Marimar episode 51 – Kim and Marimar date; Sergio find Arturo

November 6, 2007

Marimar Episode 51 – The one where Marimar and Kim Meet Again; Sergio finds Arturo 

Corazon is selling rice cakes and snacks inside an exclusive-looking subdivision when she bumps into someone…it’s Arturo! 

  “Anong ginagawa mo dito?”  “Eh di nagtatrabaho, ikaw?”  “May hinahanap akong address, di ko nga makita eh.  Naghahanap din ako ng trabaho. May balita ka ba kay bossing sergio?”  “Wala nga eh, pati nga kay maam Marimar wala akong balita, eh.”The two ask each other why there are there.  Corazon updates Arturo that she’s now into sales and marketing.  She sells fish in the market and if she’s not doing that, she sells rice cakes and snacks going house to house in subdivisions like this one.

In Manila, Marimar visits Innocencia and her mother, Leonor, whom she also calls ‘inay’ being like a mother to both the young women. (Finally ilang episodes na, ngayon ko lang nakilala si “inay”, haaay…Leonor lang pala!) 

Fifi is surprised to see Marimar.  Innocencia is happy her friend hasn’t forgotten all about them now that she’s a bigshot billionairess.  She asks about Cruzita and Fulgoso and Marimar tells her that Cruzita is fast asleep while Fulgoso doesn’t seem enthusiatic about coming here and chose to stay home.

Fifi, hearing this exclaims, “Fulgoso, where are you?  Hindi kita pinagtaksilan, nagugutom lang talaga ako noon.”

 Marimar tells Innocencia another reason why she is there:  she wants her and her mother to come live with her in her new home.  She told both women who appear to be so shocked that they have both been very kind and good to her since she first came into their lives.  They have treated her with respect and love and had been like one of the family.  Somehow she feels that it is now her turn to repay them for all that they have done for her and her daughter.Innocencia quickly replied that they are not asking for anything in return.  They do not expect to get anything for whatever help they gave her.

Marimar insists that it is not really paying.  She really considers them family and she wants all her family to be under one roof, live together and be together.

Innocencia feels awkward, “Nakakahiya naman.”  But Marimar assures them that she had already talked this through with her aunt Esperanza and the elder woman had agreed to her suggestion.

Happy at Marimar’s invitation, Innocencia teases her mother, “Ano po Inay, handa na ba kayong ipagpalit ang papag ninyo sa kutson?” (Are you ready to exchange your wooden cot for a soft mattress?)

Leonor looks around their hunble home beaming with happiness and answers, “Sabi nila, masarap daw sa kutson.” (They say it is most comfortable in a mattress.)

Marimar asks them if this is an indication that they agree to her suggestion, that they accept her invitation.  Both women smile and nod their heads.  The three are happy and share a group hug.

Back at San Martin, Arturo tells Corazon that he is job-hunting as he is now the sole breadwinner for his siblings who had been taken off their stipend from the Santibanez coffers.  He plans to leave San Martin dela Costa and head for Manila, where his fortunes may take a positive turn.

Corazon agrees that she too may just take off and find her luck in the city, but not yet.

She convinces Arturo to buy some of her wares and he looks into what she has to offer from her huge basket.

“Meron akong monay.”

“Monay?  Ayaw ko niyan eh!” (Ito naman kasi si Corazon, bading nga si Arturo no so shempre wis nya feel ang monay….batuta or lubid-lubid baka type niya!)

Innocencia walks Marimar back to her car with their arms linked together.  The former thanks her friend and Marimar brushes it aside, telling her that she is the one who should be thankful.  Innocencia tells Marimar that she and her mother will start packing and Marimar promised to have a vehicle come to collect them later. 

Marimar is about to ride the car when Kim calls her, “Bella, natatandaan mo pa ba ako?”  asking her is she still remembers who she is.  Marimar of course remembers he and calls her by her name.

It’s been a few hours and Nanay Leonor with Innocencia arrive at the Aldama mansion.  Esperanza greets them kindly and points them to the rooms that have been prepared for them.  She asks them to have their bags taken into them and take some time to rest.

When Innocencia asks about Marimar, the aunt tells her that she’s out meeting a friend, perhaps someone from San Martin dela Costa as well.  Esperanza is glad Innocencia continues to call her Marimar and is such a familiar manner.  She comments that the younger woman probably knows more about her niece than she does.

