Marimar Episode 76 – The one where Angelika gets thrown out of Villa Santibanez

December 12, 2007

Marimar Episode 76 – The one where Angelika gets thrown out of Villa Santibanez (aired in the UAE on Monday, 3rd December 2007)

Angelika is shocked to learn that the new owner of Villa Santibanez is none other than the woman who stole her greatest love away from her, Marimar. She demands, “Anong ginagawa mo dito?” (What are you doing here?)

Fulgoso also makes an entrance wearing a blue shirt and complete with paw studs! He silently declares, “Ayayay! Magkakaroon pa ng away. Marimar kampi ako sa iyo.” (Oh no, looks like a fight is coming up. Marimar I’m on your side) Ever the loyal companion of our heroine turned vindictive heiress, Fulgoso is always at hand to help Marimar.

Attorney Romualdez makes it clear to Angelika, “Siya ang boss ko.” Indicating Marimar is the owner of Ramiram Real Estates and her boss. Marimar adds, “Gusto mo daw ako makilala?” (I was told that you wanted to meet me?)

In a park somewhere, Sergio thanks Innocencia and Corazon for bringing Cruzita to meet him. Father and daughter are obviously happy to be together but Corazon has reservations, making it plain she isn’t in favor of this whole expedition, “Anong sasabihin ni Bella.” (What would Bella say if she ever found out.)

Marimar continues her attack, “Naghanda ka pa pala para i-welcome ako. How sweet! I’m touched.” (You even made special preparations to welcome me.)

Monica realizes that Ramiram is Marimar spelled backwards and takes a step forward and bows at Marimar like someone worshipping a god. Angelika swats her head to make her stop acting stupid. Monica almost fell forward but was able to keep her balance. She returns in her original stance now getting more and more worried about their future at the resort with Marimar being the new owner.

Angelika continues to protest telling the lawyer that she will just return their payment so she can keep the resort. Monica balks, reminding Angelika she has already used all the money.

Corazon speaks to Innocencia asking her how the latter could do this; betray Bella who is supposed to be her best friend. Innocencia admits that she had no other choice as Sergio caught her talking to Bella over the phone. Flashback to Sergio confronting Innocencia. He tells the young woman to not let Marimar know that he already knows about their relationship. He also forces her to be the secret ally he has on Bella’s camp to ensure that he continues to see his daughter. He tells her, “Kailangan ko ang anak ko. Kailangan ako ni Cruzita.” (I need my daughter. Cruzita needs me.) Innocencia also tells the plump nanny that she isn’t in favor of Marimar trying to separate Cruzita from Sergio. Corazon agrees with her but she makes it plain that, “Wala akong magawa dahil katulong lang.” (I can’t do anything as I am just the nanny.)

Marimar cuts Angelika’s and Monica’s conversation, “Kahit maglapas ka pa ng pera, which I doubt (you have), hindi na maibabalik pa.” She tells her and everyone in the lobby present that she is the new owner of Villa Santibanez. She walks around looking at familiar and new faces as she makes her speech, “Alam kong kilala nyo ako pati ang dati kong pagkatao. Hindi ba’t minamata nyo siya noon? Inaalipusta at pinagtatawanan? Pwes, hindi na siya ang babaeng iyon. Kikilalanin nyo ako bilang si Bella Aldama.” (I know many of you know me as well as the person I used to be. Didn’t you look down on her so then? Laughed and mocked her? Well that person no longer exists. You will all know me as Bella Aldama.)

Corazon makes plain the reason for her worry, “Magagalit si Bella kapag nalaman niya ito.” (Bella would surely be upset if she finds out about this.) Innocencia pleads Corazon to keep this meeting a secret. Bella is indeed her best friend and she doesn’t want Bella to lose her trust in Innocencia. Corazon agrees she will keep this one a secret for Cruzita’s sake.

Father and daughter bond. Cruzita asks if her father missed her. Sergio declares he missed Cruzita so much. The child laughs in delight feeling how much her father loves her. Corazon tells Innocencia that she will keep this one a secret from Marimar but also makes it known that next time Bella asks, she will have to tell her the truth.

