Marimar episode 72 – the one with their romantic date

November 28, 2007

marquotes1.jpgMarimar Episode 72 – The one where Sergio and Marimar date
Corazon talks to Marimar trying to bridge the gap between her and Sergio.  She tells the young woman that she understands everything she went through, all the hardships, but that is all in the past.  “Isipin mo si Cruzita and her happiness.  It is possible.”  The jolly cook refers to her and Sergio getting back together.
Marimar admits she is confused, “Inaamin ko, nalilito ako.”  She tells Corazon that in her heart she still has feelings for Sergio but he fooled her, and used her.   She thought that marrying Sergio would be the start of something wonderful in her life.  Little did she know that it would be the beginning of all her sorrows and pain.
The kind lady doctor who found Renato checks up on him asking the nurse about his progress.   The nurse reports that all his vital signs are OK and leaves the doctor who wonders who the man is and why no one has come looking for him.
Corazon urges Marimar to forget all her sorrows and pain in the past.  She tells the once naïve lass that she must hold true instead to her marriage vows.  “Nanumpa kayo sa Diyos, sa tao, sa tanan!  Till deaths do you part.”  That line where you have to love one another in good and bad times, she stresses, that should be upheld – the love.
Sergio is excited as he confirms his order for ten dozen roses over the phone.  He asks Arturo whether the catering had been arranged.  The gay driver nods, “Na-order ko na llahat ng paboritong pagkain ni Marimar.” Telling his boss that he’s ordered all of Marimar’s favorite food. 
Santibanez asks about his suit, if it has been sent to the dry cleaners and Arturo states that indeed it has.  He comments, “Naku, talagang kina-career mo ang panunuyo kay Marimar ha” that Sergio is seriously pursuing Marimar.  The young racer reveals, “I want this (night) to be perfect.”
Rodolfo and Bella meet in a coffee shop.  The young businessman thanks her for agreeing to see him.  Rodolfo isn’t giving up on his plans to marry Marimar and tells her so, “Everyone knows about our wedding.”
Marimar apologises, “Sorry but I don’t love you.”  Rodolfo treats it like a business merger, telling her to enter into this joint venture and given a few years perhaps, she’ll surely learn to love him back.  “In time, matututunan mo rin akong mahalin.”
Sorry,”  Marimar repeats.  She tells Rodolfo that she has to go and leaves.  Rodolfo is left, desperate to marry Bella Aldama and her billions.
Sergio tells Arturo he will do everything to win back his family, “Gagawin ko ang lahat para makuha ulit ang pamilya ko.”
Arturo asks his boss about his secret, the one pertaining to his marriage with Marimar.  Sergio is quick to stop Arturo from ever mentioning it to anyone.  “Walang dapat makaalam niyan.”  He adds that when he’s back together with Marimar, he will fix things to make them right.
Angelika is back at the resort and talks to a municipality staff and confirms that the marriage documents of Sergio and Marimar are indeed fake.  She is happy to know this and perhaps gets a glimmer of hope that Sergio may still want her, granting that he didn’t really marry Marimar.  She tells Monica that they are going back to Manila right now.
Monica who is talking with her husband, Diego is about to protest.  Diego whines, “Ano aalis na naman kayo, kadarating nyo lang” that the two are leaving again when they’ve just arrived.  This irks Angelika as she snaps at her ex-body guard telling him to shut up if he knows what is good for him.  Monica asks what will they be doing and why the rush.
Angelika replies with an excited aura, “Dadalawin natin si MarimarMay pasasabugin lang tayong magandang balita sa kanya.”  She tells Monica that they are going to go see Marimar and tell her some juicy bit of wonderful news.
Bella arrives from work and sees Sergio on the stairs leading to the second floor, talking to Cruzita, Corazon and Fulgoso (Well I guess, he’s not really talking to Fulgoso but the dog does talk to the viewers!)
Hi baby!”  She greets her daughter who runs to her and gives her a kiss and a warm embrace.
Look mommy, binigyan ako ni daddy ng kwintas.”  The child shows Marimar the necklace Sergio gave her.  Marimar smiles and asks whether she’s thanked her father properly. Remember Gustavo also gave Marimar a special necklace…parallels sila ni Cruzita! Like mother like daughter ang dating.
Cruzita pulls Marimar and makes her sit beside Sergio who remains smiling but doesn’t say anything.  Cruzita shares, “Mommy may sasabihin sa iyo si daddy” that her father wants to say something to Marimar.  The child raises her curiosity by adding, “super important.”
Marimar asks her daughter, “Cruzita, ano yon?”  Not getting any reply but a huge smile, she turns to Sergio asking him what it is about.  Sergio only adds to the suspense when he tells her, “Secret na eh!” Firm on secrecy he reveals nothing too. 
