January 29, 2008

Marimar Episode 85 – The one where Marimar becomes a runaway bride
Aired in the UAE on 14th December 2007, Thursday
It is a beautiful old church and the wedding of Bella and Rodolfo are proceeding as planned.  The entourage is marching and Cruzita looks cute and cuddly in her yellow flower girl’s gown.  The wedding motif is obviously yellow, a happy color and suits Marimar’s coloring well.  She enters radiant in her white gown.  She walks alone holding only her bouquet of white and yellow flowers, a mix of yellow bells and chrysanthemums.  As she reaches the end of her walk, she kisses her mother-in-law to be and takes the hand of her future father-in-law and puts it on her forehead, making the traditional Filipino “mano” – a show of respect to the elders.  Fulgoso is very emotional  and cries as his dear friend enters marriage.  Rodolfo hugs Marimar and leads her to the priest who will perform the wedding ceremony.
In a hospital, Renato gets a visit from his beautiful doctor.  She asks how he is and he replies candidly, “OK naman.  Akala ko hindi na ikaw ang duktor ko dahil hindi mo ako dinalaw kahapon.” Noting how Ria had left him to read the papers by himself a couple of days back, he apologises for his behavior and Dr. Ria smiles, telling him she should be the one to apologise as she should have been more patient with him.  So Renato and Ria will be quite an item in the coming episodes.  I had expected Renato to meet and fall for Tia Esperanza, seeing that she is obviously still available….sayang…but Mina is cute in her role of Dr. Ria.  Remember Carmina used to play the roles of Richard’s little sister – sa Singalong days nila – now love tandem na sila!
Monica and Angelika are together and the latter is showing her her earnings.  Monica is shocked at the prize, 100 pesos, asking her friend why she settled for such a low amount.  Angelika explains that that is all the man had in him.  She further points to her looks now, saying, “Ang pangit-pangit ko na!”  Monica looks at her and agrees, “Sabagay…” Crazy Monica nag-agree pa!  Kakaloka.  I love the comic exchanges of these two despite them being quite the biatches…bagay silang comedic tandem.  Ano ba ako, puro tandem….!
Bella is crying behind her veil.  The priest asks her and despite her sobs, she answers, “Yes father.”  Tia Esperanza is crying on her seat, knowing how Marimar isn’t at all marrying for love.  Rodolfo doesn’t hesitate when it was his turn to answer and gives a clear “Yes father” reply to all the priest’s questions.
Renato promises the pretty doctor that he will be a good patient from now on.  She smiles, happy to hear the handsome patient’s promise to be good.  She also makes a promise of her own, “Pangako, aalagaan ka naming kahit anong mangyari.”  She adds that someday, Renato’s memories will return and he will have his life back.
Angelika blames Marimar for her current ugliness.  She states that beauty had been one of her means to get what she wanted in the past and now, because of Marimar she lost even that.  She couldn’t help but curse her nemesis, “Walang hiya siya!”
Monica agrees that Angelika did suffer because Marimar wanted revenge.  “Grabe ang paghihiganti ni Marimar.” Well imagine naman kasi how you and Angelika plotted and schemed to make Marimar’s life miserable in the past.  Angelika only deserves what she got now for being so mean and evil.
Angelika adds, “Kung nasaan man siya ngayon, sana impyerno rin ang buhay niya.”
That may not be so far from the truth as Bella and Rodolfo, the man she doesn’t even love exchange their vows.
The priest asks Rodolfo, “Do you take Bella for your lawfully wedded wife…..”  and the groom confidently and promptly replies, “I do.”
Sergio arrives at the church and walks slowly towards the door.
It is Bella’s turn to be asked.  “Bella, do you take Rodolfo to be your husband.”
Sergio positions himself at the back of the church having no plans of disrupting the ongoing ceremonies.
Bella takes a long time to answer.  She is sobbing more audibly now and everyone seems to be holding their breath, waiting for her answer.  The priest looks worried for the bride and Rodolfo is starting to get alarmed.  Sergio too is holding his breath.
Back at the Santibanez Motors office, Innocencia is upset why Sergio had to go to the wedding at all.  “Akala ko ba tanggap na niya na si Rodolfo at Marimar na?”
Antonio explains to her that it is not easy for Sergio to just accept Marimar’s decision.  He had promised them that he wouldn’t make a scene.  Antonio’s worry is whether Sergio will get there in time.
The priest asks the bride the same question again.  Rodolfo takes the microphone and puts it closer to Bella, forcing her to make her reply.  She barely whispers her, “I do.”  But Sergio heard it clearly as he cries for his loss, the woman he loves. 