Cruzita tells her father that she hope he and her mother would be able to get back together. Sergio assures her that he is fixing everything but in the meantime, reminds Cruzita to love her mother. The child declares she does love her mother and asks Sergio if he loves Marimar. Sergio doesn’t think twice with his answer, “Of course. I love you both.” Cruzita smiles and hugs her father.

Marimar continues her vengeful speech, “Unang hakbang, ipapatapon ko lahat ng basura dito sa resort. At ikaw ang basurang iyon Angelika. Binibigyan kita ng isang araw para lisanin mo ang lugar na ito or ako mismo ang magpapatapon sa iyo sa dapat mong kalagyan.” (The first step is to throw out all the trash in this resort and that trash is none other but you, Angelika. I’m giving you a day to pack your bags and leave or I will personally have your thrown out to the dumps that you deserve.)

Angelika in her last attempt to save face, “Hindi mo ako pwedeng palayasin dahil ako ang may-ari ng Villa Santibanez!” (You cannot throw me out because I am still the owner of Villa Santibanez!)

Bobo! Hindi ka na may-ari dahil binili ko na ito. Di ka ba nagbabasa ng kontrata? Bobo ka talaga! Di ba ikaw ang nagbasa ng sulat ni Sergio noon?” (Stupid! You are no longer the owner as I have already purchased this resort from you. Didn’t you read the contract? You are such an idiot! Weren’t you the one who read Sergio’s letter to me before?)

Angelika is shocked to be slapped by the harsh truth. But Marimar is not yet finished. She tells Angelika bluntly that the land, the air she breathes, everything around them belongs to her. The only property that Angelika owns are the clothes on her back. Angelika screams, “Hayop ka!” as she moves to attack Marimar but the numerous guards get to her first and restrain her. Marimar comes to her and slaps her hard. “Mas hayop ka! Lumayas ka kung ayaw mong tuluyan kitang patayin!”

Angelika struggles from the men who hold her and yells, “Hayop ka!” Marimar orders her thugs, “Takpan ang bibig ng babaeng yan. Masyadong masangsang!” At once a muscled assistant covers Angelika’s mouth muffling her shouts and insults towards Marimar. (Ay bongga! Ibang level na talaga si Marimar! Serves Angelika right for doing the same to Renato just a while back and for all her cruelties towards Marimar. But still I preferred our heroine to be magnanimous in her victory.)

Renato is being carefully monitored by the kind and pretty doctor who found him. She asks the comatose Santibanez who he is and whether he’s got any family, a wife perhaps, who are worried about him. She wonders why no one seems to be looking for him. She hopes that he awakens soon.

Angelika talks to her lawyer. She asks him why he didn’t investigate about the identity of the buyer. The lawyer claims no fault as Angelika already received their payment and signed the contract. He did warn her earlier that if she sold her shares, she would be selling the resort as she has the majority at 70%. Marimar is indeed the new owner now. Angelika cannot accept the fact but her lawyer reprimanded her that she should have read the contract thoroughly first before she signed. Even if she wanted to buy back the resort she no longer has any money. She even had to pawn off her jewelleries to pay off her debts at the casino.

A nurse comes to the lady doctor who looks with pity at Renato. She tells her that Dr. Sison wants to see her and she leaves to meet her superior. Renato’s hand twitches, showing a sign of hope.

Sergio and Cruzita play games and as she wants to eat her apple, Sergio scrubs the fruit on his shirt to “clean” it first. They play a cute game hiding and finding the apple. Innocencia and Corazon look on happily. Just then Bella calls Innocencia’s cell phone as the former reports at how shocked Angelika had been when she arrived. She asks about her daughter and Innocencia assures her that everything is find and that she shouldn’t worry about Cruzita. Marimar declares she isn’t worried about Cruzita at all, certain that with both Innocencia and Corazon looking after her, her daughter are in good and capable hands.

After an afternoon of play, Cruzita had fallen asleep in her father’s arms. Sergio too had managed to doze off and the two women wake them up, reminding Sergio it’s time for them to go home. Sergio wanted to take them home but the restraining order against him still stands so he bids farewell to his daughter and thanks Corazon and Innocencia again. “Bye daddy, I love you.”

