Marimar Episode 59 – The one where Sergio and Cruzita meet; Angelika meets Bella

November 14, 2007

Marimar Episode 59 – The one where Sergio meets Cruzita; Angelika meets Bella
Sergio finds Corazon with her ward, Cruzita and is happy to see their family’s former cook again.  But Corazon seems frazzled as she convinces her ward to go to the toilet with her.  Fulgoso sees Sergio and at first, he wanted to run to him and greet him but realized he shouldn’t be seen with Cruzita or Corazon at this time.  Sergio could easily put one and one together, so the smart canine scoots.
Cruzita’s cotton candy falls and Sergio picks it up but the tot declares that it is now dirty.  Sergio finds her very cute, indeed.  He tells the little girl, “I will buy you another cotton candy if you will tell me your name.”  Without thinking twice, Marimar’s daughter blurts her name and Sergio goes to buy the promised treat.  Good thing Sergio was so focused on Cruzita, he would have noticed how comical Corazon’s facial expression were and would have wondered what was wrong with the plump woman.
Diego helps Renato escape but Monica and Angelika have returned.  Worse, Perfecta reports to Angelika that Renato is not in the bodega.  Angelika wonders, “Di ba binabantayan siya ni Diego?” (Wasn’t Diego standing guard?) Monica doesn’t have a clue and remains silent.
Sergio gives the new cotton candy to Cruzita and he is so amused at how the little girl loves it.  Cruzita thanks him and gives him a kiss which makes Sergio happy.  He tells the girl, “I’ll give you another cotton candy if you tell me your mother’s name.”  At this point Corazon looked like someone from one of those hemmoroids commercials, going crazy at being caught.  Marimar sees Sergio talking to Cruzita and hides by the cotton candy stand, scared at being discovered.
Angelika is certain that Renato hasn’t totally escaped yet as all guards have been alerted immediately and are on the lookout for the escapee.  She suspects that it is Diego who freed her husband, being still loyal to Renato.  Monica cannot really comment and looks a bit worried for her ‘Diego babe’.
Corazon interrupts Sergio and Cruzita in fear that the little girl may divulge the name of her mother causing Sergio to find out the true identity of the little girl he is so fond of.  She tells Cruzita that her teeth are full of cavities and so she must stop eating the cotton candy at once.  Cruzita tells Sergio, “My mommy is buying ice cream.  Wait mo na lang siya.”  Sergio likes how the child is so cute and so he promises to wait for her mother.
Meantime Marimar grabs a cotton candy in a plastic bag and uses this as cover so she can transfer from the cotton candy stand to the lobby indoors where she will have more cover.
Sergio tells Cruzita, “Aren’t you going to ask me what’s my name?”  Cruzita responds with the same question, “What’s your name?”  Sergio’s phone rings and as he answers it, the little girl kept saying, “What’s your name?” in the repetetive way most children do that is either cute or annoying to adults. 
After the call, Sergio apologizes to Cruzita as he has a meeting and must leave at once, but not before he asks for another kiss from the precocious tot who obliges like Sergio’s an old friend.  He asks for Cruzita’s age and the child shows four fingers and declares that she is four years old.  Sergio realises something that he tells out loud making Corazon go all the more crazy, “Alam mo, kung nabubuhay lang ang anak ko, kasing cute mo rin siya, kasing biba.  Kiss pa nga ulit,” as he asks Cruzita for one more kiss which she obliges.  Sergio asks Corazon whether they live just near the place but Corazon denies it and declares they live far, far away. “Nag-migrate na nga kami eh!” (hahahaha!  This truly cracked me up, Marilyn Reynes is such a comic and a really good actress!)
Renato is tired of hiding and wants to make a run for it.  Diego stops him telling him his gut feel is to stay hidden for now.  But Renato defies his advice and runs for the gate.  Angelika is there to stop him saying, “Going somewhere honey?” as two guards flank and hold him as Nicandro turns Renato into a punching bag again.  The elder Santibanez doubles up in pain.
