Marimar episode 61 – the one with the Santibanez Motors launching and the shooting practice

November 15, 2007

Marimar Episode 61 – The one with the shooting practice
Sergio gets ready for the launching of Santibanez Motors, his very own car-dealership company.  He’s excited as he metes out the details with Antonio but complains that they are quite understaffed for such a huge event.  He also notices that Arturo is often out and wonders whether it’s due to some errands related to the job or some personal matters.  On the one hand, he admits to Antonio that he prefers being busy rather than be idle ant think about women like Bella Aldama. 
Innocencia arrives in their office, interested in a job their company had posted.  This is stage one of Marimar’s plan of seeking revenge, where Innocencia will serve as Marimar’s spy.  Sergio sees her and greets her warmly. 
Marimar meets a woman that Innocencia had recommended to act as her representative in her plot against Angelika.  She tells the lady to keep a sharp eye on Angelika at all times.  The lady accepts her task solemnly.
Angelika and Monica, oblivious to any plots against their beings dine at one of the hotel’s restaurants. Earlier, she’d asked for a report on her expenses so far and got the shock of her life when she saw that she’d already ran up to 65 thousand pesos!  What makes her more furious is the fact that despite the high expense, they still haven’t been part of some hi-profile, swinging party of the rich and famous.  She’s out to seek retribution and knows one name only, as she declares, “I swear may araw din sa akin ang Bella Aldamang yan!”
Sergio tells Innocencia that he is happy to see her looking well, noting the scar being gone and her looking as pretty as before.  She admits, “May tumulong po sa akin.”  Sergio hires her right there and then and she asks whether she needs to take some tests.  Her new boss replies that she need not take any kind of tests.  He’s seen her work before and he’s sure she’ll be as effective and efficient as ever.  Innocencia smiles and thanks him.  Step one, success.  She’s in!
Antonio excitedly tells Sergio that they have a major client interested in their cars and they haven’t even launched it yet.  Sergio is very happy to know who it is but Antonio tells him he will find out later.
Renato is still in a sorry state in his own home.  He’s been shivering from the drugs he’s been given and Diego looks at him with pity.  The nurse comes to give him another shot and Diego begs her to stop.  “Hindi ka ba naawa?  Tama na.”
It is the day of the launch and Sergio is fidgeting beside Innocencia who is as cool and composed as ever.  Sergio looks very nervous as he looks around and wait for the launch to begin.  Innocencia tells him to relax.  They’re well prepared for the launch.  They’ve been up many nights rehearsing this so there will be no hitches.  She assures her boss that he’ll be fine.
Bella arrives at the launch with two businessmen.  Sergio lights up, “Bella?”  He goes to meet her as they find their table.  Bella smiles at him, “Mr. Santibanez.”  He realizes the big client Antonio was talking about a few nights ago and tells her, “Ikaw ang kliyente namin.”
Bella introduces her business partners, Mr Kim and Mr Cua.  Sergio shakes hands with the gentlemen while Innocencia watches from afar, smiling at how the trap is being set on her ex-boss by Marimar herself.
Suddenly, Bella asks to see the units.  Sergio stops and explains that the shipment hasn’t yet arrived.  Bella appears disappointed.  She declares that she had expected to see actual cars.  How can she decide if she liked them if she cannot actually see them.
Sergio fumbles and shows them miniature car models.  Bella complains that she’s just wasting her time.  She wanted to see cars not toys.  She tells her partners that there is nothing for them here, and should just go.  She adds, “Hindi niya alam ang ginagawa niya, kaya halina, umalis na tayo.  He’s just wasting our time.”  They get up to leave as Sergio desperately stops them, explaining that they will know everything from their presentation which they’ve prepared well.  Bella ignores his explanations.
Renato is delirious.  Diego is afraid that he might die and goes to call the nurse.  The nurse sees how badly he is shivering and his eyes are dilated so she injects him with an antidote.  This calms Renato and stops him from shaking.
Sergio asks Bella again to try and listen to his presentation but the lady declares that she doesn’t care.  Sergio feels disappointed but Antonio tries to cheer him up.  He says they’ll have other clients pay no mind to Bella and her partners so much.  But Innocencia convinces him to try and get Bella back.  A bad publicity could ruin their company just as they are launching.  He must do some damage-control at this early stage to ensure their success.  She adds as Sergio moves to follow Bella, Santibanez Motors cannot afford to have some negative word out at this stage.
