Marimar episode 62 – the one with the casino and the test drive

November 18, 2007

Marimar Episode 62 – The one with the Casino and the Test Drive
This episode shows how Bella and Innocencia plot and execute stage one of Marimar’s revenge. 
In the casino, Monica is quite nervous at how big the bets are as Angelika signs off a 1 million bet.
The game begins and Bella bets 4 chips.  Angelika does the same.  Angelika wins the first game and Monica cheers for her friend.  We see Angelika smile, clearly relieved that she started lucky.
Back at the Villa Santibanez, the nurse screams, “Saklolo!” (Help!) as Diego and Mike arrive to help her.  Nicandro arrives too and he kicks Renato rendering him weak and thus Mike is able to remove the nurse trapped by Renato’s legs.
Angelika places her bet of one chip.  Bella exclaims, “Isa lang?  Mukhang wala ka na yatang pera?” (Only one?  Looks like you are running out of money?)  But Angelika replies that it is just one of her strategies.
The nurse who is now free and on her feet prepares the injection to give Renato.  He calms down once the injected drug takes effect and looks like he is going to lose consciousness as he whines to them to set him free.
Angelika wins again and she feels it is her lucky night.  Perhaps a case of beginner’s luck which she must take advantage of.  The dealer calls for final bets and Bella bets 1 million.  Angelika who’s been winning bets everything on she has on the table.  Bella and the lady rep assigned to Angelika exchange meaningful looks.  It seems that the bait is taken.  This time, the banker wins and Angelika lost all her money, over a million worth in one sitting.
Bella, “Senora Santibanez, isang laro pa?” (One more game?)
Hindi na, tama na.  Halika na Monica.”  Angelika declines and asks Monica to leave with her as she’s had enough.
Bella taunts her, “Bakit Senora Santibanez, wala ka nang pera?  Wala nang laman ang bulsa mo?”  She tells her lady rep to take charge of Mrs. Santibanez and be sure to extend to her all possible assistance that she requires. 
Bella leaves the table and Angelika and Monica sit again.  Monica asks her friend whether she’s going to play for 1 million again.  Angelika replies, “2 million.”  Monica is shocked as she repeats the amount loudly.
Sergio goes to Bella’s office and greets her secretary in a friendly way.  He even gives her flowers.  He relays a message for her boss.  “Sabihin mo sa kanya, dumating na ang mga units na gusto niya at pwede nang i-test drive.” (Tell her that some units she’s requested have arrived and can now be test-driven.)
Rowena goes to Bella’s office and takes leave from Sergio for a while, “Sandali lang po.”  She returns telling Sergio that Bella is not to be disturbed.  “Balik na lang kapag kumpleto na ang units.” (Come back when all the units are ready.)
Sergio asks that maybe she can squeeze him into Bella’s tight schedule.
Rowena’s hands are tied.  She tells Sergio to just call when all the units that Bella wants have arrived.
Sergio clarifies if he understood correctly that Bella wants ‘all’ units.
Rowena confirms that it is all or there will be no schedule.
Mike and Nicandro remove Renato’s ropes.  They remove him from his present location, which is his room.
Sergio is back at the office and wants all staff working hard to meet Bella’s demands.  Innocencia advises Sergio that it is better to order all the cars required by the Aldama Group so that they have a better chance of getting the business.
Antonio is not in favor if buying all the cars as he reckons, most of Sergio’s money will be invested in cars they are not even sure will be bought by the Aldama Group.  Antonio advises Sergio to forget about the Aldama Group.  They will have other clients, but Innocencia pursues the opposite scenario, claiming that the Aldama Group is a big company and having good relations with them will improve Santibanez Motor’s image.  Antonio wants to review the orders but Sergio, after a few minutes pause, tells him to go ahead and order all that Bella needs.  Innocencia smiles; Plan A is in place.
Monica and Angelika are dining at one of the restaurant/bars of the hotel and the latter curses Bella, “Peste talaga yang Bellang yan!  Siya ang dahilan kung bakit naubos and pera natin.  Ngayon talagang barya-barya na lang ang pera natin.” (Because of that prat Bella we’ve lost all our money!)
Monica suggests, “umuwi na lang tayo sa Villa Santibanez, miss ko na rin kasi si Diego babe ko” they go home to their resort as she misses her husband.  Angelika agrees knowing that to stay longer would cost her more from the quickly dwindling fortunes. 
