Marimar episode 77 – The one with the other mud scene

December 16, 2007

Marimar Episode 77 – The one with the other mud scene
Aired in the UAE on 4th December 2007
Marimar tells Angelika to take the key but she has to use her mouth to fish it out of the muddy puddle just as she once asked Marimar to do with a diamond-studded bracelet.  Angelika pauses, considering her options as Marimar raises her voice in question, “Gagawin mo ba o hindi? Ano?” prompting Angelika whether she would do it or not.
Sergio is in his office, still feeling quite low at his recent situation being far away from Marimar and Cruzita.  He is looking at the pictures taken by Corazon on that happy afternoon when they first spent some quality time together as a family, especially the shot where he and Marimar kissed with Cruzita beaming happily. 
Arturo walks in, complete with black eyeliner and a new haircut.  He notices how somber his boss’ face looks so he tries to cheer the young racer up. “Bossing magki-Christmas na, pang-semana santa pa yang mukha mo.  Be happy!”
Sergio shares that he is just remembering Cruzita, “Mabilis lumaki, ang daldal!” How quickly she is growing up and how talkative she is.  This brings a wistful smile on Sergio’s face.  His gay driver who once carried the torch for him comments that it’s a good thing Sergio was able to convince Innocencia to connive with him into letting him see his daughter while Marimar is away.  Sergio nods his agreement but he admits to his long-time friend, “Hindi lang naman si Cruzita ang gusto ko makasama, siyempre pati si Marimar.”  It’s not only Cruzita he wants to be with but of course also Marimar.
Angelika stoops low to bite off the key to the villa from the mud.  She cries as she does this while Marimar smiles in triumph.  Perfect and Mike look on in disbelief.  Angelika defeated, keeps on sobbing while Marimar let out a laugh.
Sergio and Arturo continue their conversation with the former admitting he wants his small family to be complete, “Gusto ko buo ang pamilya ko.  Gusto ko, sabay kami matulog, sabay naming palakihin ang anak namin…”  Sergio shares his deepest desires to his childhood playmate.  Arturo feels sorry for his friend but tells him to face the reality that these may not be possible now and as time goes by, Sergio’s relationship with Marimar seems to worsen.  Sergio sighs as he blames none other than Angelika for this recent misunderstanding with the one woman he truly loves.
Monica rushes to the Villa Santibanez gates asking what the commotion is all about and Perfecta fills her in.  Upon hearing what Marimar made Angelika do, Monica shares that the former Senora Santibanez did the same thing to Marimar back then.  Diego who arrived with Monica adds, “Buti nga sa kanya.”  The former bodyguard obviously didn’t like Angelika as he makes known that it only serves her right for the things she’s done in the past.
Sergio regrets the decisions he has made in his past.  He tells Arturo that if he didn’t leave then, to race in Macau, perhaps he and Marimar would still be together now.  Arturo reminds him that nothing is certain especially with someone like Angelika plotting and scheming at every opportunity to break them apart.  She would have made sure Sergio and Marimar got separated at whatever the cost.
Arturo opines, “Kung meron ngang demonyong dito sa lupa nabubuhay, si Angelika yon.  At kung meron mang taong inapi ni Angelika ng lubos, si Marimar yon.”  (If ever there was the chance that some demon lived on earth, that would be none other than Angelika and if there was someone who suffered under her, it is none other than Marimar.)
Sergio can only agree with Arturo’s observations and adds that Angelika will only get what’s due her for everything she has done.  “Kaya kakarmahin din siya.”
Marimar holds her head high as she wins over her greatest enemy.  “Desperada ka na talaga Angelika.  Hindi ko inakalang magagawa mo ito.”  She admits to Angelika that she didn’t think the former haughty queen of Villa Santibanez would stoop so low.
Angelika continues to sob, “Pinagsisihan ko na lahat, pangako magiging mabuting kaibigan na ako sa iyo tulad ng dati, nung mga bata pa tayo.  Di ba ang saya-saya natin noon?  Bigyan mo pa ako ng isa pang pagkakataon.”  (I regret what I have done and promise to be a good friend to you from now on, like when we were kids.  Do you remember how happy we were then?  Give me one more chance.)
The nurse excitedly called and told the lady doctor that Renato’s hands moved.  The kind woman checked Renato for any signs of life but he continues to be comatose.  She turns to tell the nurse that perhaps it was just her imagination, thinking she saw the mysterious patient move.  It could also be just the man’s bodily reflexes and nothing more.  The doctor shares to the nurse what their superior had told her.  The hospital is only giving the unknown patient a week to show any signs of recovery.  Both women look on the patient, pitying him for having no one else, not even a single family by his side.
Angelika asks for Marimar forgiveness and proposes that they start again.  She grovels at her former nemesis’ yellow shoes.
Arturo and Sergio continue to talk with the former noting, “Madaling manloko itong si Angelika.  Sa una magbabait-baitan sa huli may motibo.”  She quickly fools others pretending to be quite goody-goody at first but with a motive in the end.
