Marimar Episode 75 – The one where Marimar returns to Villa Santibanez

December 6, 2007

Marimar Episode 75 – The one where Marimar returns to Villa Santibanez
Sergio meets with Atty. Gatchalian, a lawyer Antonio recommends him as he decides to fight for his rights as Cruzita’s biological father.
In another meeting with another lawyer, Atty. Romualdez gives Angelika the contract offer prepared by Ramiram Real Estate.  She tells Senora Santibanez that her staff pulled an all-nighter, “pinagpuyatan yan” just to come up with the contract. 
This raises Angelika’s curiousity, “Bakit kayo atat?” as to why the other party is too eager to buy off the resort.  The lawyer replies that it is situated well and there are many possibilities for additional projects.  This prompts Angelika to play at being hard-to-get declaring that if this were the case, she’d rather not sell and develop the resort herself, “Kung ganoon, ako na lang magpapa-renovate.”
Meanwhile, Innocencia calls Marimar from the Santibanez Motors office to tell her friend that Sergio has been bailed out of prison.  She adds that he’s been meeting with a lawyer and is serious about exercising his paternal rights over Cruzita.
In a hospital somewhere, the kindly Dra. Reyes reads to the comatose Renato.  Nurses nearby commend her for being so caring and supportive of her patients.
Angelika’s lawyer reminds her that renovating the resort herself is next to impossible as she has no money left to do such a thing.  She is also up to her neck in debts.  Atty. Romualdez asks if she is having second thoughts and Angelika’s keen sense of survival is somehow sending her warning signals, “Parang may pumipigil sa akin.”
Bella tells Innocencia that she is ready to battle with Sergio should the issue of parentage concerning Cruzita be taken into court.  The latter reminds her that Sergio does have rights to his own daughter but she cuts their conversation short knowing how dangerous it is should they get caught, adding that Bella and her would talk in detail at home.  Bella thanks her friend, “Salamat sa impormasyon, maaasahan talaga kita,” telling her she can truly depend on Innocencia to be her spy in Sergio’s camp.  Unknown to them, Sergio overheard the last part of their conversation as he accidentally picked up the phone.
The Villa Santibanez lawyer asks Angelika, who is smoking, why she is changing her mind at this crucial moment.  Angelika remains silent as she weighs her internal reservations versus her need for cash.  Attorney Romualdez makes to leave adding that she doesn’t want to waster her time with Angelika’s vacillating decisions.  This brings Angelika back to reality as she grabs the contract and tells the lawyers she is signing it.
She asks the lady attorney if 20 million is indeed their last offer and Atty. Romualdez replies that it is already a very generous offer.  They can buy it from the bank after the company goes bankrupt but they are willing to forego that and allow the owner some profit.
This settled, Angelika signs the contract.  Her lawyer asks, “Di mo na ba babasahin ang kontrata?” (Aren’t you going to go over and read the contract?)
Angelika looks at the thick document and declares, “Kapal nito!  Wag na.  At di naman siguro ako lolokohin ng Ramiram Real Estate di ba?”  She looks at Atty. Romualdez and she starts signing the pages, confident that the buyer will not trick her.
After signing, Angelika complains how her hands ached.  Pleased, the lady legal representative of Ramiram real estate takes the signed document and states that she will have them notarized and send Angelika a copy.
Angelika asks for her money and the woman hands her a cheque.  The former owner of Villa Santibanez is shocked that the money is only worth 300,000 when the agreed price was for 20 million. “Three hundred thousand lang ito.  Twenty million ang usapan natin ah.”
Marimar asks Corazon about Cruzita and the nanny who is obviously not happy with how Marimar is treating Sergio replies, “Natulog na, nakatulugan ang pang-iyak.” (She’s asleep now.  She had been crying all this time.)
Corazon pleads for Cruzita’s sake not  to stop her from seeing her father, whatever it is that is keeping him and Marimar from coming together, “Naaawa ako sa anak mo.  Affected siya sa away ninyo.  Huwag mo sana siyang idamay.”
Marimar defends herself, “Hindi ko siya dinadamay pero anong magagawa ko?”  She is doing her best to keep Cruzita from her differences with Sergio.
Sergio calls in Innocencia to his office and confronts her about what he heard over the phone earlier. “Kelan pa kayo nagging magkaibigan ni Marimar?”
Innocencia hesitates at first, feigning ignorance but Sergio explodes adding, “Wag mo nang dagdagan pa ang problema ko!” and demands she tell him the truth.
Marimar continues to reason out to Corazon, “Magkadugo lang sila, yun lang.  Kelan siya naging ama kay Cruzita?” declaring that the only bond that Sergio and Cruzita have is their common genes/blood but Sergio was never a father to her daughter.  He was not even there when they desperately needed him.  “Asan siya noong panahong kailangan naming siya?”
Corazon reminds Bella about the actual events, “Hindi alam ni sir Sergio.”  That Sergio didn’t know Marimar was pregnant when he left her at her grandparents’ house.
But Marimar is certain he had no plans of her getting pregnant as he didn’t even have any plans of marrying her.  “Wala nga siyang balak magka-anak kami.  Ni wala nga siyang intensiyong pakasalan ako.  Tingin niya kasangkapan lang ako.  Ginamit lang.”  Sergio thought she was just an object he could use for his own benefit.
The nanny understands how hurt she is.  She tells Marimar she knows how she hates Sergio but what about her daughter’s needs?
Marimar asserts her side, stating she doesn’t want to see Sergio and neither does she want to see Cruzita and Sergio together.
Corazon reminds her that Sergio will stop at nothing to be able to spend time with his daughter.  Marimar tells Corazon that Innocencia will inform her of every move that Sergio makes so she can be one step ahead of him and plan properly to thwart his every effort.
