Marimar Episode 87 – The One Where Marimar Gets Kidnapped

February 12, 2008

Marimar Episode 87 – The One Where Marimar Gets Kidnapped
Aired in the UAE on 18th December 2007
Sergio threatens Marimar about taking Cruzita abroad and far away from him.  After all the child is also his daughter to which Marimar vehemently denies that he has any claims.
Angelika smokes outside the house.  She’s seen by a tattooed man playing a game of cards with his friends from across the road.  Even if he is already with a girl beside him, he likes what he sees in Angelika and calls her attention, “Psst….Sexy, baka gusto mong tumable muna dito?” (Hey Sexy, perhaps you want to join our table for a while?)  Angelika stops for a split second, sees a possibility and crosses the road to join the men. 
Renato is helped by a nurse from his bed onto a wheelchair.  He asks for Dr. Ria but the nurse tells him that she is not coming.  He sits, disappointed as the nurse takes him for a tour around the hospital.
Angelika is now with the group but acts as if she is better than any of them telling tattoed guy, “Hoy hindi ako aso para sutsutan mo!  Pero tama nga sinabi mo, sexy nga ako, di tulad ng kasama mo.” (I’m not a dog, the way you called me!  But you’re right, I’m indeed sexy, unlike that one beside you.)
The girl tries to stand up and protest but Angelika cuts her off.  Tattooed guy appears elated, excited, “Yan ang gusto ko, palaban!” (That’s what I like, a fighter!)
Angelika replies, “Ako gusto ko madaming pera.” (Me I like one with lots of money.)  She smiles at the man with many tattoos who appears to be their leader and snaps at the other girl to leave.  She joins Mr. Tattoo and the men as they continue playing.
The nurse tells Renato about Dr. Ria, how he has an uncanny resemblance to her ex-boyfriend, Ronaldo who has passed away a few years before.  Renato listens attentively, intrigued by the mysterious and beautiful doctor.
Marimar thanks Rodolfo for bringing her home after her confrontation with Sergio at the Aldama’s building lobby.  Rodolfo sighs, “Grabe talaga  si Sergio!” (Wow, that Sergio is surely something!)  He shows concern for Bella worried about the threats Sergio made.  Marimar assures Rodolfo that she can take care of herself.  “Kaya ko (ang) sarili ko.”
Meanwhile, Cruzita, who is in her room,  protests about her mother’s plan of going abroad to her yaya Corazon.  She doesn’t want to go especially, she doesn’t want to leave her father or be away from him.  Corazon assures her that soon she will find friends in America and her mother will be with her. 
In the Santibanez Motors (SM) office, Arturo talks to Sergio who seems to be quite agitated about something lately.  The race-car driver doesn’t want Marimar and Cruzita to live far away.  He is against them living in the United States while he is in the Philippines.
Angelika has found a new man.  She slept with the tattooed guy and found out his name is Carlitos, a petty thug who is into all things illegal – kidnapping, robbery, drugs – which delights the villain in her.  She asks him if he and his men can help her have someone kidnapped.
Rodolfo takes his leave from Marimar who is intrigued at how quickly he has seemed to have forgotten their fiasco of a wedding.  She teases him, “May date ka?” (Do you have a date?)  He only gives her a mysterious smile as he kisses her cheeks and leaves.
Corazon may not agree with Marimar’s decision but she still helps convince her ward that this is for the best.  She tells the child that Marimar doesn’t want her and her father to have any form of contact.  It may be to protect her…something she will later understand when she has grown up.  Cruzita whines that it is unfair.  She feels for her ward as she gives her a piece of good advice, telling Cruzita to pray that her parents get back together if she wants to have them all living near each other.
Sergio shares with Arturo that he will surely make some plans to stop Marimar and Cruzita from leaving the country.  Arturo is worried that Marimar will have him sent to prison again.  Sergio doesn’t care, what’s important to him is to win back Marimar and to have both mother and child back with him.  He stands up and leaves prompting Arturo to ask, “Boss, saan ka pupunta?” (Where are you going?)