Innocencia relates how she used to work for Sergio, Marimar’s husband and how Marimar used to be so jealous of her, thinking that she and Sergio are having an affair.  Esperanza asks her if indeed there is cause for Marimar to feel that way.  Innocencia is quick to deny it, telling her that it was purely professional.

Marimar is having drinks with Kim.  The kind woman who once helped her with her sick child seems keen in asking her about her life.  How she’s been, how’s Cruzita, etc.  Marimar tells Kim that her father just died and she’s been quite busy.  Kim tells her she must feel very bad these days.  Marimar shrugs off her woes telling Kim, “Parang manhid na ako sa lahat ng pangyayari.  Nang maghiwalay kami ng asawa ko, sobrang lungkot ko.  Wala akong ginawa kundi ang umiyak.  Minsan nga naisip ko mamatay na lang ako.” (It seems like I’m now immune to all the pain.  When my husband left me I was so unhappy.  I was in so much pain that I even thought about ending my life.)

Kim asks for the ‘asshole’s’ name and Marimar simply replied, “Sergio.”

Back at the Aldama home, Esperanza relates that she did try and ask more from Marimar to share about her past but she seems keen on forgetting it especially when it concerns the father of Cruzita. 

Innocencia shares to Esperanza, Marimar’s version of how Sergio and Marimar parted ways.  Apparently Marimar found out that Sergio was just using her to make her ex-girlfriend jealous.

“Kawawa naman ang pamangkin ko,” sighs Esperanza after hearing Marimar’s sad and tragic tale from Innocencia.  Fulgoso adds, “ako rin kawawa” being able to relate to how Fifi left him and went for an uglier pug.

Kim asks whether this Sergio is her daughter’s father.  Marimar admits that he is.  She also adds, “Wala akong minahal na lalaki kundi siya lang.” (I’ve never loved any man but Sergio alone.)

Kim probes, “Didn’t you love anyone else.”  Marimar denies it saying it’s impossible.  She also reveals, “Binigay ko ang lahat lahat sa kanya pero ginamit niya lang ako.” (I gave him everything but he only used me.)

“Anong ibig mong sabihin?” Kim asks Marimar to explain.  Marimar tells her sad tale of how Sergio married her as bait to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and when they got back together, he left her.

Kim in her mind now realizes how fate had played an evil game on these two poor lovers, “Nagkakamali si Sergio.  Hindi siya iniwan ni Marimar para sa ibang lalaki.” (Sergio is wrong in thinking that Marimar left him for another man.)

Speaking of Sergio, he drives by the same restaurant where Marimar and Kim are chatting and sees Kim’s red Mercedes.  Antonio who is with him sees it too and they stop.

Esperanza continues her talk with Innocencia and nanay Leonor.  She tells then, “Di lang pangalan ang dapat magbago, dapat si Bella ay maging kabaligtaran ni Marimar.” (Change shouldn’t be in name only but Bella should be the opposite of Marimar.)  Her phone rings.  It’s attorney Romualdez and she asks the lawyer to arrange for visas for Marimar, Cruzita and Innocencia as soon as possible.

Hearing her name included, Innocencia can’t help but feel excited and shares the look with her mother.  Fulgoso hears about a trip and asks whether he is included.

Marimar tells Kim she’d been doing all the talking so far and asks about Kim’s updates. “Anong nangyari doon sa nililigawan mo?”

“Ayaw pa rin sa akin kasi gusto pa rin ang ex-wife niya.”

“Bakit di ka na lang maghanap ng iba?”

 “Ayoko.  Siya lang ang gusto ko.” Kim’s expression suddenly changed from friendly and kind to calculating and rigid when Marimar asked about how her lovelife is faring.    Marimar admits to Kim, “Ang gaan ng loob ko sa iyo, “ how she finds it easy to talk to Kim especially about her lovelife.  She wants Kim and her to become good friends.  Kim also admits that she too finds Marimar easy to talk to and wants to keep their friendship. Sergio and Antonio are now in the same restaurant looking around for signs of Kim.  When they didn’t find her on the ground floor, both men agree to check upstairs.  They find Kim sitting along but obviously with someone as another drink in one the table. Sergio tells her they’ve been worried about her and asks, “Sino ba kasama mo?” who she is with.  Kim jokes that it’s a secret.  She adds that her meeting there is already finished and takes leave to go to the ladies room.Sergio and Antonio are quite surprised at how secretive the multi-millionairess seems to be.  They sit at a nearby table to wait for her.  Sergio comments, “Parang may ayaw sabihin.” (Looks like she’s hiding something.)

