Marimar episode 71 – The one with the Santibanez Family Fun Day

November 27, 2007

Direk Joyce on Marian

Marimar Episode 71 – The One with the happy family – Sergio, Marimar and Cruzita
Angelika tells Monica about the truth she has discovered about Bella Aldama when she overheard Rodolfo and Bruno talking.  Monica couldn’t believe it. “Kaya naman pala magkamukhang-magkamuha yang si Bella Aldama at si Marimar!”  Monica exclaims.  Now realizing that the uncanny resemblance is because they are one and the same person.
But she stops and asks Angelika another important question.  Didn’t Angelika have Marimar killed?
This all the more irks Angelika who snaps, “Ewan ko ba!  Palpak talaga itong si Nicandro, siya ang papatayin ko!” (I don’t know.  This Nicandro is such a screw-up!  I’m really going to kill him!)
Marimar who has finally allowed Cruzita some bonding time with her father  tells her daughter that she is leaving her with Corazon and Sergio.  Sergio asks her if she’d like to stay and this was immediately seconded by a pleading Cruzita, “Please mommy, please, please, please….”
Marimar looks down at the man she loves who is crouched beside the most important thing in her life.  He says, “Pagbigyan mo na ang bata.” (Indulge the child.)
Monica is talking non-stop, excited about the fact that Marimar is alive and is now the rich, glamourous and uber-pretty Bella Aldama.  She tells Angelika, “Kaya pala ganun ang ginawa sa iyo ni Bella Aldama, gumaganti lang siya.  Oh no, di ka ba natatakot?  Baka patayin ka rin niya?” (No wonder she’s been doing this to you, she’s just seeking vengeance.  Oh no, aren’t you afraid that she’ll kill you too?)  Monica recalls Angelika had Marimar killed so perhaps to retaliate, the rich and powerful Bella could have Angelika killed too.
Angelika brushes it aside telling Monica that if Bella wanted to kill her, she would have done so a long time ago.  She curses, “Lecheng babaeng yan, parang pusa, ayaw mamatay-matay!” (That woman is like a cat; she seems to have nine lives!)
The evil Senora Santibanez however is still confident that when it comes to being scheming and evil, she is better than Marimar.  “Pero di ako patatalo, pagdating sa kamalditahan, panalo pa rin ako.”  Angelika smiles at Monica.
Cruzita continues to beg and after a pause Marimar relents addressing her daughter, “Alam mo namang hindi kita kayang tanggihan.” (You know I couldn’t say no to you.)
Both Cruzita and Sergio exclaim, “Yes!” Happy that the woman they both love is spending precious time with them too.  The small Santibanez-Aldama family is complete at last and for the very first time.
Music plays as we see Sergio, Marimar and Cruzita pose for some picture-taking with Corazon as the photographer.  Just like what Sergio and Marimar used to do, and what Marimar does with Cruzita, they cover their faces with their hands and when they’re ready, open showing happy, sad, angry or funny faces.
Cruzita requested that Sergio put his hand on Marimar’s face, Marimar’s hand covers Cruzita’s face and the child covers her father’s face.  They all seem to enjoy making faces with Corazon relishing the part of the clicker as well.  There was a look that Sergio and Marimar shared after one such game where she gave Sergio a flippant glare with one eyebrow raised higher than the other.  Sergio smiles at her as Marimar looks away.
After several shots Cruzita asks Marimar to kiss her father.  Sergio moves to oblige but Marimar takes a while to acquiesce.  A few heartbeats and she too leans in toward Sergio and they kiss, Cruzita happy to see her parents lips locked in a solemn kiss, both pairs of eyes closed.  Corazon couldn’t hide her excitement and happiness seeing the two and she snapped multiple shots to capture the moment.
Cruzita exclaims, “Mommy ito ang pinakamasaya kong araw!” (This is my happiest day ever!)
Sergio and Marimar both share a look as they smile at Cruzita.
Meanwhile, Monica and Angelika are in the car having been kicked out of their hotel.  She asks Angelika what her plans are now.  Angelika tells her friend that they are returning to San Martin dela Costa.  There she will plan her revenge to once and for all get rid of Marimar.
Monica comments that her plans may no longer work as Marimar is now rich, while Angelika had become slightly poor.  Marimar is now very pretty and sophisticated while Angelika had sort of let herself go.  Monica is quick to add, “medyo” (just a little).  “Dehado ka na! (You’re at a disadvantage!)  At this point Angelika tries to push Monica out of the vehicle.  The comic best friend apologises and pretends to fall asleep.  Angelika swears out loud, “Di pa tayo tapos Marimar, babalikan kita!” (We’re not through yet, Marimar, I will get back what is owed me.)
Arturo and Antonio are in the office and the gay asks Antonio to go grab a bite with him.  “Halika kain tayo, gutom na ako.  Libre kita.” 
Antonio tells Arturo who even offers to pick the tab that he is still waiting for Sergio to return.  He tells Arturo he is not his type and the young man adds, if Arturo wants them to have lunch together, then he should also ask the company of Innocencia whom Antonio seems to be eyeing with growing interest!   He points to her with his lips not wanting the lady to realize he is talking about her. (I like the pair, I hope they end up together!  Been wondering about that.  Also if all ends well, maybe Tia Esperanza could fall for Renato, both are in their maturer years and would welcome one another’s company.  Arturo can have Diego, if Monica gets imprisoned with Angelika for being accessory to the many crimes she has done.  Nicandro can end up with Perfecta… oh the possibilities!)
