Marimar episode 86 – The one where Sergio and Innocencia Kissed

January 31, 2008

Marimar/BellaRodolfoCruzitaMarimar Episode 86 – The one where Marimar Finds Innocencia & Sergio Kissing
Aired in the UAE on 17th December 2007, Monday.
Sergio is sleeping on the sofa, too drunk to go upstairs in his room.  Innocencia arrives and calls him.  The door is open so she lets herself in.  There are tall glass panels that serve as windows showing the outside what is in. 
Fulgoso is concerned for his friend’s state and laments, “Dios mio, kelan ba magiging masaya itong si Marimar?  Lagi na lang malungkot.” (Until when will all this sadness be in your life?)
Fifi replies, “Kasi naman ayaw pang aminin na mahal niya si Sergio.” (Well why doesn’t she just go and admit that she still loves Sergio?)
Fulgoso reasons, “Kasi mahirap aminin.” (It’s not that easy.)
Marimar is driving as she calls Arturo on the cell phone to ask him a question.
Innocencia goes to the sleeping Sergio and holds his hand; lovingly putting it in hers as she talks to the man she loves.  “Bakit pinagpipilitan pa ang sarili mo kay Marimar?  Ilang beses ka na niyang pinagtabuyan pero nandiyan ka pa rin.  Kelan mo ba siya makakalimutan?” (Why do you keep insisting for Marimar to love you when she has so many times sent you away, still you remain.  When will you forget her?)
Dra. Ria tells Renato to rest as his therapy starts tomorrow.  Renato asks her to stay a while and talk, he asks her about her life.  “Boring ang buhay ko,” (my life is boring) was all she can say.  Renato jokes that if she tells him about it, it will help put him to sleep if it really is that boring.  Ria shares a smile with her patient.  Renato asks her about her parents, whether she has any siblings…Ria relates that both her parents live in the States and that she is an only child.  “Yun na yon,” (that’s that) she declares without further elaborating on any more details.  Renato agrees, “Boring nga” (boring indeed).  Both doctor and patient share another smile.  Uuuy mukhang nagkaka-igihan na tong dalawang ito!  Sabagay mabait si Ria unlike Angelika who was such a user.  Sige na nga!  Although I’m still hoping Renato meets Tia Esperanza and something happens there…parang bagay kasi sila.  They’d complement one another well.
Angelika urges her friend Monica to drink with her.  Monica cautions her to keep the noise down as Diego is already asleep.  Angelika raises her voice all the more, forcing Monica to drink with her as she declares, “Damayan mo ako sa problema ko.” (Come join me in my sorrows.)
Innocencia tells Sergio that she loves him.  “Tutuluungan kitang makalimutan si Marimar.  Hindi kita iiwan.  Mahal na mahal kita Sergio.” (I will help you forget Marimar.  I will never leave you, I love you so much Sergio)  I feel for Innocencia.  She is a good person and her only mistake was falling for the same guy as Angelika and Marimar.  Swerte ni Sergio no!  Daming pretty girls all out for him!
Angelika looks at the bright side, “Kahit nanalo na si Marimar, talunan pa rin siya.” (Even if Marimar won, she is still a loser.)
Monica, being rather slow on the uptake, questions her friend’s statement. “How can you say that?  Ganda-ganda na ng buhay ni Marimar.”  (Marimar has such a great life now)
Angelika agrees, “Oo mayaman siya, maganda, famous, pero talunan pa rin siya.  Hindi siya masaya dahil wala sa kanya si Sergio.” (Yes she may be rich, beautiful and famous but she is still a loser because she doesn’t have Sergio.)  Itong isang to kung magsalita, kala mo nasa kanya si Sergio!  Eh sa kanya lalong wala na talaga si Sergio…di ba nya naisip yon?
Innocencia couldn’t help herself.  She hesitates at first but the moment gets the better of her as she leans in to kiss Sergio.  He grabs her dreaming that he is instead kissing the woman he loves, as he calls out her name, “Marimar…”
Innocencia pauses, “Marimar?”
