Marimar episode 74 The one where Marimar buys villa santibanez

December 4, 2007

Marian Rivera

Marimar Episode 74 – The one where Marimar buys  Villa Santibanez
Angelika discusses with her lawyer the possibility of selling her shares to the interested Ramiram Real Estate.  She stresses that what is important is their offer.  If it’s “barat” (meaning very low in price) then she’d rather keep than sell it.
Her lawyer advises her that beggars cannot be choosers and should consider this as a good opportunity to save the dwindling finances of the resort.
In a hospital, Renato is still comatose but the doctor who found him is glad to know that he is strong and that his vital signs are now stable.  A more senior doctor informed her that they may have to remove the still unknown patient from life support very soon. 
Sergio camps out of Marimar’s home as he sits in front of the picket fenced gate.  Guards are all over the home but he ignores them.  Marimar comes out demanding what he is doing there, “Sergio, anong ginagawa mo dito?”
Sergio stands and pleads to Marimar that he wants to explain everything.  She declines telling him that she can see through what he is trying to do.  Sergio is trying to make Marimar look bad in Cruzita’s eyes by not allowing her father to come see her.
The young racer again asks Marimar to speak to him but she shouts at him, “Para ano pa?  Para sabihin mo sa akin na peke ang kasal natin?”  (What for?  To tell me that our marriage was a fake?)
The elder doctor is the hospital’s director and it is upon his orders to remove Renato’s life support system.  Worried about the decision, the kindly lady doctor talks to the sleeping Renato assuring him that she will not leave his side until he regains consciousness.
Sergio asks for Marimar’s forgiveness.  But Marimar shrugs it off telling her fake ex-husband that she should at least be thankful for him, as now she indeed is certain that he has no rights over her.
Mahal kita.”
Mahal?”  She comes over to Sergio standing by the picket fence and slaps him hard with her left hand. (Marimar is a lefty?)  “Hinding hindi na ako maniniwala sa iyo at kahit totoo, wala na akong pakialam!”  (I will never ever believe anything you say and even if it’s the truth I really don’t care anymore!)
She reminds him that the restraining order against him is still enforced so he better leave is he doesn’t want the police to send him to jail.  Sergio grabs Marimar’s arm and asks where Cruzita is.  Marimar shakes his hold off but he is much stronger than her.  In her pain and frustration, she tells him, “Please stop hurting me!  Tuwing nakikita kita, pasakit ng pasakit.  Sa tingin mo ba madali para sa akin na kausapin kita?  Na lapitan kita?  Wala ba akong puso?  Tingnan mo ginawa mo sa akin, tingnan mo!”  (Whenever I see you the pain keeps growing.  Do you think I find this easy, talking to you, getting near you?  Do you think I do not have a heart?  Take a look at what you’ve done to me, look!)
Sergio let’s go of her hand, stunned at how he never thought about how all this is affecting the woman he loves.  He sees, as if for the first time, the pain he had caused her and he feels truly sad.  He watches her as she goes back inside the house full of regret and remorse.
He looks up the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of Cruzita or Marimar, but he finds none.  With a sad sigh he turns to leave.  Marimar looks out from one of the windows on the second floor crying still for the greatest love of her life who is also her heart’s greatest pain.  She leaves the window seeing he is getting in his car.  Sergio takes another look up the windows but finds them empty, Marimar is no longer there.
The Villa Santibanez lawyer introduces Angelika to Atty. Romuladez, the lawyer who represents Ramiram real estate.
Attorney Romualdez tells Angelika that she’s been around the resort and she likes what she saw.  In return Angelika acknowledges that she’s seen their offer and is quite happy at how generous they seem to be.  Both parties confirm that Angelika is selling of her entire share of 70 per cent.  Atty. Romualdez declares that all the paperwork is being readied for the deal to be sealed.