As soon as Sergio left, Corazon and Cruzita run to Marimar inside.  Corazon and Marimar are both nervous about the encounter but Cruzita excitedly tells her mother, “May mabait na lalaki, binili niya ako ng cotton candy.” (A nice man bought me cotton candy.)
Marimar is upset and scolds her daughter, “Di ba I told you not to talk to strangers?”  She chastises Cruzita for not listening to what she is telling her.  The little girl apologizes to her mother.  “I’m sorry mommy.  Don’t get mad.”
Marimar calms down at her daughter’s apology.  She explains, “Cruzita, anak, madaming masamang tao dito sa mundo.  Ayaw kong makuha ka nila sa akin.”  Marimar tells Cruzita that there are many evil men in this world and she doesn’t want to lose her daughter to any of them.  She tells Corazon and Cruzita that they should leave.  Fulgoso follows.
Renato is all black and blue from the punches and kicks he got from the thug Nicandro and the resort’s security guard.  He looks pitiable, a far cry from the powerful and strong Renato Santibanez we knew.
At the Aldama home, Cruzita goes to her room with Corazon, having arrived from their day-out with Marimar.  Innocencia gets an update from Marimar about Sergio seeing Cruzita with Corazon.  She is glad he didn’t see her or else he would have gotten suspicious.  (I agree, he would have confirmed Corazon’s lie as soon as he saw Fulgoso, kasi ang talino nung aso, marunong magtago!)
Sergio on the other hand is telling his friend Antonio about the cute little girl he came across this day.  He sighs, telling Antonio that his own daughter would have been the same age, had she lived.  Antonio distracts his friend from any further dramatics, telling him he should be getting ready for the re-launch of Santibanez Motors.  (Apparently, Sergio’s bought the company from Kim and now owns it himself thus the re-launch.)
Marimar admits she got scared when she saw Sergio talking to Cruzita.  The thought of losing her to anyone, even to Sergio whom she once loved above all else is frightening to her.  Innocencia reminds her friend, “Kahit balibaliktarin mo, siya pa rin ang ama ni Cruzita,” (Even if the world goes upside down, he is still Cruzita’s father.)  Perhaps, Innocencia just wants Marimar to be open to the fact that Sergio does have some rights to Cruzita, despite her sufferings and pain.
But Marimar argues, “Pero tinanggal niya ang karapatang yan nung pinili niya si Angelika.” (But he gave up that right when he chose Angelika over her and Cruzita.)  She remembers the time she saw Sergio in the hotel, she thought he was there to meet up with Angelika.  Had she had the courage to face him them, she would have known how he truly remained loyal and in love with her.  (Sayang, it would have been a different story, maybe she wouldn’t even have met her real father…)
Rodolfo sent Marimar a peace-offering present but she tells Innocencia to throw it away, still upset at how he treated her.
Innocencia is scandalised and reminds Marimar that it is a Rolex watch! “Katumbas ng sasakyan” (It’s worth a brand new car!)  And Innocencia asks won’t Marimar even read the note.  She really isn’t interested and decline prompting Innocendia to read it to Marimar aloud.  Rodolfo is quite repentant.  Innocencia offers her again his gift.  She firmly declares, “Itapon mo or ipasauli mo na lang.” (Have it thrown or returned, it’s up to you.)
Sergio asks his right-hand-man Antonio whether the invitations to their re-launch are ready.  Antonio gives him one and asks whom he is sending it to.  Sergio declares he’s sending this particular one to Villa Santibanez.
Antonio is shocked, “Iimbitahan mo si Angelika?” (You’re going to invite Angelika?!)
Sergio denies it clarifying to Antonio that it is for his father.  Antonio tells him his father would be proud as he has done well on his own and is now a businessman like his father.  Sergio admits things hadn’t been well between him and the elder Santibanez.  But now he must make some move to patch things up as he realises that with Marimar dead, and his mother long gone, it is only him and his father that are left.  The invitation, he hope would serve as a way to fix things between him and Renato.  Although there is that part of Sergio that admits he wants to show off as having done good all on his own to a father who’s never been quite happy nor proud about him.
