Marimar episode 58 – The one where Sergio rescues Bella

November 13, 2007

Marimar Episode 58 – The one where Sergio rescues Bella from Rodolfo
Sergio turns up in Bella’s office while she was on her way out.  Her bodyguard tries to stop him but Bella tells her to let him speak to her.  She reminds Sergio about the restraining order imposed on him and he admits that he knows that. 
“I just want to apologise for harassing you.”
I’m glad to hear that,”  Bella comments and asks Sergio why he changed his mind now about her.
I just found out na patay na ang asawa ko,” Sergio admits.
Bella acts sorry and offers her condolences. 
Rodolfo arrives at the scene, suave and confident, he invites Bella, “I’m free, have dinner with me.”
Still out to punish Sergio for leaving her, she quickly accepts Rodolfo’s offer which even slightly surprises the young businessman.  He smiles at Sergio, enjoying the fact he’s got the girl.
Bella tells her guard that she will be coming with Rodolfo and the two leave together leaving Sergio behind who doesn’t even give a reaction.
Fifi thanks Fulgoso for giving her some of his dog food, telling her ex-mutt friend that she missed how delicious they are.  She burps and says, “Excuse me.”  This time it is Fulgoso’s turn to tell her what a ‘jo-dog’ (jologs na dog) she is.  Yes, the tables have turned and Fulgoso is now the saucy canine and Fifi is the ‘poor-dle’ (poor na poodle).  But Fifi lets out a quotable line, “I’m just a girl-dog, standing in front of a boy-dog.  You complete me”  that has Fulgoso consider his true feelings for his ex-dog friend.
Back at the Villa Santibanez Angelika orders Nicandro to remove the ropes that bind Renato’s hands.  She tells her husband that she will set him free but he must do one thing for her.  She asks Renato to sign the doctored papers – the one that will transfer all the Santibanez fortunes to her name.
Rodolfo and Bella are in his car as they are driving around looking for a place to have dinner.  He asks, “Where do you want to go?”  He suggests a restaurant, a hotel….”or somewhere more adventurous,” he slyly suggests.   
Uuwi na ako.” Bella unceremoniously declares.  She calls her driver from her cell phone but Rodolfo, suddenly miffed, takes the phone out of her hands.
Marimar protests, as Rodolfo locks the doors of his 4-wheel drive and speeds up.  He snaps, “I can’t understand you!”  He complains how the lady seems to be toying with him, playing flirty one minute then utter cold and distant the next.  “Pinaglalaruan mo ba ako?”
Bella avoids answering his questions and asks him to stop the car instead.
Angelika gives Renato the papers to sign.  He takes them and declares that he wants to read it first before he signs them.
Rodolfo continues to increase the car’s speed, angered at Bella’s inconsistent attitude towards him.  She begs him to stop the car.
Renato tells Angelika he is not signing anything without reading it first.  Angelika tells him to just sign the documents, controlling her anger so as not to alarm Renato.
Rodolfo stops the car.  He gets out as well as Marimar and as she tries to run away, he catches up with her and grabs her by both wrists.  He shows his dark side by saying, “I will teach you a lesson.” Referring how he dislikes being toyed with. 
Bella struggles but Rodolfo states that her futile attempts only increase his excitement.  He declares he likes his women feisty, angering Marimar as she shouts, “Bitawan mo ako!” (Let go of me!)
Just then Sergio, who appears to have tailed them again arrives at the scene and punches Rodolfo giving the break to allow Bella to be released from his grasp.  But Rodolfo punches back giving Sergio a couple of serious cuts.  Bella runs to Sergio and pleads him to stop and a guard arrives holding Rodolfo off.
Rodolfo screams, “Hayop ka Sergio, di mo kilala kung sinong kinakalaban mo!” (You don’t know who you’re up against!)
Sergio accepts his challenge with a threat of his own, “Huwag kang papakita sa akin!” (Don’t you ever show you face to me again!)
Sergio grabs Bella’s hand and drives off with her, leaving Rodolfo who is still being held by the guard who is trying to calm him down.
Renato’s inner voice speaks to him once more, telling him not to sign the documents.  To Angelika he says, “Hindi ako pipirma hangga’t hindi ko nababasa kung ano ang nilalaman ng mga papeles na ito.” 
Angelika is now unable to control not hide her anger as she uses the very documents to hit Renato with, shouting insults at him, “ang arte-arte mo!” 
His inner voice tells Renato to fight back.  It urges him on telling him that he is stronger than Angelika.  It tells him not to allow anyone to treat him like an animal.  “Huwag kang papayag na tratuhin kang parang hayop, lumaban ka!”
Rodolfo is now cooling off in a bar with his buddy Bruno (handsome ito! parang member ng dating Menudo ang beauty niya; obviously foreign at member ng isang boy band, siya lang ang cutie-pie IMHO)
Rodolfo claims that Bella flirted with him and his reaction was just natural.  But that Sergio intervened.  Bruno points out that he may have a competition in Sergio but he brushes it off saying, “San Inez yata ito, hindi ako nagpapatalo.”  (I’m a San Inez, I never lose.)
