She quickly apologises, “Sorry, malaki ang kasalanan ko sa iyo.” (I’m sorry. I know I did something really bad and I know I owe you a huge apology.)  Ehem excuse me Rodolfo, there is no “us”!  Hindi naman naging kayo ni Marimar ah!
Sergio, Antonio and Innocencia are in a discussion.  Antonio is making a report but Sergio is distracted, his mind clearly on something else.
Rodolfo is bitter, “Iniwanan mo ako sa simbahan.  Galit na galit ako sa iyo.  Nakita ko yung mga tingin sa akin ng mga tao.  Awang-awa sila sa akin.  Gusto kitang awayin!  Pero na-realise ko rin na di lang naman ikaw ang may kasalanan, ako din.  Sa umpisa pa lang, alam kong hindi mo ako mahal pero pinilit ko pa rin.”  (You left me at the altar.  I was so mad at you.  I saw how the people were looking at me, feeling sorry for me.  I wanted to get back at you but I realised you’re not the only person to blame here.  Since the beginning I knew you didn’t love me but still I persisted.)
He sighs, but continues to talk, hoping perhaps to get closure over what happened.  “Sayang, I do believe we’re a good match pero huwag kang mag-alala.  Hindi ko na pagpipilitan ang sarili ko sa iyo.  Tanggap ko na na hindi tayo para sa isa’t isa.” (A pity, but I won’t force myself on you anymore.  I’ve come to accept the fact that we are not meant for each other.)   Wow Rodolfo is coming out to be the bigger person here and quite the gentleman!  O baka naman palabas nya lang ito para makapag-higanti kay Marimar ng bonggang-bongga ha?  Ika nga, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.  Ano nga kaya?
Marimar appears truly relieved that they have put things aside and she offers, “Rodolfo, pwede naman tayong magkaibigan di ba?” (We could still be friends.)  He smiles, the old, suave Rodolfo is back, “I don’t see why not.”  They hug but what Marimar doesn’t see is how sad Rodolfo looks.
Arturo approaches Sergio, “Bossing.”  Sergio shushes him to keep quiet as he is still nursing a bad hangover, “Sakit ulo ko!”  Arturo talks softly, “Di natuloy ang kasal ni Marimar at Rodolfo” and shows Sergio the newspaper.  (Marimar and Rodolfo’s wedding got cancelled.)
Sergio calls Corazon, telling his old yaya that he wants to talk to Marimar.  Corazon blurts out that she is busy with preparations as she is leaving for the US.
Marimar walks with Rodolfo in the Aldama building’s lobby.  Rodolfo asks, “Kelan ang alis nyo?” (When are you leaving?)  Marimar informs him, “sa Miyerkules.” (This Wednesday.)  He notes, “Nagmamadali ka ah.” (Why the rush?)
Just then, Sergio arrives and on his heels Marimar’s security detail alert at the possibility of a confrontation.  Rodolfo acknowledges him, “Santibanez” but Sergio goes straight to the point, telling Marimar that they need to talk.  He warns Rodolfo from interfering, “Huwag kang makialam, usapang pamilya ito.  Aalis kayo?”  (Don’t interfere this is between family, you’re leaving?)  Anger is etched in Sergio’s question.
Marimar snaps, “wala kang karapatan sa amin!”(You have no right over me!)  The memory of Sergio and Innocencia still fresh in her mind.
Sergio agrees that over her, he has no power but he has rights over Cruzita reminding Marimar that he is the father.  But Marimar tells him with finality, “Hindi mo na siya makikita.”  (You’ll never see her again.)
Sergio tries to struggle against the men who now grabbed his arms, “Alam ko ako lang mahal mo, akin ka lang!” (I know, you love me.  You’re mine!)   Marimar tells her men, “Paalisin nyo siya.” (Take him away.)   They pull Sergio away from Marimar and Rodolfo.
Angelika meets a new man – she appraises him thinking to herself that she could find some use for him as she seeks her vengeance from her most hated enemy, Marimar.

