Marimar Episode 88 – The one where Marimar meets her kidnapper

February 12, 2008

Marimar Episode 88 – The one where Marimar meets her kidnapper
Aired in the UAE 19th December 2007
Monica warns Angelika against her new friend, Carlitos feeling that the man is up to no good and could only harm her friend but on the contrary, Angelika finds it his best and most attractive trait yet as she declares they have many things in common.  “Kaya ko nga siya gusto dahil pareho kami, pareho kaming walang konsensiya.”
Dr. Ria tells Renato that she is going to interview him to help him recall his past.  He nods signaling his acceptance and cooperation.
Rodolfo tells the police how Sergio had kidnapped Cruzita once.  Corazon defends her previous ward telling that police that although Sergio may have taken Cruzita from the hospital but he took her home to Bella.  The police listen to both sides and conclude that there could be something, some connection there.  Rodolfo adds, to convince the police some more, that he is witness to the countless times Sergio had harassed Bella. “Ilang beses niyang ginulo si Bella?”
Dr. Ria asks, “May asawa?”  Renato admits he remembers to have been married twice.  He tells her that the first one passed away.  As for the second one, Renato recalls a darkness in his mind, one filled with cruelty, suffering and pain.  He winces at these memories.
Angelika tells Monica that she is only using Carlitos to take vengeance from Marimar.  Monica, intrigued, asks her friend what she plans to do.  Angelika back to her old scheming, bi-atchy self declares, “Pagsisisihan ni Marimar na kinalaban nya ako.”  (Marimar will rue the day she made an enemy of me.)
Renato admits to Dr. Ria that he had been cruel to his second wife, Angelika.  He recalls himself slapping, hitting, hurting his wife and doesn’t like these memories at all.
Rodolfo tells the police how Sergio recently threatened Bella about stopping her from leaving the country with Cruzita. 
The police are curious how Sergio can keep harassing Bella when he has a restriction order in force.  Rodolfo sees the chance and keeps pressing Sergio so he will be blamed for Marimar’s kidnapping.  (Aba parang iba na ang mga ina-asal ni Rodolfo, looks like he has a hand at Marimar’s kidnapping instead of Sergio!)
Esperanza cuts Rodolfo off telling the police that if Sergio is a suspect then they must also consider that possibility but she is convinced Sergio will not do such a thing.  “Hindi talaga ako makapaniwala na gagawin niya eto.”
Sergio enters Marimar’s room, the place where she is kept.  Marimar is shocked to see him, “Ikaw?” He smiles as he looks down on her.
Marimar still couldn’t believe it is Sergio after all, “Ikaw ang nagpadukot sa akin?” 
Sergio looks maniacal in this scene, perhaps he has truly gone nuts, telling Marimar he will do everything to get her back.  “Gagawa ako ng paraan para mabawi ka.”
Marimar screams curses at him telling him to let her go.  But Sergio has no such plans.  “Pakawalan?  Hindi, dyan ka lang.  Hindi ka makaka-alis dito.  Di ba sabi ko sa iyo, dyan ka lang?  Akin ka.”  (Let you go?  No, stay.  You can’t leave.  Didn’t I tell you to stay?  You’re mine.)
Marimar cries as she continues to plead for freedom, “Pakawalan mo ako dito!”
Sergio looks weird, like a crazed man he asks Marimar to tell him she loves him. “Sabihin mo sa akin, mahal mo ako.  Sabihin mo!”
Marimar relents, “OO mahal kita.  Mahal na mahal kita.  Hanggang ngayon mahal kita.”  Sergio smiles at her.  She adds, “Ngayon alam mo na ang totoo, pakawalan mo ako.” (Now that you know the truth, let me go.)
Marimar wakes up in a jolt finding what transpired to be nothing but a dream.  She’s still in the same room, a prisoner, but instead of Sergio it’s the same thug guarding her.  Marimar is confused as she voices out one possibility and ask confirmation from her captor, “Si Sergio?  Siya ang nagpadukot sa akin?”  (Sergio had me kidnapped, him?)
The ruffian just laughs at her and mocks her for sleeping on an empty stomach.  “Yan ang hirap sa iyo, natutulog ka na walang laman ang sikmura, kaya kung anu-ano ang napapanaginipan mo.”
Innocencia and Sergio talk.  He gives her instructions then leaves immediately.  Innocencia ask him where he is going and why is he in such a hurry.
Marimar talks to her captors to set her free and she is willing to pay a price if he wishes.  But the brute tells her it is not about money.  She can’t her ask which is it about only to be told again to wait. 
Sergio tells Innocencia that he wants to go and see Marimar.  Innocencia cautions him, “Ipagtatabuyan ka lang niya.”  She is only going to send Sergio away, knowing Marimar.  Sergio throws caution to the wind telling his secretary that he needs to talk to Marimar immediately.  He turns to leave as the police arrive at Sergio’s office.
Marimar tries her luck with the ruffian again this time asking for some food as she felt the pangs of hunger missing several meals.  He stands up but mocks her first saying he knew sooner or later she’d succumb to hunger.  “Sinasabi ko na nga ba eh, bibigay ka rin.”  He tells her to wait in her room and not try anything funny while he goes out and finds something for her to eat.
The police tell Sergio they need to question him about the kidnapping of Miss Aldama.  Sergio’s shock is genuine, “Nakidnap si Bella?”
The hired captor returns with food for Marimar.  “Kain ka na.” He tells her to eat.  She asks for him to loosen the rope tying her hands together so she can eat properly.
Police tell Sergio that he is one of the prime suspects in Miss Aldama’s kidnapping.  He shakes his head in disbelief and now with the additional worry about who took Marimar.  Innocencia looks at Sergio.  Her eyes are accusing and she has suppressed anger in her being as she immediately believes that Sergio may have indeed kidnapped Marimar.  He certainly has motive to do so.