Sergio talks in his sleep, “Sabi ko na ba ako pipiliin mo.  Ako mahal mo di ba?  Napakalungkot ko kung wala ka.  Sabihin mo mahal mo ako di ba?” (I knew it, you’d pick me because you love me, right?  I’d be so sad without you.  Tell me you love me, you do love me right?)
Angelika considers it her triumph, separating Marimar and Sergio as she makes a toast with Monica, “Sana habang buhay silang miserable!” (I wish them a lifetime of misery!)
Innocencia forces herself to believe Sergio is talking to her.  She replies, “Sergio, mahal na mahal kita.”  Sergio still dreaming grabs her and kisses her thinking she is Marimar.  Innocencia gives in to her feelings and pretends Sergio means this kiss to be for her and not Marimar.
Dr. Ria and Renato had a nice time chatting she hardly noticed the time. She exclaims, “Nine na pala, kailangan ko nang umalis.” (It’s 9pm, I need to go)  Renato protests but she assures him, “Babalik ako bukas.” (I’ll return tomorrow)  Eager, he asks “Anong oras?” (Which time?)  She smiles at him as she replies, “tanghali.” (Noon.)  He protests, “Tagal naman!” (That long)  and adds, “Sana bukas pag-gising ko, nandito ka na.” (I wish tomorrow when I wake up, you’re already here.) There is a tenderness in the wish that gives the pretty doctor an awkward moment which she quickly brushes aside by her own protestations, “Napaka-demanding mo naman!” (You’re so demanding!) She adds that he is not the only patient she is seeing in the hospital.  Though to us viewers it appears to be so. hehehehe.
Renato pursues, “Saan ka pupunta?” (Where are you going?) Ria offers a vague answer, “May ime-meet lang.” (Just meeting someone.)  Renato is curious, “Boyfriend?”  She denies it, “wala.”  He asks the dreaded question, “Asawa?” (Husband) She gives him hope with her answer, “Wala.” (No)
Corazon and another household help talk about Marimar’s earlier walkout drama in the church.  It must be the hottest gossip in the Aldama household with Corazon probably the best source being the closest to Marimar.
Meantime, she is at the gate of Sergio’s house.  She hesitates as she mulls over the next step, “Ewan ko kung tama itong gagawin ko, bahala na…pero handa na akong sabihin sa iyo ang totoo.” (I don’t know if what I’m doing is the right thing but I’m ready to tell you how I truly feel.)  She takes a big breath as she steels herself for what she is about to do.
Corazon enjoys being the source of all the hottest goss as she shares the latest bit of information with her colleague, “Punta siya kay Sir Sergio, mag-talks.  Sana magkabalikan na sila.” (She went to see Sergio and have a heart-to-heart talk.  I hope they get back together.)  She’s been the staunchest supporter of the Sergio-Marimar love affair ever since the two got together and is clearly excited about the two getting back together.
Marimar walks up Sergio’s flat and through the glass panel, she sees Innocencia and Sergio wrapped in each other’s arms and kissing passionately.  She takes a step back in her shock.  A moment longer, she sighs in resignation and leaves; saddened by what she just witnessed.
On the other side of the glass, Innocencia smiles in bliss, happy to kiss and embrace the man she truly loves.
In the car, Marimar drives like a raging lunatic cursing Sergio and her love for him.  “Hayop ka Sergio, hayop ka!” (damn you Sergio!) She cries, blaming herself for being too soft, “Ang tanga-tanga ko!” (How could I be so stupid?)  She suffers from her love for this one man who continues to hurt her the most, “Hanggang kailan mo ako papa-iyakin?” (Until when are you going to make me cry?)  She cries in jealous rage as she questions, “Hanggang kailan?”
Marimar arrives home with slumped shoulders.  Fulgoso exclaims, “Dios mio Marimar, ang bilis mong nakauwi!  Nagkabalikan na ba kayo ni Sergio?” (back so soon, so did you make up with Sergio?)  Of course, Marimar doesn’t hear him like we do so Corazon asks a similar question but she notices that Marimar doesn’t look well.