It is early evening and Sergio takes home Cruzita with Corazon and of course, Marimar.  Father and daughter are inseparable with Cruzita asking Sergio to tell her about her mom.  Sergio exclaims, “Ang dami kong kwento tungkol sa mommy mo!” (I have some many stories about your mom!) and both run to the swing by the porch to continue their conversation.
A little behind is Marimar and Corazon who both are silent but looking quite happy.  Corazon exclaims that she’s never seen Cruzita so happy.  “Sabik sa father niya!” (She truly missed having a father!)
Both women look at the two who are talking animatedly on the swing. 
Corazon takes the opportunity to offer her advice to Marimar.  “Hindi naman sa nakikialam ako ha, huwag ka sanang magalit.  Kasi alam ko naman ang pwedto ko, kung saan ko ilagay ang sarili ko.  Pero napamahal na talaga sa akin si Cruzita at para ito sa kabutihan niya.  Huwag na lang nimong paglayuin ang mag-ama.”  (It’s not that I’m trying to intrude so please do not be angry with me.  I know my place and I know it’s not in my position to offer any advice but I have learned to love Cruzita and care for her like she is my own and this is for her sake.  Please do not separate her from her father.)
Antonio continues to ask Arturo about things he knows about Innocencia having both worked at Villa Santibanez at San Martin dela Costa but Arturo declares they were really not that close.  She worked for Sergio in the office and Marimar used to be so jealous of her.  “Feeling niya inaagaw ng girlalung yan ang jowa niya.” (Marimar felt that Innocencia was trying to take Sergio away from her.)  Antonio asks the gay man whether there was any basis for Marimar’s jealousy.   Arturo doesn’t comment, unsure about her and Sergio’s history.  (What would Marimar do to Innocencia if she ever found out her closest confidante did fall for Sergio and is a relative of Angelika at that!  Was it ever mentioned between them? I can’t recall now…)
Marimar goes to Cruzita and Sergio and tells her daughter that maybe her father wants to leave.  She explains to the child that perhaps Sergio may have other appointments or meetings to attend to.  Sergio is quick to reply that he would cancel everything in a heartbeat to spend more time with his daughter.
He tells her daughter that he will stay but that she must go and get changed.  The child leaves with Corazon with a request for Sergio, “Huwag kang aalis!” (Don’t leave!)
Alone together, Sergio stands beside Marimar.  He tells her, “Kakapalan ko na mukha ko, is it OK if I stay for a while?” (I’m going to overstay my welcome by staying a bit longer.  I hope it’s okay.)
Marimar doesn’t comment but she doesn’t budge from her position and is now side by side with her ex-husband.  Sergio takes her hand in his.  Both look down seeing their hands clasped together.  Marimar remains silent but doesn’t make a move to take her hand away.  Sergio smiles to himself seeing hope for reconciliation.  
Rodolfo arrives and enters the gate.
Sergio looks into Marimar’s eyes and honestly reveals, “Na-miss kita, sobra.” (I miss you so much.)
Marimar feels the same and she tries to lean towards him, ready to kiss each other when Rodolfo calls her name, “Bella!”
Rodolfo?  Anong ginagawa mo dito?” (What are you doing here?)
Bakit?  Meron bang dahilan kung dalawin ko ang fiancée ko?  Bakit kasama mo si Santibanez?” (Must I have a reason to visit my fiancee?  Why is Santibanez with you?)
Sergio couldn’t help but answer, “Dahil ako ang ama ni Cruzita.” (Because I am Cruzita’s father.)
Marimar stops him from talking anymore and faces Rodolfo with a statement. “Alam na ni Sergio ang totoo.” (Sergio knows the truth)  Admitting that she had revealed all to her ex-husband and now Rodolfo’s bargaining power – his threat – had been eliminated. (Yehey!)
Rodolfo insists that they can have their marriage annulled.  He will even help with the paperwork.  This irks Sergio who tries to confront Rodolfo but Marimar stops both men and tells Rodolfo, “Kung anuman ang namagitan sa amin ni Sergio, labas ka na roon.  Kaya umalis ka na at baka may masabi pa akong hindi maganda.” (Whatever happened between me and Sergio is no longer your business.  Please leave for I may not be able to help myself and say hurtful things to you.)
Rodolfo stops short.  Marimar insists, “Please leave.”
After a moment, he turns around and leaves the two behind.  Marimar and Sergio have been holding hands all that time!
Marimar turns to Sergio after Rodolfo has gone and tells him that perhaps it is better for him to leave as well, “Siguro kailangan mo na rin umalis.” (Didn’t Cruzita ask him to stay?)
Sergio accepts this time, “OK.  Goodnight
Goodnight.”  The look they exchange is pregnant with longing.  (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a non-maternity way!)
