Marimar Episode 63 – The one with all the marriage proposals

November 19, 2007

Marimar Episode 63 – The one with all the marriage proposals
Corazon and Innocencia are chatting.  The plump cook turned nanny says, “Can I talks to you?” (grammatical errors unchanged)  She asks Marimar’s confidante if there is not chance for Marimar and Sergio to get back together again.  She explains in her peculiar English, “Concerned citizen lang ako for Cruzita.” 
Innocencia understands where Corazon is coming from but she tells her that Marimar truly got hurt by her past and that a big part of it concerned Sergio.
The kindly cook sighs, “Wish ko sana lang, maging magkaibigan sila,  friendship na lang sana sila para maiharap na ni Bella kay sir Sergio ang bata.” (I wish they become friends so Bella can finally tell Sergio about Cruzita.)
Marimar is wearing a sexy blue-violet dress as she calls Sergio who takes some time before answering his cell phone.  Looking at the screen, he has seen the called ID showing it is a call from Bella and he doesn’t answer it immediately as he used to.  Playing hard to get her waits and answers, “Miss Bella Aldama.”
Bella asks him, “Pormal ka yata eh dati naman Bella lang ang tawag mo sa akin?” (You seem so formal when you just used to call me Bella before.)
Sergio explains, “Akala ko kasi magkaibigan tayo.  Pero after nung ginawa mo, siguro di nga tayo friends.” (I thought we were friends but after what you did to me, I now know we’re not.)
This time she surprises Sergio with her next question, “Can I invite you out to dinner?”
Sergio still playing hard-to-get, but smiling to himself asks, “Are you asking me out on a date?”
Innocencia listens to Corazon’s wish and makes her happy when she admits, “Hindi malayo na mangyari yang wish mo kasi mukhang may malasakit pa si Marimar kay Sergio.” (Your wish isn’t far from coming true as it looks like Marimar still has feelings for Sergio.)
Sergio scrutinizes Bella’s motives this time around, “Hindi kita maintindihan Miss Aldama.”  (I don’t quite get you Miss Aldama.)
Bella entices the owner of Santibanez motors, “Mas maiintindihan mo ako over dinner.”  (You’d understand me more over dinner.)
It is Sergio’s turn to decline, “Di ako pwede.  Conservative akong tao.  Gusto ko ako ang nanliligaw.  Ako ang naghahabol.”  (I don’t think I can make it.  I’m a very conservative kind of guy.  I want to be the one to woo a girl.  Pursue her.  Not the other way around.)
This upsets Bella who snaps at him, “Hindi ako naghahabol!” (I’m not pursuing you!)
Angelika and Monica are waiting at the hotel lobby.  Apparently Angelika wants to play at the casino again but this time Monica is acting as her voice of reason telling the former that she’s already lost quite a huge sum of money.  Angelika tells Monica that her attitude is giving off negative vibes, something she doesn’t need in the casino.  She decides to go by herself and leave Monica behind. 
Rodolfo calls Bella.  “I’ve been trying to call you, iniiwasan mo ba ako?” (Are you trying to avoid me?)  Bella says no, she’s not, but simply busy at work.  Rodolfo tells her that his bank had already transferred the money to her company’s account and should be receiving the millions in a couple of days.  He refers to a previous agreement they had and Bella appears aprehensive about it.  Rodolfo sets a meeting but Rowena reminds Bella that she already has a meeting with Mr. S.
Angelika seems to have lost again.  This vindicates Monica telling her gambling friend that she is not the one who brings Angelika bad luck despite her reservations.  Angelika wants to play again and seems quite addicted to gambling now.  She’s planning her strategy for her next casino visit…”bukas” (tomorrow) which dismays Monica as well as worries her.
Bella arrives at her meeting with Mr. S.  She gets to a secluded place with a huge fountain in the middle but no Mr. S.  She calls her secretary Rowena and asks her to call back the person she is meeting as no one is in the place.  Unknown to her Sergio is just right behind her, admiring her silky soft skin that is totally revealed by the backless dress she has on.
Miss Aldama,” Sergio startles her as she turns to face him, “para sa iyo ito.” Showing with his arms wide open that the venue and this night has been set up simply for her.