January 29, 2008

Marimar Episode 85 – The one where Marimar becomes a runaway bride
Aired in the UAE on 14th December 2007, Thursday
It is a beautiful old church and the wedding of Bella and Rodolfo are proceeding as planned.  The entourage is marching and Cruzita looks cute and cuddly in her yellow flower girl’s gown.  The wedding motif is obviously yellow, a happy color and suits Marimar’s coloring well.  She enters radiant in her white gown.  She walks alone holding only her bouquet of white and yellow flowers, a mix of yellow bells and chrysanthemums.  As she reaches the end of her walk, she kisses her mother-in-law to be and takes the hand of her future father-in-law and puts it on her forehead, making the traditional Filipino “mano” – a show of respect to the elders.  Fulgoso is very emotional  and cries as his dear friend enters marriage.  Rodolfo hugs Marimar and leads her to the priest who will perform the wedding ceremony.
In a hospital, Renato gets a visit from his beautiful doctor.  She asks how he is and he replies candidly, “OK naman.  Akala ko hindi na ikaw ang duktor ko dahil hindi mo ako dinalaw kahapon.” Noting how Ria had left him to read the papers by himself a couple of days back, he apologises for his behavior and Dr. Ria smiles, telling him she should be the one to apologise as she should have been more patient with him.  So Renato and Ria will be quite an item in the coming episodes.  I had expected Renato to meet and fall for Tia Esperanza, seeing that she is obviously still available….sayang…but Mina is cute in her role of Dr. Ria.  Remember Carmina used to play the roles of Richard’s little sister – sa Singalong days nila – now love tandem na sila!
Monica and Angelika are together and the latter is showing her her earnings.  Monica is shocked at the prize, 100 pesos, asking her friend why she settled for such a low amount.  Angelika explains that that is all the man had in him.  She further points to her looks now, saying, “Ang pangit-pangit ko na!”  Monica looks at her and agrees, “Sabagay…” Crazy Monica nag-agree pa!  Kakaloka.  I love the comic exchanges of these two despite them being quite the biatches…bagay silang comedic tandem.  Ano ba ako, puro tandem….!
Bella is crying behind her veil.  The priest asks her and despite her sobs, she answers, “Yes father.”  Tia Esperanza is crying on her seat, knowing how Marimar isn’t at all marrying for love.  Rodolfo doesn’t hesitate when it was his turn to answer and gives a clear “Yes father” reply to all the priest’s questions.
Renato promises the pretty doctor that he will be a good patient from now on.  She smiles, happy to hear the handsome patient’s promise to be good.  She also makes a promise of her own, “Pangako, aalagaan ka naming kahit anong mangyari.”  She adds that someday, Renato’s memories will return and he will have his life back.
Angelika blames Marimar for her current ugliness.  She states that beauty had been one of her means to get what she wanted in the past and now, because of Marimar she lost even that.  She couldn’t help but curse her nemesis, “Walang hiya siya!”
Monica agrees that Angelika did suffer because Marimar wanted revenge.  “Grabe ang paghihiganti ni Marimar.” Well imagine naman kasi how you and Angelika plotted and schemed to make Marimar’s life miserable in the past.  Angelika only deserves what she got now for being so mean and evil.
Angelika adds, “Kung nasaan man siya ngayon, sana impyerno rin ang buhay niya.”
That may not be so far from the truth as Bella and Rodolfo, the man she doesn’t even love exchange their vows.
The priest asks Rodolfo, “Do you take Bella for your lawfully wedded wife…..”  and the groom confidently and promptly replies, “I do.”
Sergio arrives at the church and walks slowly towards the door.
It is Bella’s turn to be asked.  “Bella, do you take Rodolfo to be your husband.”
Sergio positions himself at the back of the church having no plans of disrupting the ongoing ceremonies.
Bella takes a long time to answer.  She is sobbing more audibly now and everyone seems to be holding their breath, waiting for her answer.  The priest looks worried for the bride and Rodolfo is starting to get alarmed.  Sergio too is holding his breath.
Back at the Santibanez Motors office, Innocencia is upset why Sergio had to go to the wedding at all.  “Akala ko ba tanggap na niya na si Rodolfo at Marimar na?”
Antonio explains to her that it is not easy for Sergio to just accept Marimar’s decision.  He had promised them that he wouldn’t make a scene.  Antonio’s worry is whether Sergio will get there in time.
The priest asks the bride the same question again.  Rodolfo takes the microphone and puts it closer to Bella, forcing her to make her reply.  She barely whispers her, “I do.”  But Sergio heard it clearly as he cries for his loss, the woman he loves. 
There is a general feeling of relief that clearly shows on Rodolfo’s face.  The priests asks the couple to repeat after him the vows or marriage.
Sergio feeling hurt and still in physical pain, turns and walks away.  He has tears in his eyes.
