Marimar episode 60 – The one with the Bella-Angelika word war

November 15, 2007

Marimar Episode 60 – The one with the Bella-Angelika confrontation
Angelika and Monica both couldn’t believe their eyes when they say Marimar in the hotel.  Both ladies looked like they’ve seen a ghost.  Angelika came closer.  She forgot all her poise and confidence as she asks the woman who is a spitting image of her former childhood playmate, “Sino ka?  Kambal ka ba niya?  Marimar?  Sino ka ba?!” (Who are you?  Are you her twin?  Marimar?  Who the hell are you?)
Bella stands up and smiles at Angelika.  She takes leave from her guest in Spanish, “Lo siento. Hay una prequena problema con este chica.” (I’m sorry, I have a small matter to settle with this woman.) Her guest leaves with an advice for Angelika to keep her calm as she obviously looks quite rabid.
Angelika not understanding their exchange in Spanish asks Bella, “Anong pinagsasabi mo?” (What the hell are you saying?)
Sergio visits Marimar’s and his daughter’s grave again.  He’s got the usual flowers he always brings and he sits and talks to her as if she were still alive.  He tells her of the cute little girl he encountered who is now under Corazon’s care.  Arturo, ever loyal is with Sergio, respectfully keeping his distance.  Sergio laments about the fact he’s not been with their own daughter, not even to hug her, “Sayang at di ko nakasama ang anak natin, di ko man lang nayakap.”
Arturo couldn’t hold it any longer so he approaches Sergio and tells him, “Bossing, may itatanong lang sana ako sa inyo.  Sana huwag ninyong ikagagalit.” (Boss, I just have a question to ask and I hope it won’t upset you.)  Sergio indicates that he is listening and Arturo continues, “Paano kung buhay pa si Marimar?” (What if Marimar is still alive?)
Sergio clarifies from Arturo what he is trying to say, that Marimar is still alive, “Anong sinasabi mo?  Na buhay si Marimar?”
Cruzita goes out the back of their house to play and finds Fifi who seems to be waiting to see Fulgoso.  The child exclaims, “Hey what a cute doggy!”  Fifi performs some tricks to show she’s a lovable mutt.  Cruzita puts a finger on her nose as she adds, “But you’re kinda yucky and baho!” (You’re filthy and stinky!)  Fifi admits this but still does so with typical Fifi aplomb, “I’m baho but super talented” (I may be stinky but I’m very talented.)
Angelika continues to ogle at Marimar, inspecting her from her new look to her clothes.  “Iba na hitsura mo.” (You look different.)  Suddenly it hits her and she brightens up at her idea, “Alam ko na, siguro hostess ka, nag-aantay ng customer.  Ano, DOM?  Foreigner?  Malandi ka talaga!” (I knew it!  You’re a prostitute and you are waiting for your customer.  Which one is it, a Dirty, Old Man -D.O.M. – or a foreigner?  Oh you are such a slut!)
Arturo tells Sergio his doubts about Corazon.  He just advises his boss to be sure before he believes in anything.  But Sergio reveals that he has accepted what happened.  He trusts Corazon and knows she would never lie to him.  He adds, “tanggap ko na, na wala na ang asawa at anak ko.  Masakit pero ginawa ko.”  (I’ve accepted the fact that my wife and child are gone.  It hurts but I did it.)
“Handa ka na ba ibaling ang pagtingin mo sa iba?”  Arturo asks him whether he is ready to love someone else.
Sergio explains to his driver and friend, “Tanggap ko na wala na sila pero mahal ko pa rin.  Di ko alam kung papaano umibig muli.”  (I’ve accepted that they’re gone but I still love them.  I don’t know how to love again.)
Feeling sorry for his friend, Arturo encourages him, “Bata ka pa.  Marami ka pang pwedeng mahalin, tulad ni Bella Aldama.”  (You’re still young.  You’re bound to fall in love again, to anyone, to as many as you can love, to someone like Bella Aldama.)
Angelika calls the hotel staff.  The manager who met Bella earlier came and she declares she’s glad he’s there.   She orders them to send Bella away.  Bella only smiles but keeps silent.  Angelika loudly says, “Ilabas nyo ang babaing yan.  Hindi siya nababagay dito.” (Send this woman out.  She doesn’t belong here.)
