Marimar Episode 78 – The one with Marimar’s party at Villa Aldama

December 16, 2007

One of the many love triangles in Marimar

Marimar Episode 78 – The one with Marimar’s party at Villa Aldama
Aired in the UAE on Wednesday, 5th December 2007

Angelika and Nicandro has just finished doing ‘the deed’ and the man asks the woman, “Nag-enjoy ka ba?” if she enjoyed herself. Nicandro offers his home to Angelika telling her she can stay for as long as she likes as she does have some pretty interesting uses after all. “May silbi ka naman eh.”

Angelika doesn’t seem to mind that she’s sunk so low, having sexual relations with her lapdog and henchman. She blames Marimar for all her misery and vows vengeance. “Pagbabayaran mo ng buhay mo!” (Is she daft? She caused Marimar to seek vengeance on her in the first place for all the evil things she’s done and now she wants to seek her own? Never-ending na lang ba na cycle ito? Oh well, telenovelas do come across as such. What else is new? There really seems to be no remorse on her part but she did act well the part where she apologised to her old childhood friend.)

Marimar walks barefoot at the resort’s beach. Several guards are on hand to provide protection and one even holds her umbrella for her protecting her from the soft drizzle. Fulgoso reminds her (although she doesn’t really hear it) of the times when they used to run along the beach chasing each other. “Gusto mo naka-paa. Jologs ka pa noon.”

Marimar recalls the time she spent with Sergio in the deserted island when he took her off there to make amends. She cries as bitter-sweet memories come rushing back. Memories she has long hidden and locked in her heart.

Fulgoso notices her and comments, “Ay-ya-yay, umiiyak ka na naman ba Marimar?” Knowing how easily Marimar can succumb to tears.

Marimar talks to her loyal and beloved friend, “ang sarap ng hangin Fulgoso. Ang sarap ng buhangin sa mga paa ko.” She shares that she recall her grandparents, Lolo Pancho and Lola Cruz. How happy they were back then. “At si Sergio…” She sighs as memories of her wedding day comes to taunt her along with his admission that it was all a fake. She cries with the rain.

Bakit? Bakit ang lungkot-lungkot ko? Bakit ang sakit-sakit? Bakit ang lalim ng puwang dito sa dibdib ko?” She asks the world why she is so sad. Why is she still hurting. And why is there such a huge emptiness within her heart.

“Ako si Marimar. Mabuti akong tao.” She declares she is a good person but pauses to consider her statement. “Mabuting tao....” She questions her actions of late. “Mabuting tao pa ba ako?” Seeking her vengeance to the ruin of Angelika and Sergio has made her into something else. Her anger surfaces as she blames them for what she has become.

Niloko mo ako. Binigay ko lahat sa iyo Sergio, lahat ng pag-ibig ko. Pero ginamit mo lang ako. Ginamit mo ako para lang kay Angelika. Naisip ko kung tama ba ang ginawa ko, pero naisip ko lahat ng kahayupang ginawa mo sa akin. Lahat ng hirap.”

She justifies her anger by remembering how Sergio fooled and used her, just to make Angelika jealous.

Marimar recalls the scene with Angelika at the hill where she got shot. “Kaya tama lang na palayasin sila dito tulad ng pagpapalayas nila sa akin noong mangmang pa ako.” She uses this to rationalise that what she did, her revenge, had been just right.

But her fear of God stops her and gives her much guilt. She sends a prayer, “Diyos ko, patawarin nyo po ako. Lahat ng paghihirap dinanas ko. Tama ako. Dahil lahat ng utang dapat pinagbabayaran. Naniningil lang ako sa lahat ng ginawa nila sa akin.” She asks for forgiveness and reasons that every debt must be paid. She was but settling scores; calling in debts from her past. (So, Marimar dear, you’ve gotten revenge but are you happy? Vengenace may be sweet but what comes after is the bitter taste of regret.)

