Marimar Episode 83 – The one where Sergio and Rodolfo have “the talk”

January 29, 2008

Marimar Episode 83 – The one where Sergio and Rodolfo have “the talk”
Aired in the UAE, 12th  December 2007

Marimar rescues Sergio.  He is hurt but alive, thank God.
In the Santibanez Motors (SM) office, Arturo, Antonio and Innocencia hold a vigil awaiting news about Sergio.  Everyone is worried but also tired.  Arturo declares he is sleepy and wants to go home which irks Innocencia leading her to comment, “Nakakaya mong matulogSa mga oras na ito maaaring nag-aagaw-buhay si SergioDi ka tunay na kaibigan” (You’re not a true friend of Sergio’s.  How can you think of sleep when at this very moment he may be struggling for his life?). 
Arturo replies, “Ang taray. Pero huwag kang mapang-husga!  Ika nga ni Melanie Marquez, don’t judge me, I’m not a book!” (Don’t be too judgemental.)  He adds that Sergio’s been his friend far longer than Innocencia and wanting to go home and sleep doesn’t mean he cares less or is less worried of his friend.
Dr. Hayden Miranda is the man looking after Sergio.  He tells Marimar that Sergio is fine but his vital signs are still unstable.  He needs to stay in the hospital so they can observe him closely.  Marimar cries as she almost lost Sergio in the plane crash.  She looks at his resting body and moves closer.  She whispers, “Sergio lumaban ka.  Kailangan ka ng anak natin.  Kailangan ka ni Cruzita. Mahal na mahal ka ni Cruzita.”  She kisses Sergio as she adds, “Sergio, mahal na mahal kita,” finally admitting what her heart has been longing to say. (Sergio you have to fight.  Cruzita needs you.  She loves you very much.  I love you very much.)
Sergio stirs as he gains consciousness.  Marimar’s face is buried on his bed, beside his head.  He feels her love as he whispers her name, ”Marimar…”

Back at the SM office Innocencia continues her martyr-like devotion to her boss.  She tells Arturo if he wants to go home, then he just goes.  She will wait even if she has to do it alone.  Arturo is about to retaliate when Antonio stops them.  “Tama na!  Pwede ba wag kayong mag-away?”  He tells both friends to stop fighting.  He also suggests for Arturo to go home and they will just call him if they get any news.  The phone rings.   Innocencia answers and relief is clearly reflected on her beautiful face when she shares the good news with the two men waiting beside her, “Natagpuan na si Sergio.  Saang ospital?” (Sergio’s been found.  Which hospital?)
Sergio looks at the person beside him, he knows it’s Marimar.  He declares, “Mahal na mahal kita.”  Marimar replies, “Mahal na mahal din kita.”  Sergio loses consciousness again.  Marimar calls the nurse for help.
The nurse goes to Sergio and tells Marimar that he is too weak.  Marimar asks for confirmation that he is now out of danger.  The nurse is not so assuring when she says, “Pag nagising po siya ng tuluyan, saka pa lang po nating malalaman.” (When he awakens again, then we will know for sure.)
Marimar urges Sergio to fight.  She squeezes his hand. “Sergio, nandito lang ako.  Sergio stay with me please.” (Oy pa-English-English na talaga si Marimar ha?! Bongga!)

Dr. Hayden is back as he checks on Sergio.  “Everything is getting better.  Normal na ang blood pressure nya at heart rate nya.  So I guess he’s really responding well to the medication.  That means that anytime soon, magigising na rin si Mr. Santibanez.”

