Marimar episode 65 – The one with the bathin suit war

November 20, 2007

Marimar Episode 65 – The one with the bathing suit war
Rodolfo is in Bella’s office with her and a wedding planner and he is busy planning their wedding while Bella seems preoccupied in work.  He asks Bella where she’d want their wedding to take place: out of town, out of the country, like Hawaii perhaps?  “What do you think?”  Bella stops for a moment and replies, “Ikaw na lang bahala.”  (It’s up to you.)
Rodolfo wants Bella to be involved as he stresses, “It’s our wedding” but Bella appears to be so concentrated on her work that she doesn’t seem to be paying them any mind as they plan along in front of her.  The wedding coordinator reads out their schedules for the week: a food tasting, fittings, flowers, etc.  Rodolfo seems excited while Bella pretends that she is.
When asked about the entourage for her wedding, she tells them to contact Innocencia and coordinate with her.
Sergio still hot on his new plan to confirm that Bella has feelings for him despite agreeing to marry Rodolfo calls Rowena and asks for Bella’s schedule for the week.  The secretary acquieces and Sergio gives his thanks, and adds, “I owe you.” as a parting shot to the ever cooperative Rowena.
Inside her office Rodolfo and the wedding planner are still busy planning out the wedding as Rowena enters to tell Bella about a meeting with Mr. S at 6pm on Saturday.  Bella agrees but Rodolfo overhears it and objects as they have the food tasting schduled for the same.  Bella appears distracted and tells Rowena to cancel.  Rodolfo asks which flowers she prefer, red or white and Bella replies with a tepid, “Bahala ka na.” (I leave it all up to you.)
Sergio calls the sexy lady in red he met at the coffee shop, Olga and sets a date with her. Olga, admitting how she’s been wanting to date Sergio for the longest time tells him, “Oo na, lahat ng itatanong mo, oo na.”  (Yes, to all your questions my answer is yes!)  Sergio invites her to the Ice Blue Bar and tells her to wear her sexiest clothes.  “Sexy naman talaga ako,” defends Olga as they say goodbyes.  After the phone call Arturo who was listening to Sergio sweet talk a woman exclaims, “Bossing ikaw talaga” But Sergio is determined and states, “Ewan natin pero baka dito ko na malalaman kung ano talaga ang totoo.”  (We never know but maybe with this, I will be able to find out the truth.)
Innocencia and Marimar are in the kitchen preparing some sandwiches and Marimar is telling the former about her encounter with Sergio flirting with some woman he just met.  She looks quite upset and her friend comments, “Bakit parang umuusok yang ilong mo sa galit?”  She reminds Marimar of a time when she used to be the object of Marimar’s jealous tendencies back at the Villa Santibanez when Sergio was Innocencia’s boss.  How Marimar hated her back then.  But Marimar declares, “Wala na siyang talab sa akin.” (He no longer has any effect on me.)  Jus then Cruzita, Corazon and the dogs enter and steal some sandwiches.  Marimar takes this opportunity to change the subject, not wanting Innocencia to suspect her true feelings for Sergio.  “Kulit talaga ni Cruzita.”  Innocencia keeps silent but looks at her friend with doubt knowing that Marimar still has feelings for Sergio.  Deeply hidden yes but still deeply felt.
Arturo hands Sergio his suit straight from the dry cleaners.  This is the one he will be using for his double date with Olga, and with Rodolfo and Bella.  Arturo asks him whether he is ready for such a thing.  Sergio says, “Gusto ko patunayan sa sarili ko na wala na talagang pagtingin sa akin si Bella.”  He wants to know that Bella is truly in love with Rodolfo and holds no feelings for him.  Then if he does proove it, he will be glad to let go.
Corazon is in Bella’s room as she sorts laundered clothing in the cabinets.  She asks Bella whether she has told Cruzita that she intends to marry.  “Baka magtampo.” Corazon fears Cruzita will not take it easily.  Bella admits she has not told her daughter yet and is in fact waiting for the right time.  She asks Corazon not to tell Cruzita anything.  “Humahanap lang ako ng tiempo.”  Corazon tells Bella that she can already see Cruzita’s reaction of she did tell her.  She pleads with Marimar, “Wag ka na lang pakasal.” (Please don’t re-marry.)
Mike, Diego and Nicandro take Renato out of the bodega and into a van.  All the time the elder Santibanez is struggling and asking where they are taking him.  Nicandro answers him that should he tell, Renato wouldn’t like what he will hear so better not tell him anything at all.  Renato pleads them to let him go instead but they ignore him and continue to follow Angelika’s orders.
