Marimar episode 54 – The one where Sergio and Marimar dance the tango (and kiss!)

November 11, 2007

Marimar Episode 54 – The one where Sergio and Marimar dance the tango and kiss
Sergio claims that Bella is his wife.  Rodolfo declares it impossible.  “Asawa?  Di mo pwede maging asawa si Bella!”
“Hindi siya si Bella.  Siya si Marimar!”  Sergio is firm in his belief and tells Marimar, “Hindi ako pwedeng magkamali, asawa kita.” (I cannot be wrong, you are my wife.)
Rodolfo tries to defend Bella who seems to be at a loss for words. “She’s Bella Aldama.  Please leave my party.”
Corazon and Innocencia chat.  The ex-cook tells the ex-secretary about Cruzita asking about his father.  Innocencia concedes that Cruzita is at an age where she is curious about her father.  Corazon asks whether Innocencia knows if Marimar has any plans of telling her daughter about Sergio.  Innocencia tells Corazon that in that matter, Marimar is adamant that Cruzita never knows about Sergio.
Angelika and Monica at the the pool bar and the former is enjoying her drink.  She notices that Monica is not having any and asks her why.  Monica admits that Diego doesn’t really approve of her drinking.  Angelika prompts her, “Kanino ka ba mas takot, sa akin o sa asawa mo?” (Who are you more afraid of, me or your husband?)  Monica quickly calls the waiter and orders, “Vodka tonic, bilis!” 
Monica observes how Angelika seems to be quite in a celebratory mood and her friend replies why shouldn’t she be.  “Hawak ko na si Renato.  Isa na lang ang kulang, si Sergio.” (I already controll Renato.  Only one thing is missing, Sergio.)
Monica is surprised to know that Angelika still holds the flames for Sergio.  “Siya pa rin ba?”  After all, it’s been years since Angelika and Sergio last met but Angelika declares solemnly, “I love him and I’ll always love him.”
Rodolfo having taken Bella away from the crazed Sergio, takes her to his father.  As he makes the introductions, the two speak in Spanish.  The elder San Gines is sorry for the loss of Bella’s father who was a good man and upright businessman.  He also apologizes for not being at the wake and the funeral.  Bella graciously accepts the old man’s apologies and brushes off his misgivings assuring him it is not a big matter to worry about.
Sergio doesn’t leave.  Instead he asks Antonio’s opinion.  His friend has seen pictures of Marimar in his laptop and he wants Antonio to agree with him that the woman posing as Bella is Marimar.
Back at the Aldama home, Corazon asks Innocencia why Marimar is now very angry with Sergio when she used to be so in love with him.  Innocencia explains, “niloko daw siya ni Sergio.” (According to Marimar, Sergio fooled her.)  Corazon doesn’t believe it at all.  She knows how in love Sergio was with Marimar and is certain the young man could never do that to her.
Antonio recalls the Aldama incident – the one when Natalia held someone hostage.  But Sergio still wants Antonio to believe Bella is Marimar.  He insists that he knows Marimar’s every move and that is definitely Marimar.
Innocencia warns Corazon never to defend Sergio in front of Marimar.  She is certain Marimar will only get upset if the plump woman ever did that.  Innocencia adds that Corazon must realize that Marimar had already closed that chapter of her life and left it behind.  Her old life at San Martin dela Costa with Sergio.  Corazon is hopeful for a reconciliation as she asks the younger woman, “Wala na bang katiting na pagmamahal si Bella kay Sergio?” (Doesn’t she have an iota of love left for Sergio?)
Antonio is doubtful about Bella being Marimar.  But Sergio is not deterred.  He says, “Ang mahalaga nakita ko na ang asawa ko.” (What’s important is I’ve found my wife.)  He moves towards Marimar and Antonio shouts after him, “Hoy saan ka pupunta?” (Where are you going?)  (Excuse me but has he forgotten that Marimar left for the US 4 years ago?  Shempre pagbalik medyo stateside na ang asta no, lalo na Marimar is an Aldama but of course he doesn’t know that…but he should be able to remember, hinabol-habol pa nga niya.)
Renato is on a rampage.  He screams and tries to remove the ties that bind his hands and feet.  “Palabasin nyo ako, hindi ako baliw!”  (Let me go, I’m not crazy!)  Angelika, Monica and Diego come and give Renato medicine.  Angelika tells him to open his mouth wide, “Say aaaah.  Good boy!” 
“Ano, kelan mo ako pakakawalan?”  Renato is hoping that Angelika will set him free as he has been very cooperative.  “Bukas?” He promtps, tomorrow.  She replies, “Tingnan natin.” (We’ll see.)  And the three leave him in the dark and cluttered bodega.  As they leave Renato gets restless again and screams, “Angelika!”
The dancing at the ball commences and Sergio makes his was towards Bella.  He says, “Excuse me senorita, may I have this dance?”