Bella walks backward, keeping her face on Sergio as Sergio walks forward slowly not letting her stray farther than an arm’s length.  “Kala ko ba ayaw mong makipag-date sa akin?”  She reminds Sergio that earlier he declare he cannot go out on a date with her when she invited him.
He clarifies, “Hindi sa ayaw kong makipag-date sa iyo.  Ayaw ko lang na babae ang nag-aaya.”  (It’s not that I don’t want to go on a date with.  I just don’t like it when it is the woman who asks.)
Bella is trying to keep an eye on Sergio but also at the fountain’s edge as she may fall or slip and when at that moment that she did, Sergio was quick to catch her, and with one arm carry her to a safe area near their dinner table which is set for two.  Romantically lit by candle lights and facing the enormous fountain.
After a moment’s hesitation, Bella asks the handsome racer, “Pwede ba akong tumanggi Mr. Santibanez?” (Am I allowed to decline?)
Sergio’s face turned into a scowl as he says, “Yan naman ang gusto mo, ang saktan ako.” (That’s what you want isn’t it.  You just want to hurt me.)
Bella felt a little bit guilty.  Afterall her reason for asking him out to dinner earlier was to make amends for what she has done to him, declining his business and rendering him on the brink of bankcruptcy and perhaps closure.  She sits and flatly declares, “What’s an hour.  I’m all yours.”
Angelika arrives at the hotel bar where Monica is and she looks tired and sleepy but orders drinks for them.  She’d been at the casino the whole day!  She happily tells her friend that she won and that she’s going to buy her some drinks.  Monica advises her to stop drinking as she appears to still be drunk.  Besides she looks like she needs to rest.  Monica suggests to give her some money off her winnings instead.  Angelika disagress and tells her, “Pang drinks lang ang libre ko sa iyo.”  (I can only afford to buy you drinks)  Meaning she really didn’t win that much money after all.
Monica suggests that she takes a shower and change her clothes as she is still wearing yesterday’s outfit and also needs to brush her teeth.  Angelika feels quite insulted and says, “Kapal mo!” (How dare you!) as she tries to throw peanuts at Monica.
Bella appears at once formal and quite tense being alone in a romantic setting with Sergio.  He places a napkin on her lap as he asks her why she seems so tense.  “Dahil ba sa akin?”  (Is it because of me?)  He treats her gently and is meticulous with her meal.  This perhaps reminds Marimar of how Sergio used to baby her, like that time when he stayed off work to feed her soup.
He does refer to the soup and Bella appears to begin taking some when he mentions his late wife telling Bella that Marimar ate in a way that would also entice you to eat heartily.  “Ang sarap sarap niyang kumain!”
So it’s all about your wife again?”  Bella asks acting a bit insulted. (How can she not tell that Sergio is so in love with Marimar, with her?!)
Sorry,”  Sergio apologises, “I know it’s inappropriate.”  He explains he just cannot seem to stop talking about her. 
Bella after a pause tells him it’s okay and in fact encourages him to tell her more, “Kwento ka pa.”
What do you want to know about her?”
Bella asked how she looked like and Sergio starts describing Marimar, “Long, black, curly hair; brown, radiant eyes; tiny nose; sweet lips; kind heart…Wala siyang ginawa kundi mahalin at mahalin at mahalin lang ako, araw-araw hanggang nagkahiwalay kami.”
At this point Sergio is lost in his memories of Marimar and doesn’t notice how Bella’s face turned sad and a few tears started falling.
Bella asks him if he truly did love his wife, why did he leave?  Was it because he loved someone else?
Sergio denies this and tells Bella that it was only Marimar he loved.  He just couldn’t see it at first.  He even admitted to Bella he never told Marimar how much he loved her.
Again she asks, as if making a point, “Dahil may iba kang mahal?”
Sergio sees her crying now. (Why can’t he tell it’s Marimar!)  He tells her no.  It’s because sometimes someone is so close that it took him to be farther apart to realise just how much she meant, means to him and not take her for granted.
Sergio wipes her tears off her face.  (Why didn’t he ask her what is she cryiny about for Pete’s sake?!)  He tells her, “Nararamdaman kong malapit siya.  Lalo na pag nakikita kita.”