Sergio is in the bar, where he is supposed to meet Olga who is not late.  He calls her and she tells him that she it still at home unable to escape as her husband is not yet asleep.  Sergio is shocked to hear she is married.  She admits that she kept it from him as she really wanted to go out with him.  Sergio is now disappointed as his plans to double date with Rodolfo and Bella just went out the window.  He cuts the line sulking.
Just then Angelika enters the bar and lights up when she sees Sergio.  She goes to greet him but he is in a sour mood.  “Pwede ba wag mo akong guluhin.” (Will you stop bugging me.)  Angelika, “Let’s be friends.”  But Sergio prepares to leave.  He walks off but stops and an idea comes to him.  He can use Angelika as his date instead so he returns to the bar and talks to her.  Angelika was frowning when Sergio left but is now happy to see the love of her life come back.  In fact she couldn’t believe that he did.
Rodolfo and Bella in a canary yellow backless dress arrive at a cozy inn which I presume is Villa Constanza (spelling?).  A woman greets them telling them that the florist and the catering are all set up awaiting their approval.
Renato is taken to a mental facility.  (I’m glad they didn’t kill him after all)  There are so many crazy people walking all around and this frightens Renato who is screaming, “Hindi ako baliw!”  (I’m not crazy)  A couple of the mental asylum’s staff come to take him to his room, the three henchmen follow.
Rodolfo and Bella are now checking out the catering and Rodolfo like the set up, “Wow, looks good.”  They sit, ready to begin their food tasting.
A car arrives and out comes Sergio.  Rodolfo and Bella see him and both wonder who is with him.  “Sinong kasama niya?”  It is none other than Angelika in a body hugging golden dress. 
Sergio, “Hi guys
Bella is at once on the warpath, “Senora Santibanez, bakit nandito ka?  Wala ka yata sa casino?” (You’re here, why aren’t you in the casino?)
Rodolfo is also likewise to Sergio, “Ikaw Sergio nananadya ka ba?  Sinusundan mo ba kami?” (Are you trying to follow us?  Are you doing this on purpose?)
Sergio indicates that he is also a member of the resort and is here to have a nice time.
Bella, “I didn’t realize that you’re related, you have the same last name.”
Sergio introduces Angelika and she explains that she is married to Sergio’s father.
Bella’s words are heavy with insinuations, “So Sergio, is Senora Santibanez your evil step mother?”
Sergio defends Angelika, “No evil can be as pretty as Angelika.”
Angelika likes the compliment especially coming from Sergio so she adds, “Besides hiwalay na kami ng ama niya.” (We’re separated)
Bella’s attacks just keep coming, “Siguro nakahalata siya na pinagsasabay mo silang dalawa.” (Perhaps he realised you are two-timing)
Angelika couldn’t help but fight back, “Willing naman silang pagsabayin eh.  Bakit Bella, naiinggit ka?” (Both are quite willing.  Why, are you jealous?)
The mental facility people tie Renato to his bed, heavily wrapped in padded clothing to prevent him from hurting himself.  Renato struggles shouting to them to set him free.  “Ayaw ko dito!”  (I don’t like it here)
Rodolfo has had enough of their exchanges so he exclaims, “Can we stop this nonsense?  Can you serve dinner and please, leave us”  He tells Sergio and Angelika to leave him and Bella alone.
Sergio invites them, “After your dinner, maybe you’d want to join us for dessert?”
Rodolfo finds the invitation quite absurd.  They obviously do not like one another so he outright says, “No”  and repeats, “umalis na kayo.”
Sergio tells him to relax.  Rodolfo is starting to get really annoyed as he tells Santibanez, ‘”Do you know what relax means?  Wala kayo!”
Sergio tells him that he just wants to be friends.  He’s accepted the fact that Rodolfo and Bella are together and it’s alright with him.  Bella tells Rodolfo that perhaps they can join Sergio and Angelika later.  Rodolfo checks if what he heard is right, that Bella wants to join them.  He acquieces seeing Bella is fine with it.
Bella changed into something less formal and Angelika notices.  She comes over to talk to Bella noting how bitter the latter is on someone who once fooled her.  Angelika calls her a “manang” (spinsterly) and she retorts by calling Angelika “cheap”  (Medyo sumablay pronounciation ni Marian dito.  It’s supposed to be a long e sound: cheeeep, not chip.  Kse di ba galing na siya ng US, so dafat siguro accent wise medyo mas maging conscious pa.)  Both women were in a stand off when the guys arrived.  Angelika asks Sergio if she could borrow the keys to his car as she wants to change her clothes as well.
