Marimar episode 66 – The one where Rodolfo finds out

November 20, 2007

Marimar Episode 66 – The one where Rodolfo finds out about Marimar
Bella laughs at Angelika who falls into the pool for the second time as she walks out with Rodolfo who clearly didn’t fully comprehend the entire scenario between Bella and Angelika.  Likewise, Sergio is left thinking about what Bella had said to Angelika.
At the lodge, Bella calls off her wedding with Rodolfo.  Meantime, Angelika is dropped by Sergio near her hotel’s parking lot and the sexy step-mother asks, “Kelan tayo ulit magkikita?”
Sergio makes excuses that he is busy but Angelika insists on going out with him.  At this point Sergio gets quite blunt telling her that he had no intention of going out with her in the first place.  Angelika is shocked at his revelation and asks, “Bakit mo ako di-nate?”
Rodolfo knew something was fishy with that night’s encounter and he asks, “Dahil ba kay Sergio?”  (Is it because of Sergio?)  Bella is quick to deny it, “Hindi.”
The fiance is now a bit miffed as Bella lies to him blatantly.  He insists, “Umamin ka sa akin.  May nakaraan ba kayo ni Sergio?”  (Do you and Sergio share a past?)
Rodolfo grips Bella’s arms compelling her to tell the truth but she complains that he is hurting her.  In retort, Rodolfo stresses, “Sinasaktan mo rin ako!” (You’re hurting me too!)  As he lets go of her.  Bella looks down, unable to face him squarely.  She apologises, “Sorry, hindi kita mahal pero walang kinalaman si Sergio sa desisyon ko.”  (I’m sorry I don’t love you but Sergio doesn’t have anything to do with my decision.)
Elsewhere, a similar argument is happening as Angelika, enraged screams at Sergio, “Ginamit mo lang ako!”  (You just used me!)  Sergio is quick to remind her that he used her once too, to get Renato, so now they are even, “Quits na tayo.”
Sergio also declares, “Tapos na tayo Angelika, matagal na.”  (We’re through Angelika, we’ve been through a long time ago.)  At this, Angelika slaps Sergio hoping to inflict on him some of the hurt she is feeling from the words he just released.
Angelika arrives at their hotel room crying.  She drinks Monica’s cocktail and is in obvious pain.  “Walang hiya siya!  Wala pang nagpahiya sa akin ng ganito!” (No one has ever shamed me like this!)
Monica, surprised at he friend’s state asks, “Sino ang tinutukoy mo?” (Who are you referring to?)
Angelika seems oblivious to her query as she continues to rant, breaking the glass, “Wala pang gumawa sa aking ng ganito!” (Nobody has done this to me!) She cries as Monica runs to stop her from causing more destruction and to prevent her from hurting herself.  “Tama na!”  (Enough!)   But Angelika continues to cry, in pain.
Innocencia and Bella update one another of the past night’s encounter with Sergio and Angelika.  She admits she was enraged when she saw them, “Kung di lang ako nakapagpigil sa kanila, napatay ko na sila.  Buti na lang andun si Rodolfo.”  (If I didn’t stop myself, I would have killed them right there and then, good thing Rodolfo was with us.)
Innocencia is surprised stating that all this time she’s worked for Sergio, there was never any indication that he is still seeing Angelika.  Marimar however cuts her off telling her that their encounter last night only proves that they continue to see one another, as lovers, she concludes, especially now that Renato and Angelika have separated.
Sergio is puzzled by Bella’s actions the night before and he tells this to his friends, Antonio and Arturo who are as confused at her reactions as he is.  He wants to investigate the matter further to find out the truth.  (Why didn’t her have Marimar’s grave exhumed to find out if there really is a corpse?  Wouldn’t he have wanted to transfer her to her grandparents grave in San Martin dela Costa?  If he did this earlier, he would be sure to find an empty grave and thus prove that Bella and Corazon are lying!)
Antonio tells him that of course they will investigate but implores Sergio to focus on their business first.  However Sergio is deaf to anything but finding the truth about Marimar.
Marimar tells Innocencia that she needs to talk to Brenda, the lady rep they used to entrap Angelika in gambling away her fortunes.  Rodolfo calls her in her cell phone but she hesitates.  She tells Innocencia that she broke off her wedding with Rodolfo and told him she doesn’t love him.  Innocencia was shocked at how callous Marimar was towards Rodolfo.  She tells her friend that what Marimar must have said to Rodolfo, truly hurt him.  She asks Marimar if he isn’t angry at her.  She also asks what Marimar is planning to do now, after all this and particularly about Sergio.  Bella is at a loss for words.
Rodolfo is having coffee with his mom who is upset about his shelved wedding plans, “Pinauwi mo ako from the US tapos walang kasalang magaganap?!  Who is this woman anyway?”  (You made me come all the way from the US and there is going to be no wedding taking place?!) 
Anak ni Gustavo Aldama, si Bella.”  (Gustavo’s daughter, Bella)
Bella?  Kelan pa nagka-anak ng Bella si Gustavo?”  (Bella?  Since when did Gustavo have a child named Bella?”)
Kung di Bella, ano pa?” (If not Bella then who else?)
Rodolfo starts, recognizing the name. “Mairmar?”  He recalls Sergio that night at the masquerade ball shouting the same name, at Bella.  Rodolfo smells a mystery is about to be revealed.
Renato is still at the mental asylum in all white.  A young man tries to start a conversation with him which he doesn’t respond too well at first. “Wag mo akong tanunging ah, di ako baliw katulad mo.” (Don’t ask me, I’m not mad like you.)
The young man continues to asks questions, “Bakit ka nanginginig?  Anong nangyayari sa iyo?” (Why are you trembling?  What’s wrong with you?)