Bella weakly tells him off, “Huwag kang masyadong lumapit Mr. Santibanez.  Baka tuluyan kang mapaso.”  (Don’t come too near, you may get burned.)
But Sergio takes her face in his hands.  She tries to ward him off, “Hindi na babalik ang asawa mo Mr. Santibanez.” (Your wife’s no longer coming back.)  Sergio pulls her into him, now their faces are very near, their noses almost touching, “Nararamdaman kong babalik siya.” (I can feel that she is coming back to me.) 
Sergio kisses her gently.  She tries to move away but he takes her chin towards him and kisses her again, they linger this time and though Bella appears hesitant, she is quite confused with tears flowing freely.  Sergio holds her closer as they hug.  Bella gives in to the moment and returns the embrace, entiwing her arms on Sergio’s just like they used to at San Martin dela Costa.  (Does Sergio know it’s her?)
Sergio is happy that his date with Bella went well.  He goes into a jewelry shop and chooses a ring similar to the one he keeps hanging on a chain on his neck, his old ring with Marimar.  He buys the ring.
Innocencia couldn’t believe what she is hearing from Marimar, “Hinalikan ka ni Sergio kagabi?” (Sergio kissed you last night?)
Marimar smiles as she finds an excuse, “Biglaan, di naman pinlano” (It happened too quickly, it wasn’t planned at all)
Are you dropping all our plans of revenge?”  Innocencia just wants to know if they will still pursue vengeance.
Biglaan nga lang eh.”  Marimar insists that last night was just a fluke.
Nagsisisi ka ba?”  Innocencia asks whether she regrets what happened.
Hindi,”  Bella denies, “masaya ako.  Bumalik lahat ng alaala ko.”  (No, I’m happy.  It’s like all my memories came crashing back.)
But despite her smile, she is quick to reject those kisses meant anything.  “Pero hindi naman totoo lahat yon. Mahal niya si Bella, hindi si Marimar. Kahit kailan, hindi naman niya minahal si Marimar kaya nakuha nilang lokohin at pinaglaruan nila ni Angelika.”  (He loves Bella, not Marimar.  He never loved Marimar that’s why he just toyed with her, he and Angelika just fooled Marimar.)
Monica and Angelika are dining when the lady rep shows them their bill so far.  Monica spits out food when she saw how much they’ve spent, “2 million?!”  Angelika declares she wants to play at the casino again but not at the same table as that seems to give her bad luck.  The rep tells her that can be arranged but this time she must show them a title of a property that they can use against the bills she is accumulating.  It is standard procedure she explains for their high rollers.
Monica is worried.  All of the Santibanez properties as under Renato’s name.  Angelika is silent, her mind already plotting her next move.
Rodolfo barges into Bella’s office and demands her to, “Make up your mind Bella, naghihintay ako.”  This time he evens goes further and locks the door so Bella can give her decision while he waits.
Tinatanggap ko na ang proposal mo.”  Bella concedes, accepting his offer, after thinking it over.
Really?” Rodolfo beams and comes to her.
She stands and takes his hand as if to shake, “And I’m excited to be your partner.”
He takes her hand and kisses it.  He hugs her but she pushes him away.  He remains happy as he declares, “Ipahahanda ko na ang dinner party natin.”  Bella dismisses him, “I’ll see you soon.”
As Rodolfo leaves, Bella slumps back in her chair.  He eyes glisten as tears threaten to flow.  She calls Sergio and invites him to a dinner party. “Will you be my date?”  Tears fall as she sets the final trap to hurt her ex-husband like he hurt her.
Sergio is jubilant as he accepts, “Of course.”  He has no idea she had already agreed to marry his rival, Rodolfo.
Sergio tells his friend Arturo about his date that night with Bella.  He shows the gay man the ring he purchased and asks him, “Pag nakita niya, papayag ba siya?”  (If she sees it, would she agree?)
Arturo is quite shocked but answered, “Depende sa tanong mo.”  (It depends on your question.)  Sarcastically he adds, “Hindi ka rin nagmamadali ano?” (You’re not one to rush things are you?)
Sergio agrees that it is quite rushed on his part but he doesn’t want to make the same mistake he’d made with Marimar.  His friend cautions him that he might get hurt, “Baka masaktan ka lang.”
