Marimar episode 57 – The one with Marimar’s grave

November 12, 2007

Marimar Episode 57 – The one with Marimar’s grave
Sergio bumps into Corazon and the ex-cook of Villa Santibanez reveals that Marimar is dead.  Sergio couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing; having just been pursuing Bella whom he is convinced is Marimar.
Marimar, very much alive is with Cruzita and Innocencia as they enjoy a bit of time being together at home. Now that Marimar is busy running the family business, this is one rare occasion indeed and the mother makes sure to devote her free time with her daughter.  Aunt Esperanza looks on them as they help make cookies.  She is happy and knows that the three women are as happy as her too.
She asks her niece, “Tahimik na si Sergio.  Hindi ka na ba niya ginagambala?”  Marimar just keeps silent and Esperanza continues, telling her that she knows about her plans of revenge.  The aunt cautions her niece, her path of vengeance might cause her pain.  Esperanza paints a scenario where Sergio would find out about Cruzita.
Marimar is certain, “Kailanman di makikilala ni Sergio si Cruzita. Iniwanan niya kami.” (Sergio would never know about Cruzita.  He abandoned us.)
Sergio shakes his head at Corazon who is obviously in pain as she tells her ex-ward this painful bit of lie.  The young man declares that he has already seen Marimar, referring to Bella.  Corazon relates her story of how she left San Martin dela Costa with Marimar.  She tells Sergio that Marimar was pregnant with their child when they left for Manila.
Cruzita taste their baked cookies as Innocencia cautions her that they are still hot, being fresh from the over.  Cruzita declares them to be delicious.  She unexpectedly adds that she wants to bake chocolate cakes for her daddy.  This startles Marimar and the rest of the women in the kitchen. 
Sergio is excited to hear that he has a child.  Corazon confirmed that when he left for Macau, Marimar was already with child.  Sergio asks where his child is.  Corazon hesitates but goes on after a brief pause.  She claims that the baby got sick and Marimar too.  Having no money, the two simultaneously passed away.  Both Marimar and the baby died.
Sergio asks Corazon whether she is truly telling him the truth.  Corazon cannot look at Sergio in the eye but she declares that what she says is true.  She adds that she would have wanted Marimar to be burried with her grandparents, Pancho and Cruz at San Martin dela Costa but didn’t have the money or the means to do so.  She gives Sergio the address where he would find his wife and child’s grave.
Marimar goes to her daughter and tells her that even before she was born, her father had left them both.  Cruzita is curious, “Why?  Doesn’t he love us?”
Marimar tells her that she will understand all this when she is old enough.  “Nasa murang edad ka pa kasi.  Kahit anong paliwanag ko sa iyo, hindi mo maiintidihan and mommy.”
She explains to her child that she should get used to living without her father beside them but assures Cruzita that she will always be with her.    At this point the child cries.  Marimar begs her to stop crying.  Cruzita emotes. “Miss ko po ang daddy ko.”
Marimar faces her daughter and tells her, “Listen to me, hindi lahat ng gusto mo, makukuha mo.  Stop crying.  Mahal na mahal kita.”  (You cannot get everything you want.)   She adds, “Im here for you.”  but also starts to cry along with her daughter.  The other women look on, feeling sorry for both mother and child.
Sergio follows Corazon’s address to a cemetery.  He looks around and tries to read the names on the tombstones.  After a while he sees one partly covered by a fallen leaf.  He brushes is away and we see Marimar’s name using his surname, Santibanez.  (December pala ang birthday ni Marimar!) and below that, an inscription saying “Baby Girl Santibanez”.
Innocencia and Marimar are talking.  The latter is relating to her friend how she had Sergio investigated to find out where he goes to, what time he does things, etc.  When they’ve finally established a pattern she set Corazon up so that she will ‘accidentally’ bump into Sergio and spill the news about Marimar and their daughter’s fate.  Marimar is certain that Sergio trusts Corazon and will believe anything the plump cook tells him.
Sergio is distraught.  He openly cries at his wife and daughter’s grave.  Corazon, hiding behind a tree can see his pain and feels for her handsome ward.  Sergio tells Marimar, “Napakalaki ng kasalanan ko sa iyo, Marimar.  Sa iyo at sa ating anak.  Pinagsisisihan ko na ang pag-alis ko.  Sana di na kita iniwan.” (I’ve made a terrible mistake.  I’m sorry I ever left you.  I shouldn’t have gone.)
Innocencia is impressed with Marimar’s plan but she is curious how Sergio’s ex-wife convinced Corazon to do her part.  It is a fact that Corazon adores Sergio and is fiercely loyal to his mom. 