Nicandro asks Angelika to eat. “Pasensiya na, ito lang kaya ng pera ko.” He apologises for the humble spread saying this is all his money could afford.

Angelika asks for some cutleries but Nicandro wakes her up with a few reality bites. “Huwag ka nang ma-arte! Wala ka na bang pera? Anong plano mo? Di ka naman pwedeng umasa na lang sa akin.” He asks her what her plans are and reminds her that she cannot just rely on him to survive, she too must find a way to bring in some income.

Angelika agrees and assures him she will think of something. “Maganda ako. Madaming mauuto lalaki.” She is pretty and has a sexy body. It would be easy for her to find men she could fool whilst taking their money away.

Innocencia is still with Sergio and now Cruzita has gone asleep in his arms. She offers to take the child so he can have a bit of a break but he tells her that he doesn’t mind. Innocencia shares that she grew up in a similar park herself with both parents vending balloons and ‘balot’ (duck eggs) in the park. She shares that she is just a simple person with simple dreams: to be with the man she loves. She offers that she would be a good wife and mother to her family. (Hinting to the max itong bruhang ito! Hoy, wake up and smell the sampaguitas, hija, si Marimar lang ang mahal ni Sergio! Asa ka pa! The nerd! hehehehe ay, the nerve pala! hahahahaha!)

Innocencia’s mom and Corazon are fretting, worried that it is getting late and yet Innocencia and Cruzita aren’t back yet.

Sergio shares a bit of himself to Innocencia as well. “Ako, all I want is a family.” He is sad to admit that he doesn’t get along well with his own father and he wants this to be different in his own family. He regrets that he and Marimar are not in good terms and most of it really is his own doing. “Sayang..”

Wanting to cheer him, Innocencia quickly adds “Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Pwede pa mangyari yon.” Indeed it’s not too late, and Sergio is young. He can still achieve his dreams. (But of course Innocencia has in mind that it would be her and Sergio sharing the happy family dream. Hay kakainis! What a traitor!)

Sergio of course thinks about Marimar, “Sa tingin mo magkakabalikan pa kami ni Marimar?”

Corazon is now frantic and tension heightens when they get a call from Marimar, asking her to put Cruzita on the line.

Nicandro advises Angelika to go to Manila, “Malakas kita ng call girls doon.” Call girls or to be blunt, whores earn big in the city. But Angelika has revenge in her mind and asks Nicandro to help her get back into the villa.

At first, the thug hesitate telling her that they would never succeed. There are too many guards securing the area. Angelika reminds him that he ought to know every nook and cranny of the place and Nicandro recalls an old gate he uses to slip in and out of the premises. “Nasa liblib na parte ng resort.” It is located in a secluded and oft-overlooked area of the resort.

Angelika bids him, “Samahan mo ako. Ginulat ako ni Marimar. Ako naman ang bubulaga sa kanya.” (Marimar caught me off-guard. Now it’s my turn to give her a surprise.)

Corazon looks at Nanay Leonor for some inspiration as she lies to Marimar. “Tulog na.” Telling the mother that her daughter is now asleep. Marimar wonders, “Ala sais pa lang,” it’s only but six in the evening.

Corazon explains that Cruzita had slept since the afternoon nap and hasn’t awoken since then. But Marimar insists that she wake the child up as she wants to talk to her daughter.

The nanny was running up of excuses and is about to blurt out the truth when Cruzita arrives with Innocencia. It was just the perfect time! Corazon hands Cruzita the phone telling her it’s her mother.

Back at the villa, Bella calls on Perfecta and orders her to feed Fulgoso. Perfecta reasons there is no longer any dog food available. Bella snaps at her to go and buy some for her pet. “Di ka ba nag-iisip?”

Perfecta mutters to herself and one staff hears her. The girl asks why is she muttering and Perfecta ridicules Marimar, “Dating mangmang na naka-paa.” telling the girl who the new owner used to be.