The younger Santibanez declares, “Di baleng masaktan, basta gusto ko siyang pakasalan.”  (Never mind getting hurt.  All I know is that I really want to marry her.)
Doesn’t he know he is asking his ex-wife’s hand in marriage?
Fulgoso is eating and complains he’s sick and tired of dog food.  He misses having someone to eat with and thinks about Fifi but quickly brushes it off as he knows Fifi is still upset with him.  Cruzita arrives and tells her pet, “Fulgoso we have a surprise for you.”  She shows Fifi, a dog she decides to keep.  Marimar had agreed to it just to make her daughter happy.  “Basta lagi kang naka-smile, gagawin ni mommy lahat.”  Corazon looks at Fifi and says, “Parang pamilyar ang asong ito sa akin ah” (This dog looks quite familiar).  Fifi declares it is her, Angelika’s old pet but of course nobody save for Fulgoso hears her.  Fulgoso is so happy he starts to jump and say, “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it.”
Innocencia arrives and as Corazon, Cruzita and the two dogs leave, she asks Marimar, “Handa ka na ba?” (Are you ready?)
Marimar admits she is not sure, she also adds that she is quite nervous, “Kinakabahan ako.”  She reveals to her friend, “Hindi ko alam kung kaya kong gawin Kay Sergio iyon.” (I’m not sure whether I can do this to Sergio)
Sergio and Arturo arrive at the dinner party with Sergio looking quite excited.  He goes to Rowena and asks her whether Bella has arrived and the secretary who clearly favors him over the ambitious Rodolfo tells him that she has just arrived.  Sergio runs out to meet her as Bella gets off her car.  He exclaims, “You look so lovely tonight!  Halika.”  As he pulls he off to the stairs to afford them a view of the party below as well as some privacy.
Sandali lang,”  Sergio asks her for a few moments as he takes a ring and gives it to her.  “Ano yan?”  She feigns ignorance.  “It’s a ring,”  Sergio pulls out his necklace and shows a similar one he owns, “It’s the same as my wedding ring.”  He solemnly looks into her eyes, as he takes her hands in his, “May itatanong ako sa iyo.” He has something important to ask her.
Sergio don’t do this,”  Bella pleads him to stop.  But the racer can no longer be deterred as he tells her his true feelings for her, “Ikaw ang nagturo sa akin kung anong mga bagay na dapat kong ipaglaban at kalimutan.”  (You are the one who taught me to determine the things I need to fight for and those that I need to forget.)
Sergio, tama na,”  Marimar’s voice shakes as tears begin to fall, “Huwag mong gawin ito.”  She pleads Sergio to stop what he is doing.
Pakinggan mo ako Bella Aldama,”  Sergio insists, “Mahal kita.  Will you marry me?
Angelika and Monica are now back at Villa Santibanez and go home to find a more crazed Renato.  Both jump and let out a scream when they visited Renato at the bodega.  He appears more rabid and Monica exclaims, “Angelika, baliw na talaga si Renato.”
Bella didn’t expect this to happen and she tells Sergio this, “Sergio di ko alam kung anong sasabihin ko.” (I don’t know what to say.)
Sergio tells her that he knows what she feels, deep inside he tells her that he knows the truth.  (Does he know then that he is proposing to Marimar once more?)
Sergio continues, “Kung sasabihin mi sa akin na hindi mo ako mahal, tatahimik ako.”  (If you tell me that you do not love me, I will accept it and walk away)
Bella drops the bomb, “Sergio hindi kita mahal.  Kahit kailan, di ko sinabi na mahal kita.  At kahit kailan hindi kita minahal.”  Tears are flowing down her cheeks as she steeled her self and found the strength to release these words from her mouth.  She saw how Sergio died a little inside himself at each cruel lie she just made.  (Bizzare that what Sergio said to Angelika just a couple of nights ago backfired on him with Bella saying the exact same things to him, ouch!)


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  1. C Says:

    Thanks for writing all this. This is a lot of work. Marimar (w/subtitles) is now being shown in Hawaii. My family loves it and we got other people to watch it who didn’t know about this series.

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