Marimar Episode 68 – The one where Sergio digs up Marimar’s grave

November 22, 2007

Marimar Episode 68 – The one where Sergio digs up Marimar’s grave

Sergio comes to the bed where Cruzita lies unconsciously. He comes upon a hospital staff changing the bed sheets whom he asks about Cruzita’s whereabouts. The man tells him she’s been sent to the X-ray room.

Somewhere in the hotel, Bella and Cruzita have taken the remaining private room. She requests for additional security.

Corazon talks to Bella who is still quite shaken about the whole experience. “Wag kang magalit nako…” (Please don’t be upset with me…)

Ano yon,” Bella asks Corazon to tell her what’s in her mind.

Mag-gives lang ako ng advise nimo para kay Cruzita.” (I’d like to give you a piece of advise regarding Cruzita.)

When Bella remains silent, the plump woman continues, “Ayaw na ba talaga nimo ipakilala si Cruzita sa papa niya?” (Are you really never going to introduce Cruzita to her father?) Corazon adds that at times like this, the child would need her father too. It would also help Bella carry a burden such as this and not be all alone.

Bella is not angry but she is quick to reply, “Kaya ko mag-isa” (I can manage alone.)

But Corazon still hopes for some kind of reconciliation as she asks, “Di ba mas OK kung alam din ni Sergio?”

Marimar snuffs all hopes from her nanny as she insists, “Magugulo lang.” She also notes this time, it is not just her who can get hurt but Cruzita as well. She tells Corazon to drop the subject of Sergio as this is the last time she is ever going to discuss this with her.

Arturo has arrived at the hospital and bumps into Sergio. The racer tells his gay friend to help him find Corazon as he is certain she is key to the puzzle about Bella Aldama, Fulgoso and the hurt child he has taken to this hospital.

A nurse tells Bella that Dr. Atienza wants to see her. Bella leaves a sad Corazon to look after Cruzita. Along the hospital corridors, Bella walks into Sergio who is going the opposite direction is search oc Corazon.


Anong ginagawa mo dito?” (What are you doing here?)

May binisita akong staff ko. Ikaw?” (I visited one of my staff. You?) Sergio didn’t admit that he was the one who took Cruzita. Why did he hide that fact?

May check-up ako.” (I’ve got a check up)

May sakit ka ba?” (Are you ill?)

Hindi ko pa alam. Wala akong panahon Sergio.” (I don’t know yet. I don’t have the time Sergio.) Bella makes to leave but Sergio stops her.

May itinatago ka ba sa akin? Bakit ba tuwing nakikita mo ako, nagkakaganyan ka? Parang di ka mapakali. Meron ba akong kailangang malaman?” (Are you keeping something from me? Why is it that each time you see, you act strangely, like you are nervous of something? Is there anything I need to know?)

Bella remains silent, not knowing what to say as well as thinking of a plan to avoid bumping into Sergio. After a pause she answers, “Wala.” (Nothing)

Sigurado ka?” (Are you sure?)

I don’t have time for this!” She blurts out and adds that if he keeps questioning her in this way she’d be forced to call the police for help.

Just then, the press had found Bella Aldama and they gang up on her throwing several questions at a time. One reporter asks, “Miss Aldama totoo po bang na-aksidente daw ang anak ninyo?” Bella doesn’t answer but quickly moves away from Sergio fearing he overheard too much already. The press follow her.

Sergio is left digesting the reporter’s question. Bella has a child, who figured in an accident. He just brought in what he remembered as Corazon’s ward, Cruzita who got hit by a taxi while on her bike. Corazon appearing with what looked like Fulgoso, Marimar’s loyal dog. It was all too much to take but now, his doubts are starting to take form into some sort of answer to a nagging question.

Sergio goes to the reception and asks the attendant which room Cruzita Aldama is in. The nurse asks for some identification and he tells her that he is the child’s father (right on the spot Serj!) The nurse tells him she’s in room 309. He makes his way there but find that it is heavily guarded and so he was unable to enter the room.

