Marimar Episode 53 – The one where Sergio meets Bella

November 11, 2007

Marimar Episode 53 – The one where Sergio Meets Bella

Bella greets Leonor warmly. Cruzita tells everyone that her mom is beautiful and she is beautiful like her mom. Marimar exclaims, “Well, that’s my baby” and everyone is happy to welcome the new arrivals. They all go inside the house. Fulgoso arrives complete with studded leather paw bracelets and a new accent, “Hey Yo! Wazzup?” Inay Leonor exclaims, “Ang guwapo ni Fulgoso!

Angelika arrives at Villa Santibanez and the staff welcome her at the main entrance. Monica kisses her friend and asks, “Kumusta ka na? Nagputa ka ba sa Statue of Liberty?” (How are you? Did you go to the Statue of Liberty?)

Angelika replies in her usual sharp tone, “Alam mo Monica, nakakatuwa ka talaga, kasi hanggang ngayon, tanga ka pa rin. Nasa New York and Statue of Liberty. Sa Paris ako galing!” (You know Monica, you are so amusing. Until now, you are such an idiot. The Statue of Liberty’s in New York city, I came from Paris!)

Monica changes the subject and asks about Renato. Immediately Angelika’s face turns somber.

Antonio is in the office chatting on the phone with someone. Sergio walks in and he cuts his conversation. Sergio teases him whether he’d been talking to Georgia. Antonio tells him Georgia is old news, this is another lady. Sergio couldn’t quite believe how quickly his friend changes from one relationship to another and asks him whether he’s serious or not. Antonio tells him he’s just a single guy enjoying himself which is quite normal. Sergio cautions him to be careful, “Baka mapikot ka.” (Get involved in a shot-gun wedding.) Antonio replies he is quite careful. He further suggests introducing Sergio to a couple of his model friends. Sergio reminds him that he’s a married man. Antonio cuts him and tells him that he is aware that his friend is married, in fact he’s been saying that for four years.

Four years, four months, eight days…” Sergio sighs, obviously aware of how long it has been since he and Marimar had been apart.

Angelika is now in serious, woman-in-grave-suffering-mode and replies to everyone, “Parating na.” He’s coming. An ambulance arrives and Renato in a straight-jacket is escorted outside the van. He appears crazy telling the medics that he doesn’t want to be there.

We see a new character in the story (Marvin Agustin). He seems suave, confident and successful as he arrives at a board meeting. The smooth-talker sits and waits along with the others for the arrival of Gustavo Aldama’s heiress.

Renato is indeed crazy and Angelika instructs her staff to put him inside and give him his medication so he remains calm. She tells the crowd of staff and friends that Renato had been quite stressed when they left for Paris. It has gotten worse and now he is completely lunatic. She continues to emote that she has done everything she can for him, even consulted specialists in Paris. Nicandro comments, “Grabe naman ang nangyari. Kawawa naman pala si Sir Renato.”

The slick board member appears to be getting impatient from waiting. He inquires, “Sino ba yang Bella Aldama na iyan? 2 p.m. na! Darating pa ba?” (Who is this Bella Aldama? It’s two p.m.! Is she still coming?) Just then, Bella arrives. She immediately quites the board by telling them straight and particularly addressing the young maverick, “Kung nagmamadali kayong umalis, hindi ko kayo pipigilan. Bukas ang pinto para sa inyo. You may leave anytime you want.” (If you want to leave, I cannot stop you. The door is open.) Despite the invitation, the young man indicates with a smile that he wants to stay.

Antonio is watching some staff fix a vehicle and does some improvised dance steps to amuse himself. Unknown to him, Sergio is looking from a distance and is laughing at his dance moves.

The young businessman inquires, “Ikaw ba ang anak ni Gustavo Aldama?” (Are you the daughter of Gustavo Aldama?)

The one and only.” Bella confirms. She also adds, “Naisip ko na limang taon din naman kayo naghintay kaya what’s wrong with an hour di ba?” (I thought you’ve all waited for me for the last five years, so what’s wrong with an hour, right?” Seeing no other protests from the group, she calls for them to begin, “Let’s start the meeting.”