Marimar asks the handsome doctor to look after Sergio well, even if he needs a private nurse to look after him and ensure he gets well.  Dr. Hayden comments that Sergio is very lucky to have someone who loves him so much in the person of Ms. Aldama.  She smiles but asks the doctor to keep this a secret.  She adds that their situation is quite complicated and she doesn’t want Sergio to know she had anything to do with his rescue.  She is even willing  to pay to keep this a secret.
Doctor Hayden finds it unusual but assures her he will be happy to accommodate her special wishes.  He will also talk to the staff so they know about her special condition.  Marimar thanks him and gives him her business card.
In another hospital scene, the nurse urges Renato to eat but he refuses.  He asks the nurse to take the food away.  She insists but Renato is more stubborn.  Dr. Ria arrives and takes over.  She tells Renato that she has scheduled him for some therapy session so he can walk.  She notices that he is in no mood to talk so she decides to read him the Lifestyle Section of the newspaper.  Dr.  Ria reads aloud, “Bella Aldama and Rodolfo San Jinez soon to wed”.  Renato finds the name ‘Aldama’ familiar.  He tells Dr. Ria that he may know someone with that name but he cannot clearly recall.
Marimar talks to the still sleeping Sergio.  “Sabi ng duktor ligtas ka na raw at maya-maya lang magigising ka na.  Aalis lang ako ha?  Pero ipangako mo sa akin na gigising ka.  Hinihintay ka ni Cruzita.  Gumising ka para kay Cruzita at para sa akin.”  (The doctor says you’re going to be fine and will awaken soon.  I have to go but promise me you will awaken.  Cruzita is waiting for you.  Get better for Cruzita and for me.)  She kisses Sergio lovingly on his cheeks, forehead and lips. Ay kilig naman ito.  Kung ako si Sergio, talagang magiging ako at makikipag-kissing kissing na rin with Marimar.  Aw!
Renato is getting impatient with himself as he gets frustrated that his memory is not complete.  Dr. Ria advises him to be patient.  He complains that he feels like an invalid.  He cannot walk, he has no memory.  Dr. Ria tells him that he has to allow his body time to heal and also allow the people around him to help him get well.  She also advises him, “Patunayan mo sa Diyos na hindi siya nagkamali sa pagbigay sa iyo ng second chance.  Eto ang dyaryo, kung gusto mong magbasa, basahin mo.”  (Prove to God that he didn’t make a mistake with giving you another chance at life.)  She leaves him the newspaper. 
Renato glances at the paper and sees Marimar’s picture.  He thinks hard, trying to recognize the face.
Sergio awakes, feeling a bit hazy.  He looks at the person beside him hoping its Marimar but sees Innocencia instead.  She is happy to see him awaken, “Salamat at nagising ka na.” 
He asks for Marimar, “Asan si Marimar?”  (Where is Marimar?)
Innocencia answers, “Si Marimar? Wala naman siya dito ah.” (Why she’s not here.)
Sergio insists, “Nandito siya.  Kausap niya ako.  Asan siya?” (She was, I talked to her.  Where is she?)
Innocencia assures him there is no one there but her. “Imposible ang sinasabi mo, ako lang kasi ang nagbabantay sa iyo dito eh.  Ako lang ang kumakausap sa iyo.” (I’m the only one looking after you, the only one who has been talking to you.)  Gaga, Marimar has been there, di mo lang alam kse feeling mo ikaw lang ang may malaking pag-ibig kay Sergio.  Wake up girl, ibaling mo na lang ang pag-ibig mo kay Antonio, mas bagay kayo….leave Sergio to Marimar!
Marimar is at home and is speaking with Dr. Hayden on the phone.    He is updating her about Sergio’s condition.  He is conscious and will transfer to a room.  She asks if there is anyone with Sergio.  She thanks Dr. Hayden for calling her.
She enters the living room to find Rodolfo.  She is surprised to see him while he is suspicious about who Marimar is talking to on the cell phone.  “Sinong kausap mo?”
Marimar lies “Tungkol sa opisina.” (It’about work.) But Rodolfo is not assured, feeling that something is amiss.  “Tapatin mo nga ako, saan ka ba nagpupunta?  Nung tumatawag ako, hindi mo sinasagot ang mga calls ko.  Bella malapit na tayo ikasal.  Sana wala ka nang ginagawang mga bagay na pweding dahilan para hindi matuloy ang kasal natin.” (Tell me the truth, where have you been going?  You don’t take my calls!  We are about to be married, I hope you’re not doing anything that could be the cause for our wedding not pushing through.)  Marimar looks away, afraid that Rodolfo would find the truth in her eyes.
Antonio and Arturo are in hospital garb too as they enter the ICU.  Arturo asks Innocencia if Sergio is awake and they see he is.  Arturo blurts out, “Bossing grabe, alam mo ba pinakaba mo kami!  Lahat ng santo dinasalan ko na pati si Adonis!” (You made us so worried!  I prayed to all the saints including the Greek Adonis!) hahaha I love Arturo’s lines!  It adds comic relief in all this heavy drama.
Antonio adds, “We were so worried, feeling nga namin helpless na kami dahil yung rescue team, ayaw na ituloy ang paghahanap” (The rescue team wanted to give up the search.)
Sergio asks them who rescued him.  Innocencia, feeling it was her own efforts that saved Sergio declares, that perhaps it is also the rescue team as she never stopped bugging them to keep looking.  Maybe just to shut her up, they kept searching.
Sergio thanks her.  Innocencia replies she only did what was right.  Arturo notices that Innocencia keeps saying it was all her, her efforts, her perseverance.  He reminds her that there were three of them that talked to the rescue team.  Antonio stops them from arguing telling them that what is important is that Sergio is now doing well and it doesn’t matter who did the rescuing.
Cruzita asks Corazon why her father has not called her yet.  Corazon lies that perhaps he is busy.  Cruzita complains that he is always busy.