Nicandro calls Angelika and tells her that Renato had escaped. Angelika is enraged and turns on Monica who asked her, “Ano friend tuloy ba pa-spa natin?” (Are we going to the spa?)

Pa-spa mong mukha mo no!” And she lashes on her friend telling how everyone is such a screw up and totally useless. “Puro kayo palpak, mga walang silbi!”

Renato still holding Nicandro’s gun stops from running and rests for a while in a grassy area where he uses some really thin trees for cover (not very effective to hide in!) He looks tired and terrified at the same time.

Sergio goes to Rodolfo. “San Inez!” The latter is in the middle of a business meeting but Sergio barges in uncaring.

Kay aga-aga mong sinisira ang araw ko Santibanez.” (It’s so early for you to be pestering me.)

Ano ba ang nalalaman mo kay Bella na hindi mo sinasabi?” (What do you know about Bella that you’re not telling me?)

Madami,” Rodolfo leers, “Madaming-madami!” intruiging Sergio more. (A lot, a whole damn lot!)

Sergio demands that he tell him the truth but Rodolfo’s lips remain sealed and tells the racer to ask Bella instead.

Sergio leaves, still in the dark and more determined to get to the bottom of all this mystery that is Bella Aldama.

Renato looks around making sure no one sees him, at least no one who can recognize him, but he sees Angelika’s 4-wheel drive by causing him to run off again.

Bella calls Innocencia who apparently is still Sergio’s employee. She asks Innocencia whether Sergio has mentioned anything about her.

Meantime, Antonio and Sergio are on the phone with Antonio filling-up Sergio what he has managed to find out about Bella. He tells him that all the he could find about her are fairly recent, from only about 4 years back. She doesn’t even seem to have a birth certificate. Antonio adds, “Para siyang singaw na lumabas lang 4 years ago.” (She’s like this pimple that popped out of nowhere!)

Bella relates to Innocencia how Sergio kept asking her what it is she’s been keeping from him. She is afraid that he is onto her now. She asks Innocencia to query Sergio what he knows but her friend advises her to not make any more queries as this can be more dangerous and they may even accidentally give more than get from Sergio any information. It may even cause Sergio to get more suspicious than he already is.

Angelika and Diego ask directions to De Joya Mental Facility and a resident points them to the right direction. Back in their vehicle Angelika spots Renato running who also stops for a few seconds, recognizing their 4-wheel drive. Angelika orders Diego back in the car quick and tells Nicandro, who is driving to follow Renato. She tells Nicandro to run Renato over, “Sagasaan mo!” (Run him over!)

Antonio comments that they are like going against a brick wall in search of any information about Bella Aldama’s past. Sergio stops and thinks about things and he loudly shares them to Antonio – the child that Corazon is nanny of, the one he gave the cotton candy to, and the same one he drove to the hospital; Corazon who also told him about his wife Marimar being dead; Bella and Corazon being in the same hospital at the same time – it all leads to something that he knows Bella is hiding from him and he builds an idea in his mind, something he must do to be certain.

Bella tells Corazon to go home and get some stuff for Cruzita who is still unconscious. She cautions the latter to be extra careful and make sure no one has followed her, especially Sergio.

Antonio advises him to find Corazon and talk to her. Sergio tells Antonio that he will call him back as soon as he finds out.

The vehicle with Angelika and her thugs finally overtake Renato as he slows down from exhaustion. Nicandro runs him over and he is falls down blood on his head. Angelika smiles as she gets out of the car.

Diego, Nicandro and Angelika stand looking down on Renato who is almost at the brink of passing out. Diego asks whether they are taking him to the hospital. Angelika snaps at him, “Ano ako gaga? Kaya na ako umuwi dito dahil papatayin ko yan tapos tutulungan ko?” (What am I crazy? The reason I came back here is so that I can get rid of him for good. Now you want me to help him?)

Nicandro tells her, “Maam humihinga pa!” (He’s still breathing)

Angelika gives Diego a big surprise, “Diego, ikaw ang gusto kong tumapos kay Renato.” (Diego, I want you to kill Renato.)

