Marimar Episode 90 – The One where Marimar and Sergio both survived

March 7, 2008

Marimar Episode 90 – The one where Sergio and Marimar both survived

Police and media both swarm the place of the crime.  Monica and Angelika both watch the news and heard that Sergio rescued Marimar prompting Angelika to comment why Sergio had to go be a hero and rescue the woman she loathes the most.

Meanwhile Renato is ready to leave the hospital and Dr. Ria introduces him to Julio.  Ria asks Julio to take care of Renato for her and asks him to lend Renato some clothes as well.  Julio looked at Renato, he smiles in a friendly way and adds that Ria doesn’t have to worry, his elder brother, Kuya Fernando’s clothes would fit Renato.  Renato asks Ria if Fernando was the boyfriend she lost.  Ria wonders how he knew about it.

The police take Rodolfo away but first he would be taken to the hospital so his wounds can be treated.  As he lies in a stretcher ready to be taken to the hospital, he calls out Bella’s name.  Marimar comes closer but Sergio tells the police to go take him away.  Rodolfo insists that he wants to talk to Bella first.

Renato admits to the kindly doctor that the nurse gossip about her.  Ria doesn’t like it but Renato tells her that they don’t have any ill intentions.  Renato thanks Ria for everything she has done for him, for everything she is still doing to help him.  He looks into her eyes with something more than gratitude that unnerves the lady doctor prompting her to say, that all she wanted is for Renato to get his life back and live a normal life.  Renato looks thoughtful as he admits, “Ayaw ko nang bumalik sa dati kong buhay.  Masaya ako sa piling mo.”  (I don’t want to return to my old life anymore.  I am happy with you.)

Marimar goes a step close to Rodolfo where he can see her, Sergio quickly right behind her.  Rodolfo asks for forgiveness for all he has done.  Marimar is sad, she thought she and Rodolfo were friends.  She honestly tells the mastermind of her kidnapping, “Hindi ko alam kung mapapatawad pa kita.  Hindi mo nga ako pinatay pero ikaw ang may kagagawan ng lahat ng ito.”  (I don’t know if I could ever forgive you.  You may have not killed me but you were the one responsible for all these.)  She turns away as Rodolfo is carried into the ambulance.

Sergio signals the police and ambulance staff, “Sige na kunin nyo na yan.”  (Go ahead and take him.)  The ambulance door closes and they leave.

Marimar and Sergio hug, thankful to both be alive despite gunshot wounds.  (Kilig!  They are so good together!)  Both hold each other’s hands.  Marimar is relieved that this traumatic episode in her life is over.  Sergio however is worried that his family is always in danger and he is unable to protect them.  (Sergio looks a bit pangit in this scene…medyo monkey-looking but he is so buff, sooo macho!  Aw!)

Julio tells Renato it’s best for them to go.  On their way out of the hospital, Renato asks the young man how long has it been since his elder brother passed away.  Julio replies it’s been seven years.

Dra. Ria is musing on the comment Renato made before leaving.  Is her patient falling for her?  If he is, is she letting him?  There is a hint of a smile but just then Dr. Hayden arrives and tells her they should go.

Sergio is now allowed into Bella’s home after being the hero who saved her from her kidnappers.  Corazon is glad of this new development in their lives and hands Sergio a warm cup of coffee telling her old ward, “Two sugars no milk.”  Sergio smiles at Corazon glad she still remembers how he liked his coffee.  Corazon assures him she never forget and the yaya and ward share a moment.

Cruzita enters Marimar’s room and goes to her mother who smiles and greets her good morning.  Cruzita explains, “Daddy told me not to disturb you kase you are resting.”  Marimar smiles at her daughter and assures her she is fine, “Ayos a ako lalo na nandito ka na sa tabi ko.”

Fulgoso who is right behind Cruzita comments, “Pinakaba mo kami, tingnan mo nangayayat ako sa pag-aalala.”  (You had us all scared!  Look at me, losing weight from too much worrying over you!)

In another part of Manila, Angelika is angry that Marimar is okay.  “Buwisit na Marimar yan, di maubos-ubusan ng swerte!” (Damn that Marimar, she never seems to run out of luck!)

Sergio asks Corazon, “OK lang bang nandito ako?”  (Is it alright for me to stay here?)

Corazon exclaims, “Of course!”  She goes over Sergio to check on his wound.  She asks him if he is alright.  Sergio replies that it still stings but he is alright.  “Malayo sa puso,”  he jokes about his wound. (It’s far from the heart.)

Angelika unleashes her anger at Marimar’s survival on Carlitos who until now has not done what she has requested of him.  She hits him and walks out in a huff.

