Marimar Episode 89 – The one where Rodolfo shoots Bella

February 24, 2008

Marimar Episode 89 – The One Where Rodolfo Shoots Bella
Aired in the UAE on Thursday, 20th December 2007
Marimar is back in the room and tied again.  The thug enters and she asks for Rodolfo.  “Umalis na, babalik na lang daw.”  The paid kidnapper tells her that Rodolfo has left and will return later.  She offers him triple the amount of what Rodolfo agreed to pay just so he will set her free.  “Triple?” he asks doubtful.  Marimar eagerly nods, “Oo, mayaman ako, alam mo yon.”  (Yes, I’m rich you know.)
Renato and Dra. Ria are talking.  The good doctor tells her patient that his vital signs are okay.  She also adds that his speech and motion development is improving well.  Renato seems unhappy despite the good news.  “Bakit ang memory ko, palyado?”  Dra. Ria assures him that it is but normal to have a bit of memory loss and compares Renato’s mind to that of a computer’s, “Parang hard drive, ang ibang files corrupted.”  She advises to give it time.  He will regain his memory soon but he must be patient.
Meantime Rodolfo press the police to catch Sergio but the police tell him they cannot put anything against Sergio as he has a solid alibi.
The hired goon thinks for a while and says, “Baka ipahuli mo ako.” He fears Marimar will have him imprisoned but she shakes her head hoping to get through to the man, “Hinde, tatanawin kong isang malaking utang na loob pakawalan mo lang ako dito”. (I would greatly be indebted to you, if you set me free.) Assuring the man she will not give details about him to the police.  He thanks her and keep silent.
Dra. Ria tells Renato that he can leave as he is not on the men.  He is caught in a dilemma, “Saan ako nakatira?” (Where do I live?)
Sergio arrives at Bella’s home.  Immediately Rodolfo asks him accusingly what he is doing there, “Bakit ka nandito?”  Sergio suspects Rodolfo has a hand at Bella’s kidnapping and accuses his rival outright telling the police that of all people, Rodolfo has motive to kidnap Bella.
Marimar prods the thug into agreeing with her, pressing on she relates, “May anak ako.  Kailangan ako ng anak ko, pakawalan mo na ako.”  (I have a daughter and she needs me so please set me free.)
Having thought it through the ruffian declines her offer, “Kahit anong sabihin mo, sabit na ako sa krimeng ito.  Kahit hindi mo ako ipakulong, tiyak ipapakuling ako ni Rodolfo.” (Whatever you say, I’m already in too deep in this crime.  Even if you do not send me to prison, for sure Rodolfo will.)
Sergio and Rodolfo’s argument heat up leading to some punches being exchanged.  Luckily the police stop them in time with Rodolfo screaming at them to have Sergio put in jail and Sergio retaliating, “Ikaw dapat ang ikulong!”  (It is you who should be imprisoned!)
The thug continues to tell Marimar that there is honor even among thieves and low-lives.  “Business is business.  Di na pwede sumira sa usapan.”  (Can no longer back out from an agreement.)  He leaves Marimar alone who continues to scream and plead for him to set her free.
After  the scuffle, Esperanza comes out of the house to talk to Sergio.  It is the first time that they meet so she introduces herself as Marimar’s aunt, “Sergio Santibanez?  Esperanza Aldama.  Tia ni Marimar.”  Sergio goes inside the house to talk with Esperanza leaving a still fuming Rodolfo.
Marimar got tired of shouting.  She recalls Cruzita and starts to cry.  Flashback to her putting a band aid on her daughter, playing in the pool, eating.  She exclaims, “Dios ko, kung ano mang mangyari sa akin, huwag nyong pababayaan ang anak ko.” (God, if anything happens to me, please take care of my daughter.)
Sergio calls Antonio who is at the Santibanez Motors office.  He tells him about his suspicions that Rodolfo has a hand at Marimar’s disappearance.  His doubts grow even more when Rodolfo seems to be framing him up to take the blame for the kidnapping.
Meanwhile a package arrives at Bella’s home and the police open it.  There is a CD inside.  They insert it into a computer to view it and Marimar greets them on the screen.  She tells them, “Ayaw ko pang mamatay.  Ibigay ninyo ang hinihingi ng mga kidnappers ko:  200 million.”
Flashback to Rodolfo showing Marimar a picture of Cruzita.  At first, Marimar doesn’t give in to his demands and refuses to read the ransom note but Rodolfo forces her and she acquiesces.   In the video, Marimar instructs them to deposit the amount to an account number 246753.
Stunned by the gravity and the reality of it all, it was Tia Esperanza who first spoke, telling the police that she will arrange to have the money transferred as she authorizes the transaction on her niece’s behalf.  Rodolfo seconds her decision and urges her to do it as soon as possible.
Angelika is a bit miffed about her new found beau having discovered that he is married.  “May asawa ka?”   She confronts him.  Carlitos shrugs as if it’s the most normal and trivial of all things and adds, “Mga asawa!” Indicating to Angelika he’s got more than one.
Dra. Ria tells Renato that she is releasing him.  Renato panics and asks where he is to live.  The kind doctor tells him not to worry.  He is to stay with her friend.  “Makulit yon pero mabait.”  Assuring Renato that her friend will take care of him.