Sergio is now laughing loudly and Arturo notices him. He tells his gay friend that one of the reasons he likes him is his way of making him laugh. Sergio admits that he is reminded of one other person who does that to him, make him laugh…one person who makes him truly happy. It’s Marimar. She is full of innocence and her face shines with every possibilities open to the world.

In another part of Manila we see a different Marimar. She is stern and her face now has an authority and stiffness that wasn’t there before. The group present their proposals to her and she knows that they want the matters presented to be resolved as quickly but she tells them she wants to go over everything first before she gives her approval.

Sergio is still reminiscing life with Marimar as Arturo patiently listens. The handsome racer shares how Marimar’s face is so transparent. You’d instatly know when she is happy, angry or worried. She doesn’t have any pretenses.

Back at the boardroom, Marimar calls for another meeting as some protest that these proposals are given by people they know and deal with regularly. She cuts them short telling them that yes, they do know these people but she doesn’t. So she has the right to get to know them and give her final approval. Having no other objection she sets the date for their next meeting and ends the current one. Getting up, she makes for the door.

Sergio admits that Marimar is like a child and he likes the fact that she was totally dependent on him. He liked to be needed by Marimar, like back then.

Rodolfo, the suave, slick, businessman runs for the door so he can get it for Bella. She tells him, “May kamay ako, kaya kong magbukas ng pinto.” (I have hands, I can open doors.)

Rodolfo introduces himself, “Rodolfo San Gines.” (Sangines? San Ines? Kaka-ines? San Hines? San Jines?… dunno the spelling, sorry) and adds, “But you can call me, Rodolfo.”

Marimar tells him as he holds the door for her, “You can call me, Miss Aldama.” and leaves.

Sergio still daydreams about his wife telling Arturo that Marimar is, “ibang-iba sa lahat ng mga babae.”

Rodolfo seems to be thinking the same thing as Sergio, considering Bella as different from the many girls he dates. He invites her to a masquerade ball he himself organised for his family’s business. Bella checks with her secretary and Rowena tells her that she already has something scheduled. Rodolfo is not deterred, telling her that he is going to send an invite anyway, just in case she changes her mind.

Esperanza is at home and is updating Bella about the applicants she’s been interviewing all morning but is sorry that she hasn’t found a suitable one to look after Cruzita. A maid comes in an ushers a new applicant, it is Corazon! When Esperanza asks her name, she replies, “Corazon Osmena.”

Angelika meets the entire Villa Santibanez staff. She tells them, “Si Renato ay isa nang baliw. Pero hindi ito hadlang para lumago ang Villa Santibanez. Mula ngayon, ako na ang tatayong presidente ng Villa Santibanez. Susundin ninyo lahat ng ipag-uutos ko. Ang sinumang hindi sumunod, malalagot.” (Renato is now crazy. But this is no reason why Villa Santibanez should stop from prospering. From now on, I am the president of Villa Santibanez and my word is law. Those who do not follow will suffer the consequences.)

Antonio is excited about a masquerade ball he is attending. It is a good chance to meet girls as well as promote their company. He encourages Sergio to come along with him. “Ano date mo ako? Para ka ng si Arturo!” (What, me come with you? Am I your date? Have you gone gay like Arturo?)

Esperanza and Marimar are together and the elder Aldama asks her niece how her first day at work had gone. Marimar replies that it all went well except for her high heels which she still needs a lot of getting used to. She asks for Cruzita and she finds her daughter with her new nanny, it is Corazon! Marimar is happy to see her old friend and she hugs her warmly. Corazon is surprised but happy to see Marimar doing rather well and looking as pretty as ever. Marimar asks Esperanza if she can have a private word with Corazon. Her aunt agreed and took Cruzita to play elsewhere.

Antonio perseveres in inviting Sergio to accompany him to the ball. He tells his boss that it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce their company to the rich and influential people. Sergio finally gives in and agrees to come with him.