“I’m sorry.  Iba na lang yayain mo.” (Sorry, ask someone else instead)
“Isang sayaw lang hinihingi ko, bakit di mo ako mapagbigyan?” (All I ask is for one dance, why can’t you give me even that?)
Rodolfo butts in, “She promised me the first dance,” and walks off with Marimar towards the dance floor.
Sergio fumes but keeps his wits about him.  He grabs a lady asking, her whether she’s like to dance.  The lady, flattered at the attention of this handsome man replies, “I’m available.”  Sergio still keeping his eye on Marimar comments, “Not anymore” as he takes her to the dance floor and maneuvers her around so that they are now dancing next to the pair.  By some undeclared dance rule, partners switch and Marimar ends up in Sergio’s arms. 
The intesity of that first encounter is palpable.  Sergio feels her stiffen and tells her to relax.  Marimar moves in step with Sergio’s tango as she tells him bluntly, “Nakakailang ka kasi.  Sabi mo nawawala ang asawa mo at ako yon.”  (It’s your fault I can’t feel comfortable, you said you lost your wife and that I’m her.)
“Sinong may sabi sa iyong nawawala ang asawa ko?” (Who say’s I’ve lost my wife?)
“Hindi mo naman siguro hahanapin kung di nawawala.” (You wouldn’t be looking for her if she weren’t lost)
“Umalis ako.  Sabi ko, babalikan ko siya pero wala na siya pagbalik ko.” (I left.  I told her to wait for me but when I got back, she was already gone.)
“Iniwan mo siya.” (You abandoned her.)
Sayang at di na kami magkasama ng asawa ko.  Di ko man lang nasabi kung gaano siya ka-importante sa buhay ko. “  (I regret I’m no longer with my wife.  I haven’t even told her how important she is to me.)
Sergio dips Marimar, he says, “Mahal na mahal ko ang asawa ko.  Mahal na mahal kita Marimar.” (I love my wife very much.  I love you very much, Marimar.)
Marimar looks into Sergio’s eyes, still in a dipped position, he kisses her.
Marimar stops herself and stand straight.  She slaps Sergio with her left and right hand and declares, “Pagod na ako.” (I’ve had enough)
Marimar walks out of the dance floor and stops to collect herself by the corridor.  She goes into the ladies’ room and starts to cry.  She asks the cleaning lady if she could have some privacy and as soon as the cleaner left, she dissolves in sobs.  The past and Sergio come crashing back.  “Anong ginagawa ni Sergio dito?  Bakit ganoon siya magsalita?  Bakit sinasabi niyang mahal niya ako?”  She looks at herself in the mirror and strengthens her resolve.  She cannot forget all the pain she felt, all the hardship she underwent, the humiliations she had to go through.  She must seek revenge.  She declares with renewed bravado, “Wala akong tiwala sa pag-ibig mo Sergio.” (I don’t trust your love.)
Sergio follows Marimar and knows she is in the ladies room.  He knocks at the door and pleads her to talk to him.  He tells her that he knows it is her.  “Ang tagal kitang hinanap.  Papasukin mo ako, mag-usap tayo.” (I’ve long searched for you.  Let me in, let’s talk.)
Marimar with her back on the door cries.  Sergio on the opposite side tells her, “Alam kong naririning mo ako ngayon.  Alam ko kung ano ang pinakamalaking kasalanan ko sa iyo.  Patawarin mo ako.”  He tells her that when he left her, he realised how much he love her.  He’s loved only her since then, no other.  He tells her again, “Mahal na mahal kita.”
“Hindi totoo yan.” (That’s not true.)
“Mahal kita, Marimar.” (I love you, Marimar.)
“Huli na ang lahat Sergio.” (It’s too late, Sergio.)
Sergio is drained of all emotions as he makes his way back to the ball.  He’s said all he can to convince Marimar about his love but she refused to open the door.  He sits at the nearest table as he stares into the dancefloor tears running down his face.
Bella comes out and stands just by the entrance.   She looks at Sergio for some time and then leaves.  Sergio feels her gaze but when he looks behind, she is already gone.
Innocencia is still awake and surprised that Marimar returns from a ball quite early.  Marimar tells her friend that she saw Sergio in the ball.  This surprises Innocencia and she asks Marimar how she felt, seeing Sergio again.  “Mas lalo ko siya kinamumuhian.” Marimar declares she hates him all the more.  She was caught by surprised though and admits she wasn’t prepared.  She tells Innocencia that she may not be able to pull off her plan of revenge towards Sergio.
She enters her room and finds Cruzita asleep on the bed with Fulgoso guarding loyally by the bedside.  Fulgoso wakes up with a “Yo, who’s in the house?”  Marimar thanks her mutt for staying with Cruzita.  She knows how much her daughter hates being alone.  She kisses her daughter who stirs in her sleep.  “Cruzita, mama’s here.  I love you, anak.”  Marimar cries remembering her encounter with Sergio earlier.  She tells her daughter how much she loves her.  “Handa kong ibigay ang lahat maliban lang ang isang bagay.  Hindi ko kayang ipakilala ang ama mo sa iyo.  Patawarin mo ako anak.”  (I can give you everything you ask for, save for one thing.  I can never tell you about your father.  Forgive me.)
