Marimar episode 64 – The one where Sergio cries in the rain

November 20, 2007

Marimar Episode 64 – The one with Sergio crying in the rainRodolfo and Bruno arrive at the party and the former is roaming his eyes around obviously looking for his fiancee. Rowena, Bella’s secretary is clearly not in favour of Rodolfo for her boss but he seems oblivious to her reaction.

Meanwhile, Sergio and Bella are still on the landing of the stairs and whilst it affords a good view of the lobby, people from the ground can also see them clearly. Rodolfo looks up and shouts her name with a sharpness denoting he disapproves of her being with his rival, Santibanez.

At the Villa Santibanez, Angelika and Monica are with Renato. Angelika orders her minions to loosen up the ropes that tie Renato’s hands. She gives him the documents again and coaxes him to sign them. Renato acts as if to sign but at the last minute he starts to tear the documents. Angelika quickly recovered them and used the folder to hit Renato who is screaming to be set free, “Pakawalan mo na ko dito!”

Rodolfo goes to them and he sees that they are obviously talking about something personal. He tells her, “Kanina pa kita hinahanap. Anong nangyayari dito?” He tells her he has been looking for her and asks the two what is going on.

Bella replies, “May pinag-uusapan lang kami” that they’re just discussing something. Rodolfo orders her, “Well tapusin nyo na, naghihintay ako” to finish it quickly as he doesn’t want to be kept waiting.

He leaves them and Bella after a while turns her back to follow the man she chose, but her hand is still in Sergio’s and he doesn’t let go. She cries with her back to Sergio he cannot see the tears but knows that she feels something for him, her hand not leaving his. He looks down as she retrieves her hand and leaves. She promptly goes to Rodolfo’s side. Sergio is left alone on the landing, staring at the ring and felling totally empty inside.

Nicandro takes out what appears to be a pair of electrical rods which has Renato wide-eyed in fear. “Ano yan? Kuryente yan! Ayoko niyan!” He knows what they’re used for and screams he doesn’t want it.

Angelika tells her husband, “Di ka kukuryentehin kung pipirmahan mo ang mga dokumento.” (You won’t get electrocuted if you sign the documents.)

Hindi ko pipirmahan yan! Hindi ko pipirmahan yan!” Renato repeatedly screams he’s not signing it.

Angelika asks him again, “Pipirma ka?” He vehemently objects, “Hindi!”

Ayaw mo?” Angelika asks if he’s sure. “Ayoko” Renato confirms.

Nicandro!” Angelika shouts Nicandro’s name to signal the thug’s applying electric shock torture on Renato. Angelika watches coldly as Renato screams in pain.

As soon as she reaches Rodolfo, the ambitious man hugs her and declares to everyone around, “Meron akong mahalagang sasabihin sa inyong lahat and I want to make this announcement with someone very important in my life.”

Bella’s face mirrors her heart as she clearly doesn’t like for any of this to happen, but only did it to see vengeance. Rodolfo is the exact opposite, happy to tell the whole world. “I’m sure you are all wondering why I hosted a party.” He tells the guests that they are all important friends and associates to him and Bella and the reason they are all gathered is because he is going to propose to her at last.

Rodolfo looks up at the sad Sergio and beams in triumph.

Nicandro stops and Angelika asks Renato is he is going to sign the papers now. He insists he won’t so she orders Nicandro to give him another shot as Renato screams again in pain. Finally he tells Angelika that he is going to sign so as to stop the electrocution.

With everyone as witnesses, Rodolfo kneels in front of Bella and says, “Bella, will you marry me?” Sergio looks on unfeeling. After a pause, Bella almost whispers her agreement, “yes.” Rodolfo smiles, puts an expensive looking ring on her finger and stands to kiss and embrace his wife-to-be.

Sergio is depressed, their exchange a further nail into his already broken heart. Bella looks as worse as Sergio but feigns happiness for pretense’s sake.

Sergio puts the ring back in the box. Bella looks up at Sergio but he turns and leaves quietly.