“Baka naman ibang lalaki.”

“Sira ulo.”

“Baka nagseselos ka.”

Antonio teases Sergio that perhaps Kim is with another man and that perhaps Sergio is jealous but Sergio denies it.  He asks the waiter for a menu instead.

Kim goes down to the ladies room and meets Marimar who is on her way out.  Kim tells her that she has to go and that she has settled the bill for them. 

Sergio orders food and Antonio realizes he’s out of cash.  Sergio tells him not to worry, this meal is his treat.

“Bagay kayo ni Miss Kim, pareho kayong galante.”

“Pag narinig ni Kim yon, baka mapikon.”

“Kikiligin yon.” 

Antonio kids Sergio that Kim and him are the same being both generous.  Sergio cautions Antonio as his comments may upset Kim.  He tells Sergio that on the contrary Kim will love it and he, Antonio, will be like the bridge that brought them together.

Sergio tells his friend that he doesn’t want Kim to keep any false hopes.

Marimar tells Kim that she is embarrased at how the latter seems to be footing for the bill.  She tells Kim she has some money and would be willing to pay but Kim is adamant.  She tells Marimar that she should be on her way.

Antonio forgot his cell phone in the car and is about to leave.  Sergio asks him what he wants to eat and he quickly replies, “Steak”  and adds, “masarap ang libre!” (Free food is often very delicious indeed!)

Marimar and Kim are outside waiting for Marimar’s driver to come pick her up.  She thanks Kim and tells her again that she wants to keep their friendship going.  Kim promises to contact her but now appears to be quite distracted.  Marimar reminded her that she doesn’t have any cell phone.  She asks for Kim’s number but Kim tells her that she knows where Marimar lives.  If anything, she can easily come by and see her.

While they were talking, Antonio seems them and gasps in surpsise, “Hindi ako pwedeng magkamali, siya nga si Marimar!”  He definitely recognizes Marimar from the photo Sergio showed him on his laptop.

Esperanza tells Leonor and Innocencia that Marimar and Cruzita should go to the US and start a new life there.  Innocencia exclaims, “Naku napakalaking hakbang po niyan para kay Marimar kasi noong una siyang dumating dito sa Maynila, nahirapan talaga siyang mag-adjust sa buhay dito.”

Meantime silently and only in his head, Fulgoso is thinking about possible name-changes for himself.  He says, ‘silver’ but decides that name would be more suitable for a horse; ‘Babe’ but quickly tosses it as it is the name of  a pig.

Esperanza agrees that it would be quite difficult but if someone will be there to guide and help her niece, then it would be quite fruitful, “Madali lang kung may kaibigan na tutulong sa kanya.”  She tells Innocencia that she will accompany Mariamar and Cruzita to the US. 

Innocencia admits that this is a huge opportunity indeed and thanks Esperanza.  She beams at her mother who also beams back.  Esperanza thanks her in return for agreeing to her plan.

Kim really has to go so she and Marimar part.  Marimar is standing by the curb, waiting for her drivier to arrive when Antonio who could no longer bear speculating why Marimar and Kim know each other, makes a move to approach Sergio’s wife.

Antonio calls her, asks for her name.  Marimar is polite but unfriendly (so unlike the easygoing Marimar before) “Pasensiya ka na, di ako nakikipag-usap sa mga taong hindi ko kakilala.” (Sorry, I don’t talk to strangers.)  Antonio keeps asking for her name but her driver arrives and Marimar leaves.

Antonio tries again, “Miss sandali lang, gusto ko lang malaman ang pangalan nyo.”

Marimar arrives home and Esperanza tells her that Innocencia and her mom are in their rooms resting.

Esperanza still calls her Marimar which prompts the young woman to remind her aunt that her name is now Bella.  Esperanza tells Marimar about her plans of sending her and Cruzita to the US. 

“Mag-aral ka.  Magpakadalubhasa ka sa ngalan ng negosyo.  Doon may pagkakataon ka ring ma-develop ang social skills mo.”

“Bakit lalayo pa, pwede naman dito.”

“But I want the best for you.”

Esperanza tells Bella that she will have a change of scenery which will only help her heal quickly and forget about her tragic past.  It will help her forget about Marimar and become the new Bella.

Kim and Sergio are now in the office and are talking about an exhibit in Subic they want to join.  Antonio seems to be preoccupied with something and doesn’t contribute to the conversation.  He seems to be in deep thought.

