Marimar Episode 81 – The one where Sergio’s plane crashes

December 16, 2007

Marian Rivera

Marimar Episode 81 – The one where Sergio’s plane crashes
Aired in the UAE on Monday, 10th December 2007
Marimar and Rodrigo are meeting again with the wedding organizer. All seems set including the flowers which are being flown in from Holland. The wedding planner asks Bella whether she’d like to have some fittings for her wedding gown. Bella declines telling the planner that the couturiers already know her measurements, “No, alam na ng couturier yan.”
Rodolfo although a bit disappointed supports her as he reasons, “Besides it’s bad luck for a bride to be fitting her gown before the wedding, right?” (There is some tradition that you do not fit your wedding gown and you get double bad luck if while you are fitting, the groom happens to see you in it. In the Philippines, this can be doomed that the wedding will not push through.)

Marimar wants to get back to her work and finish it but Rodolfo tells her to wait a while as they have to iron out some details regarding their forthcoming wedding.
Sergio tells his friends, Arturo and Antonio that he has decided to supervise the opening of their branch in Cebu. He originally intended for Antonio to go there and head this project but having thought things over, he has decided to do it himself.
Cruzita and Corazon are together at home and the little girl tells her nanny that she wants to go to the park. Rodrigo arrives and tries to win over Cruzita’s affections by giving her a toy doll, “Di ba you like dolls?”
But Cruzita doesn’t like him at all, being loyal to her biological father, Sergio. She tells Rodrigo politely, “My mom told me never to accept gifts from strangers.”
Marimar sees this exchange as Rodolfo tells the child he is not a stranger but an uncle of sorts. Marimar tries to explain to her daughter her relationship with Rodolfo but the child doesn’t give them the chance. She asks Corazon to take her to her room, boycotting whatever it is the adults are planning.
Marimar looks worried but Rodolfo quickly assures her that she has no need to worry. Cruzita will eventually learn to accept him as her step-father.
Sergio admits to his friends that his relationship with Marimar is going nowhere. “Malabo na kami ni Marimar. Mas mahihirapan lang ako kung malapit kami sa isa’t isa. Papakalayo na muna ako.” He tells them this is the best way for them to both have a bit of space. If he and Marimar could no longer patch things up, it is best that they just stay apart for a while. He’s also be able to start anew, in a way and maybe perhaps heal his broken heart.
Arturo asks him is he is truly sure of his decision. Sergio admits he isn’t but he adds that this seems to be the only way for them to have a bit of peace.
Cruzita is doodling and drawing and Marimar comes to her asking what it is she is drawing. Cruzita describes a family with a father, mother and a child. She adds, “They’re happy kasi kumpleto sila.” She turns sad, realising she is not with her father and that her small family is not complete. Marimar reminds her daughter that with her Tito Rodolfo, they have a chance to be complete so she must give him a chance. But Cruzita is as stubborn as her parents. She simply states, “I don’t like him.”
Marimar asks her, “Don’t you want a daddy?” Referring to her daughter’s picture. Cruzita is still firm, “May daddy na ako.” (I already have a daddy.)
Sergio’s flight has been booked according to one of his secretary and she bids his friends goodbye. Arturo wants to go with him but Sergio reminds him that their Manila operations is much bigger and so Antonio would need Arturo here. They ask him when he plans to return and his reply is an indefinite, “Pag OK na ako.” (When I’m fine.) Arturo smiles reminding Sergio to contact them as often as he can through text messages so they are kept updated about him.
Marimar talks to Cruzita about Sergio. “Anak, kalimutan mo na ang daddy mo.” (Forget about your dad.)
I love him. Kay daddy ka na lang pakasal.” (Why don’t you marry daddy instead?)
Marimar hugs her daughter and looks at her carefully but with a sorrow that only her mind speaks, “Kelan man, di magiging parte ng buhay mo ang daddy mo.” (You father will never be part of your life.)
(Marimar is daft. Couldn’t she see what she is doing is not only hurting her but her daughter as well? Why can’t she just admit that she still loves Sergio? Grrr…these telenovelas…)
Just as they are saying goodbye and exchanging last-minute instructions and well wishes at Santibanez Motors, Innocencia arrives. They are surprised to see her after Marimar caught her and Sergio in the park with Cruzita but the young woman reasons she works there and looks at Sergio, confirming with the boss if she still has her job.
Sergio is quick to accept her back into the fold telling her she’d be needed to support Antonio take care of the business.
Aalis ka?” Innocencia is shocked. She cries and hugs Sergio who is surprised at her reaction. The two men exchange knowing glances with Antonio now certain that Innocencia is truly in love with Sergio. Arturo finds the whole situation a bit awkward but keeps silent.
Arturo arrives at Marimar’s home (Bakit nga ba mala-picket fences lang home ni Marimar when she is supposed to be some rich billionairess? Thanks to Arthur for pointing this out too.) He has a letter for Marimar from Sergio. Corazon lets him in the white, wooden gate. Marimar meets him and he hands her Sergio’s letter.
She opens the letter and Sergi’s voice over commences.
“Mahal kong Marimar. Pagbasa mo ng sulat na ito, nakaalis na ako. Hindi ko ito gusto. Labag ito sa puso ko. Ayaw kong malayo sa anak ko, lalo na sa iyo. Isipin ko pa lang na di ko kayo makikita, parang mamamatay na ako. Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Mahal na mahal kita. Ikaw ang buhay ko. “

