Marimar episode 55 – The one where Marimar and Sergio date, and kiss!

November 12, 2007

Marimar Episode 55 – The one where Marimar and Sergio date and kiss!
Sergio seems to find hope again when Marimar admitted that it is indeed her.  He hugs her tight but after a while, she pushes him off. “Ano masaya ka na Mr Santibanez?  You may leave.” (Happy now?  Please leave.)
Renato hears a voice in his head.  He looks around, scared, for the source of the voice and it tells him to look into the mirror.  The voice is also his, the Renato before he got crazy, it is his inner voice.
Angelika lounges by the pool with Monica, cocktail drink in one hand.  She declares, “This is the life I’ve always wanted.  Ang maging maganda, mayaman…sana noon ko pa ginawa ito.” (I should have done this a long time ago)
Bella coldly declares to the man she once loved so much, “Hindi ako si Marimar.  Nagbibiro lang ako.” (I was just kidding, I’m not Marimar)
“Kasasabi mo lang sa akin…” (But you just said…)
“Naniwala ka naman!” (And you believed me?)  She tells Sergio that looking at his face, it was like he’d won the lotto when she admitted she was Marimar.
“Niloko mo ako?”  (You lied to me)
“Ang kulit mo eh!” (You’re the one who kept bugging me!)  Marimar further adds insult to injury by telling him bluntly “I’ve never been married and if I get married, it won’t be to someone like you.”
Sergio is disappointed.  Bella queries, “Shall I show you to the door?”
The young man concedes “No need,” and walks away.
As Sergio leaves, Marimar couldn’t quite understand why he continues to pursue her and why is she feeling some form of remorse for the man who hurt her terribly.
Meanwhile at the Villa Santibanez, Renato talks to his inner voice. “Magkamukha tayo?”
“Ako ang dating ikaw.”  His inner voice wants to help him and tells him, “Ako lang ang pag-asaw mo para makatakas tayo sa impiyerno.”
By the pool area, another plan is hatching from Angelika’s evil and self-centered self.  She tells Monica that she wants to change Renato’s will.  Monica assures her that Sergio will definitely fight her for it.  She answers she doesn’t mind sharing the loot with Sergio.  She boasts proudly, “What I want, I get.  Ang sinumang humaharang ay dinidispatsha ko tulad ni Marimar.  Nasaan na siya ngayon?  Isa na siyang malamig na bankay.”
Marimar is wrong to think that Sergio had finally given up on her after their last encounter.  Here is the young man again, still pursuing her.  He says “I promise not to bother you anymore but on one condition: Go out n a date with me.”
Marimar tries to protest, “What?!”  but Sergio smiles at her, teasingly.
She thinks of a plan and finally says, “Fine, pagbibigyan kita.”
“Tonight?”  the eager racer asks.
“Relax, masyado kang apurado.  Tomorrow, sa Adriatico, 7pm.  Don’t be late.  Ayaw ko nang pinaghihintay ako.”
“6:30 pa lang andoon na ako, and I assure you, you won’t regret it.”  The young man is happy to win a date with his lady love. He leaves her in good spirits.
Bella has other plans as she looks at Sergio’s back and says, “at pagsisisihan mong inaya mo pa ako.”
Renato tells his reflection that he is only fooling him.  His reflection warns him not to trust Angelika but the crazy Renato declares, “I love Angelika.”  His inner voice tells him Angelika wants him to remain crazy.
Innocencia is confused as to why Marimar agreed to go on a date with Sergio.  If she hates him, why date him?  Marimar tells her friend, “Dahil naisip ko ito na ang tamang oras para isagawa ang mga plano ko.”  It is still unclear to the former and she asks Marimar, “Ano ba talaga ang balak mo?”
Meantime Sergio is making plans of his own.  He relays excitedly to Antonio and Arturo how he plans to win over Marimar.  “Susuyuin ko siya mabuti.  Papakita ko ang atensiyon at pagmamahal na di ko naipakita sa kanya dati.”
Antonio argues, that she is Bella, not Marimar.  Sergio is still convinced, she’s one and the same.
Marimar reveals to Innocencia her plans with her date with Sergio, “papahiyain ko siya ng husto.”  Innocencia has some reservations, she tells Marimar, is she sure about her plans and whether it would be safe to execute it.
Sergio is positive that once they are together, her old feelings for him will return.
Marimar assures Innocencia that she will be alright.  She promises to make Sergio feel all the pain, hardship, tears she had herself felt.
Sergio is hopeful that this will lead into a reconciliation and bring him and Marimar together.
Marimar is quite the opposite, “Sinisigurado ko pagkatapos ng gabing itom isusumpa niya na nakilala niya pa ako.”
Meantime, Corazon and Cruzita are playing in the park with Fulgoso.  The nanny tells her ward not to stray too far away as she doesn’t what “to lost and found you”  She also warns the dog not to run far, “Baka gawin kang pulutan.”
