Marimar episode 50 – The one where Gustavo dies and Marimar is now Bella Aldama

November 5, 2007

Marimar Episode 50 – The one where Gustavo dies 

Marimar listens to Gustavo transferring all his earthly possessions to his sole heir, his daughter, her – Marimar.  She tells her father, “Tay, hindi ko naman kailangan ang kayamanan mo.  Itay kailangan ko ikaw.  Makasama kita.  Makasama ka namin ni Cruzita….yun lang.” (Father, I don’t need your fortunes.  I need you.  To be with you.  For Cruzita and me to be with you, that’s all I need.)

Gustavo tells his daughter, “Kahit anong mangyari sa akin, maisiguro ko na ikaw, anak ko, ay magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan.” (Whatever happens to me, I’ve made sure that you, my child, will have a good future.)

Marimar continues to feel saddened despite having a secured future, she comments, “Aanhin ko lahat ng ito?  Hindi ko kailangan…ikaw lang itay!” (What would I do with all these?  I don’t need it…only you father!)

Gustavo explains to her, “Ito lang ang tanging paraan na maipadama ko sa iyo ang pagmamahal ko.” (This is the only way that I can make you feel just how much I love you.)

He signs the papers.  Attorney Romualdez talks to Gustavo and adds that all she needs to do now is to have the documents notarized for them to be legal.  Marimar doesn’t really care for such concerns.  She just hugs her father tightly.

Meanwhile Miss Kim Chan has reached the point where she has revealed just how non-human her annoyingly screeching voice is.  Kim continues to get bitchy about Sergio.  “Hayop na Sergio yon!  Ikaw lang ang minahal ko ng ganito!  Bakit di mo ko mahalin?  Si Marimar pa rin ang laman ng puso niya.  Di ko kayang mawala si Sergio.  Di ko hahayaang magkita muli si Sergio at Marimar.”  (That son of a b_tch, Sergio!  You are the only one I’ve loved like this.  Why can’t you love me back?  Until now your heart wants Marimar.  I can’t bear to lose Sergio. I will never allow Sergio and Marimar to find each other again.)

Antonio tries to calm her down telling her that he’ll have her accompanied to her suite but she lashes out on Antonio now that Sergio has walked out on her.   The poor guy just wanted to make sure she is okay but she sends him away as well.  Kim now screams at anyone who even looks at her, including other guests of the bar.  She also breaks some bottles and topples over some furniture, how embarrassing!

Antonio catches up with Sergio and tries to defend Kim’s side. “Alam ko nasaktan ka sa sinabi ni Kim kanina.  Nakainom lang ang tao, pagpasensiyahan mo na.” (I know you were upset by what Kim said earlier.  She just had too much too drink, I hope you understand.)  Sergio tells Antonio that is the reason why he just left, “Kaya nga umalis na lang ako eh.”

Antonio continues to defend Kim, reminding Sergio of the many good things she has done for the both of them, especially to Sergio who benefited the most.  Sergio didn’t quite like this statement, implying that he is somewhat an opportunist.  “Anong ibig mong sabihin, manggagamit ako?” He asks Antonio whether this is what he is trying to tell him.   Antonio adds that even if he is not a user, and whether it was not his intention to take advantage of Kim, still he did gain a lot from her. “Pinakinabangan mo rin naman ng husto ang babae.”

Sergio returns the spiteful remark to Antonio as he pointedly asks him what his role is in all this, whether he is Kim’s pimp. “Ano ka ba ni Kim?  Bugaw?”

Choosing to be silent than to let both their angers flare and lead to worse arguments, Antonio chose to leave Sergio alone.

Marimar cries as she takes her father’s hand in hers and puts it gently on her face.  The lawyer leaves them after assuring Gustavo that she will serve his family as well as she did him. 

Gustavo then calls Esperanza and she quickly came at her cousin’s side.  She too had been crying feeling the end quite at hand.  Gustavo tells her to take care of Marimar and Cruzita when he is gone.  He is sure that she would be able to guide them properly, “Tiwala ako sa iyo na gagabayan mo sila.”  He also thanks her for all she’s done for him. “Salamat.  Ikaw ang naging sandalan ko nung mga panahong kailangan ko.  Kung ano man ang kasalanan ko sa iyo, sana’y mapatawad mo ako.”  Esperanza had been his source of strength in the times he needed one.  He asks her for her forgiveness for whatever wrong he may have done.

Esperanza is quick to reply, “Ako dapat humingi ng tawag sa iyo.  At salamat din.” that she is in fact the one who should be asking for his forgiveness.  She also thanks him for his generosity and kindness.

One last request Gustavo asks of Esperanza, “Gusto ko magpakatatag ka para kay Marimar.” (I want you to be strong for the sake of Marimar.)  Esperanza nods her head in solemn promise.

