Marimar Episode 80 – The one where Innocencia and Marimar part ways

December 16, 2007

Marimar Episode 80 – The one where Innocencia and Marimar part ways (Nag-EB kami!!!)
Aired in the UAE on Friday, 7th December 2007
Like I posted in my other blog, Maryannisms, I missed this episode as we (my family) went to Abu Dhabi to watch Eat Bulaga live. I had with me my 4-year old daughter, husband, brother, brother-in-laws, sister-in-law, and my daughter’s nanny. But from what I’ve seen on the Marimar Episode 81, here’s a short recap of this particular episode. Apologies that I have missed it. Hope this will suffice.
Marimar fought with Sergio and Innocencia as she told both how upset she is that they have decided to go against her wishes and include Cruzita in the mess she is still trying to iron out with Sergio. Innocencia most of all, whom she trusted most of all.
In consultation with his friends Sergio gets advise from Antonio telling his friend not to force the issue as this is another nail in Sergio and Marimar’s relationship-coffin.
Meantime, Angelika still vows to seek vengeance on what Marimar did to her, as she feels sorry for having lost her good looks as well as her eyesight.
Dra. Ria is still devoted to his patient and is not giving up on Renato.
Feeling betrayed, Marimar chooses to part ways with Innocencia and Nanay Leonor. Despite her initial good intentions, Innocencia and her mother decide to return to their old home. Before leaving, Innocencia asks for Marimar’s forgiveness and understanding. She adds that she will continue to hope that one day, she and Marimar would be able to patch things up and become friends again.
I will post in my othe blog (Maryannisms) what happened to our Eat Bulaga adventure so visit that site too!


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