The new staff admits, “Di ko ma-imagine.” She cannot think of Bella as some naive bare-footed simpleton.

Perfecta tries to convince her. “Basura lang yan dito.” Expressing that Marimar was but trash in the resort before. (Perfecta dear, for all the things you’ve connived with Angelika to make Marimar’s life hell at the villa, you could be the next one to be fired off Villa Aldama. Careful!)

Innocencia and Sergio continue their talk. The woman asks the man how is he going to win back Marimar. The man admits it would be difficult as right now Marimar is filled with hatred for him. Innocencia advises the man she loves to love someone else. “Ibaling mo na lang sa iba ang pag-ibig mo.” (Yeah right, more like, ibaling mo na lang sa akin…biatch! Ochoserang frog ito!)

The party is at full swing at Villa Aldama. Rodolfo’s guests and friends arrive. Bruno asks his friend where Bella is.

In the kitchen, Perfecta and the staff are busy preparing the food for the party. Nicandro arrives with Angelika who looks plain without her signature clothes, designer make-up and expensive baubles. Nicandro wishes her luck and leaves, not wanting to be a part of Angelika’s one-track-mind search for retribution.

Sergio tells Innocencia that when Marimar returns, he may no longer be able to see Cruzita. Innocencia assures him that she will do all she can to find a way around it and help him. Sergio tells her that if Marimar finds out about this, she would surely get very angry with Innocencia.

But Innocencia has made up her mind. She will do everything for the man she loves as she talks in her head, “Handa akong harapin ang galit ni Marimar huwag ka lang mawala sa buhay ko. Hanggang ngayon minamahal pa rin kita Sergio.”

Angelika grabs one of the hotel staff and wrings her neck (ala Alias, ibang level na ito!) Perfecta throws her a two-pronged serving fork and she changes into the uniform of the unconscious lass. (Did she kill her or just put her to sleep?)

Arturo tells Sergio his fear. When Marimar comes back, he wouldn’t be able to see Cruzita. Sergio is firm in his resolve to seek legal means if only to spend some time with Cruzita. Arturo isn’t keen on his boss’ plan as this will only anger Marimar more.

Sergio sighs, stating that he wants his family to be complete. “Gusto kong mabuo ang pamilya ko.”

Arturo shares his gut feelings with Sergio. ”Feeling ko lang, di na kayo magkakabalikan pa ni Marimar.”

Sergio tells his gay friend that he shares the same views as Innocencia sharing what the young woman just told him, “Nagbago na daw si Marimar.” Marimar has changed a lot.

Arturo shows surprise at Innocencia’s comment about her friend knowing it hints at the woman’s own yearning for Sergio but he advises his friend to follow Innocencia’s advise anyway.

Sergio remains firm as he declines the good intentions of his friends. He declares he loves none other but Marimar.

Marimar is in a colorful, flowery, gauzy gown (parang Georgette) that is quite long. She looks radiant and Rodolfo greets her justly, “Hello my beautiful girlfriend.” (Urgh, so proprietory! Stop or I’d vomit all over my notes already!)

Rodolfo calls everyone’s attention. “Ladies and Gentlemen….” He makes a speech about how happy this occasion is being the launch of Villa Aldama.

Angelika is inconspicuous as one of the resort staff in mint green. She looks rather plain with light make-up and couldn’t be singled out in a crowd.

It is now Bella’s turn to say something and she shares with the guests some anecdote, “Ang imposible, pwedeng gawing posible. Pag ginusto mo, makukuha mo.” Guests clap but stop when from nowhere Angelika shouts, “Ako ang may-ari ng resort na ito. Magkakamatayan muna tayo bago ito maging sa iyo.”

She lunges with the pointed fork as guards run to protect Bella and stop the intruder. Marimar struggles with Angelika as she fights against the woman who has every reason to kill her at this juncture. (We all make a collective gasp as we hope our heroine would be okay. Of course she will be, this is primetime TV!)


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