In the rain, Sergio sits on a bench in an empty park. He recalls moments he’d spent with the mysterious and intriguing Bella Aldama as we flashback to their short lived romance. He doesn’t notice a car pull up behind him as he stands to leave. Out the car, a worried Bella comes wearing a raincoat. She moves as if to call his name but chose to be silent and cry instead. He doesn’t even know she’s just behind him. He walks away and she sits on the same bench he just vacated, finally giving in to the pain and the tears as they get mixed up with the rain.

Mike and Nicandro free Renato’s tied hands and Angelika gives him the documents. He signs off his fortunes to his evil and sadistic wife. Angelika takes back the signed papers and shares beaming smiles with her friend Monica.

Renato tells her, “Pakawalan mo na ko.” and repeats it to remind her of her promise. But she gets back at him with a question, “Ano ako sira ulo?” (What do you think I am, crazy?) She has no plans of freeing him at all. Angelika leaves him “Maraming salamat honey, bye!” with a snide smile and a thank you.

Renato screams, “Angelika!” as he gets tied up again. He struggles helplessly, “Pakawalan nyo na ko!”

Antonio who witnessed his friend’s disastrous proposal finds a very wet and very sad Sergio in his office. He wants to put all the blame on Bella so Sergio would get angry and forget her. “Di talaga mapagkakatiwalaan si Bella Aldama. Pinagplanuhan niya ito.” (You really cannot trust that Bella Aldama. She’s got this all planned.)

Sergio sadly adds, “Hindi ko alam kung bakit gusto niyang gawin sa akin ito.” (I just don’t know why she wanted to do this to me.)

Antonio advises his friend to forget about her, “Wag mo na siyang isipin.”

Sergio realises something. He reveals to Antonio that he has felt the same pain before. “Nadaan ko na ito dati.” This is exactly how he felt with Marimar. What’s bothering him is why they are the same kind of pain.

Bella and Innocencia discuss the night of proposals. Bella admits to her friend that she never expected Sergio to propose. She wanted him to come to the party to see Rodolfo proposing to her, and she accepting – but didn’t picture that Sergio would go as far as asking for her hand in marriage.

Bella admits it wasn’t in her plans at all. Innocencia reminds her that what her plan intends was to give Sergio as much pain as he gave her and surely with what happened, her plan turned out to be a great success.

Marimar tells her friend, “Di ko alam kung masisiyahan ako sa ginawa natin. Di ko makuhang masaya na si Sergio nasasaktan.” (I don’t know if I should be happy with what we did. I can’t seem to be happy while Sergio is in pain.)

Innocencia now knows Marimar still has feelings for Sergio so she asks her friend, “Paano si Rodolfo? Tuloy pa ba ang pagpapakasal mo sa kanya?” (How about Rodolfo, are you still going to marry him?)

Rodolfo and Bruno are still together after the party and are celebrating. Bruno tells his friend that finally he’s engaged. Rodolfo corrects him, “Engaged and in love.” Bruno asks the former, “Why her?”

Rodolfo tells his friend he wants to prove to his father and his first wife that he can not only manage the San Inez business well but he can also expand it by buying into the Aldama corporation. “Once ikasal kami, mapupunta na rin sa akin ang kumpanya at ang kalahati ng mga bilyones niya.” (Once we are married, I can get my hands on their company and half of her billions.)

So you will marry her for money?” Bruno concludes.

Rodolfo corrects him again, “I will marry her for love and money!”

Bruno asks, “Don’t you have any pre-nuptial agreement?”

Rodolfo is already a step ahead revealing to Bruno, “Napag-isipan ko na yan at may plano na rin ako tungkol diyan.”

His inner voice wakes up the sleeping Renato as he brushes it aside, not interested in what the voice has to say to him anymore, “Ano na naman ang gusto mo?”

The voice asks him why he gave in to Angelika’s tortures and signed the papers. He defends himself explaining that he couldn’t do anything. They will hurt him continuously until he signed those papers.

His voice calls him an idiot, “Eh tanga ka talaga! Ngayon pwede ka na nila patayin!” Whilst he didn’t sign those documents, he has some value to them. Now that he’s already signed, he’s already served his purpose and can now be easily eliminated.