It’s Rodolfo and her mom still on the same topic.  The woman insists on the name, Marimar, saying it was well publicized.  The accident made front page headlines in many newspapers.  Rodolfo wants to see these newspapers.  He reckons this is a big deal, especially for Bella Aldama.
Monica and Angelika are back at the casino.  She is still upset about her row with Sergio hoping that she had a chance of getting him back but now it seems almost impossible.  “Kala ko pa naman may pag-asa kaming magkabalikan.  Pero di ako makakapayag, ako lang dapat ang nagmamay-ari kay Sergio”  She is adamant though that no one will own Sergio but her.
Rodolfo finds the newspapers his mother was talking about.  He sees a picture of the young Marimar and gets the confirmation he wants, Bella is Marimar.  He also realises one thing, “Di nga nagsisinungaling si Sergio.  Asawa niya si Bella.”  (Sergio wasn’t lying when he claimed he is married to Bella.)
Renato sees the patient he was earlier talking to being injected with some drug to help him.  He feels sorry for the young man as he seems to see himself in him.
Monica is already sleepy as Angelika still wants to play some more.  She bets all as Monica cautions her to leave some.  Angelika argues that if she is to get back her losses, she must bet big.  Angelika loses and blames the dealer for cheating.  Brenda comes to ask what the matter is and Angelika pins it as the dealer’s fault.
Rodolfo comes to see Bella who is in the middle of a magazine pictorial.  He tells her it’s very important so she steps aside to talk with him.
Renato now talks to the young man whom he snubbed earlier.  He tells him that he too has a son who may be nearer his age.  The younger man asks why his son isn’t visiting him.  Renato shrugs and says, he doesn’t know why.  He admits that it is either his son doesn’t know that he got confined or he doesn’t want to see his father.  Renato continues to shiver and feel pain, like an ex-addict trying to get well. 
Brenda offers Angelika if she wants to check the video cameras they have all over the place to prove if cheating did occur.  However they can no longer play as they no longer have any money or credit with the casino.  Angelika is surprised, she’s given them a title of a property.  Brenda tells her the title is only worth 5 million.  That’s how much she had already lost in gambling prompting Monica to gasp at the huge amount.
Bella asks Rodolfo what it is he wants.  Rodolfo asks only for her to tell him the truth.  He asks her, “Bella are you Marimar?  Magtapat ka sa akin, sino ka bang talaga?”
Ako si Bella.”
Huwag kang magsinungaling.” (Don’t lie.)  He shows her the newspapers with her pictures on them.  “Ikaw ito hindi ba?  At nakasulat dito, ang pangalan mo, Marimar.”  (This is you, isn’t it?  And it’s written here that your name is Marimar.)
Bella is stunned.  Rodolfo prompts her to tell the truth.  After a long pause, she gives in.  “Oo, ako si Marimar.  O ano, masaya ka na?  Nalaman mo na lahat ng totoo?” (Yes, I’m Marimar.  So happy now?  You’ve finally found out about the truth?)
Rodolfo is confused.  “Bakit nilihim mo ito, lalo na kay Sergio?  Totoo ba na ikaw ang asawa niya” (Why keep this a secret especially from Sergio?  Is it true that you are his wife?)
Oo, asawa ko si Sergio.”
Rodolfo realises marriage between them is moot.  She is already a married woman.  But he wants to know why Bella made him hope.  Why she accepted his proposal in the first place.  Rodolfo looks at her with bitter hatred, “Niloko mo ako.  Niloko mo kami ni Sergio.”  (You fooled me.  You fooled both Sergio and me.)
Bella is now in tears.  The truth is painful to accept.  Cruzita runs to find her crying and asks whether the strange man is fighting with her.  Rodolfo looks at Cruzita and asks if the child is hers.  She admits that she’s her daughter but tells Rodolfo to leave now.  She fears Rodolfo would notice the resemblance and conclude the father to be Sergio.  Marimar’s greatest fear is for Sergio to learn that their daughter lives and he might take Cruzita away from her.
Rodolfo smiles, bidding Cruzita goodbye.  He doesn’t say it but he looks at Bella and it comes across as if this isn’t over yet.
Bella asks Cruzita to go and play with Corazon for a while.  As soon as she is alone, she lets rip the pain of the past and the tears unshed as the truth painfully breaks free.  Innocencia comes to her to remind her of the magazine shoot.  She is alarmed when she sees Marimar crying.  She tells Innocencia what just happened and she is afraid that Rodolfo will go straight to Sergio and tell him everything.
Rodolfo does go straight to Sergio.  He reached his office and Antonio greets him, telling him Sergio’s in a meeting.  He tells Antonio that he has earlier spoke with Sergio and that Santibanez is expecting him. 
Meantime, Monica, Angelika and Renato’s lawyer are talking about the papers Renato had signed.  Angelika only got 5 million.  Renato was wise to have this fail-safe attached to his will.  He must die so she will inherit everything. 
After a while, Sergio comes out of the meeting room to see Rodolfo.  “San Inez, magkaibigan na ba tayo at pinuntahan mo pa ako dito?”  (Are we friends now that you even visited me here?)
Angelika calls Nicandro and tells him it’s time to take Renato out of the mental institution.  She meaningfully adds, “tatapusin na natin ang paghihirap niya.” (We’re finally putting an end to all his misery.)
Rodolfo was about to tell Sergio something important when Bella suddenly turns up, in all black, asking, “Rodolfo, anong sinabi mo kay Sergio?”  (What did you tell Sergio?)
Rodolfo beams at her, “Bella
Sergio looks from one to the other, totally confused.


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