Marimar Episode 82 – Marimar rescues Sergio

December 22, 2007

Marimar Episode 82 – The one where Marimar rescues Sergio

Aired in the UAE on 11th December 2007

In the crash site, Sergio awakens. He is badly hurt with lots of wounds. He tries to get up. He stands but has a huge cut on his stomach. His clothes are tattered and burnt in many places. He walks away from the burning debris of the plane.

Arturo is praying. He prmosies “Pag nalaman kong safe siya, magbabagong buhay na ako. Di na magpapaka-bading,” he’d turn a new leaf and go straight but takes it back in the end saying, “Etching lang yon!” (Just kidding).

Antonio sends a more serious and sincere prayer for his friend as do Innocencia who adds to herself, “Huwag nyo po sanang pababayaan si Sergio – Ang lalaking pinakamamahal ko.”

Marimar continues to worry that they haven’t found Sergio yet. She fears that he may be badly wounded and may die from his wounds.

Innocencia who is keeping vigil with Arturo and Antonio in the Santibanez Motors office answers a phone call from the rescue team who are informing them that they will be resuming the operations tomorrow. Innocencia got livid with anger screaming that they must do the search today and continue doing so until Sergio has been found.

Corazon asks Marimar for any updates on the search for Sergio. Marimar cries and tells the nanny that she doesn’t want her daughter, Cruzita to know about her father yet. Corazon feels for her ward and comments, “Maaga maulila sa ama.” (She’ll miss her father, losing him this early).

Marimar gets upset at Corazon’s words and insists that Sergio is still alive. “Alam ko, buhay si Sergio!” Just then Cruzita comes asking whether her father has called yet. She reminds Corazon that when Sergio calls and she is asleep, to wake her so that she can talk to her father. Corazon and Marimar exchanged worried glances but try to appear calm for Cruzita’s sake.

The man representing the rescue team who is talking to Innocencia at the other end of the line advises her, “Ihanda ninyo ang mga sarili, may chance na patay na siya.” (Prepare yourselves; there’s a likely chance that he may be dead.) Innocencia breaks down in tears and Arturo and Antonio console her. Innocencia retorts, “Ano ka, Diyos para magsabi kung patay o buhay pa ang isang tao? Hanapin nyo si Sergio. Parang awa nyo na, hanapin nyo si Sergio.” (What are you? God that you can dictate whether a person is dead or not? Find Sergio. Please find him!)

Bella is in a meeting with Rodolfo and some of their partners but Bella’s mind is somewhere else. Rodolfo is talking and asks for her opinion but she is clearly distracted and couldn’t answer him.

Angelika complains about the food at the dinner table. Monica keeps silent but Diego couldn’t stand her arrogance as he comments, “Kung gusto mo ng masarap na ulam, bumili ka! Pero paano mo magagawa yan eh wala ka nang pera?” (If you want to eat something you prefer, then go ahead and buy it! But how can you do that now that you no longer have any money?)

Angelika is shocked at his affront and snaps, “Bodyguard lang kita.” (You are only my bodyguard.)

Diego retorts, “Dati yon.” (That was before.) He tells his wife who chose to remain silent, “Pabigat lang siya dito.” (She’s but dead weight around here.)

After their meeting, Rodolfo confronts Bella about not concentrating on their meeting. The ambitious young man adds that he hope the distraction is about their forthcoming wedding. He does have another meeting to run to and so leaves Bella alone with her worries but before that, Bella assures him that their wedding is going to push through as planned.

Monica apologises to Angelika about Diego’s behaviour. Angelika swears to find a job and when she does get by some money she’s going to slap them on Diego’s face. “Isasampal ko sa mukha niya!”

Rodrigo, Marimar’s bodyguard and head of the team presents her with the best rescue team in the country. They are trained in the United States and are based in Zubic (where the US Naval Base used to be). Bella talks to them and assures them that money is not a problem. She adds that should they find and rescue the person, they would also receive a generous bonus. She takes steps to assure that Sergio does get found and rescued.

Sergio is weakened by his many injuries and from the loss of too much blood. He falls down and crawls instead. Unable to go on, he lies on his back on the ground.

Angelika goes back to selling herself to get some cash. She is with a customer but unluckily, he gets caught by his wife who attacks Angelika. In the struggle, she loses her eye patch and the couple cringed at seeing how ugly she is without the patch. They leave her fallen on the ground. She gets up and walks away, conscious of the people who can see how ugly she is.

Renato wants to be released from the hospital but Dra. Ria convinces him to stay awhile. She says that he needs to undergo more tests. The senior Santibanez feels regret stating, “Siguro pinagbabayaran ko ang mga kasalanan ko. Kasalanan ko sa asawa ko at sa nag-iisa kong anak.” (Perhaps I’m paying for the bad deeds I’ve done in the past. Paying for the mistakes I’ve made to my wife and my only son.)