This stresses Marimar a bit and prompts Cruzita to give her mother some advise, “Mommy relax, mas kinakabahan nga si daddy!”  (Relax, daddy is more nervous than you!)
Our heroine smiles at her daughter, looks at Sergio and back at Cruzita, pinches her cheecks as she exclaims, “Manang-mana ka sa tatay mo!” (You’re just like your dad!)
Happy to have both parents in one roof and definitely part of the secret, Cruzita bids them goodnight and states, “I love you.” Addressed to both Marimar and Sergio as she goes up the stairs to her room. 
Fulgoso and Corazon move to follow but not without some canine comment from the loyal mutt, “Marimar, huwag ka nang pakipot.  Sarap ng hinanda ni Sergio.  Tirhan mo ako ha?”  (Don’t play hard-to-get.  Sergio prepared a delicious feast.  Leave some for me ok?)
Sergio and Marimar are now alone on the staircase.  She tells him playfully, “Pati anak natin, kinukuntsaba mo!” (You’re conniving even with our daughter!)  Sergio only laughs and pulls her to her feet.
He takes her out of the house as Marimar asks him what’s going on.  He remains silent but his smile is full of promise which keeps her want to keep walking.  They go to the back in the garden where there is a huge gazebo set for a romantic dinner for two.  Sergio sits Marimar and stands behind her.  Marimar looks at the prepared food, unsure what to react.
From a short distance, Fifi and Fulgoso watch the couple.  Fifi, “Kakakilig naman silang panoorin!  Kakainggit!” The female mutt finds Sergio and Marimar such a romantic couple, and gushes that she feels envious as she watches them.  Fulgoso remarks, “Kakainggit?  Kakagutom kamo!”  he isn’t really envious of their romance, he is more interested in their food.
Sino nagluto nito?”  Marimar asks Sergio who prepared all the food.
Ako,” he replies, “Para sa iyo.”  He tells Marimar he cooked it for her as he plants a soft kiss on her forehead.  (Sergio you stupid liar!  You had it catered!  Stop lying and tell the truth already!)
Marimar stands, “Ayaw ko kumain” and tells Sergio she is not eating.  She stands by the railing and he stands behind her, towering on her small frame.  She tells him, “Baka may gayuma pa yan.”  (Perhaps the food contains aphrodisiacs.)  She jokes and he plants small kisses on her left shoulder.
Sergio concedes, “OK don’t eat but tonight, I’ll be your slave.”  Marimar gives him a naughty smile when he promised her that he will do anything she wants him to do.  Sergio kisses her shoulder again as Marimar thinks of ways to punish her new slave.
Monica and Angelika are driving to the city.  Monica looks tired and not interested but has no choice but accompany her friend.  She tries to convince her that it is best they return to Villa Santibanez and do all these tomorrow.  But Angelika couldn’t be stopped.  She tells Monica that she can’t wait to see the look on Marimar’s face once she tells her rival of Sergio’s secret.
Despite enjoying the tirade between herself and Sergio, Marimar stops herself to face reality and asks her husband what is going on, “Anong nangyayari dito Sergio?”
Sergio doesn’t think twice when he answers her, “Nililigawan kita.” (I’m courting you.)
She moves away from him, to another part of the gazebo as she tells him, “Ayaw ko, niloko mo na ako.”  (I don’t want you courting me.  You’ve already fooled me once before.)
Corazon is also looking in on the couple as she smiles and gushes.  Innocencia arrives asking her what is it she’s looking at smiling and giggling like a school girl.  Corazon points to Sergio and Marimar and Innocencia smiles as she sees the cause of Corazon’s girlish reactions.  (Does this mean OK na si Innocencia if Marimar and Sergio get back.  Willing ba siya to just set aside her feelings for Sergio, for the happiness of her friend and benefactor?  How sublime!  Sige na girl, ibaling mo na lang ang pagtingin mo kay Antonio.)
Sergio comes to her and looks her in the eye.  Marimar’s eyes start to glisten as Sergio expresses his love for her.  He adds, “Kung ano ako ngayon, dahil iyon sa iyo.” (Whatever I may be now, it is because of you.)
Marimar is now in tears, hearing the words she longed to hear but a little bit to late with a lot of heataches in between.  She tells him, “Hindi ako naniniwala.”  She no longer believes in Sergio’s words.
After a while, Innocencia tells Corazon that the couple need privacy.  It is best to leave them for now.  She asks about Cruzita and the nanny tells her that her ward is asleep.  Innocencia suggests they better make their way to bed as well, telling Corazon that it’s best if she went to check on Cruzita.