Bella raises an eyebrow and tells Angelika, “No, you get out of my hotel!”
Angelika couldn’t quite believe what she is hearing.  She looks to the hotel staff for support but the man only confirms the absurd, “Siya si Bella Aldama.  Siya ang may-ari ng hotel.” (She is Bella Aldama.  She owns this hotel.)
Angelika shakes her head in disbelief.  “Hindi, siya si Marimar.  Kilala ko ang babaing ito!”  (No, she’s Marimar.  I know this woman!)
The hotel staff escort Angelika and she drags Monica with her.  The next scene is quite fishy.  I don’t know whether it really did happen or perhaps Marimar just played it out in her head.  This is the part where she grabs Angelika and takes her in a corner.  She tells Angelika is a low but clear voice, “Hindi kita pwedeng patayin dito per pag ako nakahanap ng oras, papatayin kita.” (I cannot possibly kill you here but if I get an opportunity, I will kill you.) Then she shoves Angelika back with Monica and the waiting security and hotel staff that takes them out of the hotel with Angelika protesting all the way, screaming that everyone has totally lost it.  That she’s going to look into the bottom of it to reveal the impostor that is Marimar.
Marimar stares at the two women’s receding figure and in her mind she says, “Matagal ko nang hinintay ang pagkakataong ito.  Makakaganti na rin ako sa lahat ng kahayupan mo.” (I’ve waited for this moment to come.  I can finally get my vengeance for all that you’ve done.)
Renato is still in chains and according to Angelika’s instructions, he needs to be injected with the drug that will keep him crazy at certain intervals during the day.  A nurse comes to inject Renato who seems to be delirious and weak.
Monica and Angelika have finally checked-in their room.  (I’m surprised they didn’t change hotels?)  Angelika is so pissed, “Leche talaga ang Marimar na yon!  Papaano niya na-uto lahat ng staff ng hotel?”  (That Marimar is such a pain in the ass!  How did she manage to fool all the hotel staff?)
Monica asks her whether she is sure that woman is indeed Marimar.  Perhaps she just looks like her.  But Angelika is adamant.  She is sure that the woman they met in the lobby was indeed Marimar.
“Papaano nabuhay eh di ba patay na nga?” Monica asks, how is it possible she is still alive when they know she has been dead all this time.  “Aba ewan ko!”  Angelika snaps she doesn’t know.
Monica concludes that perhaps she just looks like Marimar.  She feels that now that Angelika created a row with Bella Aldama, they wouldn’t be able to rub elbows with the influential, powerful, ‘creme de la creme’ members of the Manila elite society.  Monica pronounces it ‘cream’ and Angelika is quick to insult her friend’s mistake, “Gaga it’s pronounced ‘krem de la krem’, bobita!”
Bella’s auction looks like it is a resounding success.  It is the final item to be offered for the night and Bella is radiant in her blue dress.  The final item is none other that Bella herself – she will give her time – a day to the highest bidder.   Bella goes up the small stage and the bidding began at 50,000 pesos.  Rodolfo wants to impress Bella so he bids a whopping 1 million after the opening bid, creating a stir in the bidders.  A contender counters his bid and they went on up to 1.3 million.  At this point, Rodolfo raises his flag for 2 million.  The crowd gasps, the auctioneer calls it once, twice and hits the gavel.  Rodolfo won Bella for a day.  He stands arms open wide and makes a small bow to Bella and to the crowd.  He goes by the stage and takes Bella’s hand.  Everyone applauds.
Angelika calls Nicandro who is at the pool bar that night.  She was about to ask him something when Nicandro tells her that Sergio had come looking for Renato.  Angelika asked what they did and the thug confirmed they did all she ordered them to do.  He told Sergio that his father is abroad and is thankful that the younger Santibanez left without suspecting anything.  Angelika too is relieved that Sergio hasn’t discovered what they’ve been up to.  She now asks Nicandro the question she’s been wanting to get confirmation from, “Napatay ba talaga natin si Marimar?” (Have we really killed Marimar.)
Nicandro stops and says, “Opo.”  Angelika asks him if he is certain, “Sigurado ka?”  Then the hitman pauses and says, “Yata.” (Maybe.)  Angelika flares up at his hesitant reply, “Hindi ka sigurado?” (You aren’t sure?)
