Marimar episode 79 – The one where Marimar finds out about Innocencia and Cruzita secretly meeting Sergio

December 16, 2007

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Marimar Episode 79 – The one where Marimar finds out about Innocencia and Cruzita secretly meeting Sergio

Aired in the UAE on Thursday, 6th December 2007

In the scuffle that follows, Marimar is able to push Angelika who was still wielding the dangerous fork about, intending to physically harm (read that: Kill!) Marimar. She falls to the ground, and the pointed kitchen equipment hit her. She screams as she felt the injury.

Antonio gathered enough courage to ask Innocencia for lunch but the loyal secretary declares that she is waiting for Sergio. Antonio is curious as he asks her, whether Sergio ordered Innocencia to stag and wait for him or not. The young woman didn’t want to admit it at first but then divulged that her mother cooked some pasta which is Sergio’s favorite and so she brought some for him.

Antonio comments how a good secretary she is which is why Arturo is suspecting there is more to it that just being a secretary. Antonio tells Innocencia that Arturo suspects her of falling for Sergio with all she’s been doing for their boss.

This doesn’t sound well on Innocencia’s ears prompting her to give the young man a huge frown as she walks out of the office.

In the hospital, nurses are gossiping how the pretty doctor is showing much concern for her comatose patient. One adds that Dra. Ria once had a boyfriend who died in a coma which explains why she is so concerned for their John Doe.

Antonio however doesn’t let up and confronts Innocencia. He tells the young woman that it is clear that Sergio loves only Marimar and if Innocencia continues with her feelings for Sergio, she will only get hurt in the end. “Masasaktan ka lang.”

But Innocencia is also stubborn. She declares, “Wala na sila.” They, Sergio and Marimar are through.

Antonio tries to make her see reason, that Sergio would be unable to return the same feelings for her as he only has Marimar in his heart.

Innocencia, hurt, changes the subject. “Kung magla-lunch ka, mag-lunch ka mag-isa mo!” Telling Anotnio to go have lunch alone as she walks out on him again.

Angelika screams “Akin ito!” Referring to the villa. Marimar reminds her it is no longer hers. Rodolfo joins in telling Angelika she no longer has any money.

Angelika confronts Marimar, “Sinong demonyo ang dinadasalan mo?” Asks her who is the powerful demon she is worshipping who is giving her so much power. But Marimar tells her enemy she is with God. “Diyos ang kakampi ko!”

Police come to take Angelika away. She would be taken to the hospital first to get her wound tended and then later to prison.

Rodolfo was fairly upset and showed genuine concern for his fiancee.

Angelika makes a scene at the hospital as she continues to lash out at doctors and nurses in her anger. Police restrain her and force her to settle down. She demands, “Hindi nyo ba ako gagamutin?” (Aren’t you even going to attend to my wound?)

The nurse explains that they are just waiting for the doctor. Angelika tries to be sarcastic, “Saan siya galing, sa Baguio?” Noting that it’s been quite some time that she’s been there and no one seems keen on helping her. She declares she doesn’t want to become blind.

Marimar calls the police and they update her about Angelika. After the call, Rodolfo who is listening sees a glint of a smile in her lips as she says, “Padalos-dalos kasi siya, buti na lang. At least now, pwede ko na siya sampahan ng kaso.” Marimar is considering suing Angelika.

This prompts Rodolfo to comment how grave Marimar’s anger on Angelika seems to appear.
Dr. Ria arrives and tells Angelika they need to operate on her eye. Angelika still blames everything on Marimar.

Marimar tells Rodolfo that if she told him everything that Angelika did to her, he may say what she’s done is nothing compared to her enemy’s evildoings in the past. Rodolfo tells her enough revenge. They should focus on their wedding and he looks around the resort appreciatively as he suggests that they can hold it here.

Marimar hesitates. “Kailangan bang engrande? Pwede bang simple na lang?” (Does it have to be grand? Couldn’t it be simple?)

But Rodolfo has made up his mind to an elaborate wedding. “Everyone expects na engrande and kasal natin. Isa akong San Gines, isa kang Aldama…” They are influential and powerful families and everyone expects them to have a grand wedding.

Angelika couldn’t believe what the doctor is telling her. Dr. Ria says that her cornea in ther right eye got hit. “Bulag na ang isang mata mo.” She wouldn’t be able to see in her right eye. The cornea had been too damaged.

Police come to take her to prison but she pretends she needed to thank the kind doctor first. One of the policemen can see through her telling her this is just one of her delaying tactics. They underestimated her strength though. Angelika was able to push one of the policemen and run away.

Getting a call from the police, Marimar is upset how they let Angelika slip past them. She orders them to do all they can to capture her.

Fulgoso, hearing the escape can only comment, “Ibang klase talaga si Angelika no?”
Rodolfo, hearing from Bella the latest fears for their lives at the resort. He convinces her to return to Manila where it could safer.

Fulgoso offers his services to his mistress. “Gusto mo ba ng guard doggy? Babantayan kita, bente-kwatro oras.”

Rodolfo urges her to return to Manila and after some persuading, Marimar gives in and agrees, “Mas mabuti nga siguro.” (Perhaps it would be for the best.)

Sergio reads the newspaper and sees an announcement about Marimar and Rodolfo’s wedding. “May petsa na pala ang kasal nin Marimar at San Gines.” (So Marimar and San Gines have set a date for their wedding.)

Arturo asks whether it is mentioned somewhere if the identity of the couturier who will be designing Marimar’s gown have been made known.

Sergio scowls, “Pakakasal siya kay Rodolfo eh hindi naman niya mahal iyon!” (She is going to marry Rodolfo when she doesn’t really love him!)

Innocencia is taking Cruzita out to meet Sergio again, prompting the nanny to comment, “Napapadala ang pagtakas mo kay Cruzita. Magagalit si Bella.”