Angelika reveals to Carlitos the story of her life: that she loves one man but married another.  Carlitos asks her if she regrets that she used her brains instead of her heart.
Renato tells Dra Ria she didn’t have to do any of this, going out of her way to arrange somewhere for him to go to, after his stay at the hospital.  Ria tells him she is doing this perhaps because she feels sorry for him.  Renato looks in her eyes, hopeful about his question, “Yun lang?” (That’s all?)
Rodolfo calls his friend Bruno to check if the money has indeed been transferred and the handsome side-kick confirms that it has indeed.  San Jines is confident the transaction will not be traced as it will immediately get transferred into his Swiss account.
Back at the Santibanez Motors office, Innocencia blames Antonio for not accompanying Sergio in looking for evidences to pin Rodolfo as the mastermind behind Marimar’s kidnapping.  She worries that Sergio might do something harsh and cause him ill.  Antonio only shrugs, helpless.
Bruno asks his ambitious friend what happens now that the ransom money has been paid.  Rodolfo tells him that he still has unfinished business to attend to and cuts the line.  Unknown to San Jines, Sergio is tailing him.
Rodolfo arrives at the hideout and ask the thug about Bella.  The ruffian answers that she is asleep and Rodolfo hands him his pay.  Rodolfo gives him instructions, “Tuloy ang plano, ako papatay sa kanya, ikaw magtatapon ng bangkay niya.” (The plan is set, I’ll kill her and you’ll dispose of the body.)
The hired goon nods his agreement but Rodolfo has another condition:  if the plan goes wrong, he, meaning the thug, will take the blame and not Rodolfo.  The hooligan shakes his head, surprised at this new  provision.  He protests, “Wala sa usapan yan!” (That is not in the initial contract!) He demands more payment and Rodolfo is quick to oblige, handing him another envelop of cash.  The thug accepts the new terms.
Sergio arrives at the same hideout and crouches beside bushes.  He calls the police for back-up.
Rodolfo and his hired goon go inside the house to retrieve Bella.  Rodolfo enters Marimar’s room and tells her, “May two million na ako…nakapsok na sa account ko ang two million.” (I already have two million, it’s in my account.)
“Yun naman pala eh,” yells Bella, “pakawalan mo na ako!” (In that case, set me free already!)
But Rodolfo cuts her off and snaps at her, “Hindi ako gago.  May plano ako sa iyo.”  (I’m not stupid.  I have plans for you.)
Arturo tells Innocencia and Antonio that Sergio just called him telling him that he has found Rodolfo’s safehouse.  He suspects it is where San Jines is hiding Marimar.
Rodolfo tells Bella his plans. He will kill her, Sergio will be blamed for her murder, and he would be able to salvage his business with the ransom money she paid.
Innocencia fears for Sergio’s safety and urges the two men to take action and call the police. 
Rodolfo mocks Marimar, “Patay ka na, nakakulong si Sergio at naisalba ko pa ang kumpanya ko. Everybody happy!” exclaims Bella’s ex-fiance. (You’d be dead, Sergio imprisoned and I’d save my business.)
Sergio notes that there is very little men guarding the premises so he makes his move and shoots thug number 1.
Rodolfo is alerted by the gunshot.  Sergio meanwhile is able to neutralize thug number 2. 
Rodolfo pulls Marimar up and takes her out of the room.  Marimar manages to escape Rodolfo and run away, she bumps into Sergio and they hug.  Sergio and Marimar make their escape but Rodolfo runs into them.
Rodolfo and Sergio fight.  In the scuffle, Sergio grabs his gun and sees that thug number 1 is still alive so he shoots him again.  Rodolfo scrambles and grabs his gun too and aims it at Sergio.  Marimar quickly untied herself and seeing Rodolfo aim his gun at the man she loves, she runs to cover Sergio.  Rodolfo hits Bella on her back, near her shoulders.  Sergio holds Marimar shocked at what she’s done. 
The hired thug is still alive and he shoots, complying to their contract, aiming for Sergio.  He is hit on his shoulders but hold firmly onto Marimar.  He slowly kneels to ease her onto the ground.  They continue to hold and embrace each other, supporting each other as they fall.
Thug number 1 comes closer, now ready to complete the contract, he aims true.  Rodolfo realizes that Marimar truly loves Sergio seeing how she protected him, taking the bullet for his sake.  Rodolfo’s heart is broken as he acknowledges, “Talagang mahal mo si Sergio.” (You truly love Sergio.)
Sergio convinces Rodolfo to give it up telling him that the police are on their way.  Rodolfo know’s his hired gunman will finish off Bella and Sergio as per their contract.  He uses his gun to shoot at the thug instead, in his own way, saving the lovers from certain death.
Marimar and Sergio continue to convince Rodolfo to surrender.  He turns to leave but thug number 1 is like a cat with nine lives, he uses the last of his breath and bullets to pump all into Rodolfo’s back.  San Jines falls, a heartbroken multi-millionaire.
Marimar and Sergio continue to hold one another, thankful to be alive despite their bullet wounds.  From a distance, sirens and police cars can be heard coming.

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