Marimar paces in her home, unable to feel settled until Sergio is found. In her mind she hopes he is safe. “Nasaan ka man ngayon, sana ligtas ka.”

In the forest, Sergio is about to give up. He is in too much pain and suffering and just wants it all to end. “Diyos ko, kung gusto nyo akong junin, tatanggapin kong maluwag sa puso ko ang kamatayan ko. Isa lang po ang hiling ko, kung nasaan man si Marimar ngayon, ihatid nyo sa kanya ang pagmamahal ko.” (God, if you deem it time for my life to end, I accept it wholeheartedly. I ask just one thing: wherever Marimar is right now, send her my love.)

Marimar continues to fret and promises to hold off her plans for revenge agains the man who hurt her the most, the same man she loves more than anyone, the man she hopes is safe and alive. “Pangako, di na ako maghihiganti. Tatanggalin ko na ang poot sa puso ko, iligtas nyo lang po si Sergio.”

Sergio is dying as Marimar, across the seas cries. Flashback to some of their times spent together, a celebration of the love and life they’ve shared. Sergio leaves them, Marimar and Cruzita, to God. “Kayo na po ang bahala kay Marimar at Cruzita.” He closes his eyes. Rest embraces him along with cold and darkness.

Cruzita asks her mother why her dad has not called her yet. “I miss him.” Declares the child who is starting to feel that something must be wrong. Marimar brushes off her fears assuring her that her father would call her soon, telling Cruzita that Sergio is just busy with his work.

Angelika arrives at Monica and Diego’s home without shoes and with many scratches from the wife who attacked her. Monica looked concerned while Diego appeared annoyed.

Renato asks the pretty doctor why he can recall some things clearly and others, not at all. He gets flashes of some memories but they remain unclear to him. He doesn’t understand many of his recollections. Dr. Ria assures him that this is normal. He suffered through a trauma and in time his memories will all come back.

Angelika cries in front of the couple. She laments that her beauty is gone when it had been one of her assets. “Dati lahat ng babae kina-iingitan ako. Lahat ng lalaki, pinagnanasahan ako.” Women envied her and men wanted her back then.

Monica cries, feeling for her friend’s loss. Diego retorts it is but karma for all the bad things she has done and leaves the two women to cry on each other’s shoulders.

Angelika sees her friend crying and asks, “Monica, naaawa ka ba sa akin?” (Do you feel sorry for me?)

Monica, honest as usual answers, “Nanghihinayang ako doon sa sapatos. Paborito ko kasi yon, pero tama na.” (I feel sad that you lost my shoe, it was one of my favorites but enough.) She calms Angelika down, telling her friend that it’s time to stop crying.

Dra. Ria asks Renato about his earlier statement. “Kanina nabanggit mo na meron kang kasalanan na dapat mong pagbayaran?” (Earlier you mentioned that you are only paying for the evil deeds you’ve done?)

Renato explains, “Masamang tao ako. Di ako naging mabuting asawa at ama. May isang anak ako. Di ko minahal.” (I was a bad person. I haven’t been a good husband and father. I have a son whom I didn’t love.)

The doctor gives him hope. “May pagkakataon pa para baguhin ang sarili.” (There is time to change one’s self.)

Renato turns his back on the kindly doctor as he lets the tears of regret roll down. Dra. Ria looks on her patient with worry.

Marimar, in safari fashin, joins the rescue team as they search for Sergio in the forest. (Nice song by Gerald Santos!) She calls out Sergio’s name. Somewhere in the area, Sergio dies. His face turns white as his soul leaves his body. A light comes from a short distance and Sergio’s soul, now in while t-shirt (he was wearing a blue polo shirt) and jeans (sana white pants na rin!), walks over to the light.

Marimar walks towards the body, calling for Sergio and turns around and finds something, she runs towards it as she realises it’s Sergio. She drops her hat and kneels down beside Sergio’s body. She listens for his heartbeat as she calls for the rest of the team to come to where she is. She has found Sergio! She removes her jacket to cover his body. Sergio’s soul looks back from the light to see Marimar beside him. He smiles and goes back towards his mortal remains. He sits beside the woman he loves, watching her as she covers him with her jacket. He feels her need of her and his need to be with her. His soul returns to his body.

Sergio inhales and opens his eyes to find Marimar. He closes them again as the rest of the team come to their aid. They give the survivor first aid and put him in a stretcher bound for the best hospitals in Manila. Marimar rescued the man she loves. Sergio lives.


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