Back at Santibanez Motors, Innocencia has no choice but to reveal all to her boss.  She apologizes to Sergio and declares that when Marimar first came to Manila, fate had deemed that they cross paths.  She admitted to helping Marimar and later when she became Bella Aldama, Marimar helped her.  When she makes to leave, Sergio stops her, “Saan ka pupunta?  Mag-iisip ng bagong palusot?  Tinuring kita bilang kaibigan.  Ni minsan wala akong nagawang kasalanan sa iyo.  Paano mo nagawa sa akin iyon?”  (Where are you going?  Off to make-up more excuses?  I treated you kindly and as a friend.  Not once did I ever do anything against you.  How could you do this to me?)
At this point, Innocencia cries of guilt as shame.  She is torn between Sergio’s kindness and her friendship and indebtedness to Marimar. 
Angelika demands why she is only getting 300,000 pesos. Atty. Romualdez explains that had she read the contract she would have seen that part of the agreement is that the buyer will pay-off all the resort’s debts to be able to have a fresh start.  The resort’s total debts run up to 19 million 700 thousand leaving Angelika with only 300 thousand, thus the amount on her cheque is correct.
She seemed disappointed at how little she got after selling all her shares.  Her lawyer advised although quite belatedly that she should have read the contract before signing.
Back in Manila, Atty. Romualdez tells Marimar that their purchase of the Villa Santibanez was successful.  Marimar asks whether Angelika had any doubts as to who the buyer is.  She tells Atty. Romualdez that she is ready to go back to San Martin dela Costa.  “Oras na para malaman nila kung sino ang may-ari ng Villa Santibanez.”  Marimar declares with vengeance primary on her mind.
Despite getting very little money, Angelika chose to shop.  She returns to the Villa with bags of clothes and accessories.  Monica gladly welcomes her stating that she seemed to have gotten her money already.  Angelika declares she got too little of the amount she expected.  Monica whines why her friend didn’t take her along shopping and Angelika replies that next time, she will bring Monica along, “Para may taga-buhat ako”  So she can have someone to carry all her purchases.  She orders Monica, “Iakyat mo na yan” bring her stuff up to her room which the latter quickly follows with a parting shot, “Pasukat na rin.” That she will also try on Angelika’s purchases.  Angelika forbids her to fit her clothes shouting at her not to do it.  “Hoy, Monica!”
Fifi is sad because Fulgoso is leaving with Marimar for San Martin.  She asks why he has to go and why she is left behind.  Fulgoso declares, “She needs me, I’m her bestfriend.”
Marimar bids goodbye to Corazon and Innocencia telling them to look after the place and call her if they need anything.  Above all she asks them to look after Cruzita well.
In San Martin, Angelika gets ready to welcome the new owner of Villa Santibanez.
Marimar apologizes to Corazon about their earlier conversation, “Pasensiya ka na.”  The nanny acknowledges and tells Marimar that she understands. 
To her daughter, she declares, “Mami-miss kita.  Mami-miss mo rin ba ako?  I love you anak.”
I love you too, mommy.”
Bye anak.”
Ingat po kayo mommy.”
Marimar leaves confident that Corazon and Innocencia would look after Cruzita and keep her away from Sergio.
Angelika calls Perfecta and orders her to organize all the staff to clean the resort.  “Ayaw kong mapahiya sa bisita ko.”
Monica exclaims, “How exciting, makikilala na natin ang buyers ng Villa Santibanez.”
I want to make a good impression para madali kong mauto-uto.  Parang ikaw….”  Angelika and Monica share a laugh.
Cruzita asks Corazon when her mother is coming back.  Corazon assures her that her mother is coming back soon. 
Meanwhile, Innocencia is talking to someone on her cell phone agreeing to meet somewhere, “Sige doon na lang tayo magkita.”  She cuts the conversation and asks Corazon to have Cruzita dressed and ready, “May pupuntahan tayo.”  The nanny follows but with some confusion visible on her well-tanned face.
The Villa Santibanez is abuzz with activity.  Everyone is busy preparing it to be pleasing to the new owners.  Angelika calls Perfacta again, this time asking her to clean the Executive Suite as this is where she intends to house her new guests, the new owners of the resort.
A long-stretch white limousine in convoy with four black 4 X 4 vehicles make their way to the rainy and muddly road leading to the Villa Santibanez.
In the lobby, everyone is ready to greet the new arrivals.
Innocencia takes Corazon and Cruzita to a park.  Corazon asks what they are doing there.
Meron kasing gusting makipagkita sa iyo,” she tells Cruzita, “Ayun siya oh!” Innocencia points at Sergio.
Daddy!”  Cruzita cries in delight as she sees her father again who welcomes her into a bug hug.
The child kisses and hugs her father back and says, “Akala ko di na tayo magkikita.”
Sergio replies, “Pwede bang mangyari yon?  Daddy loves you so much.”
Both hug and kiss each other anew.
The limousine stops at the main entrance and from the black 4-wheel drives come 4 men each with an umbrella as there was a drizzle.  The limousine opens to reveal a lady in purple gown, something Angelika would normally wear, eye-catching in its sexiness. (Labas pusod, plunging neckline, sleeveless na backless pa! Basta bongga!)
Diego, Nicandro and Perfecta look like they’ve seen a ghost as the lady in purple enters the lobby and asks, “Kumusta na ang Villa Santibanez.”
Attorney Romualdez who acted as the advance-party tells Angelika and Monica that it’s time to meet her boss.  The two women make their way to the main lobby and both were aghast to see who the new owner of the resort is. 
As the new owner turns to greet Angelika, “Kumusta Angelika.”
Monica’s mouth is wide open, so are her eyes.  Angelika drops the glass of red wine in her hand.
The new owner is none other than Marimar.


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