Marimar episode 69 – The one where Cruzita finds out about Sergio

November 25, 2007

Marimar Episode 69 – The one where Cruzita finds out about Sergio
Angelika was told by Brenda, Bella’s lady representative at her casino, that she’s no longer allowed to play in the casino. “Banned na ho kayo dito sa casino.” (You’ve been banned from the casino.)
Kelan pa yan?” Angelika inquires disbelieving. (Since when?)
Ngayon.”  Brenda flatly replies.  (Now.)
Monica arrives having already checked-in their luggage.  She finds Angelika quite eager to play going straight for the casino rather than go to their room first.  Angelika tells her, “Ayaw na nila ako paglaruin.” (They don’t want me to play here anymore.)
Monica advises her friend, “Be happy.”  She reminds her that she’s already lost so much money in the casino in the first place, thus it could be a blessing in disguise that she is no longer allowed to play.
But Angelika is adamant, “No.”  She adds she’s been quite insulted and exclaims, “How dare she do this to me!”
Sinong she?”  Monica asks who is the person she is blaming. (She who?)
Sino pa, eh di ang kontrabida ng buhay ko: si Bella Aldama.  Humanda ka sa akin.”  Angelika blames Bella Aldama for her current situation and threatens to get even.
Diego who is hesitant about killing his former boss chose to leave him instead to the fates.  He leaves Renato lying unconscious but alive on a secluded pavement somewhere and runs away.
Sergio updates Arturo about what he has discovered.  “Hindi siya patay.  Apat na taon niyang itinago.  Buhay si Marimar.  Siya si Bella Aldama.” (She’s not dead.  She hid it from me for fours years.  Marimar is alive.  She’s Bella Aldama.)
Arturo is still not sure about the whole thing, still thinking that Bella is someone else.  Sergio asks why Marimar chose to hide it from him and the driver adds, “Ewan baka hindi ka na niya mahal.”  (I don’t know.  Maybe she no longer loves you.”
Arturo, imposible.  Saksi ka di ba?”  Sergio is not convinced and tells Arturo that the driver himself is witness to how much Marimar loved him.
Brenda tells Angelika to leave the casino. “Senora Santibanez, lumabas na kayo sa casino.”
Bakit?”   Angelika demands why.
Dahil wala na kayong pantaya.”  Brenda reasons, she no longer have any money to bet.
Angelika moves a step toward Brenda to slap her but hotel security comes to stop her and take her and Monica out of the premises.  Angelika struggles and screams as they are forced out.
Back at the hospital, Arturo reasons to Sergio, “Kung talagang mahal ka niya, di ka papahirapan ng ganyan.”  (If she truly loves you, she won’t let you undergo all these hardships.)
Sergio is still convinced that Marimar or Bella rather, still loves him.  “Hindi totoo yan.”  He adds that he must find a way to get inside Cruzita’s hospital room.
Angelika and Monica continue to make a scene as they struggle against hotel security taking them out the casino.  Angelika declares that this is all Bella Aldama’s doing.  She curses her and swears she will get even – to Bella and to the rest of her family. 
Outside the casino, Monica continues to scream and shout.  Angelika realises people can see them so she tells her friend, “Nakakahiya!  Huwag kang maingay, kunwari walang nagyayari.”  (How embarrassing!  Stop screaming and pretend that nothing happened.)
Innocencia arrives from the back unseen by Angelika and Monica.  She stands beside Brenda as the lady rep reports to her that Angelika no longer has any money, having lost all to the casino.  Brenda claims, “Bagsak na” (She’s down.) referring to the bankrupt socialite wanna be.   Innocencia though reveals, “Malayo pa yan.  Marami pang dapat mangyari.” (It’s still a long way to go.  Many things are yet to happen.)  Perhaps Innocencia feels a little bit vindicated, having undergone Angelika’s evil herself. Remember her scarred face?
Renato still lies in the quite pavement that is actually within the premises of a hospital.  A lady (Carmina Villaroel) arrives in what appears to be a staff entrance and sees Renato’s body.  She goes to him and inspects finding out that he is still alive.  She calls a nurse to help her.