Marimar speaks about her life after Sergio left her.  “Sa tuwing naaalala ko yung nakaraan ko, nasasaktan ako, namamatay ako.  Kaya kung sasaktan mo muli ako Sergio, hindi ko mapapangako sa iyo na hindi ako mamamatay.”  (Whenever I remember my past, I get hurt, I die a little inside.  So if you are just going to hurt me again, Sergio, I cannot promise you that this time I won’t die.)
Sergio looks at her as he takes it in.  He solemnly pledges his love for his wife as he apologises for all his mistakes in the past.  “Patawarin mo ako kung nasaktan kita.  Patawarin mo ako kung di ko nasabi sa iyo kung gaano ka kahalaga sa akin.  Patawarin mo ako kung mas mahal mo ako noon.  Pero noon yon.”  He looks he in the eye as he implores her, “Give me another chance.”
Sergio takes Marimar’s face in his hands as he declares, “Marimar ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo, higit pa sa pagkatao ko.  Mahal na mahal kita.”  (My love for you is greater than my being.  I love you very much.)
He kisses her deeply as he tries to take away her doubts.  She cries but succumbs to his kiss.
Corazon is in Cruzita’s bedroom and the child is still awake.  She asks her nanny whether her parents are getting back together again.  Corazon admits that she is not sure but she constantly prays to the Sto. Nino (The baby Jesus) that they will indeed reconcile and be together again.  The nanny adds, “Kasi labs naman nila ang isa’t isa.” (After all, they still do love one another.)
Antonio is wondering out loud whether Sergio is still coming back in the office.  Arturo tells him it depends.  If Sergio manages to win Marimar back tonight, they will no longer see him as he will be too preoccupied on his lady love.  If he isn’t successful, he will surely come back seeking their sympathy and their company as he drowns his sorrows in conversations with them.  Antonio commends how Sergio is earnest in his pursuit of Marimar and hopes the two get back together so Sergio could be happy at last.  The loyal friend comments that getting back shouldn’t really be a problem, after all, they are still married.
Monica is looking at the map matching it with the address to Marimar’s home.  She asks whether it’s the right address and Angelika confirms it should be correct given the bribe she had to give to get it.  Monica looks at the map and asks her friend, “Papaano ba magbasa ng mapa?”  (How should one read a map?)  Furious, Angelika grabs the map from her sometimes daft side-kick.
The kiss ends and their faces, now so close together search one another’s eyes – trying to gauge each other’s true feelings, the longings of the other’s soul.
Marimar begins, “Kung mamahalin ba kita uli, mapapangako mo ba sa akin na hindi mo na ako paiiyakin?” (If I loved you again, would you be able to promise me that you won’t let my cry anymore?)
Sergio sincerely promises, “Hindi na kita sasaktan.  Hindi kita paiiyakin.” (I won’t hurt you.  I won’t make you cry.)
Pag minahal ba kita uli, mapapangako mo ba sa akin na hindi mo na ako iiwan?” (If I loved you again, would you be able to promise me that you’ll never ever leave me?)
Hinding-hindi na kita iiwanan.” (I will never ever leave you.)
Pag minahal ba uli kita, maipapangako mo ba sa akin na ako lang ang iibigin mo?” (If I loved you again, would you be able to promise me that you will love none other but me?)
Ikaw lang at wala nang iba.” (Only you and no one else.)
Like a wedding vow, at its end, when both have given their pledges, Sergio kisses his wife.  Despite being afraid of being burned and hurt, Marimar kisses her husband back.
Sergio declares, “Mahal na mahal kita.” (I love you very much.)
There is some fear still written on Marimar’s face but she smiles this time as they kiss again.  Sergio kisses Marimar’s forehead tenderly as she takes his hand and places it on her heart.
Sergio looks at her and this time, she lets go of the past and opens her heart back to the one man she loves.  “Sergio, mahal na mahal ka ng puso ko.  At kahit kelan, hindi tumigil ang pagtibok nito.  Sa iyo lang Sergio.  Sa iyo lang.”  (My heart loves only you.  It has never stopped beating for you, Sergio.  It beats only for you.)
Arturo divulges to Antonio that Sergio and Marimar’s marriage was all a hoax, a fake.  Antonio can see dark clouds in the horizon for his friend.  He can only imagine Marimar’s reaction when she, if she ever finds out.
Sergio is full of joy at Marimar’s profession of love for him and he doesn’t hesitate as he takes her hand and places it on his own heart.  “Mahal na mahal kita Marimar, at ikaw lang ang tinitibok ng puso ko.  Ikaw lang.” (I love you very much, Marimar and it is only for you that my heart beats.  It is only you.)
They kiss again, this time with more passion as they hold each other’s promises as talismans to help them face all the odds. (Ay kilig talaga!  Ang hirap mag-take notes habang nakatutok sa mga romantic eksena nina Sergio at Marimar!  They truly sizzle as a love-tandem!  Aw!  P.S. Forgive all the exclamation points, I’m just soooo kileeeeeeeg!  Grabeh!)