It is night time in the Aldama home and Bella looks like she just came from a workout wearing light blue sweat pants and dark blue sleeveless top.  She’s by the porch and her security detail are roaming about the grounds.  A man lurks by the bushes and hits a security guard in the head.  He makes his move towards Bella as two more men, looking like his accomplices make their appearance, similarly neutralizing the other security guards.  The third accomplice grabs Marimar and puts a cloth with sleeping gas over her face.  She tries to struggle but loses consciousness as they take her away.
Arturo is worried about Sergio’s state of mind.  He tells Antonio that Sergio left in a hurry looking like he wants another confrontation with Marimar.  The gay driver is also worried that something about Sergio’s current behavior might lead him to do something rash that could affect Marimar and Cruzita.
It is the morning after and in the Aldama home, Corazon questions the three guards.  She suspects them to have been drinking the night before,   gotten very drunk and passed out.  The guards deny this accusation.  Everyone wonders who took their employer – Marimar is still missing.
Marimar wakes up and she discovers that she is tied up in both her hands and feet plus gagged in her mouth so she couldn’t talk or scream.  She tries to scream anyway, calling for help, struggling to free herself from the ropes that bind her.
Corazon calls Rodolfo who seems to be in good terms with Marimar (why didn’t she call Sergio instead?) and appears to be the man Marimar trusts and tells him that she has been abducted.  He asks her how it happened.
Marimar is able to get her gag off and she kicks a window open to scream for help.  “Tulungan nyo ako!”
Corazon relays to Rodolfo what happened.  She woke up and made breakfast for the family.  She went to Bella to wake her but found that she is not in her room.  Rodolfo asks Corazon if she has tried calling Bella on her cell phone.  The plump cook replies that all Bella’s things – bag, cell phone – are in the house.  Surely she would not leave without them.
Back at the SM office Antonio and Arturo are still worried about Sergio.  The former recalls how he kidnapped Cruzita when she was taken to the hospital before – just so Sergio could force Bella to admit that she is indeed Marimar.
At the Aldama home, Rodolfo calls all the security guard and questions them about what happened the previous night.
Marimar sees a man by the window who tells her she can scream all she wants but no one would hear or help her.  She asks him who he is, “Sino ka?” 
He tells her that he is just someone who is following orders, “Napagutusan lang ho,”  Marimar asks  him who is giving the orders. “Sino nag-utos?”
At the SM office both Antonio and Arturo are worried why Sergio is still not in for work.  He left in a sour mood the day before with intent to stop Marimar and Cruzita from leaving the country.  They fear what he has done towards that end and where did he go.
Angelika and her new beau, Carlitos are snuggling and cuddling.  He exclaims how she smells really good and how he stirs passion in him despite her scarred face. “Ang bango mo!  Parang tinamaan ako, mabango eh!  Kakagigil ka.  Sayang may peklat na (ang) mukha mo pero ‘pag madilim naman eh, din a kita.”  He adds this is not a problem when the lights are turned off.
Angelika asks him about her request to have someone kidnapped, whether he’s already done it.
Marimar asks the man again, who gave the orders to have her kidnapped.  He evades the question telling her she will find out in time, “Makikilala mo rin siya.”  His phone rings and he talks to someone.  After their conversation, Marimar asks him whether that caller is the one who had her nabbed.  He doesn’t reply.  Marimar tells him, “Gusto ko siya makausap.” That she wants to talk to whoever ordered this.  She seethes with anger as she curses, “Hayop siya.  Hayop siya!”
Police have now arrived at Bella’s home to investigate.  They begin by talking to Rodolfo and Corazon taking their statements about what happened.