Back at the Aldama home Cruzita asks her mother if she is going to work.  Marimar admits that she has some work to do.  The child asks when she is going to be able to see her father.  Marimar keeps silent about this issue.
Innocencia asks Antonio if he is indeed close to Sergio.  Antonio admits he has known Sergio since their days at school and he reveals that his friend is indeed quite a playboy.  It is only with one girl that Sergio seemed to get really serious and committed and that person is none other than Marimar.
Marimar stalls for some time and explains to Cruzita, “Meron lang kaming di pinagkakaunawaan ng daddy mo sa ngayon.” (Your father and I are still trying to come to an agreement over something.)  Cruzita asks her when she can see her father.  Marimar evades this question by telling her daughter that she has to go to work.  She tells Cruzita, “I love you.”  Cruzita returns the statement, “I love you too”  but with an added declaration, “I love my daddy too.”
Antonio confirms this fact to Innocencia, “Mahal na mahal ni Sergio si Marimar.”  Innocencia felt obligated to give some hint on the true feelings of Marimar for Sergio and hopes that Antonio would pass on the information.  “Kausapin mo si Sergio.  Sabihin mo sa kanya na kalimutan na niya si Marimar at huwag nang umasa pa dahil masasaktan lang siya ng husto at sa huli, dir in siya magtatagumpay.”  (Talk to Sergio.  Tell him to forget about Marimar and not keep any hope of getting back with her because he will only he hurt in the end and he will not be able to win her back.)
Rodolfo waits for someone in a coffee shop.  He looks anxious until Marimar arrives apologizing for how late she is. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”  Rodolfo only smiles telling her that he’s used to her keeping him waiting all the time.
After their talk, Rodolfo and Bella returned to her office and there,  they are discussing again their wedding.  It seems that Bella had changed her mind about not marrying Rodolfo.  She is now keen on having it done, “the sooner better,” with Rodolfo declaring that he is “willing to wait.”
Rodolfo is pleased that Bella looks eager to marry him. He declares, “I will be a good husband and father to Cruzita.”  He adds that he’d like to adopt Cruzita so she will carry his name, San Inez.  But Marimar tells him, “Thanks but no thanks.  Kahit kasal na tayo, Aldama pa rin ang gagamitin ko, pati na si Cruzita.”  (Even when we’re already married, I will keep using Aldama and so will Cruzita.)
Pero Bella,” Rodolfo moves to protest.  “Nakapgdesisyon na ako, din a magbabago iyon.”  Marimar tells him that she’s made up her mind and that wouldn’t change anymore.
Rodolfo seemed pissed but he kept quiet not wanting to upset Marimar and lose the chance of marrying her and her money for the second time.
Rodolfo arrives at Marimar’s home to find Sergio by the gate.  “Santibanez, we meet again.”  Rodolfo greets his rival with a sly smile.
Sergio gusto mo pumasok?  Sorry, nakalimutan kop ala yung tungol sa fake na wedding ninyo.  Grabe ka talagang manggamit!  What a loser.  Nabalitaan mo na ba ang tungkol sa kasal namin?  This time sisiguraduhin kong totoo ang kasal namin.  Sorry, di ka pwedeng pumasok.”  Warning Sergio about the restraining order set my Marimar against him.
Sergio retorts, “Kahit ano pang sabihin, kahit sabihin pa niyang hindi na niya ako mahal, ako mahal ko siya.”  Telling Rodolfo he will prove to be a strong rival and contender still despite Marimar not wanting him or not loving him anymore.
Dami mo pang sinabi.  Ikulong nyo na iyan!”  Rodolfo lost his suave cool when he orders the police to take Sergio away to prison.
Innocencia talks to Marimar asking her, “hindi ka ba naawa,” if she doesn’t pity Sergio being sent by Rodolfo to prinson.
Naawa ba siya sa akin noong niloko niya ako?  Hindi siya dapat kaawaan!”  Marimar defends her strong emotions to her friend, stating Sergio didn’t pity her when he toyed with her and fooled her.  She tells Innocencia that Sergio doesn’t deserve to be pitied.
