Marimar episode 70 – The one where Bella gives in

November 25, 2007

Marimar photo shoot by “Sir J”Marimar Episode 70 – The one where Marimar gives in to Cruzita’s and Sergio’s wishes
Sergio comes out from behind to confront Bella about Cruzita.  “Itinago mo siya sa akin, sarili kong anak?” Sergio couldn’t believe how Marimar could have hidden this from him for a long time: the fact that they have a child.
Bella insists that Cruzita is her child alone.  “Anak mo.”  Sergio asks with sarcasm, “Alam mo kung saan ako galing? Hinukay ko ang bangkay ni Marimar.” (Do you know where I’ve been to?  I had Marimar’s grave exhumed.)
“Tama na.”  Bellas has had enough.
“Ikaw si Marimar.”  Sergio tells Bella he knows she is Marimar.  She cries, breaking down with all the heartaches of the past.
Monica is shocked that Brenda and the hotel security is accusing Angelika of kidnapping.  After they have left, she turns to her friend and asks, “Anong ginawa mo sa anak ni Bella Aldama?  Hindi ka ba natatakot?  Pwede ka nilang kasuhan!” (What did you do to Bella’s child?  Aren’t you at least a bit afraid?  They can sue you!)
Angelika looks at Monica seemingly pained.  “Pati ba naman ikaw di ka naniniwala sa akin?”  (You too, of all people, you don’t believe in me as well?)
Monica is relieved to know it wasn’t Angelika.  She mentions that she heard her friend call someone about a job, something related to Angelika seeking vengeance from Bella.  Monica thought she had ask the man to kidnap Bella’s child.
Angelika admits she’s quite happy to have one up on Bella despite her not having anything to do with it.  She is not curious about Bella’s child as well as who may have done the kidnapping.  She invites Monica to think it through with her over drinks, “Halika, uminon tayo. Pagisipan natin.”
Sergio looks straight at Bella edging closer towards her, “Ikaw si Marimar.  Ikaw ang asawa ko.”  (You are Marimar.  You are my wife.)  Sergio hugs Bella who cries.  He kisses her tenderly on her face and her hair.  She continues to sob and tries to push Sergio away.
“Mahal kita, Marimar.”  Sergio tells his wife the very thing he never got to tell her all this time but she pushes him further pleading him to stop, “Sergio, Tama na!  Tama na.”
Now apart, she tells him, “Huwag mo na kaming guluhin ng anak ko.”  (Don’t bother me and my child anymore.)
Sergio wants only one thing, that Marimar admits to Cruzita that he is her father, “Aminin mo na lang ang totoo.  Aminin mo na sa anak natin.” (Admit the truth.  Admit it to Cruzita.)
Back at the Santibanez Motors, Antonio is blaming Arturo for not coming along with Sergio to wherever he planned on taking the child away.  “Bakit di mo sinahalan si Sergio?  Baka anong gawin noon.” 
Arturo declares that even if he is such a fane of Ate Vi (Vilma Santos is a Filipina actress who is now a Governor of a province in Manila.  She starred in the critically acclaimed movie entitled ‘Bulaklak ng City Jail’ about life of women in Philippine prisons)
The gay man adds, “Vilmanian ako pero di ko type maging bulaklak ng city jail.”  (I’m a Vilma fan but I don’t want to go to prison.)
Innocencia arrives, “Anong pinag-uusapan ninyo?” asking both men what it is they are discussing.
Marimar insists that Cruzita is only her child and never Sergio’s.  “Wala kang karapatan sa anak ko.  Aking lang si Cruzita.  Aking lang (ang) anak ko!” 
Arturo updates Innocencia about what Sergio has done: dig up Marimar’s grave.  He found an empty coffin so Marimar could be more probably alive than dead. 
Cruzita pleads with her mother, “Mommy please tell me the truth.”
Antonio exclaims how Bella could turn Sergio round her fingers.  “Ibang klase din utak ni Bella, pinaikoy niya si Sergio!  Pero ngayon buking na siya.”  (But now she’s been caught at her game.)
Innocencia looks around  feigning innocence when we all know she is in cahoots with Bella in planning all this.
Marimar finally gives in to the truth, “Oo Cruzita, siya ang daddy mo.”  She hugs her daughter as tears continue to flow.