Back at the Santibanez home, Renato is still in chains although this time, he is chained in one of the suites (similar to Sergio’s and Marimar’s flat earlier in the story).  Angelika and Monica are there and it is obvious that Angelika suspects Diego in helping Renato escape. 
Diego arrives and explains he was nowhere near Renato when he escaped, in fact, he was not on guard due to an upset stomach and had to go relieve himself.  Monica looked relieved that her husband is innocent but Angelika calls Diego to come closer and when the ex-security did, she slaps him.
Monica is afraid that all these experimental drugs can kill Renato.  “Baka ma-overdose, tigilan na ang pag-turok ng kung anu-ano.”
Angelika looks at her coldly and reminds her friend, “Baka nakakalimutan mo, wala kang alam.  Bonita ka!” (You seem to have forgotten that you know nothing, you’re an airhead.)
Renato struggles as his inner voice taunts him, “Para kang nakagapos na aso.” (You’re like a chained dog.)
Angelika orders his medications to be given.  A nurse hands her a tray and she takes a handful of pills.
Renato’s inner voice creams, “Huwag!” (No!)  And Renato also resists, “Ayaw” (I don’t like.)
Angelika tries to calm him, telling her husband that he needs it.   Renato declares that the medicines make him go crazy.  His wife forces him to take a handful of pills which he rejects. He spits them out and screams he’s not taking anymore.  This pisses off Angelika who tells him if he’s not taking it, them he’ll take it another way – via injection.  Nicandro administers the injection to further drug Renato and render him helpless.  
Back in Manila, hotel staff are assembled in the lobby ready to meet the hotel owner who is coming.  One of the managers reminds everyone to make sure food is superb, and all the facilities are in perfect order.  Out of the car we see fair legs in a short skirt.  Bella Aldama enters the lobby and everyone greets her welcome.  The manager hands her a bouquet of flowers and she gives her thanks.  She asks him whether her visitor has arrived from Mexico and her employee confirms that indeed he has.  Bella gives us a taste of the new language she’s learned, “Muy bien” (Very good.)
Angelika drives to Manila with her friend and gopher, Monica.  She exclaims she’s happy and “free as a bird”.  They’re off to some sight seeing, partying and serious shopping in Manila.  Angelika looks at Monica and comments, “O ba’t ganyan hitsura mo?” (Why do you look like that?)
Monica gives herself a look-over and declares that she’s dressed appropriately.  Angelika tells her she means her mood.  She looks sad.  Monica admits she misses Diego.  Going out would be more fun if she’s got her Diego-babe with her.  Angelika snaps that he’s better off in Villa Santibanez keeping an eye on Renato.  “Magsama silang dalawa ni Renato.”
Monica changes the subject as she asks Angelika is she’s not worried or scared about what could happen if Sergio finds out about what they’re doing to Renato?
Just then, Sergio arrives at the Villa Santibanez.  Nicandro is startled seeing the younger Santibanez in the lobby.  He couldn’t answer when Sergio asks for his dad.
Angelika confidently tells Monica, “Hindi malalaman ni Sergio na binabaliw ko ang tatay niya.”  She further decides to call Sergio later.  “I’m sure miss na miss na niya ako.”  (I’m sure Sergio misses me very much.)  She adds that now she’s free and Sergio is also free, “Kasi patay na ang buwisit na si Marimar.” (Because that pest Marimar is already dead.)
Up in his room, Renato struggles to be free.  Sergio asks Nicandro again, if his father is around.  He prompts Nicandro what time will Renato be back.  Nicandro overcomes his initial blunder and tells Sergio that his father is not in San Martin dela Costa.
Renato senses Sergio’s presence and he screams, “Sergio!”  
Sergio seems to hear someone scream and asks Nicandro, “Ano yon?” (What is that?)
Perfecta and Diego come up and put some masking tape on Renato.  He struggles but Perfect succeeds in taping him and his screams are now muffled.  Sergio comes closer to the source of the sound.  He listens for it to come again but all is quiet.  Nicandro is struggling not to appear too nervous in front of Sergio.