Fulgoso who is still in the room agrees.  “Makasarili siya.  Mapanlinlang.  Parang si Fifi.”  (Fulgoso relates that Sergio is like Fifi, deceitful.)
Marimar continues, “Kahit wala na ang daddy mo, nandito ako.  Pupunuan ko ang pagkukulang niya sa pagmamahal.” (Though you have no father, I am here for you.  I will fill in every void with love). 

Fulgoso can only sympathize with his mistress.  “Hay Marimar, di ka pa rin nagbabago.  Iyakin ka pa rin.” (Marimar, looks like you’ve never changed.  You’re still such a cry-baby.)
Sergio is in his office the day after the party.  He is talking to Antonio and Arturo and convincing both friends to believe him.  Bella and Marimar are one and the same person.  Antonio points out that Marimar was illiterate while Bella is highly educated.  Marimar was a simple, naive girl while Bella a rich, sophisticated woman.  She even speaks many languages.
Arturo, intrigued by this Bella Aldama asks, “Gay linggo, marunong siya?”  He adds, “Baka magkamukha lang.”  Maybe they’re just look-alikes.
Sergio needs to know everything about Bella Aldama.  He instructs his secretary to find out anything and everything she can about the rich heiress who has a cunning resemblance with this missing wife.  He then tells his friends, “Itaga niyo sa bato ito.  Hindi ako titigil hangga’t di ko napapatunayan na si Bella Aldama ay si Marimar, ang asawa ko.”  (Bakit nga pala after Arturo’s confessions, hindi sinugod ni Sergio si Angelika at Renato?  Di ba normal reaction pag-nalaman mo kung gaano inapi asawa mo, aawayin mo yung mga nang-api?  O baka naman edited version pa rin ang ni-release ni Arturo, in that case di pa talaga alam ni Sergio ang mga pangyayari…hay…)
Bella calls Rodolfo and tells him she is not feeling well and would have to cancel their date.  Rodolfo is disappointed but asks that perhaps they can go to dinner.  Bella reasons that she has just got back from the US and is swamped in paper work.  She promises to call him as soon as she gets a free time so they can have that promised date.
Sergio arrives at Bella’s office.  He asks for Miss Aldama and when the secretary asks who he is, he replies, “Sergio Santibanez.”
The secretary (Kate Brosas) tells Bella about the visitor.  Bella instructs Rowena, her secretary, to tell Sergio that she has left.  She tells Rowena to make something up.  Tell him she took half the day off.  Her secretary leaves.
“Sir pasensya na po pero wala na po siya, nag half-day.”
“Aga naman.  Half day?”
The secretary promises to relay whatever message he has for Miss Aldama.
As soon as Sergio left, Rowena went back to Bella’s office to tell her that her meeting at the boardroom is about to start.  Marimar thanks her and prepares to leave for her meeting.
Renato hears some sounds in the bodega.  He can’t  see it but he is certain it’s bothering him.  Sometimes, it’s showing itself in the mirror.  He tells this to Angelika who assures him that it is all only in his mind.  Angelika takes the chance to increase his dosage of the illicit drug.  Renato agrees to doubling his dosage in the  hope of getting better soon.  Angelika adds, “Kasi ang bad bad mo.” Telling her husband how cruel he’d been towards her in the past.  She promises to have Perfecta come to give him his medicines.
Bella leaves her office and goes to the elevator.  She is surprised when she heard a familiar voice.
“Akala ko ba umuwi ka na, Marimar.” (I thought you had already gone home)
Esperanza and Innocencia discuss what Marimar had told her friend the night before about her meeting with Sergio.  Esperanza exclaims, “Ibang klase din ang tadhana!” (Destiny is truly something!)  She asks the younger woman what Marimar plans to do now.  Innocencia confirms to the aunt that her niece is keen on seeking out revenge against her ex-husband.
Sergio asks Marimar why she is avoiding him and go through all those lies just to hide from him. “Bakit ka nagsisinungaling?”
Marimar brushes off his questions, declaring that she’s still got a meeting to attend to.  But as she walks nearer the elevator door, Sergio pulls her and turns her to face him.  He kneels down and show her his necklace that carries their wedding ring.  “Hindi ko ito tinanggal sa sarili ko.  Nagmamakaawa ako sa iyo Marimar, nagpapakumbaba.  Patawarin mo na ako.”   He kisses her hand.  (I’ve never removed this from me.  I beg you, I humble myself upon you, forgive me.)
Marimar asks Sergio to get up.  She tells him.  “Aaminin ko na sa iyo, ako nga si Marimar.” (Alright, I admit it, I am Marimar.)


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