When Sergio leaves the office, Kim teases Antonio, “Hoy, mukhang sa iyo napunta ang sakit ni Sergio noon ah.” (Looks like Sergio’s brooding illness has been transferred to you)

But Antonio confronts Kim.  He tells her that she saw her with Sergio’s wife.  He adds, “Ass a friend, I decided not to say anything to Sergio.”

Kim replies, “Di ko sinasadyang magkita kami ni Marimar.  I guess fate decided to play a cruel trick on us.”

Antonio prods her to tell Sergio but Kim is against it.  She reasons, “para ano, para guluhin lang pa si Sergio.  He’s finally moving on, and Marimar is happy.  She doesn’t need Sergio anymore.”

Marimar asks her aunt how long does she plan for them to be in America.  Esperanza gives between 4 to 5 years.  She assures her niece that Cruzita will be with her and that from time to time, she too will visit them.  Although she wouldn’t be able to stay for long as she has to make sure that their businesses are doing well.  She also tells Marimar that Innocencia will accompany her.  She finds Innocencia quite smart and would be a big help to Marimar in their new life in the US.

Antonio argues that Sergio has the right to know.  Kim stubbornly declines.  Antonio asks, “Karapatan ba nila ang iniisip mo o ang sarili mo?”  (Perhaps Kim doesn’t want to tell Sergio because she is protecting her own interests)

Kim is blunt to retort, “If you walue our friendship, hindi mo sasabihin kay Sergio.  Mahal ko si Sergio.”

Marimar asks Esperanza to give her some time to think things over.  Many things have happened to fast, too soon and she’s not prepared.  Esperanza reminds her that she is doing this for her sake, for her own good.

“Gusto ko pagbalik mo dito, may kumpiyansa ka na sa sarili mo, may pinag-aralan ka at maipagyayabang na kita sa buong mundo bilang si Bella Aldama.” (I want you to return here full of self-confidence, educated and I can finally proudly introduce you to the world as Bella Aldama)

Sergio is in his office drinking, he calls Marimar’s name.  Antonio looks at his friend self destruct and tells him to stop what he is doing.  Sergio tells him to leave him alone as he throws a bottle and it breaks.  Kim sees them talking and Antonio knows she is watching how painful all this is to Sergio, not knowing where Marimar is. 

“Pinipilit ko siyang kalimutan pero di ko kaya.  Ayaw ko na!”  Sergio cries.  Antonio gives an accusing look to Kim who looks equally guilty.

Esperanza instructs a maid to keep Gustavo’s room cleaned daily despite him being gone.  Marimar comes to her and tells her that she has decided to agree to Esperanza’s plans and go to America but she wants to take Fulgoso along with her.  Esperanza tells her it may be difficult as he doesn’t have any documents.  But Marimar insists that she and Fulgoso have never been apart.  He’s been her staunchest ally and loyal friend.  Esperanza understands and promises to do all she can so Marimar can bring Fulgoso along.  Fulgoso jumps for joy and aunt and niece embrace.

Sergio is driving and is trying to call the office when he sees a man being bullied by three thugs.  He stops and helps the man.  The goons tell him to keep out of it and are about to pick on him too when he pretend to have a gun he is about to pull.  The thugs run away. 

When they’re gone, Sergio pulls out a hankie instead (cute!) and helps the fallen victim.  It is none other than….Arturo.

Esperanza tells Marimar that all the paperwork has been done and ready.  She notices how silent her niece is and asks whether she has changed her mind.  Marimar says, “no.”

Sergio is happy to find Arturo.  They update each other about their lives since San Martin dela Costa and Arturo reveals many things to Sergio. First he apologises for his gender orientation which Sergio gallantly brushes off.  “Kaibigan ang turing ko sa iyo.  Kahit ano pa ang pagkatao mo, tatanggapin ko.”

“Lalo tuloy ako nagi-guilty niya sa inyo eh.  Nag laki ng kasalanan ko sa inyo pati na rin kay Marimar.”

He reveals how Angelika intercepted all the phone calls, messages and packages he sent for Marimar even confiscating the cell phone including his own.  He blames Sergio’s ex-girlfriend for doing everything to prevent Sergio and Marimar from having any contact and thus kept separated.

Sergio asks, “Kaya ba siya sumama kay Choi?”

Antonio tells him that Choi ran away with Natalia.  They left even before Marimar left San Martin dela Costa.

Antonio also tells his childhood friend, “Hanggang sa kahu-hulihan, ramdam ko ang pagmamahal ni Marimar sa iyo.”


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