Monica and Angelika finally arrive at the address.  The former hesitates, “Huwag na kaya tayo tumuloy?”  But Angelika ignores her and gets out of the vehicle.  She comes to the gate and ask for Marimar telling the guard that she is a friend and has come to just give her something.  The guard allows her to enter and she makes her way towards the garden behind (or beside?) the house.
Angelika wastes no time in disrupting the romantic scene. “Hi Marimar!  Sergio!  Andito ka rin pala.  Mabuti at may kinalaman sa iyo ang pagpunta ko dito.”  (Hi Marimar and Sergio, I’m glad you’re also here as what I’m about to divulge mainly concerns you.)
Marimar is surprised that Angelika found her home and is here!  Angelika tells her she knows everything, “Yes I know, ang basurang si Marimar ay si Bella Aldama.  Di ba bestfriend mo ako?”  (Yes I know that the filth that was Marimar is none other than the heiress Bella Aldama.  Aren’t I your best friend back then?)
Marimar asks her what she wants and Angelika tells her that she should ask Sergio.  Sergio can see the envelop and knows what it contains.  He tries to stop Angelika but this time, Marimar wants to be told the truth.  She looks at Sergio.  He looks alarmed but does not say anything.
Angelika takes the ball, “And since napipi ka na, let me do the honors…” (Since you’ve gone mute, let me do the honors…)
Tumahimik ka!”  Sergio shouts at Angelika to shut up.
Bakit Sergio, ayaw mo bang malaman ng asawa mo ang sikreto mo?  Ooops, di mo pala siya asawa – isang kasinungalingan lang pala ang kasal ninyo.” (Why don’t you want your wife to find out about your secret.  Ooops sorry, she’s not really your wife, your marriage was a fake!)
Angelika looks happy to have dropped the bomb.  Sergio is shocked, unsure of how to seek Marimar’s understanding, just when they seemed to be so close to reconciliation.  More so is Marimar who seemed to have lost all hope for her and Sergio.


3 Responses to “Marimar episode 72 – the one with their romantic date”

  1. Prizz Says:

    I’ve read all your blogs about marimar and found it entertaining. Even though I watch this series in local channel, I still watch it again on youtube and read your blog. Cant get enough of it.

    This is the last episode where they were happy as a family. And as a couple. I dont know when will be the next but I’m patiently waiting for it.

    Thanks for this!

  2. marimaryann Says:

    Thanks for reading. Just knowing there are a few of you out there keeps me going. It is truly a joy to share. It’s the end so that’s that. I’ll post recaps till the last episode. It’s been a great ride.

    Keep visiting!

    Cheers 🙂

  3. jolan Says:

    very romantic..nd i enjoyed watching this drama serye…thanx 4 a good show… go mari mar keep goin

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