Marimar calls Arturo and asks for him to pass the phone to Sergio so he and Cruzita can talk.  She thanks Arturo for doing this favor as the gay man on the other end asks if Sergio is strong enough to be able to talk to Cruzita.
Sergio “Hi baby.”
Cruzita “Hello daddy. “
Sergio, “How are you?”
Cruzita, “I miss you.  Where are you?”  Marimar and Corazon look at Cruzita, perhaps, thankful that Sergio survived the crash and the the chance to talk to his daughter again.
Sergio, “Resting lang anak.  Napagod si daddy.” (Daddy’s tired.)
Cruzita, “Bakit di mo ako tinawagan daddy?  Di ba promise mo sa akin tatawagan mo ako.” (Why didn’t you call me, you promised to call me.)
Sergio, “Sorry ha?”
Cruzita, “OK lang po daddy.  I miss you.  Dito ka na, gusto na kita makita.” (Please come, I want to see you)
Sergio, “Soon baby, soon, uuwi na si daddy.” (Daddy’s coming home.)
Cruzita tells Sergio that she dreamed about him.  That he didn’t return to her.  She innocently asks him whether her dream was true.  Sergio gets emotional realising how close to the truth Cruzita’s dream had been.  He reminds Cruzita, “Just don’t forget to pray always.  I love you.”  Cruzita also tells him she loves him and passes the phone to Marimar who listens to it but remains silent.  Sergio keeps the phone on his ear for a few seconds, listening to the line before he cuts the calls.
Innocencia tells Sergio he has received many ‘get well’ wishes from his friends and asks whether he likes to read them.  Sergio begs off for now.  “Saka na tinatamad pa ako eh.”  A knock reveals Rodolfo.
Rodolfo, “Santibanez.”
Sergio, “San Jinez, naligaw ka yata.” (Are you lost?)
Corazon watches Marimar as she closes the phone.  Marimar tells her, “Sana maayos na siya.”  Hoping that Sergio is indeed all right. 
Corazon asks her, “Bakit hindi mo pa tinanong, nasa telephone na nga.”  (Why didn’t you ask him when you had the chance, on the phone)
Marimar admits she doesn’t know what to say to him.  Corazon has only one sentence in reply, “Ang arte-arte nimo Inday.” (You’re over-reacting to all this, making it more complicated.)
Rodolfo tells Sergio that he’s heard about what happened, the crash and all.  He also handed Sergio an envelope.  Sergio jokes whether it’s another ‘get well’ card.  Rodolfo smiles and says it’s better than a get-well card.  It’s the invitation to his and Bella’s wedding which is this coming Friday.  He adds in his natural mocking fashion that he will understand it if Sergio can’t come as he may not have been fully recovered by then.
Corazon tells Marimar she knows that she still loves Sergio.  “Mahal mo pa siya.  Kahit anong sabihin mo, mahal mo pa rin siya kahit sinasabi mong hindi.”  Corazon explains how obvious it is with Bella acting as a very “concerned citizen” on behalf of Sergio moving heaven and earth to find him, rescue him, make sure he gets the best medical attention and treatment.  It all shows how Marimar is still in love with Sergio.
Sergio opens the invite and asks Innocencia to leave the room.  Rodolfo comments there must be something important, as Sergio had to send out his lovely secretary.   Sergio says, “Huwag na tayong magplastikan pa San Jinez.  Alam ko nandito ka para ipamukha sa akin na talo ako.” (I know you’re here to show me I’ve lost and you won.)
Rodolfo, “Naku, I’m sorry….I’m guilty.”
Marimar  reasons that she is doing it for Cruzita’s sake.   She doesn’t want Cruzita to blame her that she didn’t do anything to help Sergio during his accident and time of need.  Corazon asks her if that is the only reason.  Marimar doesn’t reply directly only saying that, “Corazon ikakasal na ako.” (I’m about to get married.)
Sergio goes straight to the point, “Tatapatin na kita, hindi kita gusto.  Mayabang ka, masyadong mataas ang tingin mo sa sarili.  Pero ang totoo wala ka.  Ampaw, walang laman puro hangin.  Kaya isang malaking pagkakamali ang ginawa ni Bella na pakasalan ka.”  (I will be honest with you, I don’t like you.  You’re a humbug.  You think too highly of yourself.  When in truth, you are nothing.  All air and no substance.  Bella is wrong in her decision to marry you.)  Rodolfo bites into the apple, eating it while Sergio talks.
Rodolfo, “Well your opinion doesn’t matter to me.  Ang mahalaga tuloy ang kasal namin ni Bella.“  (What is important is that our wedding goes on as planned.)
He taps Sergio on the shoulder as he adds, “At saka Santibanez, huwag kang magkikilos baka mabinat ka ikamatay mo yan.”  (Don’t strain yourself, you may get a relapse and die.)  Even if Rodolfo is sarcastic, he adds a different shade to this teleserye, he’s not just your stereo-typical rival.  I do find him quite hilarious in a film-noir kind of way.
He turns to leave, “Mauna na ako.”(I better go.)
Sergio calls him back, “Sandali…” (Wait…)
Rodolfo stops and turns around, “Bakit?” (Why?)
Sergio reveals, “Gusto kong malaman mo na tanggap ko na ang pagkatalo ko. “ (I’ve accepted my defeat.)  Rodolfo sighs, a small smile forms in his lips.
Sergio continues, “ Ginawa ko nang lahat para mabawi si Bella pero nabigo ako.  Kaya masakit man para sa akin, kilangan kong ipagkatiwala sa iyo ang babaeng mahal ko, at saka yung anak ko.  Mahalin mo ang mag-ina ko ha?”  (I did everything I can to win her back, but I failed.  So even if it’s hard for me, I need to entrust to you, the woman that I love and my daughter.  Love them both.)  Rodolfo nods as he comes closer to Sergio’s bed.
Sergio asks Rodolfo to make him a promise.  “ Ipangako mo sa akin na hinding-hindi mo sila sasaktan.  Ibigay mo sa kanila lahat ng pagmamahal na karapat-dapat sa kanila.  At si Marimar, sana maging mabuti kang asawa ka sa kanya.  Dahil napakaswerte mo para makuha mo siya.   Huwag mo siyang paiiyakin.”  (Promise me that you will never hurt them.  Give them the love that they deserve.  Promise you will be a good husband to Marimar because you’re lucky to have her.  Never let her cry.) 
Sergio looks at Rodolfo in the face and asks if her can promise him all that. “Magagawa mo ba yon?”