Sergio kneels and Cruzita and her father embrace both also giving in to tears of longing and regret for the lost years.  Marimar is on the floor crying, confused at how Sergio could tell her he loves her when she was so certain he only used her.  He and Angelika just used her because she was the naive Marimar back then.
Angelika and Monica are now at the bar drinking.  Monica asks, “Nahanap na kaya ni Bella ang anak niya?” (Has Bella managed to find her lost child?)
Angelika, “Sana hindi.” (I hope not.)
Ang evil, evil mo naman friend!  Di ka ba naaawa?”  Monica is shocked at Angelika’s cold heart. (You’re pure evil friend!  Don’t you at least feel sorry?)
Awa?”  Angelika says eyes wide open.  She insists that Bella didn’t allow her to play in the casino and insulted her, how could she pity someone like that?
Monica tells her she should be thankful as she no longer has any money left to gamble.  She asks he friend, “Anong ipangsusugal mo?”  (What are you going to bet?) And this she says in almost a whisper, “Yung kaluluwang ibinigay mo na kay Satanas?”  (Your soul which you’ve already sold to Satan?)
Angelika didn’t hear the last part, and asks Monica to say it again.  The comic side-kick tells her, “Mansanas, gusto ko kumain ng mansanas!”  (Apples, I said I want to eat apples.) and calls the waiter to give her some apples.
Bella breaks Sergio and Cruzita’s embrace and pleads with her husband to leave.  “Sergio umalis ka na.
Sergio stands and asks her what she is doing, “Ano bang ginagawa mo, nawala ka ng apat na taon!”  She was lost for four years and now she’s a totally different person from the Marimar he knew.
Monica observes that Angelika’s seething anger for Bella is the exact same intensity as she had for Marimar.  Coincidental too that both women are look-alikes.  Angelika agrees and swears, “May araw di sa akin yang Bella Aldamang yan.”
Marimar insists that Sergio leave and not bother her and Cruzita anymore.  He insists that he too has rights, “May karapatan din ako.” (I have rights to her too.)
Nasaan ka nang pinagbubuntis ko si Cruzita?”  (Where were you when I was pregnant with her?)
Ikaw, nasaan ka din?”  (Where were you too?)
Ako ang tumayong ina at ama ni Cruzita!” (I took the responsibilities of both mother and father.)
Hindi mo ako binigyan ng pagkakataon!” (You never gave me the chance!)
Cruzita is crying, sad to see her parents arguing in front of her.  Bella pulls her towards the house and they get in.  Sergio calls out to Cruzita promising her that he will come visit her again.  Bella closes the door on Sergio who cries his wife and daughter’s name aloud.
The next day, at the Santibanez Motors, Sergio updates his friends and Innocencia about what happened the night before. 
Innocencia, “So inamin niya na siya si Marimar?”
Antonio tells Sergio he should get some sort of parental custody over Cruzita being the biological father.
Sergio tells them Marimar is not willing to share Cruzita with him and insists that she is the sole parent of their daughter.
Arturo comments, “Ano yon, parang pinakitaan ka ng kendi tapos di naman pala pwedeng kainin?”  (What’s that?  It’s like someone showed you a bunch of delicious candies and yet you’re not allowed to eat them!)
Sergio asks Antonio if he knows a really good lawyer.  “Kung kailangang idemanda, gagawin ko.”  Sergio tells his staff and friend that if he needs to sue Marimar to get his fair rights, she leaves him no other choice.  He adds that even if he wants to get angry with Marimar, he cannot because he is happy to have finally found her and their daughter.
Meanwhile, Cruzita refuses to eat.  Corazon tells her to eat so she will be strong and healthy.  “Gusto mo bang maging sick?”  (Do you want to get sick?)
Yes, I want to get sick.  Maybe if I got sick, mommy will make me see my daddy already.”  Cruzita cries as Bella comes into the dining room.
Bella talks to her daughter.  She encourages her to eat.  Cruzita tells her, “Siguro hindi mo na ako love.  Bakit ayaw mong makita ko ang daddy ko?” 