Rodolfo arrives with balloons and flowers to visit Cruzita. (Bella should slap him for upsetting her daughter as well as bringing her the bicycle that caused her to be in this accident in the first place!)  Bella meets him and allows him inside Cruzita’s room.
Not far away Sergio and Arturo watch as they find a way to get inside as well.  Arturo makes a snide remark about Sergio’s rival, “Nandiyan na naman ang herederon gunggoy na yan!”  (That monkey of an heir is there again.)
After her embarrassing scene at the casino, Angelika calls someone, definitely an underground personification of cold heartless evil, telling the man that she has something for him to do.  After her call, she smiles and declares she will get back at Bella Aldama.  Monica is quite worried asking her “Friend ano na naman ang gagawin mo?”  (What are you up to this time?)
Arturo and Sergio wait on the hospital stairwell.  Antonio arrives with a package and hands it to Sergio.  Inside the bag is a hospital uniform that Sergio quickly changes into.  He tells Antonio to wait for his call while instructs Arturo to go have the car ready and wait in the parking lot.  Despite their worries at Sergio’s impulsive plans, both men agree and support their boss and friend.
Monica asks her friend, “Bakit ba ang hilig mong nambubulabog?  Ayaw mo ba ng peace and quiet?”  (Why is it that you so like to rock the boat so much?  Don’t you like peace and quiet?)
Angelika admist, “Gusto” (I want.)  But she declares firmly that Bella had wronged her and that now, it’s her turn to get back at her.  “Kaya ngayon ako naman at di ko siya tatantanan.”  She vows to not give up easily in her search for revenge.
Sergio is in disguise, looking like one of the hospital staff wearing a surgical mask.  He slips into Cruzita’s room without much incident and his face softens as he sees the lying child on the bed.  He takes a full look at the child who is all probability is his own daughter and he takes her small hand in his.  Sergio’s eyes glisten as tears begin to form.  Bella opens the room and sees the “nurse” inside.  She is about to get in when her phone rings.  It’s her tia Esperanza who is asking about Cruzita.  She takes the call outside and leaves the room.
Meantime, Corazon who is inside the room sleeping, wakes up and finds her former ward, “Sir Sergio?”
Renato is now on a hospital bed.  A doctor examines him but he remains to be unconscious.  The doctor asks the nurse if they have found any information regarding the patient’s identity but the nurse declares that the comatose man remains unknown.
Marimar is along the hospital corridors still talking to Esperanza as she updates, “Medyo maayos na po si Cruzita.” (Cruzita’s condition keeps getting better.)
Inside Cruzita’s room, the truth is starting to be revealed.
Sergio, “Ano, anak ba siya ni Bella?”
Opo, sir Sergio.”  Corazon admits, yes.
Sergio’s tells Corazon a statement of truth rather than a question. “Buhay si Marimar.”
Admitting her lie, she starts to be uneasy, “Opo, sir Sergio.”
Si Marimar si Bella.”  Sergio fits the puzzle together.
Opo sir Sergio.”  Corazon helps him.
Sergio nods, realising it all.  Corazon softly starts to cry.  He looks at Cruzita and now he too is close to shedding tears, “Anak ko ba ito?” (Is this my daughter?)
Corazon now cries loudly, feeling guilty at lying to Sergio and admits, “Opo sir Sergio, patawarin nyo po ako sir Sergio.”  She also asks Sergio to forgive her for having lied to him and deceived him to believing his wife and child have died.
Sergio releases a deep sigh as he leans towards his daughter and gently kisses her hand.  He cries, giving in to years of regret and remorse but also smiles having finally found the truth about the person he loves most, she is alive and they have a daughter.  Corazon sees all this and get very emotional.
Cruzita stirs, moves to her side and Sergio leans closer, kissing her back.  He burries his face in her hair.  He wipes his tears as he stands up, happy and calm now.
After her phone talk with her aunt, a nurse comes to Bella and tells her that the doctor wants to see her.  Bella goes to see the doctor who tells her the good news about Cruzita.  The child’s CT scan shows that she does not have any internal injuries meaning, she does not have any fracture on her head or spinal cord.