Marimar shrugs off Angelika’s pleas.  “Anong akala mo sa akin?  Tanga?  Di na ako tulad ng dati na kaya mong lokohin.” (What do you think I am?  Stupid?  I am no longer like before whom you could easily fool.)
Angelika reminds her of her earlier promise of letting the former owner of the resort stay.  “Sabi mo pag pinulot ko di mo ako papa-alisin.”
Marimar mocks Angelika’s naiveté just like the latter had once done to her, in so many instances. “At naniwala ka naman!”
Angelika’s rage is evident as she tries to fight Marimar for the cruelty her once childhood pal is showing her, “Sinungaling ka!  Humanda ka, papatayin kita!” (You’re such a liar!  I will kill you, you watch out!)
Sergio agrees with Arturo about his observation regarding Angelika.  “Di na dapat pagkatiwalaan ang salita ni Angelika.”  She shouldn’t be trusted with anything, not her words or her deeds.
Marimar has finished with her tormentor and orders her men to take her away. “Alisin nyo na yan, basura lang yan dito.”  Just like trash to be thrown out.  Just like what Angelika did to her in the past.
Monica cries as she feels sorry for her friend but Marimar turns to all the witnesses and states, “Ang lahat na nasa labas ng gate, di na pwede pumasok.”  The crowd quickly inches inward, including Monica who has no choice but to obey the new resort owner.
Innocencia receives a bouquet of beautiful flowers from Sergio, thanking her for helping him spend some time with Cruzita.  She is obviously still in love with her former and current boss and cherishes the sweet gesture.  Arturo arrives and sees how thrilled Innocencia is to receive Sergio’s token of thanks.  He asks her, “Curious lang ako, bakit mo tinutulungan si Sergio?  Di ba close kayo ni Marimar?” (Why are you helping Sergio when Marimar is supposed to be your closest friend?)
Innocencia defends herself explaining it is for Cruzita’s sake.  Arturo prods further, suspecting another deeper reason, “May iba pa bang dahilan?”  But Innocencia denies anything else beside what she stated.  Arturo is certain the young woman has a crush on Sergio but is keeping it secret.
Angelika is walking on the street (sexy pa rin ang lola mo!) as she curses Marimar for evicting her out of her home and life of luxury.  “Hayop na Marimar yan!  Ang bigat-bigat ng dala ko.  Nagkakakalyo na ako!”
Just then she sees a wooden cart.  She puts her huge luggage in it and pushes it.  A woman runs to her screaming “Akin yan!”  that the cart belongs to her but Angelika pushes her off causing her to fall on the ground.  “Ano ba?  Akin na ito at pwede ba, maligo ka, baho?”   She not only managed to insult the poor woman, she also took off with her cart.  (Oh Angelika, you are truly bad to the bone!)
Innocencia agrees to meet with Sergio in the park again with Cruzita.  Sergio tells Antonio to take charge while he goes off to rendezvous with his daughter and secretary.  Antonio comments it is good Marimar hasn’t suspected anything yet and Sergio admits this is all because she is out of town.  Indeed it would be much difficult if she were around.
Innocencia looks quite pleased as she orders Corazon to prepare Cruzita’s things as she is accompanying the child for an outing.  This time, she will be going by herself and Corazon will be left at home.  When the nanny tries to complain, explaining she is the nanny and should accompany her ward anywhere Cruzita goes; Innocencia reminds her that this is better this way.  Should Marimar find out, Corazon won’t be blamed for having a hand at conniving with Sergio.  Especially when she had already made it known to Innocencia, during the first time they met secretly with Sergio,  that she will be forced to tell the truth to Marimar. 
Sundin mo na lang ang utos ko.” Innocencia advised the concerned nanny to just follow her orders.
Arturo and Antonio are discussing the recent turn of events particularly Innocencia’s willingness to help Sergio spend time with his daughter.  Sergio just listens to his friends as Arturo comments, “Kahit anong papagawa kay Innocencia, susundin.  Kesahodang mag-away sila ni Marimar.  Ganyan naman talaga ang babaeng in love.”  (Whatever Sergio asks of Innocencia, she will do it.  Nevermind her having to face the possibility of severing her friendship with Marimar.  Most women in love are the same.)
Anotnio seems shocked at this revelation, granting he harbors feelings for Innocencia himself.  “In love si Innocencia kay Sergio?”  Even Sergio is astonished hearing this.
In Bella’s home, Innocencia’s mother, is talking to her daughter telling her what she is doing is wrong.  She fears Bella will find out about Innocencia helping Sergio and disobeying Marimar’s strict orders about keeping Cruzita away from her father.
Sergio contests Arturo’s observations telling his friends that Innocencia and him are just friends and that they shouldn’t put any color into their relationship.  But Arturo insists and even teases Antonio a little saying, “Hindi ka niya type, si Sergio ang type ni Innocencia.”
At this, Antonio defends himself declaring, “Hoy number 7 ako sa Manila’s Most Desirable!”
But Arturo is quick to point out, “At number 1 si Sergio!”
Sergio stops their bickering as he reminds both that he is no longer a bachelor.  He hadn’t been for quite some time now considering himself married to Marimar in all this time.