Renato’s inner voice tells him to be strong.  Diego arrives to give him some water.  Renato drinks them all and again tries to ask Diego to help him escape.  Diego tells him that the resort is heavily guarded with security going round the clock to prevent any more attempts of escape.  In fact, Diego reports to Renato that there has been a shoot-to-kill order from Angelika herself – to kill Renato if he makes any attempt to escape.  Renato could only curse Angelika, “Hayop talaga ito si Angelika.”
Diego suggests to Renato that another way is to convince the nurse not to give him any more injections.  Renato considers this but rejects it telling his former bodyguard that the nurse is under Angelika’s payroll and thus wouldn’t cooperate.   He thinks about his son and sighs, “Kung alam lang ni Sergio ang mga nangyayari sa akin, hindi niya hahayaang mangyari ito.”  (If only Sergio knows about me, he’d never allow this to happen.)
Bella apologises to his business partners and they leave off without her.  She calls her driver on her cell phone.  Sergio catches up with her and she snaps at him, “Tapos na ang palpak mong presentation Mr. Santibanez.”  Sergio tells her that had she stayed behind to listen, she’d have learned about their models.  His team worked hard for the presentation.  But Bella ignores her pre-occupied with getting her driver on the line.  When she got through, it appears that it may be some time for the driver to collect her and she is upset.  She looks eager to go to her next appointment so Sergio offered to drive her.  “Ihahatid na kita.”
“No way.”
“Mahalaga ang appointment mo.  Give me a chance to make it up to you.  Nothing personal.  You are one of the valued clients of Santibanez Motors.”
Bella gives in to his suggestion and allows Sergio to take her to her next appointment.
Monica tells Angelika that someone from Bella Aldama is there to meet her.  Angelika is upset at the fact that Monica just let the said person in their suite.  What is Bella hired an assassin to kill her?  Monica just let her in!
Bella’s next appointment is at a firing range.  Sergio drives her there and walks with her to the practice area.  He declares he’s quite surprised.  Bella admits, “Marunong akong bumaril pero gusto asintado.”  (I know how to shoot but I want to be more accurate in aiming at my target.)
Sergio comments, “I’ve never imagined you in this sport.  Bakit sino ba ang babarilin mo?  Ako?”  (Who are you going to shoot?  Me?)
This prompts the first spontaneous laugh from Bella that stayed into a pretty smile on her face.  Sergio sees this and looks at her, remembering something special from his past.  He exclaims that finally, he has seen her smile.  To her he says, “Keep smiling, you look prettier when you smile.”
Bella’s representative introduces herself to Angelika.  She explains that Angelika and her guest (meaning Monica) are invited to the high rollers’ night at their hotel’s casino.  She explains that Miss Aldama had found out that Angelika is a Santibanez and would like to make it up to her.  Angelika likes what she it hearing.
Sergio and Bella arrive at the practice range and finds Rodolfo already doing some target practice there.
San Inez,” Sergio calls to Rodolfo.
Santibanez,” Rodolfo calls back.
Bella just smiles as the two men get ready to show who the alpha-male is.
Rodolfo asks Bella, “Ano mo ba ito,” pointing his gaze at Sergio “bodyguard o driver?” (Is this your bodyguard or driver?)
Sergio retorts, “Eh ikaw, anino?” (And you?  Are you her shadow?)
Bella dismisses Sergio but the racer decides to stay. “Gusto ko din bumaril.” (I want to shoot too.)
The contest begins as the two men show their shooting prowess, each trying to outdo the other with Bella in between.  Rodolfo sees how she is missing her mark and he moves in to show her how to hold out her gun.  Sergio protests at what the other man is doing.  He says, “Parang nang cha-chancing ka na niyan!” (Looks like you’re taking advantage of the situation.)
Rodolfo stops, annoyed at Sergio’s accusation, “Yan ang problem pag di marunong bumaril.” (That’s the problem if one doesn’t really know how to shoot.)
Sergio challenges Rodolfo, “Eh kung ikaw kaya turuan ko ng leksiyon?” (What if I taught you a lesson instead?)
Rodolfo accepts his challenge, “Sergio di kita uurungan.” (I won’t back down from you.)