Corazon comments that Cruzita is very pretty and sweet child. Marimar tells Corazon that her name is now Bella. When Corazon asks why she changed her name, which is so much nicer than her new one, Marimar tells her she did it to forget about her past, especially, “para makalimutan ang panloloko sa akin ni Sergio.” (to forget about how Sergio had made a fool of her.)

Corazon is surprised at Marimar’s evident anger towards Sergio and tells her he didn’t fool her. But Marimar is closed to reason. She just asks Corazon to keep this a secret from Cruzita, the identity of her father. She makes Corazon promise never to tell Cruzita about who her father is. Corazon is confused but she agrees.

Marimar and Cruzita are playing outside. Esperanza and Innocencia look on. Esperanza observes that despite her niece’s education and life in America, “Di pa rin siya tuluyang nagbago.” (She hasn’t completely changed.) Esperanza can see that her niece’s kind nature is inherent.

The game Marimar and Cruzita play is similar to Sergio and Marimar’s game – covering their faces and changing it from sad to happy to goofy. Innocencia adds, “Pinatungan niya ang bihis at anyo pero pag kasama niya ang mga mahal niya sa buhay, siya pa rin si Marimar.” (She added a new layer of clothing and appearances but underneath it all, when she is with her loved ones, she is still Marimar.)

Meanwhile, the girls are back in swimsuit mode in Villa Santibanez as Angelika and Monica lounge by the pool. Angelika exclaims how she missed being home. Monica is still shocked at Renato’s condition and probes her friend to tell her what happened. Angelika admits she’s planned it well before their left for Paris.

We flashback to a doctor Angelika met four years earlier, a Dr Castillo who had been experimenting on illicit drugs. These have been banned as they are quite lethal. Small doses can cause hallucinations and memory loss. She bribed him so she can get her hands on some of the medication he invented so she can give it to Renato and make him go crazy.

At first, she gave him small doses along with his drinks or food. Slowly she increased the dosage until he started showing signs of paranoia. He now has hallucinations and talks to ‘people’ only he sees. Angelika gives a triumphant smile, “Sa wakas, nagbunga na rin ang matagal kong hinintay. Wala na siya sa sarili niyang pag-iisip. Isa na siyang ‘krung-krung’!” Both Angelika and Monica laugh. The former offers her friend some juice but Monica declines, telling her friend she may be the next one to go crazy. Angelika banters back that her friend can never go crazy because, “wala ka namang utak eh!” Monica agrees,”Ay oo nga ano!” and both women continue to enjoy each other’s company.

Rodolfo gives Bella an invite to his masquerade ball. He tells her that his father wants very much to meet her. He is quite old, a sickly man these days, and would be happy to finally meet Bella Aldama. Bella stops him by saying, “I get it, emotional blackmail?” and Rodolfo laughs. He flirtily replies, “Whatever works” but quickly adds and in a serious manner that his family would be pleased “if Bella can come, please.”

It is the masquerade ball and guests are already there and having fun. Antonio and Sergio arrive sleek in their tuxedos. Sergio immediately complains, “Wala akong kakilala dito at di mo sinabing costume party pala ito. Tingnan mo, mukha akong waiter!” (I don’t know anyone here and you didn’t warn me this is going to be a costume party. Look at me, I look like the waiter!)

Antonio tells him to relax. He’s quite used to social events like this and was quite the party animal at some time. Sergio tells Antonio that he has changed a lot since he got married. Resigned to his fate for the evening, Sergio goes around and says, “I need a drink.” Alcohol would be quite appropriate for this. A waiter passes by and he grabs a glass of wine. Antonio sees some friends and goes off to greet them leaving Sergio sulking alone.

Bella gets made-up as she gets ready for the masquerade ball. Cruzita comes to her room and asks her where she’s going. She tells her daughter that she’s going to a party but assures her that she’ll be back as soon as possible. Cruzita asks whether she could wait up for her but Bella tells her it would be quite late. Her daughter prods if she can instead sleep in her mom’s bed and to this Marimar acquieces.

