Marimar Episode 49 – The one with the Kim-Sergio Bar scene; Marimar gets it all (Aldama fortune)

November 5, 2007

Marimar Episode 49 – The one where Kim has had enough of Sergio (her shrill voice is almost non-human!)

Gustavo clutches his heart as he falls to the ground and Esperanza buffering his fall as she cries out his name, fearing the worst for her cousin whose heart condition is weak and problematic.

Innocencia gets a firm hold of the falling pram and took Cruzita safely in her arms.

Natalia pointing the gun at Marimar intends to end it here and now but the police shoot her and she receives mortal wounds in the stomach and chest. Natalia falls to the ground as Marimar notices her father fall. The latter screams her father’s name while the former lies on the floor. Natalia looks beside her and sees her dead sister is lying beside her too. Finally, the two are united in the afterlife.

Sergio arrives at the gate and makes his way through the crowd gathered of mostly press people wanting to get inside. But the guard by the gate is not letting anyone in. He reasons that he knows Natalia and wants to speak with her but still wasn’t allowed to get through. He decides to return to their company party.

Marimar sees Gustavo being carried onto an ambulance and taken to the hospital. She cries out to her father, fearing his heart had given up.

As Sergio is on his way back to the party, he receives a call from Kim who is sounding a bit upset demanding where he went. He tells her that he is on his way back and ends the call.

Antonio asks what Sergio told Kim as the rich young divorcee snaps her phone off. She tells Antonio that Sergio’s just gone off to see an old friend. She is certain that friend has something to do with Marimar.

Gustavo is lying unconscious in a hospital stretcher bound to the emergency room. They share the room together, her with the shoulder wound from the gun and him with his failing heart. Marimar cries and wants to be beside Gustavo. She tells everyone to care for him first. She keeps crying, “Itay!” (Kulit ni Marimar! She should just pray and let the doctors do what they can, hirap nya gamutin sa likot nya, para shang di nasa critical condition…)

Esperanza runs to Marimar’s side to comfort her and the elder woman tells her that doctors are making sure Gustavo is fine. She calms the young woman down telling Marimar that the doctors need to fix her too as she has already lost a lot of blood. Marimar just continues to cry, “Tatay ko.” They give Marimar a shot that would calm her so they can operate on her. Once sedated, Esperanza transfers to the other side of the curtain. She cries as she sees doctors busy reviving Gustavo.

Kim is rather upset with the fact that after all this time, Sergio is still occupied by his love for his wife. “Hanggang ngayon talaga di pa rin makalimutan ni Sergio ang kanyang nakaraan.”

Antonio tells her to give Sergio more time. Kim exasperated tells Antonio that, “It’s been a year and a half already! May hangganan din naman ako!

Antonio asks Kim whether she is already giving up on Sergio and Kim tells him straight, “I don’t like losing lalo na marami na rin naman ang isinugal ko.”

Antonio tells Kim that it is indeed difficult especially when you cannot really equate love to a gamble. There is not one method to ensure success. Besides, Antonio reminds her, another difficulty is that she doesn’t know who she’s up against.

Kim in her mind tells Antonio that he is wrong. She does know who her rival is and this what she will use to win Sergio.

Innocencia and her mother are left the task of caring for baby Cruzita for a while since Marimar is in hospital undergoing an operation and Esperanza is looking after two patients both with life-threatening conditions. Innocencia and her mother are practically the closest family Cruzita has at this scary times. (Since Sergio doesn’t know he has such a cute daughter.)

Mother and daughter wish Marimar is now out of the woods and recovering. They reason, “Kasi kawawa naman si Cruzita. Halos ulila na nga sa ama tapos mawawalan pa ng nanay.” That would be too tragic. Both women agree that the best recourse is to pray. Fulgoso who is in the same room is listening and also worried for his hurt mistress.

Antonio tells Sergio that Kim passed by but got bored waiting for him that she left. Sergio’s mind is no longer in the conversation as he keeps thinking about Natalia and his foreboding that something bad is happening and yet he doesn’t know what it is. He tells this to his friend, “Kanina pa may kaba sa dibdib ko. Di ko mapaliwanag pero malakas and kutob ko na nasa panganib si Marimar.”

Antonio tells him that he’s just paranoid, “Pranning ka lang. Worrying over nothing.” This prompts Sergio to snap at his friend, why is he always arguing with him the opposite of what he is saying. “Bakit ba lagi kang kontra?”

But Antonio has a point, even if he worries all day, how can he help her? “Pero paano mo siya matutulungan kung nasa peligro nga siya?” He advises Sergio to just pray.

Policemen approach Esperanza who is alone sitting by the waiting area. She is obviously in grave distress and yet the men want her to recount what had happened so they can complete their report. Esperanza is miffed, can’t they see she is still in shock with two lives on the line? “Hintayin nyo naman magamot ang pinsan at pamangkin ko bago nyo ako hingian ng statement.” Realizing their insensitivity, the men withdraw and agree to get her statement at a more convenient time.

As they leave, Esperanza gets up and walks to the nearby chapel. She kneels and prays for help. She sighs at the absurdity of it all, “Kung kailan naman nagkita na si Gustavo at Marimar, ganito naman ang nangyari. Parehong nasa bingit ng kamatayan and mag-ama.”