But Renato tells his inner voice that he won’t listen to it anymore stating that he knows what he is doing. Still the voice questions his actions, “Bakit ka pumirma? Sa Pagpirma mo ng dokumento, you signed your death sentence.”

Monica is happy for Angelika. “Friend ikaw ang wagi” telling Angelika that she is the winner, “Friend ang yaman yaman mo na!” and exclaiming that Angelika is now very very rich!

Angelika smiles but is thoughtful. She shares, “Akala ko lubos na ang happines ko kapag yumaman ako. Pero hindi pala.” She declares money isn’t everything and couldn’t even give her the happiness she thought she’d have once she’s gotten everything. Monica asks her what else is it that she wants to be totally happy. Angelika simply replies, “si Sergio. hanggang ngayon, siya pa rin.” (It’s Sergio. Until now, he is still the one.)

Sergio is moving on from his painful experiences and goes to a coffee shop where he accidentally bumps into a girl in red! (Gwen Garci) She apologises and introduces herself, “I’m Olga.” She gives Sergio her card and appears to like Sergio as she also gives him her cell phone number saying, “kakapalan ko na mukha ko” (I’m going to be shameless and give you my cell phone number)

Angelika and Monica prepare to leave again for Manila. Perfecta asks her mistress what they are to do about Renato. She tells her loyal assistant that she’s already given orders to Nicandro and he knows what to do with her husband.

Sergio talks to Olga. He tells her that he knows the president of her company as he was a classmate of his. Bella arrives at the same shop and sees Sergio and Olga talking. She doesn’t like it, being quite jealous of Sergio’s attention and she breaks up their chit-chat saying, “Excuse me, nakaharang kayo sa daan.” (Excuse me but you’re both blocking the way.)

Just then Olga realises who it is she is talking to and exclaims, “Oh my God, you’re a race car driver!” She gushes as she asks him for his autograph.

Sergio ignores Bella’s comments as he signs a folder Olga offered him. Bella however refuses to be ignored as she again makes a loud comment, “Talagang sa gitna pa kayo naglalandian ah?”

Olga takes a stand by asking Bella, “Sino ka ba?” (Who are you anywany?)

Bella is prepared for war, “Di mo ako kilala kaya kung ako sa iyo, umalis ka na!” (You don’t know me so if I were you, I’d leave.)

The girl is shocked at how upset Bella appears to be while Sergio who keeps his silence is looking amused.

Olga is still standing there prompting Bella to shout and glare at her, “Alis!” (Scoot!) and Olga hurries off looking quite harrassed.

Sergio teases Bella, “Ano bang ginagawa mo? Nagseselos ka ba? Sinusundan mo ba ako?” (What do you think you’re doing? Are you jealous? Are you following me?)

Bella says no to all his queries and he continues. “Ah yes, you are getting married! Am I invited?” Bella is quick to say, “No.”

She makes to leave but Sergio throws her something to ponder, “Basang basa na kita. Alam kong may gusto ka pa rin sa akin.” (I can read you like an open book. I know that you still have feelings for me.)

Bella’s reply is a snap, “Kapal ng mukha mo!” (You’re delusional!)

Angelika and Monica check in at a hotel in Manila. Then Angelika suggests that they lounge at the same bar where they last saw Sergio. Monica asks what they are going to do there when Sergio clearly jilted her earlier. Angelika makes her friend choose, they can either lounge at the bar or she can go to the casino. Monica quickly grabs her friend claiming that they should go to the bar and quick!

Sergio and Arturo have coffee al fresco still in the same coffee shop. He tells his gay friend that he has discovered something about Bella Aldama. She is the jealous type, very much like Marimar. This gives him a chance to find out once and for all if Bella cares for him too.

Arturo reminds him that she’s marrying Rodolfo and that he may hurt himself again, “Bossing baka wala ka nang magagawa diyan. Emote ka ng emote, baka ma-double busted ka diyan!”

But Sergio claims he has a plan to win Bella back and smiles mischievously.


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