Back in Cruzita’s room, Corazon is now standing and looks quite puzzled.  Cruzita’s bed is empty and she’s looking around as if looking for her.  She calls in Rodrigo, one of their security detail to tell him that she just went to the restroom and when she came out, Cruzita is no longer there.  Corazon is in tears but we wonder is she helped Sergio escape with his daughter.
Rodrigo runs to Bella who is still talking with the doctor.  He tells her about Cruzita and she runs to her daughter’s room. 
Inside she finds the guards and Corazon who is loudly crying.  Bella panics and demands from the nanny where her daughter is.  Corazon tells her the same story she told Rodrigo earlier and now Bella lashes at all of them, “Ang tatanga nyo!”  (You’re all stupid!)  “Ni hindi ninyo nakitang may pumasok dito?”  (You didn’t even see someone sneak past you and enter the room?)  Bella orders them all to find her daughter and the guards all leave and do her bidding.
She again asks Corazon, “Bakit mo pinabayaan si Cruzita?”  (Why did you let her get out of your sight?)  Corazon explains that she loves Cruzita like her own and would never left if she knew she’d be in danger. “Mahal na mahal ko po si Cruzita.  Parang anak ko na yon.  Hindi ko po sinasadya.  Hindi ko po mapapatawad ang sarili ko.”  She declares she’d never forgive herself is anything bad happened to Cruzita.
But Bella continues to fear the worse, asking “Nasaan na ang anak ko?  Sabi ko sa iyo, bantayan mo si Cruzita.”  (Where is my daughter?  I told you to look after her.)
Bella calls Innocencia and tells her about Cruzita.  Innocencia is shocked as she relays the same to Brenda who is beside her.  Brenda suspects Angelika could have a hand in this as she recalls earlier how she threatened to seek revenge from Bella and had no qualms about including Bella’s loved ones in her search for vengeance.
Brenda tells Innocencia about Angelika’s threat.  Innocencia asks why Bella didn’t tell her about this earlier.  Brenda admits she didn’t expect Angelika would do anything and not this quickly.  But Innocencia, knowing how evil Angelika could become confirms Brenda’s suspicion ordering the lady representative to go and find Angelika quickly.
Brenda is now face to face with Angelika and Monica who are surrounded by security men.  Brenda asks directly, “Nasaan ang anak ni Bella Aldama?”
Angelika is shocked at her question, but she admits doesn’t have any idea about any daughter and retaliates by adding, “Buti nga sa kanya!”  (Serves her right!)
 Brenda tells her to come with them for further questioning but Angelika declines.  She tells the representative that they have no proof, no case and thus no reason to keep her.  She even dares to call the police knowing that they cannot pin this one on her and thus cannot really do anything.  Brenda and her security men leave the two friends.
Bella arrives home still in terrible worry as she thinks about ways to find her daughter.  She stops and gets surprised when she sees Cruzita on the steps of their home.  She runs to hug her daughter, “Cruzita anak, kala ko di na kita makikita, nag-alala ako sa iyo.”  (I thought I’d never see you again.  You got me quite worried.)
Cruzita tells her mother, “May nalaman po ako nung nawala ako.  Alam ko na po kung sino ang totoo kong daddy.”  She found out something while she went missing.  She found the truth about her father.
She wants her mother to confirm this, “Totoo ba na ang daddy ko si Daddy Sergio?”  Whether Sergio is her real father.
But Bella brushes this off telling her daughter that isn’t really important.  “Di na kailangan malaman iyon.  Ang importante tayong dalawa.”  What’s important is that she and Cruzita are together.
However the child wants to know more about her father, “Pero gusto ko makasama ang daddy ko.” and wants to spend time with him too.
Bella remains silent and from behind, a familiar voice asks her the same thing, “Bakit di mo masabi sa kanya?”  (Why can’t you tell her the truth?)
Bella looks up and she finds her husband who has now found out the truth and had listened to her and Cruzita’s conversation.  “Sergio…” 


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