We flashback to that fateful day when Angelika shot Marimar in the chest.  Marimar rolls down the steep hill and Angelika orders Nicandro to go down and make sure that Marimar is truly dead.   As Nicandro makes his way down slope, he falls and slips for a few meters.  Afraid to fall and hurt himself the second time, he looks down and he can see Marimar unmoving.  He made his way back instead of checking whether Marimar truly is dead.  Marimar didn’t die, the medallion of Mama Mary which Padre Porres gave her caught the bullet and she was unharmed.
Nicandro admits, “Pumislit ako agad, mataas ang bangin.”  (I left at once, the hill was quite steep.)
Angelika ends their conversation.  She is now more certain that Marimar is alive and that she is none other than Bella Aldama.  Monica asks the many questions that can’t seem to be possible; how did she survive a gun shot directly at her, how did she get so rich?  Angelika doesn’t know yet, but she declares she will find out.
Rodolfo  speaks to his auction prize, hoping to impress her. “Two million just to be with you for one day.”
“Pera mo yan, wala akong pakialam kung papaano mo wawaldasin.”  (It’s your money, I don’t care how you spend it.)  Marimar remains unimpressed as she walks away from Rodolfo to see to her other guests.  Rodolfo smiles, seemingly amused and quite challenged.
Angelika and Monica arrive at the auction. (Aren’t they a little too late, tapos na ah!)  They sign in but once the ladies at the registration table realise who they are, they tell Angelika that she is not allowed inside.  She’s been banned from their auctions, including all future social events as she’s made an enemy of Bella Aldama.  One of the registation ladies even declares, “Umuwi na lang kayo sa probinsiyang pinanggalingan ninyo.”  (Why don’t you go back to whichever province it is you came from?)
But Angelika is not scared, she grabs Monica as they crash into the party.
Rodolfo apologises to Bella if he had insulted her in any way.  Bella declares, “Oras ko lang nabili mo.  Walang presyo ang pagkatao ko.”  (You made a bid and won my time.  My own person doesn’t have any price.)
Angelika declares that she will prove to everyone here that Bella and Marimar are one and the same person.
One of her security detail tells Bella that she has to leave at once as the troublesome Angelika crashed into her party.  Bella tells the securiy not to worry.  She can handle this small problem.  She faces Angelika, ready for battle.
Angelika tells her, “Maabilidad ka.  Hindi ko alam kung papaano mo sila nauto.”  (You’ve got many talents.  How did you manage to fool everyone?)
“What do you want?”
“Nandito ako to prove na ang isang peke, balutin mo man ng ginto, lalabas pa rin ang tunay na peke lang ito.”  (I’m here to prove a fake.  Even if you coat it in gold, eventually, it will show it’s true colors.)
“Are you talking about youself?”
“No, I’m talking about you, Marimar.  Isa kang fake!” (You’re a fake!)
“Fake?  Do you even know the meaning of fake?”
“Fake, peke, pirated, malabong kopya” (Fake, a poor copy of the original)
“Now you’re definitely talking about yourself!”  Marimar successfully baits Angelika in this word war.
Angelika is shocked at the quick retort, noting Marimar doesn’t talk like that. “Hindi ganyan magsalita si Marimar.”
“Wala ka na ngang breeding, wala ka pang poise.  Nagpunta ka pa rito at nagbihis para sabihin lang sa akin yan?  You’re wasting my time!”  Bella leaves, triumphant.
Angelika tries to grab her but security hold her and Monica, preventing them from following Bella. “Ingrata ka!” (You’re an ingrate!)
(I love this exchange, reminds me of a Sharon Cunete-Cherie Gil confrontation, the classic ‘You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard, copycat!’)
Diego looks in on Renato and sees him shivering.  The nurse also arrives and prepares to inject Renato with the same harmful drug.  Diego asks the nurse to stop giving Renato any more injections but the nurse tells his she is just following orders and that he should do well to obey otherwise she will tell on him.
Angelika is still upset and Monica tries to blame her for jumping in without first checking how deep are the waters, “Ikaw naman kasi, sugod ka nang sugod.”