There is a general feeling of relief that clearly shows on Rodolfo’s face.  The priests asks the couple to repeat after him the vows or marriage.
Sergio feeling hurt and still in physical pain, turns and walks away.  He has tears in his eyes.
Innocencia speculates, “Kung nakahabol man siya, di nya kontrolado ang utak at puso ni Marimar.  Masasaktan lang siya.” (Even if he did make it, he has no control over Marimar’s heart and mind.  He will only end up hurting himself.)
Antonio makes his own theory, “Paano kung di matuloy ang kasal?”  (What if the wedding doesn’t push through?)
But Innocencia is sure that Marimar will stubbornly follow through with her original plans, “Hindi pwede, kilala ko si Marimar. “  She adds that once Marimar has made her decisions, they seldom change.
Back in the church it is one rare occasion indeed as Marimar backs out from her wedding.  Marimar tries to remove her veil as she tells the priest, “Ayoko na Father.” 
The priest is in shock, “Bakit ayaw mo na?”
Marimar simply tells him, “Nagbago na po isip ko.”  She apologises to the priest and also to Rodolfo who has recovered from the initial shock and is now protesting that it’s too late for they have already taken their vows.  “Um-Oo ka na!” (You’ve already said your “I do’s”)
But the priest saves Marimar, “Hindi pa nababasbasan, pwede pang umatras.”  He states he has not given them their blessing yet so there is time to back out yet.  He also points the obvious to Rodolfo, “Hindi ka niya mahal.”
Marimar apologise again but by now, Rodolfo becomes hysterical as he forces Marimar back to her position and urges the priest to continue with the ceremonies, “Ikasal nyo kami Father!”
Marimar struggles to get free and when she does, runs towards the church’s  door to the world outside.  Rodolfo screams her name.
Marimar emerges from the church crying as Sergio’s car driven by Arturo backs up and drives past.  Sergio didn’t see Marimar running out as he had his head down, feeling sorry for himself.
Rodolfo is also feeling sorry for himself as his parents console him.  He is angry and in tears at the pain and humiliation he is suffering because of Marimar.
Arturo looks at his boss and friend as he gives him advise, “Dapat tanggap mo na na hindi talaga kayo para sa isa’t isa ni Marimar.  Ibaling mo na lang sa iba ang pagmamahal mo.”  He tells Sergio to love another instead.
Sergio hoped in his heart that the wedding wouldn’t push through.
Arturo admits that even he didn’t think it would happen.  “Ako man umasa.  Proud nga ako sa iyo”  He tells Sergio he feared the racer would make a scene but he held himself making Arturo proud of his boss.
Antonio notices something and asks Innocencia, “Bakit parang gusto mong matuloy ang kasal ni Marimar kay Rodolfo?”  She seems keen on Marimar and Rodolfo getting married.
Innocencia admits, “Of couse nagpapakatotoo lang ako,”  she’s just being real.
Antonio has a different view, “Pakiramdam ko kasi, parang ayaw mong magkabalikan si Sergio at Marimar.”  He thinks Innocencia doesn’t want Sergio and Marimar to get back together.  The young man senses Innocencia’s feelings for Sergio.
Innocencia denies it, “Ayaw ko lang si Sergio masaktan.  Pwede naman siya magmahal ng iba.”  She insists that Sergio could love another.
But Antonio reminds her of Sergio’s great love for Marimar.  “Alam mo Innocencia, simula binigay ni Sergio ang puso niya kay Marimar, hindi na niya ito nabawi.”  Sergio has given his heart to Marimar and since then, he has never been able to get it back.  Marimar still owns Sergio’s heart.  She still has his love.  She alone.  I love this line of Antonio’s how true for Sergio – once he did admit that he loved Marimar, he wasn’t the same.  In fact Antonio is probably the best person to vouch for this, seeing how Sergio resisted every temptation, even the luscious Kim Chan, because he loves only Marimar.  Bonggang-bongga talaga!
Sergio admits to Arturo that he wanted to stop the wedding, but his love for Marimar prevailed.  “Gusto kong pigilan ang kasal pero nangibabaw pa rin ang pagmamahal ko sa kanya.”
Arturo tries to soothe his sorrow, telling Sergio that his friends are just beside him whenever he may need them.  “Andito lang kami para damayan ka.”  He suggest that if he is up to it, they can all go out tonight, “Pwede ka na bang uminom?”  Arturo asks Sergio whether he is allowed to drink yet as alcohol can have a soothing effect on the broken hearted.  At least for a while.