He kisses her again, hands still held together.  He smiles at her.  She smiles back.  It feels awkward and familiar at the same time.  Like going back to a place you so loved and cherished in your heart finding it a little bit different but still a lot the same.    (Hay Sergi-Marimar fans, this is a super kilig moment!  My excitement caused me to grab a pint of ice cream!)
Sergio’s smile is from ear to ear as he turns to leave.  Marimar watches him go and smiles to herself as she enters her home.
In the Santibanez Motors office, Sergio finds Innocencia who just finished work prepare to leave.  He happily tells her where he’s been and how his relationship with Marimar is turning towards the better but then grimaces when he relates that Rodolfo arrived and put a damper on this absolutely glorious day.
Innocencia asks, “Paano kung ipa-annull ni Marimar ang kasal ninyo?” (What if Marimar decides to have your marriage annulled?)
Marimar has just finished reading Cruzita a story and the child asks her why her father does not live with them.  She tells Cruzita that it’s not that simple.
Cruzita offers that her dad can sleep on her mom’s bed, as it is quite a large bed.  She asks her mother, “Di mo na love si daddy ko?” (Don’t you love daddy anymore?)
Sergio tells Innocencia that he will not allow Marimar to have their marriage annulled especially now that they have a daughter.  He stops and asks his secretary, “Ano sa palagay mo, may pag-asa ba ako?” Taking a woman’s point of view from one source he respects and values.
Innocencia’s reply is loaded, “Sir Sergio hindi ka mahirap mahalin, mahirap kang kalimutan.”  Her timid smile betrays a longing, a deeply hidden love for the man in front of her.  (Oh the twists and turns of this near-its-end telenovela, does this mean Innocencia still pines for Sergio?  Is she advising Marimar to further her own interests, including getting a chance at Sergio’s affections?)
Sergio lights up at her comment, “Yan ang gusto ko sa iyo, pinapalakas mo ang loob ko.”  Sergio is sincere when he tells the young woman who seems to be still holding a torch for him that he values their friendship.
Angelika arrives at the Villa Santibanez in need of some cash and looks for the conniving attorney David.  She learns that there is a new lawyer looking after their business as Atty. David is recuperating from a stroke.  She asks the new lawyer for anything from the Santibanez coffers that could be sold.  The lawyer tells her that there isn’t any more.
Angelika couldn’t believe it and argues that what she got from Renato was a mere portion of the total assets under the Santibanez name.   The new lawyer tells her to focus instead on their business as it is again on the brink of bankruptcy and closure. 
Angelika tells him he is over-acting bit the man insists that this is not a joke.  She waves him aside telling him to stop scaring her, “Ok, huwag mo akong praningin, pwede?”
She states, “Hindi ito panahon para mag-isip ng mga ganyang problema.  Ang gusto ko pera.” Angelika wants more money and is determined to get more from the Santibanez coffers.  The lawyer repeats that all of Renato’s properties have been given to her already.  The remaining properties are in Sergio’s name.
Marimar confronts Corazon why she told Cruzita stories about her and Sergio’s past.  Corazon defends herself reasoning that Cruzita is a very inquisitive child and wouldn’t stop asking her about her parents.
Marimar reveals Cruzita is too young to understand what happened between her and Sergio.  “Anong sasabihin ko sa kanya, na niloko ako’t iniwan ng tatay niya?” (What will I tell her that her father fooled and abandoned me?)
Corazon advises Marimar to forgive Sergio who seems sincere in his remorse and is doing everything he can to win back the trust and love they shared.  Corazon adds, “Kitang kita naman na mahal na mahal niya si Cruzita.” (It is obvious how he adores Cruzita)
Marimar insists, “Sinaktan ako ni Sergio.” (But he hurt me.)
She plump nanny tells Marimar that it has been several years since all those bad things happened.  Isn’t it time to forgive and forget it all?  Marimar is silent, weighing the past against the future.
Rodolfo is trying to call Bella who doesn’t take his calls.  He is getting frustrated.  Bruno tells his friend to give it up.  But Rodolfo needs the Aldama fortunes to expand his businesses.  He needs to get married to Marimar.
Bruno, “But she’s already married!”

Rodolfo is hopeful that Marimar will see his point and since she has the power to nullify her marriage to Sergio.
Monica and Angelika are rummaging through the original office space that Sergio used when he decided to work at the resort.  It used to be his mother’s office.  They are looking for titles and deeds that Angelika can falsely claim as her own and sell off.
Angelika smokes allowing Monica to do all the finding.  Monica finds a brown envelop with a large “Confidential” stamp.  She opens it and finds Sergio’s and Marimar’s wedding certificate.
Angelika tells her to get rid of it, “Itapon mo, sunugin mo!” Throw it away or burn it.
But Monica reads the document and comments that she and Diego have the same certificate when they got married at the municipal hall but this one looks slightly different.  Monica adds, “Kakaiba, parang may kulang.”
Her interest awakened, Angelika grabs the marriage certificate and inspects it. 


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