Rodolfo takes a deep breath,  taking on the promise he solemnly declares, “Oo Sergio.  At higit pa doon ang gagawin ko.”  (Yes, and I will do more than that.)

Sergio holds out his hand, Rodolfo takes it and holds it firmly.  They shake, like gentlemen, in agreement at last.
Sergio, “Salamat.” (Thanks.)
Rodolfo nods his head in earnest and leaves.
Sergio takes a look at the wedding invite again.  Sadness is reflected on his face as a teardrop falls from his eye.
Marimar couldn’t believe what Rodolfo has done, going to the hospital to visit Sergio.  Marimar asks, “Ano naman ang ginawa mo doon?” (What did you do there?)
Rodolfo looking smug on the sofa, “Wala lang, I heard what happened to him and you know, I was concerned.”
Marimar sits down, still curious, “Ano naman ang napag-usapan nyo?” (What did you talk about?)
Rodolfo remains vague, “This and that.  Napag-usapan naming ang tungkol sa nalalapit nating kasal.”  (We talked about our coming wedding.)
Marimar wants to know about Sergio’s opinion.  Rodolfo reports that he is happy for them.  “In fact genuinely happy,” he adds.
Rodolfo lies saying Sergio admitted that he, Rodolfo, is the one really more deserving of Marimar and that the racer admits that he, Rodolfo, would be a good husband to Marimar.
Marimar is not expecting the same reaction, not from Sergio and asks, “Hindi siya nagalit?” (He wasn’t upset?)
Rodolfo brushes it aside, “Medyo nainggit ng konti, alam mo naman yon.”  (He got a bit jealous, knowing Sergio.)  
Then he drops the seeds of doubts to further sever Marimar and Sergio’s ties.  “Pero nung dumating ako may kasama siya eh, magandang babae, sekretarya nya ata yon?” (But he was with someone, a very beautiful woman, I think his secretary?)
Marimar concludes, “Si Innocencia?” a hint of jealousy in her voice.
The nurses are chatting with Dr. Hayden in their station.  The girls comment how beautiful Ms. Bella Aldama is in person and how she seems to truly love and care for the patient.  One of the nurses wonders out loud that she read in the papers that Bella is about to get married to Rodolfo San Jinez.  Dr. Hayden tells his staff that Bella doesn’t anyone to know that she had a hand in Sergio’s rescue and treatment.  He tells them that she requested that this be kept a secret.
Innocencia was passing by and overhears their conversation, certain now that Sergio did see Marimar in the hospital as he first claimed.

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