Innocencia speculates, “Kung nakahabol man siya, di nya kontrolado ang utak at puso ni Marimar.  Masasaktan lang siya.” (Even if he did make it, he has no control over Marimar’s heart and mind.  He will only end up hurting himself.)
Antonio makes his own theory, “Paano kung di matuloy ang kasal?”  (What if the wedding doesn’t push through?)
But Innocencia is sure that Marimar will stubbornly follow through with her original plans, “Hindi pwede, kilala ko si Marimar. “  She adds that once Marimar has made her decisions, they seldom change.
Back in the church it is one rare occasion indeed as Marimar backs out from her wedding.  Marimar tries to remove her veil as she tells the priest, “Ayoko na Father.” 
The priest is in shock, “Bakit ayaw mo na?”
Marimar simply tells him, “Nagbago na po isip ko.”  She apologises to the priest and also to Rodolfo who has recovered from the initial shock and is now protesting that it’s too late for they have already taken their vows.  “Um-Oo ka na!” (You’ve already said your “I do’s”)
But the priest saves Marimar, “Hindi pa nababasbasan, pwede pang umatras.”  He states he has not given them their blessing yet so there is time to back out yet.  He also points the obvious to Rodolfo, “Hindi ka niya mahal.”
Marimar apologise again but by now, Rodolfo becomes hysterical as he forces Marimar back to her position and urges the priest to continue with the ceremonies, “Ikasal nyo kami Father!”
Marimar struggles to get free and when she does, runs towards the church’s  door to the world outside.  Rodolfo screams her name.
Marimar emerges from the church crying as Sergio’s car driven by Arturo backs up and drives past.  Sergio didn’t see Marimar running out as he had his head down, feeling sorry for himself.
Rodolfo is also feeling sorry for himself as his parents console him.  He is angry and in tears at the pain and humiliation he is suffering because of Marimar.
Arturo looks at his boss and friend as he gives him advise, “Dapat tanggap mo na na hindi talaga kayo para sa isa’t isa ni Marimar.  Ibaling mo na lang sa iba ang pagmamahal mo.”  He tells Sergio to love another instead.
Sergio hoped in his heart that the wedding wouldn’t push through.
Arturo admits that even he didn’t think it would happen.  “Ako man umasa.  Proud nga ako sa iyo”  He tells Sergio he feared the racer would make a scene but he held himself making Arturo proud of his boss.
Antonio notices something and asks Innocencia, “Bakit parang gusto mong matuloy ang kasal ni Marimar kay Rodolfo?”  She seems keen on Marimar and Rodolfo getting married.
Innocencia admits, “Of couse nagpapakatotoo lang ako,”  she’s just being real.
Antonio has a different view, “Pakiramdam ko kasi, parang ayaw mong magkabalikan si Sergio at Marimar.”  He thinks Innocencia doesn’t want Sergio and Marimar to get back together.  The young man senses Innocencia’s feelings for Sergio.
Innocencia denies it, “Ayaw ko lang si Sergio masaktan.  Pwede naman siya magmahal ng iba.”  She insists that Sergio could love another.
But Antonio reminds her of Sergio’s great love for Marimar.  “Alam mo Innocencia, simula binigay ni Sergio ang puso niya kay Marimar, hindi na niya ito nabawi.”  Sergio has given his heart to Marimar and since then, he has never been able to get it back.  Marimar still owns Sergio’s heart.  She still has his love.  She alone.  I love this line of Antonio’s how true for Sergio – once he did admit that he loved Marimar, he wasn’t the same.  In fact Antonio is probably the best person to vouch for this, seeing how Sergio resisted every temptation, even the luscious Kim Chan, because he loves only Marimar.  Bonggang-bongga talaga!
Sergio admits to Arturo that he wanted to stop the wedding, but his love for Marimar prevailed.  “Gusto kong pigilan ang kasal pero nangibabaw pa rin ang pagmamahal ko sa kanya.”
Arturo tries to soothe his sorrow, telling Sergio that his friends are just beside him whenever he may need them.  “Andito lang kami para damayan ka.”  He suggest that if he is up to it, they can all go out tonight, “Pwede ka na bang uminom?”  Arturo asks Sergio whether he is allowed to drink yet as alcohol can have a soothing effect on the broken hearted.  At least for a while.
But Sergio doesn’t want company, “Gusto ko mapag-isa,” and tells Arturo that he wants to be alone.