Marimar cries, “Di na lang sana ako nagpunta doon.” (I wish I didn’t go there.)  Corazon wants her to explain her current state, “Ano ba ang nangyari?” (What happened?)  But Marimar is still caught up in self-pity, “Di ko na lang sana hinayaan ang sarili kong umasa sa wala.” (I wish I’d stop myself from hoping.)
Corazon shakes her out of her misery wanting Marimar to tell her exactly what happened.  “Di ko makaintindi, ‘Day!” (I don’t understand) Fulgoso seconds the motion, “Me too!  You what’s going on?”
Between sobs, Marimar relates, “Nakita ko si Sergio at si Innocencia, naghahalikan sila.  Kaya pala ako trinaydor ni Innocencia, may relasyon silang dalawa ni Sergio.  Noong una, si Angelika; tapos ngayon naman si Innocencia.” (I saw Sergio and Innocencia kissing.  No wonder Innocencia betrayed me, she and Sergio are having an affair.  First it was Angelika, now it’s Innocencia.)
Corazon tries to calm her down, giving a different point of view, “Teka, sure ba ka Inday?  Baka yung nakita nimo na parang naghahalikan baka nag-uusap lang.” (Are you truly sure?  Maybe they are just talking and it appears like they were kissing.) Oo nga naman, remember Marimar your pictures with Choi which Angelika used to anger Sergio?  Give him the benefit nga naman of the doubt.
But Marimar defends what she saw, “Hindi ako bulag!” (I’m not blind!)
Corazon refuses to believe it knowing well how Sergio loves Marimar, “Hindi magagawa ni Sir Sergio yon.  Mahal na mahal ko niya.  May lihim na pagtingin kay Sir Sergio si Innocencia.” (Sergio won’t do something like that.  It’s Innocencia who has secret feelings for Sergio.)  Well Corazon, it’s no longer a lihim at bonggang-bonggang bunyang na with what she has done!
Marimar doesn’t want to hear anymore explanations, “Tama na!  Lagi mo na lang pinagtatanggol ang lalaking yan!  Wala shang kwentang tao.  Hindi siya dapat iyakan at hindi sya dapat mahalin!” (Enough, you are always defending him!  I shouldn’t even be crying over a useless man like him and he doesn’t deserve to be loved!)
The next day at the Santibanez Motors office, Arturo and Innocencia are talking.  Arturo is babbling on about a crush but Innocencia is not interested.  She is quite distracted about something but Arturo doesn’t know what is bothering her.  She asks Arturo if Sergio is OK.  She explains to the gay driver that when she found him last night, Sergio was already asleep.  Sergio joins their conversation, overhearing Innocencia’s comment, “Galing ka sa bahay?” (You went to my home?)
Marimar asks Atty. Romualdez to represent the company on her behalf.  She asks about plane tickets and the lawyer replies that she got them booked as Marimar requested.  Rodolfo arrives and hearing about booked tickets and he asks his ex-fiancée, “Going away somewhere?”
Arturo leaves the two as Innocencia asks Sergio, “Wala ka bang natatandaan?” (Don’t you remember anything?)  Sergio prods her for more information as everything seems hazy from his end, “Bakit, may nangyari ba kagabi?” (Why, did anything happen last night?)  Innocencia is quite disappointed that the man she loves doesn’t even remember what she may consider as the sweetest moment of her life.  She lies, “Wala.” (Nothing.)
Marimar plainly tells Rodolfo the facts, “Babalik ako sa America, magpapahinga muna roon.”  (I’m going back to America, get some rest.) Rodolfo is sarcastic when he asks, “Tatakasan mo ang mga usap-usapan about us?”  (You’re escaping from all this gossip about us?) Marimar realises she hasn’t properly asked forgiveness from Rodolfo for what she’s done to him.  She quickly apologises, “Sorry, malaki ang kasalanan ko sa iyo.” (I’m sorry. I know I did something really bad and I know I owe you a huge apology.)  Ehem excuse me Rodolfo, there is no “us”!  Hindi naman naging kayo ni Marimar ah!