Bella tries hard to make her see reason, that she will not see her father any longer.  Cruzita bursts out crying telling Bella she hates her and runs away.
Bella is truly in pain, seeing how her daughter rejects her and prefers to be with her father, Sergio.
Arturo asks Sergio, whether he is sure about suing Marimar.  Sergio replies that she leaves him no choice.  Arturo asks Sergio, “Si Cruzita ba talaga ang gusto mong mabawi?  Paano si Marimar?” (Do you really want Cruzita?  What about Marimar?)
Bella finds Innocencia at home and she asks her friend and confidante what she is doing at home?  Innocencia thought that now Sergio’s found out about the truth, there’s not point in her keeping up appearances besides Sergio would be furious if he found out about Innocencia. 
Marimar tells her that she should keep going to work and continue to be her eyes and ears on Sergio’s camp.
Innocencia tells Marimar that Sergio is determined to get Cruzita.  Marimar swears, “Magkakapatayan muna kaming dalawa bago niya makuha ang anak ko.”  (Over my dead body!)
Innocencia explains that Sergio is not taking Cruzita away from her, he just wants to share in her upbringing.
Marimar defends herself stating that Cruzita is only hers and hers alone.  “Akin lang si Cruzita.”
Innocencia asks her friend to see reason.  “Si Sergio and ama ni Cruzita.  Masakit man aminin, may karapatan din siya.”  (Sergio is Cruzita’s father and whether she likes it or not, he has rights on their daughter too.)
Bella comes up to Cruzita’s room and talks to her daughter who is now calm.  “Cruzita anak, galit ka pa ba sa mommy?” (Are you still upset with me?)
Cruzita apologises to her mom, “Sorry mommy, I didn’t mean it when I said I hate you.”
Bella smiles at her daughter and tells her she is too young to understand what really happened between her and her father.  She tells her to remember that her father was long gone, left them, and abandoned them.  She admits to Cruzita that whenever she sees Sergio, she is reminded of all the pains and heartaches she went through.  Bella’s tears come rolling down again and Cruzita tells her mother to stop crying.  She tells Bella, “I love you so much.”
Bella tells Cruzita, “Ayaw kong malungkot ka.”  (I don’t want you to feel sad.)
Cruzita asks her, “Do you love me too?”
Bella assures her daughter that she loves her very much, indeed.  “Ikaw ang pinakamagandang nangyari sa buhay ko. “  (You’re the most beautiful thing that happened in my life.)
But Cruzita’s young mind doesn’t have any biases, “I love my daddy, I want to see him.”
Bella hugs her daughter, in her mind she says, “Patawarin mo ako anak.  Hingilin mo lang lahat sa akin, wag lang ang daddy mo.”  (Forgive me child, ask me anything except your father.)
Monica and Angelika are back in the hotel and the former is asking the latter that they go and have a meal.  “Gutom na ako,” Monica declares she’s hungry.
Angelika tells her they just ate, “Kakakain lang natin!”  (We just ate!)
Monica protests, “Alas ocho pa yon, 2 pm na!  For your information tatlong beses kumain ang normal na tao.”  (That was eight in the morning, it’s not 2 pm!  A normal person eats three times a day.)
Angelika snaps at her friend, “Monica, hindi ka normal.”  (You’re not normal, Monica.)
Monica gets distracted when she sees a couple of luggage that look exactly like her’s and Angelika’s. 
Angelika realises it is indeed their luggage and she stops the bellhop demanding what’s going on.
A hotel staff comes and tells them that their credit is no longer good and must be checked out.  He asks the two ladies to leave.  Angelika wants to argue when Brenda comes and hands her an envelope with money enough for a night at a hostel.  Angelika grabs the money and acts as if to slap her but she moves away and security come to take them out.  Even Monica glares at Brenda before leaving.
Brenda calls Bella on the phone to report to her that, “Nagawa ko na po ang ipinag-uutos ninyo.” She’s done what Bella asked her to do.
Sergio arrives at Bella’s house to find it full of security guards.  The guards tell him that Bella is not at home.