Bruno and Rodolfo are now at Bella’s home by the gate.  Security detail block them from going any further.  Rodolfo shouts at Bella, asking her to come out and talk to him, “Papasukin mo ako, may gusto lang akong linawin sa iyo.”  He wants to clear something up with her and wants a talk.
The guard apologises telling the two men that they have orders not to let anyone in.  Rodolfo flares up in anger and frustration.  “Isa akong San Jinez!  Hindi ako Santibanez na pwede mong paglaruan!”  (I’m a San Jinez, not a Santibanez that you can toy with!)
Inside the house, Marimar and Esperanza have a talk.  Marimar admits to her aunt that she never really wanted to marry Rodolfo.  Esperanza asks her niece why she is not being true to her feelings.  “Si Sergio ang mahal mo, siya ang gusto mong pakasalan.”  Her aunt points out the obvious, that Marimar loves Sergio and it is him she wants to marry.
But Marimar’s fears takes over.  Sergio had left her in the past and hurt her so badly she is scared of loving him again.  “Pero niloko niya ako.”
Tia Esperanza reasons with Marimar that whatever Sergio may have done in the past, he has clearly regretted them and has done all he can to win her back.  “Nagsisisi na siya.”  She advises her niece to let go of her fear and anger and instead give Sergio another chance.  “Patawarin mo na.  Puntahan mo siya.”  She urges Marimar to go and see Sergio.  They must talk about their feelings to each other.
Monica is ironing some clothes when Diego arrives.  She smiles and greets her husband.  Diego asks where Monica’s friend is and she tells him that Angelika is asleep.  This angers Diego, “Kapal ng mukha niya.  Di ka man lang tulungan sa gawaing bahay.”  He declares Angelika is such a parasite.  She doesn’t even help Monica with the house chores.
Monica brushes his comments aside, “Hayaan mo na, nakarma lang talaga ng husto.”  She feels for Angelika who once had everything and now has nothing.  A really bad turnaround.
Diego points out that whatever Angelika had, she used for evil so she is only paying the price.  “Ginamit nya kasi sa kasamaan.  Madami siyang taong nasaktan.”  Angelika made a lot of people suffer.
Marimar tells her aunt that it is not that simple to forgive and forget.  She fears that Sergio will make another promise and should he break it again, what will happen?  Tia Esperanza tells Marimar that it is better for her to give Sergio a chance to make good on his promise.  “Bigyan mo siya ng pagkakataon para tuparin niya ang kanyang pangako.”  She calls Cruzita to come and give her mother a hug.
At his home, Sergio drinks alone.  He is really at his lowest ebb.  He doesn’t realize Marimar had called off her wedding.
In the SM office, Arturo reports to Antonio and Innocencia about the wedding.  He too doesn’t know that it didn’t push through.  “Natuloy ang kasal.”
Innocencia smugly looks at Antonio, “Sabi sa inyo eh.”  (I told you so.)
Arturo adds that his heart goes out to Sergio.  “Awang-awa ako.  Pinigilan ko lang ang luha ko.”  He wanted to cry but he just willed himself not to.
Sergio recalls Rodolfo and Marimar’s wedding this afternoon as he also remembers his own wedding day with Marimar.  He looks at his wedding ring which he wears on a chain around his neck.  He may be thinking to himself that he finally doesn’t need it anymore now that Marimar is married to someone else.  This is his closure of sorts for the wedding that they never had…this wedding that he thinks did occur.  In fairness gumaganda na ang acting prowess ni DDD!  Dati kasi sa mga iba nyang roles puro pagpapa-cute lang siya, project…project….pero ngayon wow, emote-emote na ang lolo mo!  He’s becoming an actor na!  Bonggang bongga!
Innocencia wants them all to go to Sergio and console him.  Antonio suggests that they let Sergio be for now.  Innocencia argues that it is now that Sergio needs his friends.   Arturo comments that Innocencia could be quite obsessed at times, but she reminds her that Sergio will call them is he needs them.  “Ay may pagka-dika-dika din pala ang girlalung ito!  Hoy sisterette tatawagan tayo nun kung gusto tayong makasama ni bossing.”  These are the kind of lines that make me love Arturo’s character…so gay…but so witty!
Sergio pulls the chain off his neck as he sadly tells the truth about his marriage to Marimar, “Pero totoo, peke ang kasal natin.”  It is true, our wedding was a fake.