Corazon sits beside Sergio, ready to make a confession; “Mahal na mahal pa rin ka ni Maam.” (She still loves you very much.)

Sergio lights up, “Talaga?” (Really?)

Marimar thanks her daughter for praying for her.  Mother and daughter embrace and comfort each other, glad that they are together.

Corazon tells Sergio what Marimar feels, “Kaya lang hindi ako sure kung gusto pa niya magkabalika kayo kasi na-hurt sya sa ginawa mong pag-alis.  Tapos dagdag pa na hindi totoo ang kasal ninyo.  But don’t lose hope, kay habang may buhay, may hope.  Marimar will change her mind.”  (I’m not sure if she still wants to get back with you.  She was hurt when you left her.  Add to that the fact that your marriage isn’t even real.  But don’t lose hope…)

Sergio sighs, agreeing with Corazon’s wish for Marimar to change her mind.  “Sana”  Corazon tries to comfort Sergio and taps him on the shoulders, hurting him instead, “Aray” exclaims Sergio in pain.  Corazon looks apologetic when she tells him, “Hindi ko po sadya, promise.”  (Sorry, I didn’t really mean it.)

After some time, Marimar goes down to the living room area to find Sergio still there.  He asks her how she is and she replies that she is alright now.  He follows her to the balcony area as they both try to feel what each thinks about the other.  Sergio makes a request from Marimar.  If possible, he doesn’t want Marimar to take Cruzita away from him.  He acquiesces that should she take their daughter abroad, at least to give him their contact number so he could continue being in touch with their child.

In another part of the city, Innocencia is reminiscing the sweet kiss she and a heavily drunken Sergio shared.  She looks into the mirror as she touches her lips, hoping for the impossible: that Sergio forgets about Marimar and loves her instead.  Her mother, Nanay Leonor, catches her in the moment.  She asks, “O bakit nag-iisa kang nakangiti diyan?” (Why are you smiling there all by yourself?)

Marimar tells Sergio her decision of staying put in the country. “Hindi na kami aalis.”  Sergio smiles, relieved.  “Pabor sa akin yan.”  He knows her decision is in his favor.  He quickly adds, “Pero kung gusto nyong umalis,” thinking how dangerous it is for his daughter and the woman he loves here in the Philippines, “pwede naman.”  He’d rather have them far away and safe than be in the country but always be in danger of kidnapping or whatever crimes.

Marimar softens a bit telling Sergio she is a jealous of their daughter’s affection towards Sergio.  “Sa limang taon kaming magkasama, inalagaan ko si Cruzita mag-isa.  Nagseselos nga ako dahil ngayon lang kayo nagkita pero hinahanap ka niya.”

Sergio looks into Marimar eyes wanting to say more but instead says, “Thanks for staying.”  Marimar in return wants to forgive this man whom she loves with all her heart but keeps her feelings to herself.  Instead she replies, “Thanks for rescuing me.”

Prompted by the moment, Sergio tries to make another promise which Marimar quickly cuts off. “Huwag ka nang mangako kung hindi mo kayang tuparin.” (Stop making promises you cannot keep.)

Sergio knows she still hurts inside so he changes his tone and asks for her forgiveness. “Mapapatawad mo ba ako?”  He admits he has hurt her recently and in the past. “Sinaktan kita.”

She nods in agreement, “More that you know.”  She wants to end them hurting each other so she asks him, “Can you be honest?”

Sergio is quick to reply, “yes”. 

Marimar asks him the nagging question in her mind, “Ano ang relasyon ninyo ni Innocencia?”  Sergio is honest when he tells her, “Wala.” (Nothing.)

She tells him what she saw, “Nakita ko kayong naghahalikan.” (I saw you kissing.)

Sergio explains. “Lasing na lasing ako noon, akala ko natuloy ang kasal ninyo ni Rodolfo.  Naalala ko, nakita kita.  Akala ko ikaw yon.  Nagulat na lang ako si Innocencia pala.” (I was very drunk.  I thought you pushed through with your marriage to Rodolfo.  I remember I saw you.  I thought it was you.  I didn’t know it was Innocencia.)

Nanay Leanor can guess what her daughter is thinking of.  She tells her straight, “Hindi para sa iyo si Sergio.” (Sergio is not for you.)

Innocencia frowns, reasoning, “Di ba pwedeng umasa man lang?” (Can’t I hope at least?)  She whines that Marimar has all the luck especially when it comes to Sergio’s love.

Her mother soothes her, telling her what she already knows.  “Tigilan mo na itong kalokohang ito.  Si Sergio at si Marimar ang para sa isa’t isa.”  (Stop this nonsense.  Sergio and Marimar belong together.)