Carlitos assures Angelika that will all be done in good time but the important thing for now is how Angelika is going to pleasure him.  “Easy ka lang, isipin mo muna how to make me happy.”  Angelika smiles, evil schemes running in her head as she acquiesces Carlitos.  She further asks, “If I make you happy, will you take Marimar to hell?”
Kidnapper thug calls someone on the cell phone and addresses him as “sir”.  He tells “sir” that he has done all that he ordered.
Sergio arrives at SM office but is not ready to work.  He instead calls a man on the phone telling the man that he wants to have Marimar and him alone together so they can have a talk, just by themselves.
In Bella’s house, police and Rodolfo talk.  The latter wants to alert the media who can help spread information that may lead to them finding Bella but the police are hesitant.  They don’t want to tick the kidnappers who have yet to make their demands.
Sergio prepares to leave again.  The two concerned friends ask their boss is he had patched things up with Marimar.  He is evasive with his reply, not giving any details to his two closest pals.
Marimar tries to escape but one of the thugs guarding her catches her before she makes any progress.
Cruzita is crying, looking for her mother.  Corazon tries hard to calm her down but is unsuccessful.
Fifi asks Fulgoso what’s all this fuss about Marimar. Fulgoso tells her she’s gone missing.  He adds that he wants to go out there and search for his mistress and he has good sense of smell and would easily recognize Marimar by her smell. “Gusto kong lumabas para hanapin si Marimar.  Malakas pang-amoy ko at kabisado ko ang amoy ni Marimar.”
Fifi not totally getting it, seems shocked that Marimar smelled! “Ano, may amoy si Marimar?!”
In the “safehouse” where Marimar is kept, one of the thugs tells her to relax.  He assured her that that they will not hurt her.  In fact, one of their prime orders is to treat her well. “Kabilin-bilinan na alagaan kang mabuti.”  (Oh no, did Sergio order Marimar’s kidnapping?)
Cruzita is inconsolable.  She wants to talk to her mother.  Corazon is at a loss, she doesn’t know what to do.
Fulgoso replies that before Marimar smelled of shellfish now she smells like flowers…expensive flowers.  “Dati amoy talangka.  Ngayon amoy bulaklak, na mamahalin.”
The kidnapper continues to talk to Marimar telling her that despite her efforts there is no one around to hear her scream.  It would be better for her if she calmed down and wait for “sir” to arrive.
Rodolfo help Corazon in keeping Cruzita calm but she continues to look for her mother.  He promises that he will do all he can so Cruzita and her mom will be together.
Marimar continues to be defiant despite the thug’s effort to calm her down.  She screams, “Hayop kayo!” (You are all animals!)  This ires the kidnapper so he pushes Marimar back down the bed with more intended force.
A while later the thug returns to give Marimar some food.  She kicks the tray spilling food all over.  The thug gets really angry, “Pinaghirapan ko ito tapos sisipain mo lang.  Kung away mo kumain di huwag, mamatay ka sa gutom!”  (I worked hard to prepare this only for you to kick it away.  If you don’t want to eat, then don’t.  You can starve to death!)
He takes the tray away and leaves the bedroom.  Another thug meets him and takes the tray from him.  This one eats the food.
Esperanza arrives at Bella’s home.  She came as quickly having heard the news about her niece while she is in Cebu attending to some business.   Rodolfo and Corazon update her of what has happened.  She is worried that the day is almost over, it is now night time, and still there are no words from Marimar’s kidnappers.
Police assure them that some kidnappers have this style of playing with the family, delaying their demands to intensify their fear and worry.  Rodolfo suspects that Sergio is behind all this and tells the police.  Esperanza and Corazon looked shocked at Rodolfo’s accusations but appear thoughtful, knowing deep inside that this could be a possibility.
My take:  After this incident Marimar should fire all her guards and replace them with more competent ones!  Also she should change homes, the one she is currently living in has picket fences that do not really secure a multi-billionairess.   The previous one, when Gustavo was still alive looked better and more appropriate for someone of her stature.

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