Marimar couldn’t stop the tears from falling. In an airfield somewhere, Sergio too is crying. She continues to read the letter:
“Pakisabi kay Cruzita na mahal na mahal ko siya. Mag-ingat kayo pareho.”
Dra. Ria checks on Renato. He moves and she is encouraged to talk to him. “Naririnig mo ba ako? Kung oo, pisilin mo ang kamay ko.” (Can you hear me? If yes, squeeze my hand.) Renato closes his hand a bit showing the doctor that she understood her.
Corazon asks Marimar what Sergio’s letter said. She tells the nanny that Sergio is leaving. Corazon couldn’t believe it. She looks at Marimar and can see that she had been crying while reading the letter. She asks her, “Anong feelings mo?”
Marimar lies, hiding her sorrow unsuccessfully, “Shempre masaya, hindi na niya kami guguluhin ni Cruzita.” (Of course I’m happy. He won’t bother me and Cruzita anymore.)
Corazon doesn’t buy her false happiness and asks, “Talaga bang wala nang pag-ibig? Kahit gamay lang?” (Don’t you have any more feelings for him? Not even a bit?)
Di naman ako pakakasal kay Rodolfo kung may nararamdaman pa ako kay Sergio.” Marimar tells Corazon she wouldn’t marry Rodolfo is she still had feelings for Sergio.
Corazon tries to make her realise she is just going to be hurting herself and her daughter in her decision to wed Rodolfo. “Paano si Cruzita? Ayaw niya kay Rodolfo.” Cruzita especially doesn’t like Rodolfo that much.
Marimar reasons, “Bata pa si Cruzita.” He daughter is still young. In time perhaps and Marimar hopes too that her views about Rodolfo would change.
Dra Ria urges Renato to awaken and open his eyes. He does and see the pretty face of the kindly doctor who found him and nursed him devotedly until this day. He asks, “Sino ka? Asan ako?” (Who are you? Where am I?)
Ako si Dr. Concepcion. Nandito ka sa ospital.” Dra. Ria introduces herself and tells Renato that he’s in a hospital.
Baki ako nandito? Anong nangyari sa akin?” (Why and I here? What happened t me?) He doesn’t seem to recall what brought him to the hospital.
The doctor tells him that he’s been in hospital for about a month now and had been comatose since then. “Thank God nagising ka na rin.” Dr. Concepcion is relieved that Renato has finally awakened. However, it seems that Renato is suffering from amnesia.
Sergio is on an airstrip, looking at a small plane. Marimar calls him on the phone but doesn’t talk instead she hands the phone to Cruzita.
Sabi ni mommy aalis ka daw?” (Mommy says you’re leaving?) Cruzita doesn’t yet realise that her father will be living farther from her and her mother.
Sergio is happy to hear Cruzita as he explains it is about a job that he’ll be away for a while. Cruzita wants to come with him but he tells her, “Kawawa naman ang mommy mo, walang kasama.” So Cruzita decides to stay to keep Marimar company but asks Sergio “Please daddy balik ka agad. I will really miss you.”
Although she doesn’t say anything, Marimar is trying hard to hide the tears that continue to flow. She is saddened by being apart from Sergio too. She doesn’t really admit it but she feels it deep down.
Backin the hospital Renato is able to recall his first name. He is having trouble remembering his surname but gets a shock as he recalls he is married and has a family. “May asawa ako, may anak – si Sergio.”
Sergio takes off on a small plane. The horizon seems foggy and the pilot looks worried. The planeride gets bumpy and Sergio too starts to look alarmed.
Renato continues to talk to Dra. Concepcion. He shares that he wants to see Sergio. Having no one come to the hospital to look for him, the young doctor assures her that she is there for him. “Ako mag-aalaga sa iyo.” She promises to take care of him until he is back on his feet.
Mayday, mayday” The pilot sends a distress signal that their plane is in trouble. He tells Sergio to put on his life jacket. Sergio obeys and braces himself as the ride gets bumpier. (Bakit sinuot nya yung pang-tubig eh di ba dapat parachute kasi nasa bandang gubat sila?)
Despite the pilot’s valiant effort, the plane crashes down a thick forest and explodes.
Arturo and Antonio are both worried about Sergio as he has not contacted them yet. Arturo wonders aloud, “Nasa Cebu na kaya si bossing?” Innocencia too cannot help but get worried. It’s only a few hours to Cebu from Manila. They should have gotten a call from Sergio now. Just then, the office phone rings and Antonio answers it.