I can’t wait to see you.” Sergio tells Cruzita to keep this a secret from her mother. He looked very sad so Cruzita tells him not to be sad, instead be happy and smile. How very much like Marimar used to do to Sergio whenever he looked problematic! Father and daughter bid goddbyes with Sergio sending flying kisses to Cruzita. (Wish ko ako na lang si Cruzita, sarap atang matulog sa mga bising ni Sergio! Also ako na lang sasalo ng mga flying kisses niya!)

Angelika drinks at Monica comes to keep her company. Diego tells Monica that Angelika deserves what she is getting but Monica, ever the loyal friend tells her husband that she pities Angelika and “Kahit evil pa siya, kakausapin ko pa rin siya dahil friend ko siya.” (I wish all friends are like Monica, unthinking doormats who are ever loyal)

Monica asks Angelika what are her plans as she’s been given an ultimatum by the new owner. Angelika declares she is not leaving Villa Santibanez as this is her home. “Hindi ako aalis dito. Bahay ko ito.”

Wala ka na ba talagang pera?” (Don’t you have any money left?) Monica asks if she’s got any more money and Angelika takes out a hundred peso bill from her wallet stating that this is all the money that she has in the world. “Eto na lahat. Isang daan.”

In a rare moment, Angelika shares her humble past with the only friend she has left. “Laki ako sa hirap, lagi walang pera.” One day, she tells Monica, her father just up and left leaving her alone without any money or food. She learned to fend for herself. “Isang daang piso kapalit ng puri ko.” She reveals she had to sell herself for a hundred pesos just to survive. Then she met Sergio, the man she loves. But Sergio cannot afford to help her out of the mud she’d made for herself so instead of using her heart, she used her head and seduced Sergio’s father instead. “Kaya naisip kong pakasalan ang may hawak ng pera ng mga Santibanez – si Renato.”

Monica tells her that she did have it all once. It is just unfortunate that she lost it. She tells Monica she is afraid to go back to being poor. She once had it all but now she is back to having nothing. She is willing to do anything just so she doesn’t go back to being poor again. “Ayaw ko nang maghirap. Ayaw ko na. Lahat gagawin ko para di na bumalik doon.” Monica starts to cry, feeling truly sorry for her friend.

Guards take Angelika to the gate of the resort. She struggles as they drag her out of the premises. Angelika calls on Perfecta to help her but the woman can only look at her mistress with pity.

By the gate, Marimar waits with more men. They drop a huge luggage beside Angelika. “Ayan ang mga damit mo, baka akalain mo pinag-interesan ko pa yang mga yan.” (There are your clothes. You may think I had any interest in them.)

Angelika begs Marimar to let her stay as she has nowhere else to go. “Bakit ikaw, naisip mo ba kung may mapupuntahan ako?” Reminding Angelika she once threw Marimar out not even thinking is she too had any place to go then.

Buntis ako noon. Pinapatay mo pa ako di ba?” (I was pregnant then yet you threw me out. Didn’t you think about that? You even had me killed remember?) Marimar continues to get payback.

Maawa ka, patawarin mo ako.” (Have pity, please forgive me.) Angelika implores her old friend.

But Marimar is not moved, “Bakit ikaw, naawa ka? Pinagtawanan mo lang ako noon.” (Why did you give me any pity? You even laughed at me then)

Angelika grovels as she almost kisses Marimar yellow (yellow!) shoes, “Wala na akong pera, walang matitirhan, maawa ka sa akin.” (I haven’t got any money, no place to stay, please have pity on me.)

Angelika is desperate, “Gagawin ko ang lahat ng gusto mo para huwag mo lang akong palayasin.” (I will do everything you want just let me stay.)

Lahat?” Marimar gets an idea and wants to know if Angelika will indeed do as she asks. “Sige, tingnan natin kung gaano ka ka-desperada.” (Let’s see just how desperate you are.) She helps Angelika stand.

Hindi na kita papalayasin.” (I won’t throw you out anymore.) Angelika gets a glimmer of hope as Marimar shows her the key to the resort’s mansion.

Eto ang susi ng Villa.” As Angelika tries to grab it, Marimar throws it in a muddy puddle. “Kunin mo ang susing yan sa putikan, gamit ang iyong bibig.” (Pick that key from the mud, using only your mouth.)

Angelika is shocked, unable to believe how everything she has done to Marimar before is now happening to her. Karma honey, it really comes round.


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