In another argument, mother and daughter continue to defend their views.  Nanay  Leonor reminds her daughter that she has not rights to make any decision as she is not Cruzita’s mother.  Marimar is and she has the right to forbid her daughter from seeing his wayward father.
Meantime at the Villa Santibanez, new things are being done.  Several of Bella’s men have taken down the sign and are now asking her for directions on what to do with it.  Bella coldly declares, “Itapon nyo o sunugin!”  Throw it away or burn it, she orders.
Monica is present and approaches Marimar to apologise for being mean to her in the past. 
Marimar looks at her and asks, “Di ba kasabwat ka sa lahat ng ginawa ni Angelika?”
Diego defends her wife saying, “Maam, napilitan lang ho si Monica.”  Monica was coerced by Angelika into doing her orders.
Monica apologises but Marimar is keen on revenge.  She states, “Huli na.  Mag-empake ka na.”
Angelika finds a house that is for lease and talks to the owner about it.  The owner explains that the monthly rent is five thousand pesos and she would require a month’s deposit and another for advance.  Angelika asks if the house’s bathroom has a bathtub. 
The owner discovers Angelika doesn’t even have any money and mocks her, “Wala ka palang pera pa-bathtub-bathtub ka pa!”
Angelika tries to call her friend, Monica on her cell phone but she doesn’t answer.
Back at the resort, Marimar tells all. “Maraming pagbabago ang mangyayari.  Kung ayaw nyo, malaya kayong umalis.  Simula sa araw na ito, tatawagin ninyo ako bilang si Bella at ang sinumang tumawag sa akin ng Marimar ay masisisante agad.  Hindi na rin ito Villa Santibanez.  Mula sa araw na ito, ang resort ay kikilalaning Villa Aldama.”
Angelika moves on to look for other possible homes but runs into Nicandro.
Sergio, Cruzita and Innocencia meet at the park (the same one as before).  Sergio asks why Corazon is not with them and Innocencia offers she can take care of Cruzita herself and she doesn’t want Corazon to also take blame for what they’re doing.
Marimar orders Perfecta to prepare the Executive Suites as she has guests coming to the resort.  Perfect asks where Bella is staying, whether it be in her old home (shared with Sergio) or at the mansion.  Bella confirms she will stay in the mansion and thus Perfecta must clean it well.  She dismisses Perfecta and sits down to eat.
Rodolfo arrives at the Villa Aldama with his friend Bruno.  She didn’t expect him to arrive so soon and this clearly shows in her face.  Rodolfo coaxes her to smile for him.  She asks what he is doing there and he smiles as he says, “I’m here to help you.”
Sergio thanks Innocencia for doing him this favor and apologises that she had to be party to this matter.  Innocencia replies sweetly, “OK lang, di lang naman siya ang kaibigan ko, pati ikaw din di ba?”  Telling Sergio that she is friends with not only Marimar but also Sergio. (Hey girl, wala ka talagang loyalty!  Now kaka-inis ka na ha.  Despite me feeling sorry for cutie Sergio, dapat firm ang loyalties mo kay Marimar.  Afterall she helped you and your mom a lot.  Also you spent a longer time with her and know her well.  Kahit pa love mo si Sergio, dapat good and faithful friend ka.  Says much about her lack of moral fibre.  I can see her being one of the “balakids” for Marimar and Sergio not getting back together.)
Nicandro and Angelika exchange stories about latest events at the villa.  Nicandro admits he left as soon as he saw that Marimar was the new owner.  “Baka pakulong ako nun.”  He confesses that he feared Marimar will send him to prison after all he has done to her.  Angelika blames him for all their misfortunes telling him had he not fumbled on killing Marimar in the past, they wouldn’t be in this mess now.
Rodolfo and Bella are celebrating.  He proposes a toast, “To your new business acquisition and to our prosperous marriage.  Cheers baby!”  (Urgh, I hate Rodolfo calling Marimar baby.  It’s so patronising and couldn’t Marimar herself not see him for the slimeball that he is?  Better the enemy you know than the one you don’t, Bella.  I’d take Sergio any day over Rodolfo.  But I guess there’s lies the allure that keeps the episodes coming and the viewers watching.)
Rodolfo comments that the area is quite good but points out that there are a lot more nice places that she could have bought.
Marimar admits that she bought the place because this is where she and Sergio first met.  This is also the place where Sergio brought her after they got married.
So you bought this for sentimental reasons,” Rodolfo now realizes the significance of the resort to Bella.
No,” she coldly tells him, “I bought this for revenge.”
Nicandro invites Angelika to love with him in his shack.  He tells her not to be angry.  She will have a place to stay in the least.  He suggests a more intimate sharing between them and Angelika moves to slap him for his insolence but he stops her and flatly tells her the painful reality, “Wala ka nang pera.  Wala ka nang kapangyarihan.  Lamang pa ako sa iyo dahil ako may bahay, ikaw wala.”  
Nicandro tells her to consider living with him.  Angelika points out she has no money to pay him rent.  He suggests alternative ways of payment and he touches her arm suggestively.  The former Senora Santibanez frowns but keeps her silence as she considers her options.


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