Attorney Romualdez arrives in Manila at the Aldama home and she tells Marimar that Angelika is ready to sign the papers, selling the Villa Santibanez property to her.  Marimar smiles, “Ipaparamdam ko sa kanila ang poot at galit ko.”  She swears they will all feel her wrath.
Monica is talking to Angelika about selling her shares of the resort.  “Ibebenta mo?”
Oo palugi na kasi.”
Kilala mo na ba ang buyer?”
  “Why not?”
Back in Manila, Bella orders Attorney Romualdez to prepare everything at once.  She is eager to have this deal sealed as soon as possible.
Angelika tells Monica that in business it is no longer necessary to know the other party as usually it is the lawyers that arrange things.  “Buti nga may bumili pa.”  Monica adds.
Angelika notes that the buyer are, “medyo bobo,” a bit stupid.  “Ang daming mas magagandang resort ito pa pinili.”
Monica laughs even if Angelika insults that the resort’s buyers are just like her, somewhat dim-witted.
Innocencia is surprised that Miramar is interested in the resort.  She asks her friend why she wants to buy it.  Miramar replies, “Ang daming hirap na dinanas ko sa lugar na iyon.  Parang basura ang turing nila sa akin doon.  Ngayon, ipaparamdam ko naman sa kanila ang aking paghihiganti.”  (I experienced so many hardships and pain in that place.  They treated me like trash there.  Now, it is my turn to let them feel my vengeance.)
The lawyer adds that Angelika wanted to meet the future owner but forgot about it when she offered her a huge amount for the deal.  Marimar can only scoff at how materialistic Angelika is, “Mukhang pera talaga ang Angelikang iyon.”
Changing the subject to another painful issue, Marimar asked the lady attorney is she checked on her and Sergio’s wedding papers.  The lawyer declares she checked and there are no records of her marriage to Sergio, so “peke nga”, it’s indeed a fake.  Marimar looked truly sad at this revelation.
Antonio comes to bail Sergio out of jail.  He tells his friend, “Palamig muna kayo.  Galit pa si Marimar.” 
Marimar confirms with her lawyer that with her marriage null and void, then Sergio has no right over Cruzita.  Innocencia who is also present, points out a fact that Sergio is still Cruzita’s father.  The lawyer sides with Marimar telling her that Sergio does not have any legal right to her daughter.    Sergio must prove that he is indeed the father.  Her lawyer assures her, “Kakampi mo ang batas dito” (The law is your ally in this case.)  Marimar smiles.
Cruzita cries to Corazon telling her nanny that she wants to see her daddy.  Marimar eavesdrops on their conversation as Corazon tells the little girl to wait just a little longer.
Attorney Gatchalian is introduced to Sergio by Antonio.   The lawyer tells Sergio that he has checked Cruzita’s birth certificate.  Originally, the child was named Cruzita Perez until it got changed to Cruzita Aldama and there is no mention of the father. 
Corazon assures the distressed child that her parents both love her.  Marimar feels sorry for her daughter but she remains steadfast in her decision not to let Sergio see Cruzita for now.  Meantime Cruzita whines that she can see other kids with both parents together while she has none.  Corazon tells her to pray to baby Jesus.  The child reveals she has been praying but her mom continues to be angry with her dad.
Attorney Gatchalian tells it straight to Sergio, “You may be her father but I’m sorry to say this, sa mata ng batas, hindi mo siya anak.”   That in the eyes of the law, there is no evidence that Cruzita is his daughter.  (Why is the lawyer talking in a funny accent?  Is he channeling some sort of Eddie Garcia character from a movie somewhere?)
Sergio is certain.  “Anak ko si Cruzita at ako ang tatay niya.”  (Cruzita is my daughter and I am his father.)  He is determined to exercise his right as Cruzita’s father.

My take:  Bakit naman kasi hindi pa noon pinapalitan ni Sergio yung papeles?  Nung nakabalik na siya at sure na siya na mahal niya si Marimar….bakit hindi niya pinbago ulit yung documents to make their marriage legal and binding.  Tapos iniwan niya lang dun sa resort na nakatiwangwang ni hindi nakalagay sa isang filing cabinet na naka-kandado para man lang walang makabasa nito…. haay, stupid eh! 


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