Marimar eats but she drops a glass on purpose.  The thug is upset that she made such a mess.  “Ano ka ba, dito ka pa nagkalat!  Babatukan na kita eh!”  He goes out to get a broom and dustpan to collect the broken pieces.  Unknown to him, Marimar hides a broken shard. 
Sergio is taken away by the police. 
It is night time and her captors are all asleep.  Marimar uses the piece of broken glass to cut the ropes that tie her hands.  When she had done freeing her hands, she cuts loose the binds on her feet.
In another part of the same house, a ruffian is fixing the broken glass, putting back the pieces together and discovers a huge chunk missing.
Now free, Marimar moves to the door to leave the room but she hears footsteps coming!  It is the ruffian who knows she may have hidden a broken piece of the glass.  Marimar opens the window and makes a run for it seeing no one is around.
Rounding a corner she is now somewhere outside the house when a thug stops her.  Incredibly agile and strong, she is able to take him down and run away.  She is now in the lawn by the side of the house and runs into a car.  Out comes the mastermind of her kidnapping.  It is none other but…..Rodolfo who points a gun at her.
Rodolfo greets her as she stops in her tracks, shocked about the identity of her captor.  “Hello Bella, leaving so soon?”
Marimar gains her composure back, challenges her ex-fiance, “Huwag mong sabihing ikaw ang nagpadukot sa akin.” (Don’t tell me you’re the one who had me kidnapped.)
But he admits it is him indeed, “Yup, ako nga…wala ng iba.”
Marimar is now full of anger, “Hayop ka!”  She tries to run away but Rodolfo catches her and they struggle against one another. (Wow, girl power talaga si Marimar – she’s strong and can fight!  I like that they made her such instead of a damsel in distress, always waiting for a man to rescue her.)
The police had taken Sergio in their headquarters and are questioning him.  They ask where he was the night Marimar got abducted and he replies that he is with his lawyer.
Rodolfo confronts Marimar, “Pagkatapos ng ginawa mong panloloko sa akin?” (After fooling me?)
Marimar argues, “Akala ko ba nagusap na tayo?”  (I thought we already had the talk?)
Sergio tells the police he couldn’t possibly kidnap Marimar as there is a restraining order against him filed by Marimar herself.  The police consider this but tell Sergio he has been known to break it several times in the past.  Sergio admits he has indeed but explains, “Magulo talaga.  Pero mahal ko siya at hindi ko pwedeng gawin sa kanya iyon.” (It is complicated.  But I love her and I am not capable of kidnapping her.)
Rodolfo taunts Bella, “Alam mo ban a kaya kita pakakasalan ay dahil sa pera mo?” (Didn’t you know that I was marrying you for your money?)
There is a flashback about Rodolfo talking with his lawyer.  The lawyer is telling Rodolfo that his business is bankrupt.
Rodolfo continues, “Nang-gago ka eh, eto na ang kabayaran.”  (You played me for a fool so it’s now payback time.)
Flashback again, this time Rodolfo is talking to his hired tugs, giving them instructions about Bella’s schedule, how many guards are in her employ, etc.
Rodolfo toys with Bella, “You are at my mercy.  Game?  Lahat ng gusto ko, gagawin ko.  At lahat ng sasabihin ko, gagawin mo.” (I will do as I wish and whatever I tell you to do, you will do it.)
Sergio tries to convince the police that he has nothing to do with Bella’s kidnapping.  He urges them to go and talk to his lawyer who will verify he is indeed with him at the time of Bella’s home was attacked by the kidnappers.
Marimar is livid with rage as she curse Rodolfo. “Hayop ka Rodolfo.”
Rodolfo slaps her hard.  “Ang ingay-ingay mo.  Tahimik ng lugar na ito.” (You’re too noisy.  This is a quiet place.)
Marimar defies him telling him she will have him captured by the police, “Papahuli kita.”
Rodolfo disputes her, “On the contrary, I’m helping the police in looking for you.  Bentang-benta ang pagiging concerned friend ko.  At alam mo ba (ang) pinaghihinalaan nila?  Si Sergio.”  (The police are buying into his concerned friend act and suspect Sergio of the crime.)
Marimar stops, remembering her dream.  “Sergio?”
Rodolfo feigns sympathy, “Wawa naman no?”  (Poor Sergio, yes?)
Sergio stands up after his interview and tells the police that they cannot detain him.  He also relates that he is going to look for Marimar.
Marimar tries to bribe Rodolfo, telling him that if he needs money, she can give him.  He only has to name his price, so long as he lets her go.
Sergio and Antonio back at the Santibanez Motors office are talking about this recent event in Marimar’s life.  Both agree that whoever had her kidnapped will surely demand a huge amount of money.
Rodolfo reveals to Bella his true feelings. “Sayang Bella, gusto kitang asawa.  Nahuhulog na nga ang loob ko sa iyo.  You’re a perfect package, ang ganda-ganda, dami mo pang pera….I remember the first time I saw you.  Hindi sa pagyayabang, I’m quite the debonair.   Pero bakit mo ginawa sa akin yon?  Isa akong San Jines, at pagbabayaran mo ang pang-gagago mo sa kin!”  (What a pity, Bella, I liked you to be my wife.  I was already falling for your then.  You are the perfect package, so pretty and with lots of money…But why did you have to do that to me?  Why fool me?  I’m a San Jines and you are going to pay for deceiving me like that!)
Marimar sees that Rodolfo is truly crazy as well as dangerous.  She fears for her life as well as for what would happen to Cruzita if she died.  For the first time, she perhaps longs for Sergio to come rescue her as she succumbs to fear and cries in her helplessness.

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