What?!” Antonio doesn’t believe what he is hearing as an airline representative advise them about Sergio’s accident. His plane crashed.
Corazon is watching some news on the television and a newsbreak interrupts the normal programming. A reporter informs the public, “Sa isang gubat sa Mindoro, isang chartered plane, flight 112 ay nag-crash lulan si Captain Miguel Alonzo at Mr. Sergio Santibanez, isang tanyag na karerista.”
Corazon is shocked at the new and runs to Marimar’s room to tell her what she heard. (Panay ata pagsuot ng yellow ni Marimar ah. Anyway, bagay naman sa kulay niya.)
Innocencia, Arturo and Antonio ask the rescuers about Sergio, whether he has been found yet. Rescuers reasoned, “Nahirapan po kami sa crash site. Liblib po ang lugar. Natagpuan na ang katawan ni Capt. Alonzo pero hindi pa natatagpuan si Mr. Santibanez.” (They had a hard time at the crash site as it was very secluded. They’ve found the remains of the pilot but not Sergio.)
Marimar cannot keep still. She is obviously pretty worried and calls Corazon to ask if there is any update on Sergio’s rescue.
Corazon tells her that rescue teams have been sent but still haven’t found him. They are not sure if Sergio is still alive.
Marimar wants to believe that Sergio is still alive. “Buhay pa si Sergio. Hindi siya pwedeng mamatay.” Marimar’s voice is filled with panic. She wants to be able to do something. She adds, “Maloloka ako kakaisip kung buhay pa o hindi si Sergio.” (I’d go mad thinking whether he is still alive or not.) She asks Corazon to get her phone.
Marimar calls Rowena and instructs her to find out everything about the plane crash, flight 112.
In the forest, there are bits and pieces of the plane and fire everywhere. Sergio lies bloodied and unconscious. Slowly he opens his eyes.


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