Marimar episode 67 – The one where Sergio rescues Cruzita

November 21, 2007

Marimar Episode 67 – The one where Sergio saves Cruzita

The three are in Sergio’s office. Bella demands that Rodolfo tell her what he told Sergio. San Inez asks Sergio to do the honors and tells Bella exactly what he told her. Sergio reveals that Rodolfo is interested in investing in his next business venture. But Sergio is curious and asks both what is it that he needs to know that prompts a visit from Bella.

Bella appears relieved that Rodolfo has not told Sergio anything. Rodolfo asks Bella to come with him as they have important things to discuss. She is forced to go with Rodolfo to keep him from telling Sergio anything about her or her daughter.

Sergio is left thinking about the whole discussion, his interest piqued.

Angelika tells Nicandro to get Renato out of the asylum and kill him.

Bella and Rodolfo are now in Rodolfo’s car and the former is asking the latter why he withheld what he knew from Sergio. Rodolfo tells her that he wouldn’t want Sergio, his greatest rival, to know anything about her if she would agree to marry him this time. Bella hesitates telling Rodolfo that she has no feelings for him. He doesn’t seem to mind and to further coerce her into agreement, he dangles the possibility of Cruzita’s identity being discovered by Sergio; the pain and anguish of losing one’s daughter. This seems to seal the deal as Bella agrees to his proposal and stresses, “Wala siyang dapat malaman.” (He musn’t know anything.)

Rodolfo commends Bella, claiming she made a wise decision in choosing him for her husband. He patronises her, “Maganda na, matalino pa…what more can I ask for?” (Beautiful, smart…) He leans in towards Bella and hugs her, happy to finally win her back, as well as her fortunes.

Bella and Innocencia talk and Marimar tells how she is able to stop Rodolfo from telling Sergio by agreeing to marry him. Innocencia doesn’t totally agree with Marimar’s decision telling her that if she were to choose between the lesser evil, it would be better for everyone if she got back with Sergio. “Mas maigi nga bumalik na si Sergio sa buhay ninyo ni Cruzita.”

But Marimar’s one track, stubborn decision to stay away from her past and the man who hurt her remains infallible. “Sinaktan na ako ni Sergio noon. Akala ko mamamatay na ako pero nakabangon ako at nalagpasan ko iyon. Maayos na kami ni Cruzita ngayon.” (Cruzita and I are better off without Sergio, who hurt me so much I thought I’d die.)

Innocencia points out her other option, which she is not totally buying into, “Pakakasalan mo si Rodolfo?” (So you will marry Rodolfo?)

Marimar thinks it’s the right thing to do, “Kung iyon ang kailangan.” (If that is what it takes…)

Renato talks with his young friend. The young man advises him to try and contact his son, perhaps he can help Renato. The elder Santibanez tells the young man the truth, that he is not close with his son, which he totally regrets. “Malayo na ang anak ko at sinuka na ako noon.” (He is too distant from me and probably wants nothing to do with me.) His friend asks him, what if he gets a second chance. Renato did not hesitate in his reply. “Aayusin ko ang pagsasama namin. Mas magiging mabuti akong ama sa kanya.” (I’d fix our relationship and be a better father.)

Fulgosi” Fulgoso’s ex-girlfriend calls him. He comes out and she doesn’t mind that they broke up, she just wants to share her special imported milk with him. Fulgoso takes gulps from her bowl and exclaims, “This is good!”

Rodolfo visits the Aldamas and Bella is not around. He seems to be making an effort to get close to Cruzita and he offers her a brand new bike. He introduces himself, “I’m a friend of your mom.” Cruzita eyes the bike with increasing interest but appears to be wary of the man she doesn’t know well. She says, “Di ko naman birthday ah.” (It’s not my birthday).

(Cruzita’s reaction to Rodolfo is wary and guarded, unlike how she reacted towards Sergio whom she also met for the first time but offered him several kisses in exchange for a cheap cotton candy treat. Ito ba ang tinatawag na ‘lukso ng dugo’? Sige na nga! Siguro mahilig lang din si Cruzita sa pogi, hehehehe no offence to Mr. M. Agustin and his fans!)

Rodolfo tries to explain, “Ang mommy mo at ako, magpapakasal na, so from now on you can call me daddy.” Cruzita starts to feel stressed at the stranger’s revelations and claims, “No, may daddy na ako eh.” (I already have a daddy.) The little girl starts to cry when Corazon comes by the sala. She is alarmed that Cruzita is crying and runs to her ward.

Nicandro arrives at the loony pit to collect Renato. The elder Santibanez appeared happy that he is finally leaving the mad house.

Corazon asks Rodolfo what she told the child to make her cry. She shoos him away to calm Cruzita but at first Rodolfo doesn’t seem to understand. Corazon repeats it loudly telling Rodolfo to leave, “Mag-alis ka na sir! Kung hindi magtawag ako ng pulis.” (Sir please leave or else I’ll call the police) Fulgoso also comes to her aid and barks at Rodolfo who throws them as mean look as he leaves. Corazon hugs the crying Cruzita and tries her best to calm her down.

Renato is taken by the three henchmen, Mike, Diego and the ring leader Nicandro to an unfamiliar place. He notices and calls their attention, “Saan tayo pupunta? Di ito papuntang Villa Santibanez.” Nicandro tells him to take it easy, “Easy ka lang.” But Renato starts to get alarmed and demands, “Saan nyo ba ako dadalhin?” in a louder voice, laced with panic.

Corazon calls Bella about the incident with Rodolfo and tells her Cruzita is very upset at the news Rodolfo imparted her – that they are getting married.