Gustavo calls Marimar to his side again.  He says, “Anak ano man ang mangyari sa akin, gusto ko matatag ka.  Tanggapin mong maluwag sa puso mo.”  (Child, whatever it is that may happen to me, I want you to be strong.  Accept it all with no bitterness in your heart.)

Marimar doesn’t want to think about her father dying.  She insists, “Tay, gagaling pa po kayo.  Aalagaan ko po kayo.  Tay, hindi pa po ako handang mawala kayo!” (Father you are going to get well.  I will take good care of you.  Father, I’m not ready to lose you!)

Gustavo knows what Marimar is feeling.  He does feel the same but he knows too that his time has come.  He tells her, “Patawarin mo ako, hindi ko gustong mawala sa iyo.  Ayusin mo ang buhay mo.  Mag-aral ka.  Magsikap ka sa buhay.  Ikaw ang magpapatuloy ng negosyo natin.” (Forgive me, I do not want to leave you.  Improve your life.  Study.  Work hard.  You will be the one to lead and be in charge of our business.)

But Marimar is oblivious to all these, all she wants is to be able to spend more time with his father. “Tay kailangan ko po kayo.  Di ko kayang mawala kayo.” She continues to tells him she needs him and can’t bear to lose him.

Gustavo encourages his daughter for the last time, “Kaya mo yan. Maraming sumusuporta sa iyo.  Kahit wala na ako, andito lang ako sa tabi mo.” (You can do it.  There are many who will help you.  Even if I am no longer here, I will always be by your side.)

Gustavo flatlines.  Esperanza and Marimar register alarm on their faces.  Medics come and both nurses and doctors revive Gustavo.  They use CPR and electric shock to revive him over and over again.  Finally, a doctor tells both women that Gustavo is gone.  They have done everything they could but still he does not respond.  Gustavo is dead.  Marimar and Esperanza’s tears run freely, pain visible in their faces.

Sergio is in his car.  (For the first time in this whole series, he is in tears.)  In his mind, he is saying, “Kahit anong gawin ko, hindi kita makalimutan.  Marimar bakit hindi mo ako hinintay?  Sinabi ko naman sa iyo, babalikan kita.  Hanggang kailan ako ganito?  Hanggang kailan kita hahanapin? Hanggang kailan ko pagbabayaran ang mga pagkakamali ko? Hanggang kailan kita mamahalin.  Sergio cries. (Why is it that whatever I do, I cannot forget you.  Why didn’t you wait for me Marimar?  I told you then that I will return for you.  Until when would I be like this?  Until when would I keep looking for you?  Until when would I continue to pay for all my mistakes?  Until when would I keep loving you?)

Marimar calls out, “Itay!” as doctors confirm Gustavo’s death.  Esperanza hugs Marimar to restrain her for doing any more that may hurt her.  She gets away from Esperanza grasps and goes to her lifeless father.  She hugs him and cries.

Innocencia is in the waiting area, carrying baby Cruzita.  Esperanza is the first one to come out of the emergency room and tells Innocencia about their loss.  Esperanza takes Cruzita from her and tells the baby, Cruzita, wala na ang lolo mo.” (Cruzita, your grandfather is gone.)  After a while Marimar joins them and Innocencia offers her condolences to her friend and her friend’s aunt.  “Nakikiramay ako.”

Esperanza and Marimar sit as if tired from something so horrible.  Marimar tells her aunt to take charge of all the arrangements required for the burial.  “Kayo na po bahala sa libing ni Itay.  Gusto ko sana tahimik yung seremonyas.” (I want a quite ceremony). 

Esperanza assures her that she will take care of everything.  “Wag kang magalala, aayusin ko lahat.”  She cautions Marimar about her wish to have a quite ceremony as Gustavo is quite a well-known businessman. “Kilalang businessman ang iyong ama.  Baka di maging pribado ang seremonya.”  Esperanza fears the event may not be quite private.

But Marimar insists she wants a simple, quiet ceremony with only those who truly love Gustavo invited. “Gusto ko, mga taong totoong nagmamahal lang sa kanya ang dadalo sa libing niya.”  Marimar begins to cry again as Esperanza hugs and comforts her.

It is a fair day for Gustavo’s burial ceremony.  We flashback to Gustavo’s last words and conversations with Esperanza and Marimar.  Esperanza is in a pretty black dress and a matching short rimmed and feathered hat.  Marimar is in a simple black dress with lace for sleeves.  Innocencia is wearing a simple black sleeveless mini-dress while baby Cruzita is in white.

Marimar tells her child to say her farewell to her grandfather, “Anak magpaalam ka na sa lolo Gustavo mo. Alam ko na kahit di tayo matagal na nagkasama, patuloy niya tayong mamahalin kasama ng lola Lupita mo.”  (Wherever he may be, he continues to love us along with your grandmother, Lupita)

We flashback to Gustavo and Marimar talking about his last will and testament.  Marimar told him she doesn’t want or need it.  Gustavo insisted, “Pinagkait sa iyo ng tadhana…ang mga di mo nakuha noon, maaari mo nang makamit ngayon.”  (Whatever destiny has taken from you, you can now take it back.)

