Marimar Episode 56 – The one where Sergio gets a restraining order from Marimar

November 12, 2007

Marimar Episode 56 – The one where Sergio gets a restraining order from Marimar
They kiss, Marimar and Sergio, for just a few seconds it looked like forever.   (The slow-mo made it appear so and for sure Marimar-Sergio fans are gushing and screaming in delight.  I wanted the kiss to go on forever.  I wanted to be the one Sergio grabs…his hand slowly caressing my neck down the small of my back. Aw!)
Marimar gave in for a second or two but held back, remembering who it was she was kissing.  She pushes Sergio off her and slaps him.  “How dare you? Lumayas ka!  Umalis ka na!” Telling Sergio to leave at once.
Inside the house the young Cruzita asks the two women, Innocencia and Corazon, why not let the visitor in, if he is her mother’s friend.  She adds, “maybe he knows my dad” and starts to go out.  Innocencia and Corazon both say, “No!”
Sergio stares long and hard at his wife who claims to be someone else.  “Nagbago ka, Bella.  Pero alam ko ikaw si Marimar.  Alam ko yon dahil sa yakap mo, sa halik mo.  Ikaw si Marimar.” (You may have changed but I know you are Marimar.  I know it because of the way you hug me, the way you kiss me.  You are Marimar.)
Bella challenges him, “Anong prueba mo?  Dahil sa simpleng halik?  No wonder.  Kung ako ang asawa mo, hihiwalayan din kita.  Nakakaawa ka!” (And what proof do you have?  A simple kiss?  If I was your wife, I’d leave you too.  You’re too pathetic!)
Sergio is hurt, “Di mo ba ako mahal?”
Before Bella can answer, guards come with reinforcements and Bella orders them to take Sergio out of her premises. “Paalisin ang lalaking iyan!”
Before Sergio leaves he gives Marimar a parting shot, “Aalis ako pero di pa tapos.  Hindi ako titigil hangga’t hindi ka bumabalik sa akin.” (I’ll go but this is not the end of it.  I will not stop until you return to me.)
Marimar goes back inside the house.  Innocencia, Corazon and Cruzita have gone to their rooms.  She is alone and stands slumped by the door.  She recalls the few seconds when she and Sergio kissed.  She cries and she touches her lips and closes her eyes.  “Hayop ka Sergio.”  She curses her ex-husband who after all these years and her resolve at vengeance could easily manipulate her into a passionate kiss.  Sergio still has that much effect on her.  (I have to agree, siguro hayop nga humalik si Sergio…haay!)
Angelika is talking to Renato’s lawyer over the phone.  He tells her that Renato’s last will and testament had long been prepared and settled.  She asks the lawyer to prepare a new one, amending the beneficiary to herself.  The lawyer is unsure and tells her many may contest that Renato isn’t on his right mind.  Angelika bribes him and orders him to do as she asks.
Cruzita sees her mother crying. “Mommy you’re crying.  Pina-iyak ka ba ng lalaki?  Sino siya mommy?  Bakit ka niya inaway?  Bad siya.”  Marimar is speechless.  She hugs her daughter close to her as she look at Corazon who is not happy about how her encounter with Sergio went, or the fact that the man Cruzita is referring to, is her very own father.
Monica is with Angelika as they roam the grounds of the resort.  She inquires whether Attorney David is able to amend Renato’s will.  Angelika updates her that she offered the fickle lawyer a huge sum. 
“So sureball na iyon?”  Monica inquires.  “Oo,” Angelika assures her.
Monica suggest to her friend that since the will is almost a done deal, it is time to get in touch with Sergio.  Angelika tells her that she’s got someone to look after Sergio and she knows that he is still very much single.  She is waiting for the right time to catch the younger Santibanez who, she is certain will fall for her charms like he used to.
Antonio doesn’t believe it, “You kissed Bella Aldama?” as Sergio recounts last night’s interesting turn of events.  Arturo is excited and requests his childhood crush, “Sige nga bossing, show me how?” to kiss him like he kissed Bella. 
“What if I showed you how she slapped me instead?” Sergio tells Arturo who quickly bowed out.  The racer turned businessman tells his friends that he is certain Bella is Marimar, his wife.
Marimar is having breakfast and Corazon is attending to her.  She tells the latter that she’s fine and ask the plump woman to go and watch Cruzita instead but Corazon lingers, wanting to tell Marimar something.  She takes up some courage to begin and asks Marimar that she wants to tell her something but maybe Marimar will get angry with her.
Marimar assures her that she will listen to what she has to say, respecting the former cook who had been her only ally at the Santibanez resort.  Corazon suggests why not tell Sergio the truth.  She claims to know Sergio better than anyone having been his nanny since his childhood and tells Marimar that he will just keep coming back.  He can be quite stubborn if he likes something and will keep going at it until he gets it.
Arturo and Antonio are still not convinced about Bella being Marimar.  Sergio shrugs, resigned on their pessimism.  He tells both men that he knows Bella is Marimar.  He declares a heart knows its true love, “nakikilala ng puso ko.”
Corazon suggests for Marimar and Sergio to sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk.  But Bella is adamant.  Her statement has a finality that cannot be changed.  “Walang magaganap na heart-to-heart.  Unang una, wala siyang puso.  Pangalawa, may plano ako”
Angelika is now trying to sweet talk Renato into signing the amended will she prepared.  She coaxes her husband to eat, “Luto ko yan.  Love kita eh.”  And Renato seems to enjoy the attention she is showing him.  Angelika continues to setup her trap, “Hindi kita dinala sa mental.  Dito ka sa tabi ko.  Ako ang aalaga sa iyo.”