Back at the non-descript bodega of Villa Santibanez, Renato puts up a fight but is overpowered by Diego and Nicandro who is now pummeling him with punches and kicks.  Angelika is egging Nicandro on, “Bugbugin ninyong maigi!  Turuan ng leksiyon!” (Hit him hard.  Teach him a lesson!) 
Nicandro apologises to Renato as he keeps on hitting his former boss.  He hears Angelika reminding him to hurt Renato but keep him alive as they still need him to sign the papers.  Diego seems to be at odds but keeps silent.  He holds Renato but is not giving him any punches.
Bella took Sergio to her office where she is now attending to his cuts and bruises.  Sergio is incensed at Rodolfo, saying, “Yung Rodolfong yun, akala mo kung sino umasta.  Ano, girlfriend ka ba niya?
Bella tells him it’s none of his business and tells him to keep still as she puts some medicine on his cuts.  But Sergio persists saying, “Sama ka kasi ng sama sa kanya.”
Unable to silence the angry racer, Bella exclaims, “Pag sinampal ba kita, titigil ka ng kadadaldal mo?”
Sergio finding the angry (and earlier scared perhaps?) Bella pretty despite the asinine tongue retorts, “Pag hinalikan mo ako….baka…”
Bella drops the suggestion by saying, “OK na ang sugat mo,” and  moves to stand up but Sergio catches her arm and stops her.
Bella, bakit ang bait-bait mo sa lahat ng tao pwera sa akin?  Ano ba ang kailangan kong gawin para bumait ka rin sa akin?”  Inquires Sergio which causes the young woman to pause and look at him in the eye.  For a second or two they share a connection and Marimar stoops an inch or two, about to plant a kiss on the young man’s lips.
Sergio holds her gaze as well as his breath, expecting the kiss to come any minute now, a prize perhaps for his rescue of her.
Suddenly Bella’s secretary comes in and the connection snaps.  Bella’s wall is up again as she dismisses Sergio and tells her secretary, “Lorena, ikaw na ang bahala sa kanya” and walks out leaving Sergio and Lorena in an awkward moment.
Renato is not doing well at all.  He is in pain and his face shows bruises from Nicandro’s beatings.  He asks Angelika why she is doing this to him.  She replies, “Simple lang pinapagawa ko sa yo, hindi mo pa magawa!”  She orders everyone present not to give Renato food or water as punishment for not signing the papers.  She leaves Renato a parting shot, “Mabulok ka sa bodegang ito.”
Marimar is still awake at her home.  She’s just outside the door, in deep thought – perhaps reviewing the events of the day, especially when she nearly gave into her inner longings; almost giving Sergio a kiss – is she admitting that she still loves Sergio despite all he has done?
Innocencia is up too and asks Marimar why she is still awake.  Marimar and Innocencia talk.
Innocencia asks, “Iniisip mo pa rin ba ang pagligtas sa iyo ni Sergio kanina?”
Marimar admits she is confused.  Why is Sergio acting like he loves her?  Corazon even said that Sergio does love her seeing at how he grieved over her at her fake grave.  Why did he cry too hard?
Arturo finds a bruised Sergio at the office and he asks his boss if he’d been out fighting again.  Sergio admits, “Pinagtanggol ko si Bella” that he fought for Bella.  Arturo isn’t happy at this news saying, “Pinuntahan nyo na naman yon?!” (You went to that woman again?!)
Sergio himself doesn’t understand how he feels and why he seems compelled to see Bella.  At one time, he did think that Bella is Marimar.  But now he knows the truth (well his version of it from the lying Corazon anyway!).  That his wife is dead.  But why is he still seeing Bella?
Marimar’s questions seem to remain unanswered as Innocencia herself is unsure of how is it that Sergio is acting one way, when Marimar claims he is another.  At the end, Innocencia reached one conclusion, “Siguro, mahal ka nga ni Sergio.”  But Marimar isn’t convinced.  She simply and sadly says, “Hindi ako naniniwala.”
Sergio considers this thing about Bella and sighs.  He tells Arturo that perhaps, it is possible to fall in love again.  “Baka nga posible magmahal ulit.” 
Marimar builds up her hatred for Sergio.  It is her only defense from him, as well as from her own deep feelings for him.  “Naiingit nga ako kay Sergio.  Magaling siyang manloko.”  So she holds on to her reality that Sergio fooled her and used her; made her believe he loved hed but left her in the end.
Arturo cautions his boss about his true feelings for Bella.  He asks, “Si Bella ba ang mahal mo, o binubuhay mo lang ang alaala ni Marimar sa kanya?”  (Do you love Bella or are you trying to relive Marimar’s memories through her?)
Upstairs, Corazon is struggling to put Cruzita to bed.  The tiny tot is still up and Corazon pleads for her to go to be already.  She tells Corazon that she wants to pray.  Her prayer goes like this, “Thank you God, thank you for my mommy.  Please take care of my daddy too.  Kahit sabi ni mommy na hindi ko siya makikita, I pray that someday makita ko siya kasi love ko din ang daddy ko.  Sana po love din niya ako.”