Marimar admitted that Corazon decline outright the first time she asked the former cook to do as she requested but she explained about her situation and with prodding coerced Corazon to connive with her.  We flashback to Corazon and Marimar talking.  Corazon doesn’t want to lie to Sergio.  Marimar explains that Sergio left her and fooled her into believing he loved her.  She reminds Corazon how she witnessed her sufferings at Villa Santibanez, “Corazon, saksi ka sa pagdurusa ko sa Villa Santibanez.”
Marimar tells her, “Nawala lahat ng taong mahalaga sa akin.” how she lost everyone important to her and Corazon is slowly softening to Marimar’s idea.
The last straw is Marimar’s confession, “Pag nalaman ni Sergio ang tungkol kay Cruzita, baka pati si Cruzita kunin nya sa akin.  Si Cruzita ang buhay ko.  Mas gugustuhin ko pang mamatay kaysa mawala ang anak ko.  Tulungan mo ako.” (If Sergio finds out about Cruzita, he might take her away too.  Cruzita is my life.  I would rather die than lose her.  Please help me)
Seeing her mistress in tears, Corazon tells her, “Don’t look at me like that” and gives in.  She tells Marimar she will do it.
Back to the present, Marimar tells Innocencia, “Tapos na ang problema.”  Problem solved.  This very minute, Marimar is confident as she tells her friend, Sergio believes that Marimar is truly dead.
Sergio continues to grieve.  “Babae pala ang anak natin.  Hindi ko man lang siya nakita.  Ni hindi ko nayakap.” He regrets not having had the chance to see or even hug his daughter.
Again he is apologetic, “Patawarin mo ako Marimar.  Kung pwede ka lang bumalik, ibibigay ko sa iyo ang pagmamahal ko.  Patutunayan ko kung gaano kita kamahal.  Bumalik ka sa akin.  Mahal na mahal kita.  Ikaw ang buhay ko Marimar.  Bale wala ang buhay ko kung wala ka Marimar.”  (Forgive me.  If you can come back to me, I will give you all my love.  I will prove to you just how much I love you.  Please come back to me.  I love you very much.  You are my life.  What is the use of loving is you’re not with me?)
Corazon can see how this is breaking Sergio’s heart and she bites her lip in guilt for causing her ex-ward all this terrible pain.  Sergio continues to cry over his wife’s grave but Corazon couldn’t bear watching him anymore and leaves.
Antonio and Sergio are in the office and Sergio relays to his friend his sad encounter with Corazon and how he found out that his wife had been dead all this time.  Antonio wants to keep him company but Sergio prefers to be left alone, “Gusto ko mapag-isa.”  Antonio leaves Sergio alone and relays the same news to Arturo who got a bit confused.  He clarifies from Antonio, “Sinong namatay, si Bella ba o si Marimar?”  Antonio tells the confirmed gay driver that Sergio met Corazon and told him all these sad news.  Arturo couldn’t believe it asking for confirmation that it was indeed Corazon by describing the plump, dark-skinned cook, “Yung mashubi at tsulikba?”
Angelika is going over the legal documents that are to be Renato’s revised will when Monica walks in.  “Friend yan ba ang pinagawa mong will?”  Asking Angelika whether it is indeed the controversial new will.  She indicates that she wants to see it too but Angelika takes it away from her, “Baka hindi mo maintindihan, Ingles to eh.”
Monica protests telling Angelika she can read in English, “Grabe ka naman, marunong naman ako mag-English no.”  She takes the papers and starts to read, Angelika looks on, one eyebrow a mile higher than the other.
Monica scans the page and admits “Sakit naman ng ulo, lalim ng English, di ko maintindhan.”  and gives the documents back to her friend.  She asks, “Kailan mo papipirmahan yan kay Renato?” when Angelika plans to let Renato sign it.
Angelika tells her soon.  She explains that she is still buttering up to Renato so he will comply.  “Nagpapalapad pa ako ng papel pare di magduda.”
Arturo airs his doubts about Corazon’s statement to Antonio.  He tells Antonio that just before coming to Manila, he bumped into Corazon back at San Martin dela Costa and both of them confirmed that they do not have any knowledge of what’s going on at the Villa Santibanez.  So Arturo is just curious how Corazon could know about Marimar.  Antonio comments that perhaps Corazon is lying.  Arturo quickly adds a tricky observation.  Whom is Corazon lying to?   Him (Arturo) or Sergio?  (Ay naku, esep-esep….)
Corazon is home at the Aldama residence and she is not at all happy.  She finds Marimar by the garden and she looks at her accusingly.
Marimar asks, “Ano Corazon, nakausap mo ba si Sergio?”