Sergio tries to assure Marimar he’s no longer going to pursue her or force her into anything.  “Hindi na kita pipilitin pang mahalin ako.”  He is happy that they can talk about things and would accept her friendship, “Kahit maging magkaibigan lang tayo, tatanggapin ko.”  He reveals that all he wants is for them to be close by.  “Huwag lang kayo lumayo, please.”

Marimar is speechless.  Somehow she is not as angry with Sergio anymore, after all he’s done, rescuing her, still caring for her.  So they had a fake marriage, so he left her, so he kissed her ex-best friend…so what.  Deep down inside she knows there is no other man for her but this man now standing in front of her, moving closer to her until their toes almost touch.    She surrenders to the moment as she puts her head on his chest. (Pakipot pa kasi si Marimar eh!)

He tries to keep his arms from embracing the woman he loves to prove to her he wants only to be friends again.    He drops his head until it joins hers he takes a deep breath taking in the fragrance of her hair.  Can they ever really be just friends when deep inside both know they want nothing but to love one another?

It is morning and Marimar takes joy in the simple act of feeding her daughter.  Marimar asks Cruzita, “Sarap?”  (Is it delicious?) and she promptly nods, “Opo.” (Yes, it is.)

Cruzita asks her mother if she is going to work and Marimar admits that she is.  Cruzita asks whether she can see her father today, if he can come visit her.  Marimar smiles at her.

In the Santibanez Motors office the three friends are having a joyful conversation.  Arturo and Antonio are getting updates from Sergio.  Arturo wants to hear it again, “Bossing talaga, OK na kayo ni Marimar?” (Are you really in good terms now with Marimar?) 

Sergio is happy to confirm it, “Oo, inurong na yung restraining order laban sa akin.”  He adds that she even voided the restraining order against him.

Antonio asks his friend, “So what are you now?”

Sergio’s smile faded a little when he admits, “We’re friends”

Corazon enters the dining room with Marimar and Cruzita looking up at the plump cook for news.  She tells Marimar that a lady is outside looking for her.

Marimar meets the woman by the lanai area outdoors.  She gives her hand to Marimar, “Bella Aldama?”  Marimar takes her hand “Yes.”  She tells Marimar her name, “Vanessa Mae.” (Played by actress, Lani Mercado)

But Sergio snaps up again as he thinks about his plan of courting Marimar again, “Pero liligawan ko pa rin sha.”  Both Arturo and Antonio nod in agreement with Antonio professing, “I support you all the way.”

Vanessa Mae doesn’t waste time to tell Marimar the reason she came, “Kasintahan ko ang ama mo.” (I was your father’s girlfriend.)

Marimar replies, “Walang naman siyang nabanggit.” Gustavo and her didn’t really have time to talk more about themselves given the tragic end Gustavo went through.

Vanessa Mae continues her tale telling Marimar that Gustavo and her parents agreed that she and Gustavo would wed when they come of age.  Their families have agreed on this since they were children but she and Gustavo didn’t love each other.   Despite having no feelings they did have a relationship that led to her being pregnant.  By then Gustavo had met and got head over heels with Lupita so she left not wanting to shame her family.  She bore their child but gave it away as soon as the baby was born.  Vanessa Mae tells Marimar that she gave the baby to one of their servants.

At the Santibanez Motors office, Innocencia is signing some papers and Arturo notices that she is quieter than usual.  “Tahimik ka ata Innocencia?”

The gay driver continues to prod the reason for Innocencia’s self-imposed silence.  “Parang di ka masaya dahil nagkabalikan na sina Bossing at Marimar.”  (You don’t seem happy now that Sergio and Marimar have gotten back together.)

Sergio just pretends not to hear this but Innocencia comes to him and says, “I wish you luck, sir” and leaves.  Arturo is quite puzzled, “Anong problema noon?” (What’s wrong with her?)

Sergio reasons, “May pinagdadaanan lang siya.  Saka ko na lang kakausapin.”  (She just going through some things.  I’ll talk to her later.)

Normally, most people would doubt incredible stories such as Vanessa Mae had just shared but Marimar looks hopeful, happy even, “May kapatid ako?” (I have a sibling?)

Vanessa Mae nods confirming it.  She tells Marimar she is dying and wants to help Marimar find her sister.


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  1. Thanks guys u r a hot pair whith serio hes your man marian rivera dont let him go .am adicted to marimar soap it is my best it is being played in kenya i wish i could meet you .You are my role model .I love you so much n Dingdong dantes .I hope i will meet you 1 day.Am a kenyan italian i live in kenya ,nairobi.i will tell you more about me n kenya from faceböok bt am going to school first

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