“Naguguluhan lang ako,” begins Angelika, “kung si Bella si Marimar, bakit magaling siya mag-English.  Eh di ba mangmang si Marimar?”  (I’m just confused, if Bella is Marimar, how is it that she is quite adept at speaking English.  Wasn’t Marimar quite illiterate?)
“At super rich!”  Monica reminds Angelika of the huge difference between Bella and Marimar’s socio-economic status.
Angelika concedes, “Baka nga hindi siya si Marimar.”  (Perhaps you’re right, she couldn’t be Marimar.)
Bella is busy working in her office when Rodolfo arrives.  “Hello miss beautiful!”  In comes a waiter who sets the table and someone who is dressed like a cook.  “I even brought you your own personal chef.”  Rodolfo explains that since Bella is busy working and cannot go on a lunch or dinner date with him, he decided to bring lunch to her.  He is certain that she will like the food he ordered but if she doesn’t like any of them, the chef will prepare any food that she wants.
Sergio arrives too with a platter of food.  Rodolfo teases Sergio, “Santibanez, saang kanto mo na naman nakuha yan.” (Which street corner did you get that thing?)
“Eto?” and he points at his platter, “Niluto ko to.  Crabs, alimango.” Looking meaningfully at Bella. (Is he baiting her to admit she is Marimar or is he resigned to what Corazon had told him?  Why is he using stuff that Marimar wants, i.e. the crabs when he knows Bella declared she doesn’t like sea-food?)
We flashback to Sergio and Marimar’s first date – the one where she felt uncomfortable using cutleries so Sergio decided they do away with it.  Crabs are Marimar’s favorite food.  (OK this is bizarre, why does she want Sergio to show how much he loved Marimar, yet when she’s been seeing so many proof of it, she still declares he never loved her?  Isn’t it obvious enought the guy is so hung up on his supposedly dead wife?)
Bella stands up, pleased that Sergio remembered even if he doesn’t know she is Marimar, “Ibig mong sabihin, ikaw ang nagluto niyan?”  (You mean to say, you cooked those yourself?)
She stands between the two men, she looks at Sergio and states, “Pero sorry, huli ka na.”  (Sorry, looks like you’re late.)  Bella takes Rodolfo’s arm. Rodolfo smiles in triumph.
Sergio is distressed at how she chose Rodolfo over him and reminded her of how Rodolfo had been such a brute to her one time, “How can you continue seeing such a guy?”
Rodolfo tells him, “Sergio tumahimik ka lang kung ayaw sa iyo.”  (Just keep your mouth shut if she doesn’t like you)
Bella adds, “I can take care of myself.”
Sergio gives up, “Bahala ka.”  (It’s up to you.)  and hands the platter of delicious crabs to Rowena, Bella’s secretary saying, “Sa iyo na lang.” (Take this, it’s yours now.)  The disgruntled hunk leaves.
As soon as she’s gone, Bella turns sad and pensive.  Rodolfo excitedly offers her pasta, salad, etc.  She answers, “Kahit ano.” (Whatever)  Her heart no longer in dining.  (She would be so much happier if she just admits she still loves Sergio rather than go about her plans of revenge.  But then this wouldn’t be Marimar wouldn’t it?  Hay!)
Renato is given another injection by the nurse and  his eyes dilates and he starts to shiver. 
Innocencia and Marimar are chatting at home.  “Pinagluto ka ni Sergio ng alimango?” (He cooked crabs for you?) Innocencia asks her friend.  Marimar says yes and admits that she is glad that until now, he still remembers that it is her favorite food.
“Baka naman in love ka pa sa kanya.”  (Maybe you are still in love with him.)
“Hindi.  Hindi ko nakakalimutan ang ginawa nila sa akin.”  She can’t forget what Angelika and Sergio did to her.  She asks Innocencia, “Handa na ba ang plano kay Angelika?” (Are our plans for Angelika all set?)
Innocencia confirms that it is.  And adds that she will be Bella’s spy on Sergio as she shows Bella a copy of the advertisement from Santibanez Motors.   Both women smile as they look at the advert.
(Anong klaseng car dealership naman ito, ang laki ng mukha ni Sergio, parang poster ng pelikula kesa poster ng tindahan ng kotse!)


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  1. Evance Says:

    i guess this is the best series that has ever caught my attention.. Congrats

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