Sergio, Antonio and Innocencia are in a discussion.  Antonio is making a report but Sergio is distracted, his mind clearly on something else.
Rodolfo is bitter, “Iniwanan mo ako sa simbahan.  Galit na galit ako sa iyo.  Nakita ko yung mga tingin sa akin ng mga tao.  Awang-awa sila sa akin.  Gusto kitang awayin!  Pero na-realise ko rin na di lang naman ikaw ang may kasalanan, ako din.  Sa umpisa pa lang, alam kong hindi mo ako mahal pero pinilit ko pa rin.”  (You left me at the altar.  I was so mad at you.  I saw how the people were looking at me, feeling sorry for me.  I wanted to get back at you but I realised you’re not the only person to blame here.  Since the beginning I knew you didn’t love me but still I persisted.)
He sighs, but continues to talk, hoping perhaps to get closure over what happened.  “Sayang, I do believe we’re a good match pero huwag kang mag-alala.  Hindi ko na pagpipilitan ang sarili ko sa iyo.  Tanggap ko na na hindi tayo para sa isa’t isa.” (A pity, but I won’t force myself on you anymore.  I’ve come to accept the fact that we are not meant for each other.)   Wow Rodolfo is coming out to be the bigger person here and quite the gentleman!  O baka naman palabas nya lang ito para makapag-higanti kay Marimar ng bonggang-bongga ha?  Ika nga, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.  Ano nga kaya?
Marimar appears truly relieved that they have put things aside and she offers, “Rodolfo, pwede naman tayong magkaibigan di ba?” (We could still be friends.)  He smiles, the old, suave Rodolfo is back, “I don’t see why not.”  They hug but what Marimar doesn’t see is how sad Rodolfo looks.
Arturo approaches Sergio, “Bossing.”  Sergio shushes him to keep quiet as he is still nursing a bad hangover, “Sakit ulo ko!”  Arturo talks softly, “Di natuloy ang kasal ni Marimar at Rodolfo” and shows Sergio the newspaper.  (Marimar and Rodolfo’s wedding got cancelled.)
Sergio calls Corazon, telling his old yaya that he wants to talk to Marimar.  Corazon blurts out that she is busy with preparations as she is leaving for the US.
Marimar walks with Rodolfo in the Aldama building’s lobby.  Rodolfo asks, “Kelan ang alis nyo?” (When are you leaving?)  Marimar informs him, “sa Miyerkules.” (This Wednesday.)  He notes, “Nagmamadali ka ah.” (Why the rush?)
Just then, Sergio arrives and on his heels Marimar’s security detail alert at the possibility of a confrontation.  Rodolfo acknowledges him, “Santibanez” but Sergio goes straight to the point, telling Marimar that they need to talk.  He warns Rodolfo from interfering, “Huwag kang makialam, usapang pamilya ito.  Aalis kayo?”  (Don’t interfere this is between family, you’re leaving?)  Anger is etched in Sergio’s question.
Marimar snaps, “wala kang karapatan sa amin!”(You have no right over me!)  The memory of Sergio and Innocencia still fresh in her mind.
Sergio agrees that over her, he has no power but he has rights over Cruzita reminding Marimar that he is the father.  But Marimar tells him with finality, “Hindi mo na siya makikita.”  (You’ll never see her again.)
Sergio tries to struggle against the men who now grabbed his arms, “Alam ko ako lang mahal mo, akin ka lang!” (I know, you love me.  You’re mine!)   Marimar tells her men, “Paalisin nyo siya.” (Take him away.)   They pull Sergio away from Marimar and Rodolfo.
Angelika meets a new man – she appraises him thinking to herself that she could find some use for him as she seeks her vengeance from her most hated enemy, Marimar.

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