But Sergio doesn’t want company, “Gusto ko mapag-isa,” and tells Arturo that he wants to be alone.
Bruno and Rodolfo are now at Bella’s home by the gate.  Security detail block them from going any further.  Rodolfo shouts at Bella, asking her to come out and talk to him, “Papasukin mo ako, may gusto lang akong linawin sa iyo.”  He wants to clear something up with her and wants a talk.
The guard apologises telling the two men that they have orders not to let anyone in.  Rodolfo flares up in anger and frustration.  “Isa akong San Jinez!  Hindi ako Santibanez na pwede mong paglaruan!”  (I’m a San Jinez, not a Santibanez that you can toy with!)
Inside the house, Marimar and Esperanza have a talk.  Marimar admits to her aunt that she never really wanted to marry Rodolfo.  Esperanza asks her niece why she is not being true to her feelings.  “Si Sergio ang mahal mo, siya ang gusto mong pakasalan.”  Her aunt points out the obvious, that Marimar loves Sergio and it is him she wants to marry.
But Marimar’s fears takes over.  Sergio had left her in the past and hurt her so badly she is scared of loving him again.  “Pero niloko niya ako.”
Tia Esperanza reasons with Marimar that whatever Sergio may have done in the past, he has clearly regretted them and has done all he can to win her back.  “Nagsisisi na siya.”  She advises her niece to let go of her fear and anger and instead give Sergio another chance.  “Patawarin mo na.  Puntahan mo siya.”  She urges Marimar to go and see Sergio.  They must talk about their feelings to each other.
Monica is ironing some clothes when Diego arrives.  She smiles and greets her husband.  Diego asks where Monica’s friend is and she tells him that Angelika is asleep.  This angers Diego, “Kapal ng mukha niya.  Di ka man lang tulungan sa gawaing bahay.”  He declares Angelika is such a parasite.  She doesn’t even help Monica with the house chores.
Monica brushes his comments aside, “Hayaan mo na, nakarma lang talaga ng husto.”  She feels for Angelika who once had everything and now has nothing.  A really bad turnaround.
Diego points out that whatever Angelika had, she used for evil so she is only paying the price.  “Ginamit nya kasi sa kasamaan.  Madami siyang taong nasaktan.”  Angelika made a lot of people suffer.
Marimar tells her aunt that it is not that simple to forgive and forget.  She fears that Sergio will make another promise and should he break it again, what will happen?  Tia Esperanza tells Marimar that it is better for her to give Sergio a chance to make good on his promise.  “Bigyan mo siya ng pagkakataon para tuparin niya ang kanyang pangako.”  She calls Cruzita to come and give her mother a hug.
At his home, Sergio drinks alone.  He is really at his lowest ebb.  He doesn’t realize Marimar had called off her wedding.
In the SM office, Arturo reports to Antonio and Innocencia about the wedding.  He too doesn’t know that it didn’t push through.  “Natuloy ang kasal.”
Innocencia smugly looks at Antonio, “Sabi sa inyo eh.”  (I told you so.)
Arturo adds that his heart goes out to Sergio.  “Awang-awa ako.  Pinigilan ko lang ang luha ko.”  He wanted to cry but he just willed himself not to.
Sergio recalls Rodolfo and Marimar’s wedding this afternoon as he also remembers his own wedding day with Marimar.  He looks at his wedding ring which he wears on a chain around his neck.  He may be thinking to himself that he finally doesn’t need it anymore now that Marimar is married to someone else.  This is his closure of sorts for the wedding that they never had…this wedding that he thinks did occur.  In fairness gumaganda na ang acting prowess ni DDD!  Dati kasi sa mga iba nyang roles puro pagpapa-cute lang siya, project…project….pero ngayon wow, emote-emote na ang lolo mo!  He’s becoming an actor na!  Bonggang bongga!
Innocencia wants them all to go to Sergio and console him.  Antonio suggests that they let Sergio be for now.  Innocencia argues that it is now that Sergio needs his friends.   Arturo comments that Innocencia could be quite obsessed at times, but she reminds her that Sergio will call them is he needs them.  “Ay may pagka-dika-dika din pala ang girlalung ito!  Hoy sisterette tatawagan tayo nun kung gusto tayong makasama ni bossing.”  These are the kind of lines that make me love Arturo’s character…so gay…but so witty!
Sergio pulls the chain off his neck as he sadly tells the truth about his marriage to Marimar, “Pero totoo, peke ang kasal natin.”  It is true, our wedding was a fake.

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