Angelika calls her friend Monica on the phone and tells her how Bella is such a scene stealer.  Monica encourages her, “Go friend, ipaglaban mo sarili mo, wag kang papatalbog.” (Fight and don’t let her outdo you)  Angelika tells Monica she has to go as she picks up a tiny purple swimsuit from her bag.  “Tuloy ang laban” (The fight continues)
Fulgoso and Fifi are now back in each other’s arms.  Fulgoso tells Fifi, “You’re the one baby” (Buti pa mga aso, bati na eh ang mga tao nagkakagulo pa rin!  Ayaw pa kasing magpaka-totoo eh!)
Innocencia tells Corazon about Bella’s double date and the plump nanny almost fell of her feet.  She hopes Bella is ok.  Innocencia assures her that Bella can handle it.  A question came to Corazon, “Ba’t ba gusto pa niya makita si Sir Sergio?  Eh alam naman niyang affected siya kahit noon pa.”  Innocencia doesn’t really know the answer but takes a rather accurate guess, “Baka gusto nya lang talaga.”
Angelika returns to the group who are now seated by the pool area having wine.  She declares, “Hindi ba kayo nababato?” (Aren’t you bored?)  She removes her robe to reveal a skimpy, sexy purple swimsuit and invites them, “Gisingin naman natin ang gabing ito”  (Let’s wake up the night!)
Paano?”  Sergio asks and she suggests “Skinny dipping.”  And adds that she’s already dressed for it.  Rodolfo seems to admire how sexy she is and this doesn’t escape Angelika’s predatory senses.  Bella states, “Bakit gusto mo laging ikaw ang center of attraction?” (Why do you always want to be the center of attention?)
Angelika smiles, enjoying the men staring at her body, “Kasi gusto ko lagi akong bida.” (Because I always want to be the star)
Bella makes a go, “Pero mas mukha kang kontrabida.” (But you look more like the villain)
Angelika dares Bella instead if she can go as daring as her, “Ang mga manang na katulad mo, wala naman talagang sinabi.” (Spinsterly women like you do not have the guts to be the star)
The two men do not seem to hear the debate going on and only react when Bella excuses herself.  They both wonder where she is going but Rodolfo quickly turns back his appreciative gaze to Angelika while Sergio keeps looking at Bella’s direction, worried where she is and what she is up to.
Corazon tells Innocencia how Bella easily fell for Sergio’s charms back then.  She knows that Marimar is still the same when it comes to Sergio.  Innocencia tells Corazon that for Bella, all this is just a game right now.  She is keen on vengeance.
Bella comes back wearing a light blue two piece number that has Sergio’s eyes bulging.  He is the first to stand up to go to her and Rodolfo quickly after.  Rodolfo exclaims, “Wow!” and goes back to the table to retreive Bella’s drink.
Bella removes the net-like knitted frock she has over her swimsuit and drops it, but Sergio exclaims, “Bella malamig!” (The night is cold!) as he picks it up and puts it back on her.  She allows Sergio to put it on but acts like this has no special meaning to her.  Rodolfo is back with her wine and she takes a sip, prompting Sergio to caution Rodolfo. “Baka malasing.” (Careful she might get drunk)
Rodolfo reminds Sergio that he is Bella’s date and not him.  Angelika upset that both men have forgotten about her calls Sergio, “Sergio bumalik ka nga dito, ako ang ka-date mo!”  (Come back here!  Have you forgotten that I am your date?)  Sergio replies, “Oo naririnig kita.  Di mo kailangan sumigaw.”  (I heard you.  You don’t need to shout.)
Bella advances towards Angelika, “Ano Angelika, anong sinasabi mo na hindi kita kayang talbugan?”  Angelika is pissed now as she grabs a glass full of wine, intending to throw it at Bella but the latter moves quickly and pushes Angelika into the pool.  Angelika is now shouting at Bella, ready for a fight.
Rodolfo tells them not to make a scene as this is a decent place and it would be quite embarrassing.  Angelika comes out of the pool and rushes towards Bella, “Hindi mo ako kilala.  Hindi mo ako kaya!”
But Bella’s anger comes from years of suffering as she releases them on her rival, “Ako ang di mo kaya.  Mang-aagaw ka ng asawa!”  Angelika moves to slap her but she evades it again and pushes her back into the pool.  She laughs at her as Rodolfo drags her away from Sergio and Angelika.
Sergio is stunned at Bella’s last statement.  He wonders why Bella is so angry at Angelika.  He is confused.  He is thinking about the last statement and where this animosity is coming from between the two women.  Angelika is back on dry land beside Sergio and is quite upset that he didn’t even defend her.


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