Rodolfo meets Bella in her hotel.  Bella is surprised to find him there but the ambitious young man reminds her that they have a business meeting, as they both sit on the board.  Bella is dismayed and tells him, “Kung alam ko lang, di na sana ako pumunta.”  (Had I known earlier, I wouldn’t have come at all.)
Rodolfo asks her why she rejected his gift.  “Hindi ako tumatanggap ng suhol.” (I don’t accept bribes.) Bella pointedly declares.  Rodolfo begs her to forgive him.  He even suggests that if she finds it would make her feel better, she could sue him, slap him or kick him.  (Ooops sorry, this line was originally Sergio’s by that mountain cliff – “Kung gusto mo sampalin mo ako, suntokin mo, etc.. – the one that led to them consummating their marriage.)
Bella knows that line all too well so she replies harshly, “Tantanan mo na ako!” (Leave me be!)  She follows up with an insult but all she could say at that time is, “Isa kang monster!”  (You’re a monster!)
This amuses Rodolfo.  He tells her, “Well if that’s the worst that you can call me, I’d gladly accept it.”
Marimar hates the fact that she hadn’t come up with a more vicious tirade so she packs up her next statement and says, “Isa kang kapre, halimaw at lahat ng laman lupa!” and leaves the snickering Rodolfo to meet her Mexican visitor.
Meantime, Angelika and Monica drive up to the same hotel.
Bruno tells Rodolfo that he’s a weird man.  ‘Why chase her when you can have any woman you like?”  At this point Rodolfo is actually eyeing Angelika who is now sitting in one of the sofas in the hotel lobby.  Rodolfo reveals to Bruno how he likes a challenge.  He was but a bastard son of his father who didn’t even put him through to school.  He worked hard to get to where he is now, the sole person in-charge of running the San Inez business.  He tells his friend, “I don’t give up easily. Bella is my next big challenge.  And when I get her, isa siyang matamis na tagumpay.”  (She’ll be one sweet triumph I would relish.) Rodolfo and Bruno leaves and they cross paths with Monica who is crossing the lobby towards Angelika.
Monica tells Angelika that they’re checked-in but the room with be available later in the afternoon.  Angelika sees some girls lounging in the lobby and points them to Monica.  “Alam mo kung anong ginagawa nila dito?”  (Do you know what they’re doing?) She tells Monica that the girls are waiting for some foreigner or rich men to ‘service’.  Monice seemed scandalised and exclaimed, “Mga pok-pok sila?!” (They’re prostitutes?!)
Angelika is surprised her friend isn’t aware of them.  She suggests that they go shopping as she needs a new outfit for a party they will be attending later in the evening.  Monica likes that and asks which party is it.  Angelika points to a large poster, an auction organised by Bella Aldama.
Bella Aldama,” reads Monica.  “Sya yung mayamang anak ni Gustavo Aldama, yung super sosyalera.” (She’s the rich daughter of Gustavo Aldama and she’s high society.)
Angelika smiles and says, “Ay bagay kami. Gusto ko siyang maging kaibigan.  Anong hitsura niya?” (Really?  Then we’ll get along well won’t we?  I’d like to befriend her.  How does she look like?)
Monica shrugs saying most news articles about her do not come with a photograph.  Angelika naturally concludes, “Siguro pangit siya.  Siguradong mas maganda ako sa kanya.” (She’s probably ugly.  For sure, I’m more beautiful than her.)
Bella takes her Mexican visitor to the hotel’s coffee shop so they can talk and have some refreshments at the same time.  She asks about his trip and the weather and does this in fluent Spanish.  
Angelika and Monica who were about leave and are standing in the lobby see Bella.  Their jaws drop and their eyes pop out as they cannot quite believe who it is they are seeing.
Bella sees them and looks at them calmly as she gives them a tiny smile although her eyes appear ready for a challenge.
Angelika lost all poise as she runs to their table to take a closer look at her nemesis.  “Marimar?”
Bella’s gaze is triumphant.


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