Angelika is giving Renato double dosage of his medication but the image in the mirror tells Renato not to take it.  Renato answers and Angelika asks him who he is talking to. 
Fulgoso complains that all Cruzita does is throw the ball and expects him to get it.  “Anong tingin nila sa akin, aso?  Ay aso nga pala ako.”  He stops and sees and small dog rummaging through the waste bin.  He exclaims it us disgusting, and realizes it is Fifi.
Angelika tries to calm Renato down assuring him that as soon as he gets well, she will set him free.  Renato drinks the medication despite the protests of his mirror image.  As soon as he’d taken the drugs, Angelika leaves him alone.
At Adriatico, Sergio arrives early  complete with a bouquet of flowers.  He is expectant and in a good mood.  He wants a slightly secluded table but unfortunately, they are all reserved.  He settles for one recommended by the waiter and orders their, “Best 2005 white wine“.  He asks it to get chilled as he waits and keeps his eye on the door.
Fulgoso and Fifi talk.  Fifi asks Fulgos if he lives in that nice house and Fulgoso confirms, “Yes that’s true, mayaman na si Marimar.”  He asks about Fifi, “Ikaw saan ka na nakatira, kasama mo ba si pango?”  Fifi clarifies that the pug never became her dog-friend.  “Inaamin ko natukso ako, di ako sanay magutom eh.”  She regrets what she did and asks Fulgoso to listen to her and forgive her.  She adds, “Madaming trials and tribulations na nagyari sa buhay ko.  Isa na akong poordle.  Nagbago na ako.  I’ve changed a lot for the better.  Ang tanging di nagbago lang is my love for you.”  But Fulgoso is no longer easily fooled.  Just like Marimar, he too has learned to harden his heart. 
Marimar is late!  Sergio is getting quite impatient.  He keeps looking at his watch. 
Fulgoso tells Fifi, “You hurt me, so bad.  Naguguluhan ako, kailangan ko mag-isip.  Gotta be alone.”  He leaves Fifi behind.
The waiter keeps bugging Sergio until the young man instructs him that he will call him if he needed anything.  The waiter apologizes and leaves him to sulk by himself.
Marimar gets off her car, a Mercedes Benz, in a sexy dress.  She arrives at the restaurant and looks around.  She sees Sergio and Sergio turns to see her.  He lights up and goes to her.  He gives her the flowers and exclaims, “God you’re late.  Pinakaba mo ako, pero confident ako na darating ka.”
Marimar feigns surprise. “Sergio, why are you here?”
May date tayo di ba?”
Ay sorry, nakalimutan ko.”
Anong ibig mong sabihin?”
Rodolfo arrives and apologizes to Marimar for being late.  He points her towards the reserved table.
Sergio is shocked.  Rodolfo notices him and says, “Sergio?  Sergio Santibanez” as if trying to recall him as the troublemaker in his masquerade ball.    Rodolfo appears annoyed but jokes, “Wow pare, grabe naman sa laki ng mundo.  Dito pa tayo magkikita on our first date,” referring to his own first date with Marimar.
Sergio is also annoyed and declares, “Kami ni Bella, may date.”
Bella is quick to add, “Nakalimutan ko.”  And asks, “Di ba 7pm ang date natin?  9:30 na!
It is Rodolfo’s turn to be shocked, “Grabe either pasensiyoso ka or you’re that desperate.”
Bella, perhaps guilty that Sergio waited all this time invites him, “Since you’re still here, why don’t you join us?”  She asks Rodrigo if it’s fine with him and he agrees, “OK lang sa akin.”
Sergio gives her the bouquet and Marimar just hands it to the waiter not even taking time to appreciate them.  The waiter asks if he could cancel Sergio’s table and he agrees.
As they sit and order, Sergio tells Bella, “I got you crispy crabettes.”
“I don’t eat crabettes.”
Of course you do.”
Rodolfo takes his cue and suggests, “Chicken Caesar salad?”  Marimar likes it and they seem to have many food preferences in common.
Sergio tries to order what Marimar once liked to eat, fish.  But the young lady hates it.
I’m carnivorous.”  Rodolfo orders steak for them.  He also adds, “and your finest Italian wine, 2004.”  Marimar joins him in requesting for the exact same wine.  The waiter suggests to cancel the white wine as it does not go well with the red meat.
Sergio couldn’t believe how different Marimar seems to be.  And how she seems to be flirting openly with Rodolfo whilst ignoring him.
Esperanza and Innocencia continue to chat about Marimar. Esperanza clarifies, “Ibig mong sabihin nakipag-date si Bella kay Sergio at Rodolfo?” (You mean to say, Bella is dating both Sergio and Rodolfo?)
Oo,” confirms Innocencia, “Para pasakitan si Sergio.” (Yes, to hurt Sergio.)