The young woman reminds the nanny that, “Di malalaman ni Marimar kung walang magsusumbong.” (Marimar won’t find out if no one would tell.) Giving Corazon a harsh look.
Corazon admits that she is not the type who betrays people’s trust easily but if Bella asks, she will definitely tell her mistress the truth. She looks straight at Innocencia daring the young woman to try and accuse her again. (Go Corazon! I love her for being loyal to Sergio then to Marimar and fighting Innocencia who seems to have forgotten it is Marimar who should be her friend here and not take advantage of her absence by stealing Sergio!)

Arturo explains to his boss that Marimar isn’t that shallow to marry off with someone just to hurt Sergio. (Although Sergio did just that to Angelika not so long ago…thus, this telenovela we all watch!) He tells the racer that it could be possible that Bella likes Rodolfo. “Baka naman talagang love din niya si Rodolfo.” Sergio admits that in Marimar’s case, he no longer has any say but in Cruzita’s perhaps he has got some hope.

(I can see Arturo telling Sergio to move on for the sake of his friend not getting hurt anymore. But Innocencia is telling Sergio to move on and consider other women, with the intent that Sergio falls for her. See now who is the better friend? Juding man, mabait din but remember when Arturo himself was harboring feelings for Sergio? He had been guilty of keeping Sergio and Marimar apart a few years – oh well episodes really – back!)

Corazon and Innocencia continue to argue and the young woman is defending her side telling the plump nanny that she is sure Cruzita will not tell Marimar about their meetings with Sergio. Corazon is angry that she can allow a child to lie when she should teach Cruzita about being honest. Innocencia, in the midst of their argument almost slips saying “Mahal ko si Ser…..Cruzita!” Making Corazon raise one of her eyebrows to the ceiling.

Innocencia defends that it is her love and concern for Cruzita that pushed her to give father and daughter some time together. Calmly Corazon adds, “Sana lang, huwag nating gamitin ang bata for our pesonal gains.” Hinting that she knows Innocencia may have some feelings for Sergio and is using the child to be closer to him.

Diego and Monica live in a simple home but they look happy and truly do care for one another. He declares that finally they are both free from Angelika’s tyrannical ways. Monica bites her finger as she forgot to tell her husband that Angelika, the tyrant is coming over to live with them for a while.

(Monica is really a good friend. She did enjoy benefits when Angelika ruled over Villa Santibanez and she is just returning the favor to her friend. Diego should understand this instead of acting weird like he didn’t do anything bad in the past. He had some hand at Marimar’s grief and lately at Renato’s although he did feel pity on his ex-boss and saved him by leaving him near the hospital.)

Sergio arrives at Marimar’s home to pick up Cruzita and Innocencia. Corazon is hesitant but gives in when she sees how excited and happy Cruzita looks. Innocencia looks like a girl let loose in a candy store too. Both Corazon and Nanay Leonor look worried with Corazon calling out to Sergio, “Sir uwi kayong maaga sir.” (Please try to come home early, sir.)

Because of the incident with Angelika escaping the police, Marimar unexpectedly decided to come home earlier than planned. Nanay Leonor meets her at the gate, greeting one another warmly. Fifi is also happy to see Fulgoso back. Marimar asks where Cruzita is. Corazon changes the subject, buying for some time and asks her why she returned a bit early. Marimar explains she wants to surprise her daughter and again looks for her. “Asan ang anak ko?” Corazon and Leonor look at one another, unable to speak.

Innocencia, Cruzita and Sergio have a picnic at the park. Innocencia suggests they watch a movie afterwards as there is a good movie for kids showing in the theaters. Cruzita doesn’t like movies and Sergio realised he has never taken Marimar to a movie theater when they were together. Sergio admits that he does like watching movies. Innocencia is glad to have something in common with Sergio which he doesn’t share with Marimar. She tells Sergio that she likes romantic comedies best.

Getting no response from the two women, Marimar asks them again where Cruzita is. Corazon is forced to tell her that Cruzita left with Innocencia.

Sergio shares that he likes adventure flicks. Cruzita butts in saying, “Ako rin!” Imitating his father. Sergio teases his daughter, “Bolera ka talaga!” (You are such a kidder) and Sergio asks who he got the trait from, him or her mom. Innocencia smiles happy to be sharing this time with the man she loves.

Diego is upset that Angelika is living with them. Monica restrains him from speaking loudly as he may wake Angelika up.

Angelika however is oblivious to the couple’s arguments as she removes the bandage covering her blinded eye. She cries as she stares at her face in the mirror. “Hindi pwede itong hitsura ko. Hindi ako pwedeng pangit!” (This could not be. My face, I mustn’t be ugly!)

The trio at the park take pictures with Innocencia taking the role of photographer. Marimar arrives witnessing the happy event. No one sees her at first but Cruzita glances her way and shouts, “Mommy!” Innocencia and Sergio freeze, not knowing what to do. Both look her way and say her name, “Marimar.”

Marimar grabs Cruzita telling her daughter it’s time for them to go home. “Halika na uwi na tayo.”

Innocencia tries to run after her, “Marimar, alam kong galit ka…” She tells her friend that she can understand how upset she must be.

Marimar explodes, “Buti alam mo! Pinagkatiwalaan kita, trinaydor mo ako!” (Good that you know I’m upset. I trusted you and yet you betrayed me!)

Innocencia tries to defend her actions, “Hindi kita trinaydor, ginawa ko lang ang tama.” (I didn’t betray you, I only did what I think was right.)

Marimar walks back to the woman she thought was her friend and slaps her hard. Sergio tries to defend Innocencia, by reacting to Marimar’s rash action but decides to remain silent, for now.
Marimar stares hard at them both as she turns and walks out.


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