January 29, 2008

Marian Rivera is Marimar
Marimar Episode 84 – The one with the wedding, where Sergio lets Marimar go
Aired in the UAE on 13th December 2007
Arturo asks if Sergio knows about Marimar’s wedding. “Aabangan ko ito, baka i-televise ito. Invited ka ba?”Antonio, sensing Sergio’s distress, stops Arturo from further blurting out questions that would only hurt Sergio more. Antonio asks, “Ano ka ba Arturo?”Arturo defends himself, “Malay ko ba kung may pagka-masokista itong si Bossing.”
Sergio sighs as he admits to his friends, “Inaamin ko pa lang, gusto ko nang i-untog ang ulo ko sa pader. Di ko matanggap.”

Corazon exclaims as Cruzita looks very pretty in her yellow gauzy gown. She innocently asks her yaya, “Di ko nab a daddy si Sergio?”

Corazon assures her that no matter what happens, Sergio will always be her father and that will never change. This makes Cruzita very happy and relieved as she shouts, “Yey”

Marimar’s heart in clearly not in this wedding she is having with Rodolfo as she reminisces the past with Sergio, their talk in the gazebo as she cries. She recalls how he asked for her forgiveness and to give him another chance. She remembers well their kiss. But she also recalls how he admitted that their wedding was a fake. She looks at her reflection in the mirror – beautiful in her wedding gown but too sad for a bride.

Sergio is thankful to be given another chance at life. He however is sad, “Buhay nga ako, di ko naman kasama si Marimar at anak ko, sana hinayaan na lang niya akong mamatay. Di ko kaya ito.” He is alive but not happy.

Diego is drinking with Monica in the small living room of their home. Monica is not drinking but just sharing the “pulutan” with her husband who is complaining about Angelika. Angelika comes out angered at the noise they are making. “Ano ba? Natutulog ako ang iingay ninyo!” She notices that the two are in the middle of an argument and asks why. Diego gets up and snaps, “Dahil sa iyo!” and walks out.

Corazon comes to Marimar telling her that everyone is ready and most of the guests are already at the church. It is time for them to go but Corazon notices Marimar had been crying and asks. Marimar brushes her question aside telling her to go ahead and she will follow. But Corazon persists, “Nag-iyak ka? Di ba dapat happy?” Reminding Marimar that a wedding should be a happy occasion especially for the bride.
Marimar pleads Corazon to leave her, not wanting to discuss her sorrow. She wants to be alone with her thoughts for a while but Corazon tells her frankly that she knows the reason why Marimar is sad. “Alam na nako yan, di gusto magpakasal kay Rodolfo. Feels nako yan”

In the church Rodolfo awaits for the wedding ceremonies to begin. He eagerly waits for his bride to arrive. Esperanza complains and is worried what is taking Marimar so long to arrive. The church assistant comes to talk to Rodolfo, asking him whether the wedding is still going to happen as planned as they are already half an hour late. Rodolfo trying hard to control his anger at his growing embarrassment tells the assistant to tell the priest to wait.

Angelika blames this current spat between Monica and her husband on her friend, calling Monica “boba” for marrying Diego. But Monica reminds her that it was Angelika’s idea for Monica to flirt with Diego.

Diego replies that before, Angelika may be able to order him and Monica around but not anymore. He further insults the former queen of Villa Santibanez by saying, “Basura ka na!”

Angelika screams at him, “Bastos!”

Monica still the loyal friend defends Angelika to her own husband telling Diego to stop, “Diego ano ba?”
Diego is firm on his declaration, “Gusto mo manatili dito? Matuto kang makisama!” If Angelika is to remain in their home, she must learn to do her share and no longer act like she owns them. She is after all living off their charity.

Corazon is confused with Marimar’s decision to marry Rodolfo when she doesn’t even love him. “Dili mo sya lab. Pero dili ko kasabut. I don’t understand why you are marrying him.” Then she tells Marimar, “May pagkakataon ka pa, umatras ka na.”

Marimar is firm in her resolve to push through with the wedding and asks Corazon to go and get her necklace.

Back at the church Bruno goes to Rodolfo and asks, “Where’s Bella? All the guests are getting worried already.” Rodolfo tries to call his bride but she has switched off her cell phone.

Marimar tells Corazon as she help her with her preparations, “Matagal ko nang pinag-isipan ito, pero tama ang desisyon ko.”

Corazon still persuades her to listen to her heart as Marimar is clearly not happy with whatever decision she made, “Makinig ka sa akin, hindi utak and pakinggan mo kundi ang puso, kung ano ang sinasabi ng puso mo Inday. Mag-atras ka, hubarin mo ang gown. Wag ka nang magpunta sa church ako ang bahala.”

Angelika is on the streets again looking for customers to sell her body. A dirty-looking fellow takes her to his jeep. Angelika hesitates, “Wala ka bang bahay?” The man admits his mother is at home and points towards his jeep saying, “OK na jan.” Angelika stalls by asking for his money first, “Teka bayad mo?” The man gives her a hundred pesos as he nudges her towards the ominous jeepney, “Tara na.”