Cruzita takes her new bike out on the street with her. She is still crying as she declares, “Di na ako love ni mommy, mas gusto pa niya si Rodolfo.” (Mom doesn’t love me anymore, she prefers Rodolfo.) So she decides to run away.

Renato is pushed by Nicadro so that he is down on the ground. The latter pulls a gun and points it at his former boss. Renato asks them to remove his ties. “Kung papatayin mo na rin lang naman ako, pwede ba kalagan nyo muna ako?” Diego supports Renato’s request and reasons that it is a dying man’s last request. He has been kind to them so why not allow him this last favor?

Bella gets home and goes straight in Cruzita’s room with Corazon and Innocencia. It is locked. She knocks calling her daughter’s name but nobody answers. She asks Corazon to go and get the key to the room.

Sergio is driving in his car and is talking to Antonio on his cell phone. He wants this friend to go dig everything they can find out about Bella Aldama. He suspects that Rodolfo knows something about her which he is using to rein her in. He wants to know what it is. Cutting the conversation he declares out loud, “Bella Aldama, magkakaalaman din tayo. Di kita pakakawalan.” (Bella Aldama we’ll soon find out about you. I’m not letting you off that easily.)

Corazon comes with the key and gives it to Bella who opens Cruzita’s room. It is empty. “Wala rito si Cruzita,” Bella exclaims. Her daughter is not inside.

Renato repeats his request, “Nicandro kung papatayin mo rin lang ako, bigyan mo naman ako ng konting dignidad, hindi yung nakatali ako parang hayop.” (Nicandro, if you are going to kill me, leave me some respect, don’t let me die tied up like some kind of animal.) Diego agrees and asks Nicandro to allow it. Besides what can Renato do, there is three of them against only him.

Cruzita is riding her bike still upset about what she just found out when a a white taxi with a green stripe turns on the curb straight into her. The girl screams.

Bella, Innocencia and Corazon run outside the house and look for her in the ground and on the street. Innocencia notices that her bike is no where to be found, meaning it is possible she rode off with it.

Cruzita is bloodied by the grassy area near the corner-sidewalk where she got thrown from her collision with the taxi. Her bike is a total wreck. Bystanders and witnesses are surrounding her and the taxi driver who had hit her. Sergio’s car stops at the intersection when he sees that no one is attending to the fallen child. He picks her up and asks for directions to the nearest hospital. He tells the crowd to wait for parents who may come looking for the child and tell them which hospital he has taken her. He also reminds the taxi driver to wait for the police as he rushes Cruzita to the Monte Blanco hospital.

Bella is clearly in panic mode now that Cruzita is nowhere to be seen. Corazon is certain that despite riding on her bike, the child has not gone that far. Bella asks her to go and get the driver as they may be able to track her and hopefully catch up with her. To Innocencia she says, “Pag may nangyaring masama kay Cruzita, walang ibang sisisihin kundi ako,” worry etched on her faced and guilt as well as she blames herself for whatever is happening to Cruzita right now.

Nicandro, keeping the gun pointed at Renato gives in and tells Diego to remove the ties binding their former boss. In a split second, Renato grabs Mike as he kicks Diego. He subdues Mike and confronts Nicandro.

Bella passes by Cruzita’s bike and the van halts letting Corazon and Bella out. They fear the worst seeing the bike and search around for Cruzita.

After the struggle with Nicandro, Renato is able to snatch his gun and now points it at the three thugs. He runs away from them as fast as he can.

One of the bystanders tell them a man had taken the child to the Monte Blanco hospital. They rush to the same place.

The nurse if completing a report about Cruzita and asks Sergio whether he is the father. (Yes he is but he doesn’t know it!) Sergio says no and explains he just saw her and was the one who took her to the hospital. The nurse wonders what her name is.

Nicandro, Mike and Diego run after Renato and stop after some distance wondering where the elder Santibanez had gone. “Saan kaya nagsuot yon. Hanapin ninyo,” Nicandro instructs the other two, “Kung hindi patay na naman tayo kay Senora.” They separate to cover more ground. Unknown to them, Renato was just a short distance from them and as soon as the three men have gone further, he makes his escape in the opposite direction.

Bella arrives at the hospital and asks the nurse where the little girl that got hit by a taxi is taken. The nurse points her to the right direction but the guard stops Corazon and Fulgoso from entering any further, telling them that dogs and any pets are not allowed inside the hospital. Corazon understands and escorts Fulgoso outside.

Bella goes to a still unconscious Cruzita and inspects her. She apologises to her daughter for having scolded her earlier.

Arturo is in the office and gets a call from Sergio who tells him about the accident he got caught up with. Sergio mentions too that the child looks familiar, remembering Corazon’s ward. “Namumukhaan ko ang bata, kasama ni Corazon. Alaga ata.” He tells Arturo to come and meet him at the hospital.

After his talk with Arturo, Sergio sees Corazon with Fulgoso. He saw Fulgoso go inside a van and drive away but Corazon whom he calls to did not hear him as the plump woman hurries back inside the hospital.

Sergio follows her.

The doctor arrives at Cruzita’s bed and talks to Marimar. He tells her that Cruzita needs to undergo a series of x-rays to check for possible internal injuries. The doctor tells her, “Buti na lang may nagdala agad sa kanya dito.” (Good thing someone brought her here immediately.) Marimar asks, “Sino ho?” (Who?)

Sergio asks the guard is he’s seen a plump woman with dark skin walk in, describing Corazon and the guard nods his head in recognition, pointing the direction where the said woman went. Sergio follows his finger and it points to where the doctor is speaking with Marimar, by Cruzita’s bed.

Richard and Direk Joyce

Richard Gomez and Director Joyce Bernal


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