Marimar hears her daughter’s prayers as she is standing by the door.  This prayer breaks her heart but she is unable to do anything about it.  She leaves.
Renato is now listening more to his inner voice convinced that Angelika is the enemy.  His inner voice comments, “Tagal mong nagpaloko sa babaeng yon.  Pero di pa huli ang lahat.  Makakaganti pa tayo.”  His voice convinces him that they need to escape before Angelika hatches another evil plot against him.
Bella arrives at her office and is surprised that it is full of flowers.  She asks her secretary who sent them and Leonor declares they are from, “Mr. Rodolfo ‘Kumag’ San Inez” hating the man with an obvious superiority complex.  Bella instructs her to throw them all in the garbage bin.
Leonor asks her boss what is she to do with the flowers given by Sergio Santibanez?  Marimar pauses, a hint of a smile and glitter in her eyes.  After a while, the luster is gone as she instructs her secretary, “Itapon mo na lang din.”  (Bin them as well.)
Monica, Diego and Angelika are by the pool area and they are talking about Renato.  Angelika is furious, concerned that Renato might be on the mend as he is now learning to fight and resist his medications.  She decides to give her husband double the dosage of what he is currently getting.  Diego is curious and asks Angelika, “Pag pumirma ba si sir Renato sa mga dokumento, pakakawalan mo ba siya.”  (If Renato signs the papers will you release him?)
Angelika looks him up and snaps, “Bakit ka ba nakikisali sa usapan namin?”
Monica defends Diego, “Asawa ko na siya.  Friend mo na rin.  He is loyal to you.”
Angelika calms down and states, “Good.  Dapat lang na loyal ka na sa akin dahil ikaw at si Nicandro ang magliligpit ng bangkay ni Renato.”
Diego sneaks into the bodega and brings the starving Renato some food.  He removes the ropes that tie Renato’s hands and the latter gobbles up the food, clearly hungry for days now.  Renato thanks his former hired guard.  Diego tells him that he just snuck the food out as orders are still in force not to give him anything.  Renato doesn’t understand why Angelika keeps him imprisoned.  He finds that his illness is getting worse.  Diego reveals to him that it is in fact the medications he is taking that is keeping him ill.  Renato cries.  He realises now that Angelika had only been using him from the start.  He decides that escape is the only course of action.  He asks Diego to help him escape.
Sergio is back at Marimar and his daughter’s grave.  He brings them flowers as he sits and talks to his dead wife.  Arturo and Antonio stand behind, sorry for the tragic fate this little family has gone through and sorry for their friend.  Arturo whispers to Antonio that he still doesn’t believe that Marimar lies rotting, dead in the ground.  Antonio admits he is truly sorry for Sergio.
Arturo wants to tell Sergio his doubts but Antonio stops him.  What if what Arturo is about to say is valid?  The gay man argues, “Paano kung tama ang kutob ko?”  But Antonio counters it with, “Paano kung mali?” What if it’s wrong?  Then he’ll have bothered the already troubled Sergio for nothing.
Diego agrees to help Renato escape but tells his former boss that they must wait for a time when Angelika is not around.
Cruzita continues to hold her silent protest of not talking, playing or eating.  Corazon tells Marimar about this problem.  Marimar tries to cheer up her daughter with a bribe.  She gives Cruzita a doll.  The little girls comments, “It’s really nice mommy.”  Appreciating her mother’s gift.
Fulgoso asks, “Anything for me?”
Cruzita however remains sad.  Marimar asks if she is sick.  Cruzita appears to be well.  Marimar decides not to go to work.  Instead she is taking the day off to spend it with her daughter.  Cruzita lights up and smiles.  She tells her mother, “Thanks mommy, I love you” and hugs her.
Diego returns to the bodega where Renato is kept.  He has managed to steal the key from Nicandro and is now unlocking the chains that bind Renato.  He helps the elder Santibanez up his feet and Renato thanks him.  Diego tells his former boss to thank him later, when they’re successfully escaped.
Marimar takes Cruzita to have a snack at a restaurant with outdoor tables.  They are seated ‘al fresco’ and Marimar buys her daughter her favorite cotton candy but tells Cruzita to eat it later, after she’s eaten her spaghetti. 
Diego and Renato are out of the bodega and are hiding at some cottages around the Santibanez resort.  We see Angelika and Monica returning with the former apparently forgetting her cell phone.
Cruzita is happy spending the day with her mother but sees families out like them and she points out that they have daddies but she doesn’t have any.  Marimar is sad for her daughter and tries to distract her with another bribe: ice cream.  She tells Corazon to continue feeding Cruzita as she goes off the nearby shop to buy some ice cream.
In the same vicinity, we see Sergio walking, talking on his cell phone.  He comes across Corazon and Cruzita.  He stops to greet Corazon and stares at the little girl who is happily eating her cotton candy.


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