Corazon snaps, “Oo” confirming that Sergio has even gone to Marimar’s fake tomb “piking pontod(in Tagalog Pekeng puntod).  She shares with the young woman how she wished Marimar was there to see how Sergio grieved over her.  “sana nandoon ka, sana nakita mo ang paghihinapis ni Sergio.  Mahal na mahal ka niya.”
Marimar is confused at Corazon’s account.  Sergio does not love her…he has never loved her. “Hindi ako mahal ni Sergio.  Kaihat kailan, di niya ako minahal.”

But Corazon is brutal with her comment, “Sobra iyak niya sa puntod mo.  Sising-sisi siya sa pag-iwan nimo.” (Please speak with Bisaya accent)
Marimar ponders this fact.  How can Sergio grieve and cry for her?  She stubbornly hangs on to her resolve that Sergio just used her and that she musn’t believe what Corazon is telling her.
Corazon tries to convince Marimar, “Pero totoo ang pagdurusa ni sir Sergio.”    But Marimar interjects, “Nagdusa rin ako Corazon.  Sorry, alam ko labag sa loob mo ang pinagawa ko sa iyo.  Patawarin mo ako.”  Despite her disbelief, Marimar is still considerate at how painful the task must have been for Corazon who dotes on Sergio.  She apologizes to the distressed nanny of Cruzita who walks out hurt at how Marimar is conducting her acts of revenge against Sergio.
Angelika is at the bodege gently chastising Renato for not taking his medication.  She tells him that she will return with his medicines and she herself will give him.  She promises that by next week if all is well, he will be able to get out of the bodega.  As Angelika leaves, Renato’s inner voice warns him to make his move and escape at once.  He warns himself, “May binabalak na naman si Angelika.”  (She’s up to something, I can tell.)
Cruzita sulks in the sala and Esperanza notices this.  She tries to distract the child by coloring and drawing with her but the girl remains sad.  She suggest that they watch television, her favorite cartoon, but she declines.  Fulgoso adds comic relief by suggesting, “Daisy siete na lang panoorin natin.  Sexbomb is the bomb!”
Esperanza is alarmed at how the little girl remains depressed and offers food.  Still Cruzita says “No.” 
“What’s wrong?”
“I want my daddy but mom said I cannot see him.”
Esperanza consoles her grand-niece telling her not to think such thoughts.  Esperanza worries that all this plot for revenge that Marimar is taking on against her husband will have grave repercussions on Cruzita.  Fulgoso feels sorry for Cruzita but still manages to crack a joke by saying, “Who’s your daddy?” 
Sergio is drowning his sorrows in alcohol and his friends try to stop him from taking any more.  He brushes them off telling them to leave him alone.  He tells them he’d rather die than not be with Marimar.  Both Arturo and Antonio look on with worry.
Marimar is at work and keeps tossing Corazon’s revelations in her head.  She is bother by Sergio’s grief at finding her dead.  But she refuses to give in.  “Sinungaling!  Paano mo sinabing mahal mo ako eh hindi mo naman ako mahal?” (Liar!  How can you sa you love me when you don’t really love me?)
Rodolfo arrives and Marimar calls him Mr. San Inez (according to to keep their professional distance in check.   Bella asks, “What do you want?”
Rodolfo, “I want you.”
Let’s stop playing games.”  Marimar stops him from flirting with her.
Rodolfo is blunt.  “Gusto kita.  I want you to be my date, my girl friend, my lover…”
Marimar gets up from her chair and confronts her very forthright admirer, “Hindi kita gusto.”  Equally blunt, she tells Rodolfo to try pursuing someone else.  “Sa iba mo na lang i-practice and pagpapa-cute mo because I’m not interested.”  She calls her assitant and asks Rowena to escort Mr. San Inez out.
Antonio tries to talk to Sergio.  He tells his grieving friend that he understand how he feels but Sergio cuts him off.  No one understand how he feels unless they have lost a loved one like him.  “Nawalan ka na ba ng asawa?”
Arturo supports Antonio by adding, “Di naman namin sinasabing huwag kang magluksa pero wag ka naman magpakalunod sa alak.”  (We’re not telling you not to grieve but do not drown yourself in alcohol.)
After a while, Antonio gets an idea and tells Sergio, “We’ll help you.”
Curious, Sergio asks, “How?
Antonio declares, “Si Bella Aldama.”
Both Sergio and Arturo still don’t see the light.  Antonio continues his explanation.  “Di ba Bella looks like Marimar?  So bakit hindi mo ibaling ang pangtingin mo sa kanya?”  (Doesn’t Bella look like Marimar?  So why not focus all your attention on her?)
Sergio sees his friend’s point.  He stops to think about it.


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