Sergio is at Marimar’s grave and he apologises to his wife and daughter telling them out loud that he just has to do this.

Innocencia asks Corazon who is now home, how Cruzita is. Corazon tells her that she’s been asked by Bella to get some stuff for Cruzita and also take Fulgoso home as pets aren’t allowed in the hospital.

Innocencia tells her that she needs to talk to Bella and Corazon tells her that she can call Bella. She appears shaken and worried but if it’s urgent, she can probably call. Corazon adds, “Nataranta kasi nakita si Sergio.” (She panicked because she ran into Sergio.)

The doctor is talking to Bella telling her that her daughter is fine. She didn’t really have many broken bones save for her fractured right hand which is now placed in cast and will heal in time.
Diego is shocked to hear what Angelika is asking of him and hesitates. She threatens to separate him and Monica if he doesn’t do it and he acquiesces. Angelika reminds him to do his job well as she hands him the gun.

Sergio asks the help of the cemetery’s caretaker to dig up Marimar’s grave. At first the caretaker tells him that it is illegal but Sergio managed to bribe him and he cooperates. Sergio is apprehensive as he watches the digging man.

Back at the hospital, the doctor tells Bella that Cruzita needs to have a CT-scan to check for internal injuries. Bella tells him to do all they can to ensure that Cruzita gets out of danger. She thanks the doctor as he leaves.

Nicandro and Angelika leave Diego alone to finish off Renato.

Sergio gets impatient as he picks the shovel and helps the man dig.

Cruzita is still unconscious in the hospital. Bella looking worried takes her daughter’s hand.

Sergio’s shovel hits the coffin.

Bella stands beside Cruzita’s bed as she looks on her daughter. The one she is hiding from Sergio.

Sergio clears the earth from his wife’s coffin. He takes a moment to pause and offer prayers then he opens it. It is empty.

He smiles and says, “Buhay sila.” (They’re alive.)

He gets up from the dug grave onto level ground and hands the caretaker some money. He leaves the empty grave, with a piece of the puzzle solved.

Innocencia calls Bella. She asks about Cruzita and Bella tells her that she’s still unconscious and needs to undergo a CT-scan. Innocencia asks her about her encounter with Sergio which Bella admits and adds that she had added more security to ensure Sergio does not get inside Cruzita’s room.

Innocencia tells he that Brenda called and reported that the casino is ready for Angelika’s return.

Bella tells Innocencia that this encounter with Sergio has truly shaken her. She is thinking about going away with Cruzita to a place where they will be far from Sergio. Innocencia blurts out that she pities the man, “Kawawa naman siya.” (Poor Sergio)

Marimar reminds her friend that Innocencia had always been her strength to ensure she gets her revenge, “Di ba ikaw ang nagbibigay ng lakas para isakatuparan ang mga plano ko laban kay Sergio?” Bella asks her, why pity him now after all the planning they’ve done.

Innocencia admits, that she is sad that everything just went down to this. “Nalulungkot lang ako na dito lang nauwi ang lahat.”

Diego pulls Renato to a deserted house and plans to execute his former boss. He stops and admits to himself that he cannot do it. He cannot kill Renato.

Corazon is back at the hospital and bumps into Arturo. He follows her as she walks quickening her pace until she reached Cruzita’s room. Guards are in place and only Bella and Corazon are allowed inside.

Angelika is back at the casino. The dealer tells her that she can no longer play as she’s banned. “Hoy VIP ako dito no.” Angelika snaps at the dealer as Brenda arrives. She thought Brenda would clear things up for her but instead, the hotel rep says, “Bawal ka na dito, banned ka na as per the instructions of Miss Bella Aldama.”

Arturo and Sergio meet outside the hospital with the former shocked at Sergio’s dirty clothing and arms. “Boss, anong nangyari sa inyo?” Inquires Arturo and Sergio happily replies, “Buhay si Marimar.”

He tells Arturo to follow his lead as he asks for the number of exits around the hospital. He instructs his friend to take the back as he covers the front.


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