But Monica sees Sergio walk in and she nudges Angelika to tell her friend who just came.
At the Aldama residence, Marimar asks Innocencia if indeed Sergio bought all the cars she ordered and Innocencia agrees revealing that indeed the owner of Santibanez Motors did so despite arguments from his second in command, Antonio.  Marimar reveals that she is eager to see Sergio.  Innocencia asks why and the Aldama heiress replies she is quite eager to see Sergio Santibanez fall.
Angelika runs to Sergio and greets him warmly but the young man tells her, “Ang kapal din naman ng mukha mo para lapitan at kausapin ako.” (How dare you even take the courage to come and talk to me.)  The younger Santibanez tells his step-mother that Arturo has told him everything that she has done to his wife once he left and that means Sergio knows the truth about all her evil plots to get rid of Marimar.
Baka nahulog na naman ang loob mo kay Sergio,” Innocencia tells Marimar that perhaps the reason why she is so eager to see her ex-husband is because she has fallen for him again.
Marimar insists, that Sergio and Angelika only love one another as they are both selfish.  She comments, “Paano niya nagawang mahalin si Bella at mahal din niya si Marimar?  Salawahan talaga siya,” on Sergio’s apparent feelings for Bella and Marimar, quite two-timing.
Angelika tells Sergio, “Bakla siya.  Sinungaling.”  Revealing Arturo’s sexual orientation and implies that he is quite a liar.  She tells Sergio that she and Renato are on a trial break.  Since they left for Paris, she tells her step-son that Renato had beaten her and now she wants to leave him.
Wala akong pakialam sa iyo!”  (I don’t care about you!)  Sergio scowls at her.
Angelika leans into Sergio, “Iyong-iyo na ako.” (I’m all yours)  And tells the object of her desires that she would want to sit and talk with him to tell him her stories, the truth.
Sergio drops her, “Hindi kita mahal.  Hindi kita minahal at kahit kailan, hindi kita mamahalin.” (I do not love you.  I never loved you and I will never, ever love you.)
He leaves Angelika who is now shedding tears, pain clearly etched on her face.  Monica can’t help but feel quite sorry for her.
The men bring Renato back in the bodega where they tie him sitting down onto a chair.  Renato screams and tells them to take him away and set him free.  None of them pays him any mind.
Sergio asks Innocencia, “Handa na ba for test drive?” and she answrs, “yes.”  All the cars required by Bella have been purchased by Sergio’s company and all are now set for their test drive.  Antonio is pissed to find out that the Aldama Group is also test driving cars from two other car dealership companies.  
Sergio confronts Bella about this expecting that they were told earlier, out of courtesy.  Bella chooses this moment to snipe at Sergio, “Yan ang hirap sa iyo Mr. Santibanez, masyado kang bilib sa sarili mo.” (That’s the problem with you Mr. Santibanez, you are too over-confident.)
Antonio is truly worried, “Ang laki ng perang in-invest mo, pag nalugi tayo, bagsak ang negosyo!”  (You’ve invested a lot of money into buying those cars, if we lost the bid, we’d be out of business soon!)
Sergio accompanies Bella in one of the cars and she drives off to test it.  Innocencia looks on and smiles.
Monica and Angelika re in the pool area of the hotel.  They did not return to Villa Santibanez.  Angelika is already drunk and is nursing a new cocktail prompting Monica to call her out, “Ang aga-aga wasted ka na!”  (It’s too early for your to be this wasted!)
Angelika explains, “Gusto kong lunurin ang sakit ng mga sinabi ni Sergio.” (I just want to drown all the pain caused by Sergio’s words.)
She suddenly gets and idea.  She calls the gaming department of the Aldama Hotel and tells them she wants to play in the casino again.  Monica can only shake her head in disapproval but remains silent.
Renato’s inner voice insults him, shouting that he is a weakling and a lunatic.  He replies to himself, “Huwag mo akong kakausapin!”  (Don’t talk to me!) The voice continues to insult him and he goes into ultra-crazy mode shouting for the voices to show themselves, “Asan kayo?!”
The test driven cars return and Bella parks hers and gets out with Sergio.  “So Miss Aldama, how is it?”  Sergio asks the pretty businesswoman.
I’m not impressed”  She flatly replies.
Sergio offers, “meron pa kaming luxury cars, I can show it to you”  other cars that she can test drive.