Sergio looks at the wedding invite and in his frustration crumples it. Innocencia arrives and sees how upset Sergio is about the wedding. Sergio is sad as he admits to Innocencia, “Di nya ako mahal. Ginawa ko na ang lahat. Wala na akong halaga sa kanya.”

Innocencia wants Sergio to know that Marimar still loves him and tells him about her role in his rescue, “May kailangan kang malaman.”

Guests are already pensive at the church wondering whether the wedding is still going to happen and whether the bride is still coming or not. We overhear snippets of conversations saying, “kawawa naman si Rodolfo…” Rodolfo’s mother tries to silence the murmuring crowd by firmly saying, “Tuloy ang kasal.” She goes to her son and asks him, “Ano ba ang nangyayari?”

Rodolfo, feeling hope leave him, turns to Esperanza, “Tita Esperanza, ano na?” But even Esperanza doesn’t have any clue and her silence only confirm everyone’s growing doubts.

Sergio asks Innocencia, “Ano ang kailangan kong malaman?”

Innocencia reveals that even the rescuers admit they weren’t the one who found Sergio, in fact they were already willing to give up their search.

Bruno asks Rodolfo again, “Ano tuloy ba?”

Rodolfo replies, “Need to, Malaking pera na ginastos ko dito.”

Bruno asks his friend why Rodolfo insists on marrying Marimar. Rodolfo admits that he needs Marimar’s money. Bruno reminds his friend that Marimar doesn’t love him. Rodolfo shrugs, “I don’t care but we are a perfect match.”

Innocencia relates to Sergio that it was a private group who found and rescued him. Sergio realizes this as he says, “Ang ibig mong sabihin…”

Innocencia nods and answers before he finished his query, “may kumuha ng serbisyong iyon. Siya ang dahilan kung bakit buhay at ligtas ka ngayon.”

Sergio asks the inevitable, “Sino?”

Innocencia reveals “Si Marimar.”

Fulgoso arrives in the church in a van with Cruzita. Fulgoso is also wearing a tuxedo, looking quite smug in his canine cuteness.

Esperanza goes out to meet Bella who was genuinely happy that Esperanza found time off to attend the wedding, “Buti naman po nakarating kayo,”

Esperanza tells her niece, “Of course! I wouldn’t miss the most important day of your life.”

Sergio asks Innocencia if what she is saying is true and she confirms it, telling him she is sure. Antonio and Arturo arrive. Antonio asks, “Anong nangyayari dito? Pareho kayong naka-simangot?”

Innocencia declares that she just told Sergio the truth. Sergio finds out that what he thought he just saw in his mind was actually real. “Tama pala ang hinala ko. Si Marimar pala ang nakita kong nagbabantay sa akin.” A spark of hope appears and gives Sergio some strength.

Antonio states the obvious, “Sergio, mahal ka pa niya!”

Arturo is confused, “Eh bakit tuloy ang kasal kay San Jinez?”

Antonio prods Sergio to make his move, and quickly, “hahayaan mo lang ba? Di mo ba siya pupuntahan? Puntahan mo na siya!”

Rodolfo sees the group that just arrived and tells Esperanza that Bella should have been with them.

Bella shows herself and apologises to Rodolfo for being late. Rodolfo smiles and tells her, “It’s OK. Ang mahalaga nandito ka. Bella akala ko nagbago na isip mo. Pero di mo naman gagawin sa akin yon di ba? Una na ako sa loob, mag-ayos ka.” He goes inside to get ready and start their wedding.

Innocencia disagrees with Antonio’s suggestion. “Tapos na ang kasal.” Innocencia notes the time. “Kung pupunta doon si Sergio, anong gagawin nya doon? Kasal na si Marimar at Rodolfo. Respetuhin na lang natin ang desisyon niya.” Telling they guys to just respect Marimar’s decision to wed Rodolfo.

Esperanza is worried for her niece and talks to her. “Are you okay?” She can see that Marimar is not a happy bride. “Napipilitan ka lang, huwag mong ituloy ito. Kitang-kita sa hitsura mo.”

Sergio finally says his piece, “Hindi ko na guguluhin si Marimar. Kung ano man ang dahilan niya, niligtas niya ako, ayaw ko nang malaman pa.”

Antonio isn’t happy with his friend’s apparent acceptance of his defeat, “Sumusuko ka na?”

Marimar explains her side to her aunt, “Dahil sa pag-ibig nagging malungkot ako. At dahil sa pag-ibig puro poot na lang ang nandito sa puso ko. Ngayon sabihin mo sa akin, dapat pa ba akong magtiwala sa pag-ibig?” Esperanza feels for her niece, knowing what Marimar had gone through. She worries for her but says nothing.

Sergio shakes his head, disagreeing with Antonio. He doesn’t feel that he lost, he is only doing what he thinks is right, “Yan ang nararapat kong gawin. Ang hindi na pigilan ang kasal nila.” He is obviously too sad about Marimar marrying Rodolfo but he has finally learned to let go.

Marimar walks towards the church, to the waiting Rodolfo and the rest of her life.


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