Marimar tells her father on his grave, “Itay, kinuha kayo agad sa akin ng tadhana.  Di ko alam kung bakit pero tatanggapin ko iyon.  Di ko papahiyain ang pangalang Aldama dahil ipinangako ko sa iyo gagawin ko ang lahat para mapatunayan ko na karapat-dapat ako bilang anak ninyo.  Kung saan man kayo ngayon, Itay, mahal na mahal ko po kayo.  Itay!” (You’ve been taken from me quite early by fate.  I don’t know the reason but I accept it.  I will not shame the name Aldama as I promised you that I will prove myself worthy to be called your daughter.  Wherever you are now, I love you very much, father.)

Everyone, even Fulgoso drops flowers on Gustavo’s grave.  Marimar sits before the dug grave.

Innocencia is ironing some clothes and her mother is neatly piling them on the bed ready to be placed in their closet.  They talk about Marimar being such a big heiress and all and are very happy that she has come to good fortunes.  Inay declares Marimar to be quite lucky with Gustavo being a rich man. 

Innocencia adds, “Sa daming pinagdaanan ni Marimar, mabuti naman at may magandang nangyari sa buhay niya.” (After all she’s been through at least one good thing has come out of all this tragedy.)  She tells her mother that Marimar is the type of person who is not after money.  All she really wants is to be with the people she loves.  That’s how simple she is and not at all materialistic.

Sergio talks to Kim.  The young man apologizes as did the lady.  Kim flirts by asking him, “Kiss and make up?”  But Sergio is past all this and tells her, “Kim let’s not play games anymore.”

Esperanza and Marimar are at home.  Esperanza is leaving to meet Attorney Romualdez who will help choose a president for their corporation whilst Marimar isn’t ready to head it yet.  She also intends to pass by the cemetery.  Marimar wants to come along and Esperanza asks her whether she wants to change first but Marimar quickly looks at her clothes and announces they are clean so she can go without need for a change of clothes.

As they were leaving, they open the door and are hounded by a bunch pf press people who have managed to get inside the gate and onto the main foyer.  Esperanza asks for the maid to call the guards while Marimar hides behind her.

Esperanza tells the press that they will issue a formal statement about the demise of Gustavo Aldama soon, but asks them to be patient as the family is still grieving.  With this she dismisses them and asks Marimar to stay indoors for a while to wait for the security to usher them out of the premises.

Sergio tells Kim that he may have made her wait, made her somehow expect something so he is sorry.  He tells her that he wants so much to fall in love with her but he cannot because he still loves Marimar.  He doesn’t want her to wait for him.  His relationship with Marimar doesn’t have closure.  Kim asks him, “Kapag ba nakita mo si Marimar na hindi ka na niya mahal at masaya na siya sa lalaking sinamahan niya, magiging sigurado ka na?” (What if you saw Marimar and she tells you she doesn’t love you anymore and that she is already happy with the man she ran away with, would you have closure then?)

Sergio confirms that by then “tutuldukan ko na ang relasyon namin at magmo-move one na ako.”

Fulgoso hopes the press people are still around and makes a pose.  The guard returns with films from the press’ cameras and videos.  Esperanza assures Marimar that none of them will release any photo or video of her as anyone who would will definitely get a lawsuit.  Marimar is now very conscious of being deemed a simpleton and be laughed at.  She doesn’t want to appear naive and innocent now that she is an Aldama.  She says, “Ayaw kong maging mangmang.  Ayaw kong pagtawanan ako ng mga tao.”  Fulgoso adds,  “Bakit ka naman pagtatawanan eh di ka naman payaso?” (Why would they laugh at you, you’re not a clown?)

Marimar decides to become Bella Aldama.  Esperanza asks her whether she is sure about dropping the name Marimar.  She tells her aunt, “Matagal nang patay si Marimar.  Ako na si Bella Aldama.”  (Marimar is long dead, I am now Bella Aldama.)  Esperanza tells Bella, “If that’s what you want…ok.”

Fulgoso tells her, “Pwede pa rin ba kitang tawaging Marimar?  Siguro nga pwede kasi di mo naman ako naririnig eh. hehehehe!” (May I still continue to call you Marimar?  Perhaps it’s OK since you can’t really hear me! hehehe)

Antonio talks to Sergio.  “Galit ka pa ba?” (Are you still mad at me?)  Sergio shakes his head, “Wala ka naman sinabing di totoo eh?” (Everything you said was the truth.)  Antonio is happy they are friends again and adds, “Well, there’s always a better way of saying things…” to let Sergio know that he too felt bad about their rift and asks for forgiveness.  Sergio tells him he was angry at him at first but later on realized that everything Antonio said was correct.  He stares at his laptop’s screen which shows a picture of Marimar.  Antonio sees it too.  Sergio closes his laptop and tells his friend, “This time handa na ako.  I’m moving on.”


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