But Bella cuts him off and tells him plainly that they are not taking any of his cars.
Sergio pleads her, telling her their company needs this deal and that he too needs it badly.  Bella is not touched.  She replies that they will purchase what they need from a rival company instead, “Sa Nippon Cars ko na lang ibibigay ang kontrata.”
Angelika is ready to gamble once more.  Monica doesn’t want her to and tells the representative, Brenda, that Angelika can’t play because they no longer have any money to gamble.  Brenda offers that if Angelika wants, she can loan off the hotel and use it to play in the casino.  Angelika smiles, liking the idea and throws a cautionary look at Monica, telling her to shut up.
Sergio continues to plead with Bella telling her that because she wanted all the models, he had to spend 5 million to get them only to find out she is not even taking a single one of them.  Bella replies, matter-of-factly, “Parang sugal ang negosyo,” business is like a gamble most times.  Sergio asks her to reconsider and at least take a look at their proposal promising that their offer is sure to beat their rivals’  But Bella states that she’s made up her mind.  Sergio resigns with a frustrated, “Fine!”
He adds, “You know you used to remind me of my wife.  Hindi na ngayon.  Si Marimar, mabait siya, maunawain.  Pero ikaw, kabaligtaran ka.  Lahat ng tao gusto mong tapakan.  Wala kang puso Bella.  Wala kang puso!”  (Not anymore.  Marimar, she was very kind, understanding.  But you are the exact opposite.  You want to step on everyone to get what you want.  You have no heart, Bella. You have no heart!)
Sergio walks away on the brink of a business catastrophe leaving Bella who now looks like she too has lost something in all that plotting ang scheming.
In her home, Cruzita asks Marimar to tell her a story as they sit on a swing.  Marimar tells her daughter to get a favorite book and she will read it to her.  But Cruzita tells her she wants a different kind of story.  “Gusto ko magkwento kayo tungkol sa daddy ko.”  (I want you to tell me about my father.)
Bakit naman daddy?”  (Why your father?)  Marimar asks frowning.
I want to know what he’s like.”  Reasons Cruzita and Marimar eventually loosens up and remembers the man she used to love above all else.
She begins, “Ang daddy mo, matangkad, gwapo, makinis, palaging nakangiti pero kapag nagalit, lumalaki ang mga mata niya,” and she shows her daughter just how big her father’s eyes grow when mad. (You father is tall, handsome, smooth skinned and always smiling.  But his eyes grow big when he is angry.)
Cruzita asks, “Mabait ba siya?”  (Is he kind?)
Marimar recalls a time when she thought she knew Sergio, “Oo, mabait siya.  Lahat ng tao, pantay pantay para sa kanya.  Walang mahirap o mayaman.  Mabait siya at matulungin.”  (Yes he is kind.  He treats everyone fairly.  There is no rich or poor man for him.  He is kind, compassionate and helpful.)
Cruzita is eager to meet her father and asks her mother, “Kelan ko ba siya makakasama?”
Marimar who is now in tears honestly answers she doesn’t really know, “Di ko rin alam kung kelan yang araw na yan eh, “ as she hugs her daughter.
Fifi finds Fulgoso with a new poodle, Chi-chi.  He introduces it as his new girlfriend.  Fifi is truly hurt and tells him, “Nagbago ka na talaga Fulgoso, I hate you!”  (You’ve changed Fulgoso)
Innocencia arrives home and Marimar has been waiting for her friend to arrive wanting to hear news about Sergio.  “Kumusta si Sergio, may sinabi na siya?”  (How is Sergio?  Did he say anything?)
Innocencia tells her that he came back really sad but he didn’t say anything.  He was quiet and brooding the whole time.
Innocencia shows Marimar a bottle of wine inviting her friend to celebrate, “Tagumpay ang unang parte ng paghihiganti mo laban kay Sergio” (Phase one of your plot for revenge against Sergio is a success).
Marimar tells her friend, “Ikaw na lang, wala ako sa mood.  Parang nahihirapan akong mag-celebrate.”  (You go on ahead, I’m not in the mood.  I find it difficult to celebrate.)
Innocencia reminds her, “Isipin mo na dapat lang silang magsisi sa mga ginawa nila sa iyo.”  (Think about it this way: it is only right for them to suffer for all they’ve done to you.)
Marimar agrees but is still quite unsure about her plans for vengeance feeling that it is not as sweet as she had expected.


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