Back at the ball, a lady approaches Sergio asking him whether he is the racer and the handsome man admits that it is him indeed. The woman exclaims, “I’m a big fan” and asks him why he’s not wearing a mask. He blandly replies that he’s got nothing to hide. She introduces herself and continue to flirts with Sergio by asking him, “Totoo ba ang saying na basta driver, sweet lover?” Sergio gets a bit irritated but smiles and tells her, “I don’t know but I think you should ask my wife.” The lady feels like she’s been slapped, “Wife? You’re married.”

“Yes,” he confirms, “excuse me,” and leaves the woman in shock.

Nicandro, Perfect and Angelika take Renato to the bodega and Nicandro ties him up in chains in his hands and feet. Angelika orders Nicandro to make sure the chains are all securely locked. Angelika and Perfecta look down on the lunatic Renato who asked Angelika for mercy. Angelika coldly replies, “Naawa ka ba sa akin noong sinasaktan mo ako? Sa wakas nakaganti na rin ako.” (Did you give me mercy when you were hurting me? I’ve finally gotten my revenge.)

She orders the two, “Ikandado ang bodega at kahit anong gawing sigaw ng baliw kong asawa, walang papansin sa kanya.” (Lock the store room and whatever racket my crazy husband is making, no one is to pay him any mind) To Renato she sweetly says, “Bye honey, be a good boy.”

Sergio is quite bored at the ball and tells Antonio that he wants to leave. Antonio begs him to stay, “Diyan ka lang, wag mo kong iiwanan.”

From a short distance the girl flirting with him joins her friends. They ask her whether she got his number and she pouts as she reveals that she did not, as he is already married.

Sergio avoided the crowds on the ground floor and decided to be moody and sulk upstairs where he has a good view of the ball downstairs.

Marimar arrives and waits to be announced. An usher goes off to find Rodolfo.

Rodolfo is busy greeting guests, going around, making sure everyone is having a great time. Antonio introduces himself to the host who greets their group warmly. The usher comes to tell him his guest has arrived and he follows him.

Cruzita doesn’t want to sleep. She wants to wait for her mommy to return. Corazon tells her to sleep now so she won’t have any eye-bags (baggy eyes). Cruzita declares she doesn’t want to have eye-bags then quickly asks Corazon what they are. Corazon laughs realising Cruzita is so much like Marimar. Cruzita asks her nanny whether she knew her mommy even then and she tells her ward that she’s been friends with Marimar for a long time. Cruzita lights up. The little girl asks, if she knew Marimar since then, it is possible she also knows her father. Corazon stalls and tries to evade the question telling her that it’s time to sleep. But Cruzita persists that she wants to know about her daddy. Corazon advises the little girl to ask her mom instead. Cruzita shares her wish with Corazon, “Sana someday, makilala ko na ang daddy ko.”

Sergio is being stalked by the same girl who introduced herself to him. Rodolfo meets Bella as she enters the ball. He sees her and exclaims, “Wow, you’re beautiful. You’ve made my evening complete.” Marimar smiles and allows Rodolfo to accompany her to the stage. She wears a mask and waits to be presented.

Rodolfo calls everyone’s attention and thanks them for coming to the ball. He presents to everyone the ball’s guest of honor, Miss Bella Aldama. Marimar removes her mask and so does everyone. The guests clap and Sergio is dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe who he is seeing. Rodolfo and Bella get down the stage and go round the ballroom to meet the other guests. Bella smiles and shakes everyones hands. She kisses many of them in the cheeks. She freezes for a few seconds when she hears a familiar voice scream, “Marimar!” She turns and sees Sergio above the ballroom. Their eyes meet and recognition sparks. She blinks and turns away, preparing to leave. Sergio runs down the stairs and catches up with her.

Sergio, “Marimar! Anong nangyari sa iyo?”

Bella, “I’m sorry pero nagkakamali ka. I’m Bella Aldama. I’m not Marimar.”

Sergio insists, “Marimar!”

Bella, “Please don’t make a scene. I don’t know you and again, I’m not Marimar.”

Bella is conscious of the many eyes watching them. Sergio is oblivious to the crowd, his eyes only on his wife. Rodolfo intervenes. “Bella what’s going on? Who’s this guy ba?”

Sergio is persistent, “Ako si Sergio, ako ang asawa niya.”


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