The two take it out on each other and starts exchanging punches.  Bella tries to stop them but they’re too stubborn to listen.
Renato talks to the nurse and asks, “Magkano ba ang binibigay sa iyo ni Angelika?” (How much is Angelika paying you?) 
He offers, “Tatapatan ko.  Dodoblehin ko pa.  Itigil mo lang ito.”  (I’ll pay the same, even double it so long as you stop this.)  His inner voice eggs him on, happy that Renato is finally taking it upon himself to be free.  His voice approves of what he is doing, getting more people to be on his side, and lets him know it.
The lady representative of Miss Aldama shows Angelika and Monica to their new accommodations, none other than the Presidential Suite of the hotel.  This is Bella’s peace offering to Angelika and she is relishing every moment of it.  The woman gives them their key cards that will also be their IDs to enter and play in the casino.
Monica doesn’t like it and tells Angelika, “Mare, something spells fishy.”   (spell? f – i – s – h – y, fishy)
Angelika corrects her friend, “Gaga, smells.” (hahaha!  I love it!) but is oblivious to her friend’s warnings as she is finally in the IN crowd.  Something she’s longed for ever since.
The lady tells both women that Bella expects them to meet her at the casino at around 7 pm.  Angelika accepts and tells her she’ll be there.
Sergio and Rodolfo are in a fight and Bella is trying to stop them.  Finally she gives up and tells them to go on an just kill each other off.  Sergio snaps back at her telling her, “Gusto mo na ito hindi ba?  Gusto mo na pinag-aawayan ka!”  (This is what you like, us fighting over you!”
Bella retorts, “Alam mo naman pala.  So why are you still here?”
Sergio calms down as he reveals, “I expected you to be someone nicer.”
Well I’m not.”  Bella walks out.
Sergio is saddened by this.  He looks at Rodolfo and says, “pasensiya na.” (I’m sorry.)
Rodolfo looks at Sergio and walks off to follow Bella.
Angelika and Monica arrive at the casino.  Monica wants to asks directions to the VIP table but Angelika stops her, telling her to stop acting like an idiot lest they get discovered by everyone else, what type of country mice they really are.
Sergio is back at the office and Arturo exclaims that he pities his boss’ eyebrows always getting a shiner from the many fights he’s been involved in (most of them concerning Bella)  He states, “You’re a lover not a fighter.”  Arturo gives Sergio some sound advice.  He says, “Forget her.  Nasaktan ka lang.  Bella is bad for your business life and she is bad for your love life.”
Sergio tells his childhood friend that he knows how Bella feels.  He can read her with just one look at her.  “Isang tingin lang, basang-basa ko na siya.”  He tells Arturo why he knows this.  It’s because Bella is like Marimar.
At the casino, Angelika and Monica find the VIP table and sit.  The dealer announces that minimum bets are 50 thousand and the maximum bet is 1 million.  This almost throws Angelika and Monica off their seats.  They leave but as they stand up and turn, they see Bella arrive.
Bella smiles at them and kisses Angelika on both cheeks.
Ano yon Bella, halik ni Hudas?”  Angelika asks her new acquaintance.  (What was that Bella, Judas’ kiss?)
Bella feigns laughter, “You’re so funny Angelika!  That’s why I sent you an invitation.  Did you win?”  Asking the ladies if they’ve made any winnings from playing.
Angelika declares that they were just about to start.
Everyone gets seated again.  (Marimar has her own guy to look at her cards and to play for her.  Super saucy!)  The dealer calls, “Place your bets” and to her surprise and Monica’s utter disbelief, Angelika bets “One million.”  Monica grabs her friend’s arm, trying to stop her but Angelika seems too keen on proving to Bella Aldama that she is also a woman to reckon with.
Renato asks the nurse if she’s made up her mind about stopping his injections.  The nurse tells him that she will stop his injections under one condition.  Renato is eager to find out what it is.  The nurse tells him to sign the documents Angelika asked him to sign.
Renato is furious and tells the nurse he is not doing such thing.  That will mean transferring everything he owns to Angelika and he is not crazy to do something like that.  Not yet.  The nurse tells him that if he doesn’t sign, then she will have to continue the injections.  She moves to give him one but he traps him with his legs and she is caught there, helpless to an angry and stronger Renato.  The nurse can only scream for help.


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