Gusto ba niya si Rodolfo?” Esperanza asks if Bella likes Rodolfo.  Innocencia tells her no, “Ginagamit lang,” she’s is only using him.
Sergio continues to sulk while dining with the two who appear to be very compatible indeed, having the same likes and dislikes.  Rodolfo is enjoying that fact that he is the preferred one of Bella over Sergio.  He brags about the many conquests he has made.  Bella agrees with his approach which is being frank to the point of being brutal.  Rodolfo insists he is a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of person.  Sergio cautions his rival to “Watch what you’re saying para hindi ka naman makasakit.” But Bella uses this opportunity to further degrade Sergio and she and Rodolfo toast to their similarities.
Esperanza is shocked at Innocencia’s admission, “Alam ba niya ang pinapasukan niya? Pinapa-asa niya si Rodrigo!” (Does she know what she’s getting into?  She’s giving Rodrigo false hopes!)
Innocencia knows it too well but cannot do anything nor advice her friend to take another course of action.  She sighs, “Basta pagdating kay Sergio, sarado ang isipan niya.  Sa kagustuhan niyang makaganti…” (Where it concerns Sergio, her mind is made up, she wants to get vengeance.)
Esperanza is worried for her niece, “Pinaglalaruan niya ang dalawang lalaki!  Nakikipaglaro siya sa apoy!” (She’s toying with two men’s feelings.  She is playing with fire!)  She fears, “Baka sa huli, siya pa ang mapaso...” (Maybe in the end it is her who’ll get burned.)
Sergio lost his appetite at his two companions’ overt flirtations.  Bella asks him, “Don’t you like your food?  Why don’t you change your order?”    Sergio drops his table napkin with finality, “Huwag na,  in fact, nawalan ako ng gana.” (Never mind, in fact, I’ve seemed to lost my appetite.)  He asks for the bill.
Rodolfo offers, “It’s OK, it’s on me.”  But Sergio insists, “No, I’ve got it.”  He stands and declares to the two, “Thanks for an interesting evening.”  To Bella, he adds, “You still owe me a date.”  He leaves and Rodolfo felt relieved that he can finally have Bella all to himself.  However we notice that Bella’s face has changed as she follows the retreating Sergio with her gaze.
Rodolfo happy to be alone with Bella puts on the charms as he says, “Buti na lang nakaramdam na siya.” (Good he got the message.)
Marimar’s mood has turned somber as she declares, “I want to go home.”
Rodolfo insists on a few more moments alone together as he entices her with, “Dessert?”
But Marimar tells him she’s quite full and calls her driver.  She confirms to her disappointed date, “I have to go.”
Still not giving up to get more out of the evening, Rodolfo offers to take her home but Bella insists that her driver is on it s way.  Conceding, he adds, “OK, next time na lang.”
Rodolfo waits as Marimar’s driver picks her up.  He broached the subject again, of her riding with him, but she insists.  He bids her goodnight.  From a distance, Sergio prepares to tail Marimar home.
Cruzita is still awake and greets her mother once she arrives home.  Marimar exclaims why she isn’t asleep yet when it is quite late.  Cruzita tells her that she misses their bedtime stories and wants one tonight.
Meanwhile Sergio has tailed Marimar and is now at the gate still open as Marimar has just arrived.  He is screaming Marimar’s name.  A guard blocks him telling him that there is no one by the name of Marimar lives there. But Sergio insists and forces his way in.  He continues to scream, “Marimar!”
Innocencia looks out the window and tells Marimar that Sergio was able to follow her home.  He knows where she lives now.  She advises her friend to face him rather than cause a scandal.  Marimar agrees.  She tells Corazon to keep Cruzita indoors and never to let her out, whatever happens.
Outside the house, Bella sees Sergio whose back is to her.  She gathers all her courage as she confronts him, “Nandito na ako.  Ano ang kailangan mo sa akin?”
Sergio tells her simply, “Ikaw.”  He goes towards her, wanting to embrace her but she moves a step back and hold up her arms in defense.  “Huwag mo akong hahawakan.  Lumayas ka dito kundi idedemanda kita ng tresspassing.”
Cruzita is curious about the man the women in the house seem to fear.  She asks whether the man is fighting with her mother.  Corazon and Innocencia assure her that it’s nothing.  The man is her mother’s friend from a long time ago.
Sergio is now face to face with Marimar but he stops advancing, not wanting to cause further alarm.  He tries to persuade her to talk to him.  Marimar is adamant, “For the last time, hindi ako si Marimar.  Ano ba ang gusto mong gawin ko para maniwala ka sa akin?”
Her denial only caused him to prove more that she is his wife and pulls her to himself planting a slow, lingering kiss that melts her resolve as she drops her defense and gives in to his lip’s onslaught on hers. (Wow, super kilig moment ever!  Wish ko, ako si Marimar!  Aw!)


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