Bella thanks Brenda for being realiable.  She, Cruzita and Corazon are on a van bound for their summer house in Baguio.  She tells Cruzita that this is a good time to take a vacation and bond.  Cruzita asks why her father is not coming along with them.
Sergio asks the guards if they knew where Bella and Cruzita went but it seems no one knows where they went.
Corazon tells Cruzita to stop being lonely.  She tells Cruzita to sleep for a while so she will have energy by the time they get to Baguio but Cruzita’s face is now very sad.
Bella looks at her daughter and makes a decision.  She tells the driver to make a U-turn.  They are going somewhere else instead.
Sergio arrives at a meeting where her and Antonio are late and they apologise to their business colleagues.  Sergio takes Antonio aside and asks his friend to help him by looking for all the houses and summer homes of the Aldamas so they can also locate Marimar and Cruzita.
Antonio tells Sergio to go ahead and sue Marimar but Sergio tells his friend that he won’t push through with it as he knows it will only hurt Cruzita.
Rodolfo and his friend Bruno drop by at Bella’s office only to find her secretary, Rowena.  The lady tells the two men that her boss has cancelled all her appointments for the week as she went out of town.
Bruno is surprised at how Bella doesn’t even inform Rodolfo about her plans, given that they are supposed to be engaged. 
Rodolfo sulks, “She’s not taking my calls.  Feeling ko ginagago niya ako.” (I feel that she is fooling me.)
Sergio is now deep in discussion at the restaurant.  Antonio arrives and tells him he’s got a visitor.  Sergio turns around to find Cruzita who exclaims, “Daddy!” and happily runs to her father and embrace him.
Sergio kneels down ready to hug his daughter who kisses him.   Sergio looks so happy and Antonio tells Cruzita that Sergio has been talking about her all the time. “Walang bukang-bibig yang daddy mo kundi ikaw.”
Bruno tells Rodolfo that perhaps Bella doesn’t want to marry him anymore.  They are now standing by the elevator and we can see further down the corridor, Angelika is coming, probably to confront Bella in her office.  She stops recognizing Rodolfo.
Corazon arrives too and stands beside Antonio happy to see father and daughter reunited.  Sergio looks up and sees Bella in a beautiful, soft pink dress. 
Marimar smiles at Sergio and tells him, “Gusto ka kasi makasama at makita ni Cruzita.  Siya ang pinaka-importanteng tao sa buhay ko.  Gusto ko lagi siyang masaya.  Pumapayag na akong maging bahagi ka ng buhay ni Cruzita.”  (She wanted to see you.  She’s the most important person in my life and I want her to be happy.  I’m agreeing to you being a part of Cruzita’s life.)
Sergio is relieved and tells Marimar, “Hindi lang si Cruzita and napasaya mo.”  (It’s not only Cruzita you’ve made happy.)
Rodolfo tells Bruno that Bella cannot renege on their wedding.  He knows her deepest, darkest secrets.  Bruno is curious and Rodolfo tells him.  He asks his friend if he recalls that masquerade ball when Sergio insisted that Bella is his wife, Marimar.  Bruno nods, confirming that he does remember that scene. 
Rodolfo confirms, “Bella is Marimar.”  This shocks Angelika who’s heard it all.


2 Responses to “Marimar episode 70 – The one where Bella gives in”

  1. Rendt Says:

    Please note, Ate Vi is the governor of Batangas not Manila and the movie Bulaklak Ng City Jail is a Nora Aunor movie. Ate Vi’s movie where she became a prisoner are Baby Tsina, Pakawalan Mo Ako and Sinungaling Mong Puso. Thanks!

  2. marimaryann Says:

    Thanks Rendt for your information. Just took notes about Arturo’s lines saying he’s Vilmanian then commenting about not wanting to be one, ‘bulaklak ng city jail’.

    Apologies about Manila, I thought I wrote “province south of Manila” – referring to Batangas (and in fact generally every other town south of the GMA) – but wrote “province in Manila” instead.

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