But Renato’s former self, his inner voice, tells him not to listen to her lies.  It points out to him that she’s been promising to set him free and yet he is still locked in chains and kept in the bodega.  He warms that Angelika is a devil pretending to be an angel. “Nagpapanggap na anghel.  Imbes na pakpak, meron yang buntot at sungay.”
The voice keeps urging Renato to fight.  It makes him realise how far he is from the man he used to be.  “Tingnan mo ang sarili mo.  Dati kang kinakakatukutan.”  He used to be a man of power and people feared him but now he is a weak, lunatic, struggling to be free.  Renato’s inner voice tells him to put his trust in his capability.  No one can help him but himself.
Bella’s secretary comes in her office with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.  It is from Sergio with a note, “I know how you love chocolates.  I hope this brings back good memories.”
We flashback to a time when Marimar was our little, naive girl, so in love with Sergio.  She discovers chocolates and asks him what kind of candies they are being so delicious.  She chomps them greedily and Sergio cautioned her not to eat too much for fear of, “baka tumaba,” her getting fat.
Marimar asks him, “Bakit pag tumaba ba ako, hindi mo na ako gusto?”  Sergio tells her that he will love her despite her gaining weight.  Sergio asks her if he would like him to be fat.  Marimar admits she likes some meat in her guy, preferring the chubby Sergio. 
Sergio is in deep thought obviously pre-occupied with the mystery that is Bella Aldama.  He tells Antonio to represent their company in an upcoming exhibition in Japan.  Antonio asks his friend whether it is because he cannot leave Bella Aldama.  Sergio tries to reply but a lady comes in the office and introduces herself as Attorney Romualdez, the same lawyer at Gustavo’s deathbed.  She has a restraining order against him as well as the box of chocolates he sent Bella.   He is no longer allowed to go near the beautiful heiress.
Esperanza and Marimar are at a restaurant, ordering take out food.  Esperanza is updating her niece about good prospects in the south, some development that could be good investments for their company.
Marimar is distracted as she feels that someone is stalking her, watching her every move.  She looks around and finds nothing in particular but she is not convinced.  Esperanza assures her that no one is going to bother her anymore as Sergio’s been given the restraining order and would think twice about approaching her again.
But Marimar’s feeling does have a valid basis.  Sergio is in his car with Arturo and he’s been stalking Marimar since this morning.  He may be keeping his distance but he is indeed watching her.  Arturo starts to complain.  He’s getting bored from following Bella, doing nothing.  Sergio points out to Arturo that the lady they have been following is Marimar.  Arturo comments that perhaps it is truly just a coincidence that she and Sergio’s wife have an uncanny resemblance.  Sergio isn’t deterred, he is sure that Bella is Marimar.
Attorney David meets with Angelika at the Villa Santibanez and hands her the amended will of Renato.  The lawyer tells her to get Renato’s signature and that is all she needs to become the sole owner of the Santibanez fortunes.
Innocencia and Marimar talk.  The latter is worried and tells her friend that Sergio may be stalking her.  Fulgoso is impressed with Sergio’s determination, exclaiming that the young man is “matiyaga”.  Innocencia suggests that if he persists, why doesn’t Marimar file a case and sue him, “Kasuhan, i-demanda, para matakot siya.”  This would hopefully scare him off.
Marimar tells her friend that she doesn’t mind Sergio pestering her.  She can indeed handle it.  But her fear is what if Sergio finds out about Cruzita and starts exercising his paternal rights to get his hands on her daughter?  She cannot bear to lose Cruzita and thus Marimar must come up with a plan to convince Sergio that she is not Marimar.
Sergio is brooding, tossing and tumbling the images of Bella in his mind.  He says, “Ang laki ng pinag-iba mo” Seeing how confident, educated and sophisticated Marimar is now.  But Sergio believes that whatever traits his wife had, they are still within her, only her appearance has changed, not herself.  She is still his own Marimar.
Antonio comes in and asks about a proposal that needed signing.  “Napirmahan na ba ni Gilbert?” he follows-up from Sergio but the handsome racer is absorbed in his own thoughts.  He admits that he still hasn’t done it.  Antonio reminds him of his 3:00 pm meeting.  It is an important one which Sergio mustn’t miss. 
Sergio bumps into Corazon at a store and the young man is glad to see his former nanny and cook.  Corazon exclaims in a combination of English, Tagalog and Cebuano, “Sa tanan nga tao nga makabunggo nako, ikaw pa.  Pero will ni Lord ito.”  (Of all the people to bump into, it’s you.  But this must be God’s will.)
Meantime, Bella bumps into Rodolfo and his friend Bruno.  Rodolfo invites the young lady to have lunch but she declines and leaves.  Bruno tells Rodolfo that it seems, she is not interested but Rodolfo is convinced he will soon have her, “Pakipot lang yan,” as Bella is just playing hard-to-get.
Sergio gets serious and asks Corazon, “May nalalaman ka ba tungkol kay Marimar?” whether she knows anything about his ex-wife.  Corazon admits that she does know something.  She tells Sergio she’s been wanting to say this to him for a long, long time but didn’t have the chance.  Sergio is now eager to hear what Corazon is going to tell her, “Ano?”  (And just as we think we know what she is going to tell Sergio, ie. admit all her knowledge about Marimar and Cruzita and all that…she goes round doing the exact opposite!)
Corazon tells Sergio, “Si Maam Marimar, patay na.” (Marimar is dead.)  (What?!?!?)


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