Esperanza’s phone rings and it is Innocencia eager for some update on Marimar’s condition. She tells the younger woman on the other line that both father and daughter are still in critical condition and both are being operated on at this time. She asks about Cruzita and Innocencia assures her that the baby is fine and she must not worry. Esperanza thanks Innocencia and promises to call her as soon as there are any updates.

After Marimar and Gustavo’s operation Marimar is quickly on the mend. (Lakas talaga ng pangontra ni Marimar sa bala! Makahingi nga rin kay Padre Porres nung medallion ni Mama Mary…hehehe) Wearing matching pink hospital gowns, Marimar and Esperanza visit Gustavo who is now in a separate room. Marimar comes to his father and touches his hair. She tells him that she’s been wanting to come and see him but they wouldn’t allow her in. She asks her father how he is feeling, “Kumusta na po kayo?”

Gustavo is happy to see Marimar alive. He tells her “Ngayon nandito ka na sa tabi ko, mas ayos na ako,” now that she is beside him, he feels so much better.

Marimar tells him to be strong and try to get better quickly. She needs him she says and also Cruzita. She tells Gustavo, “Kailangan kayo ng apo ninyo. Aalagaan ko po kayong mabuti. Hindi ako aalis sa tabi ninyo hanggang hindi kayo maayos.

Gustavo replies, “Ang swerte ko na nagkaroon ako ng anak na katulad mo” that he is lucky to have a child like her.

Marimar tells him to get better, “Pagaling kayo.”

Gustavo regrets, “Sayang ang mga taong nakalipas” they have wasted so much time in the past.

Marimar is positive, “Bumawi na lang tayo. Pagaling kayo para makapag-umpisa tayo muli.” and tells her father about days they will spend together, talking, telling stories, going to the park with Cruzita and Esperanza, and of course Fulgoso.

Gustavo closes his eyes as if in pain and begins to cry.

Marimar tells her father how she feels, “Mahal na mahal po kita.”

A nurse calls the attention of Marimar reminding her that the patient must not be under too much stress thus can only be spoken or visited for as long as 30 minutes at a time. She gently advises Marimar to allow time for her father to rest. Wiping her tears, she nods her head in agreement. She gives Gustavo a gentle kiss on his forehead and tells him to get some rest.

Meantime Esperanza is talking with the doctor who tells her that there is no other way for Gustavo’s life to be prolonged, “Wala na bang paraan para humaba ang buhay niya?” The doctor is grim with his reply that there is indeed no other solution but by having Gustavo undergo a heart transplant. He needs a heart donor quickly but with the long waiting list and the many procedures required to acquire a compatible heart with a patient, the one solution is almost next to impossible. The doctor honestly told her that it would take short of a miracle to find a heart donor that is also a perfect match to Gustavo’s needs and genetic makeup.

With this heavy news, she tells Marimar who is still in Gustavo’s room but this time from a distance, as she watches her ailing father sleep. Marimar immediately agrees with her aunt, to do every possible way to get a transplant. However Esperanza told her that there’s a long wait list and they are not even in the priority for a heart donor. Marimar thought of giving her own heart if this means saving her father’s life.

Marimar decides to give her heart to Gustavo. “Ibibigay ko po ang puso ko kay Itay, tiya Esperanza” (Haller, alam ba ni Marimar na ang tao kapag walang puso wala na ring buhay?)

Esperanza tells her Gustavo will not allow it. “Hindi papayag ang papa mo.”

Marimar asks her aunt to persuade Gustavo. “Tia Esperanza, pilitin mo siyang pumayag.”

Esperanza insists, “Siguradong hindi papayag ang papa mo. Isa pa mahaba ang proseso ng test” and adds that the procedure could take a long time.

Marimar doesn’t mind, “Walang problema, pa-test ninyo ako” and insists to take the tests necessary. (Ah eh, Marimar, alam mo hija, kung gusto mo makasama tatay mo, dapat siguro buhay kayo pareho, hindi yung isa sa inyo matitigok at ikaw yon dahil igi-give up mo yung puso mo para sa kanya.)

In the bar they frequent, Sergio arrives and sees Antonio at the bar. He sits beside Antonio who is surprised to see him. Sergio simply replies, “Hindi ako makatulog eh” and orders one beer. Kim who has been dancing with a bottle of beer in one hand comes up to them and asks where her’s is (meaning her beer as the one she is holding is empty after one gulp). She tells Sergio, “Sabi ko na nga ba hindi mo ako matitiis. I was getting so lonely without you.” Sergio tells her to take it easy as she obviously had quite a lot already but she shrugs off his concern for her and insists on her beer. Kim asks Sergio to go and dance with her. Sergio makes her sit down and orders water for her. He adds, “Maybe coming down here is not a good idea after all.”

Gustavo is against Marimar’s suggestion of her giving up her heart for him. He tells his daughter, “Ligtas ako pero paano ikaw, Marimar? Si Cruzita, hindi pwedeng mawalan ng magulang. Matanda na ako, pabayaan mo na ako.” He cannot bear to live knowing his own daughter gave up her own life for him. Besides he is old now and little Cruzita would need a parent more than he would need a new heart. He also adds, “Kay tagal kong inasam na makita ka, matawag na anak. Tapos pwede na akong mamatay.” He has longed for the time to come that he will finally find his daughter, call her “my child” and then after that he will be at peace, ready to face the afterlife.

But Marimar isn’t ready to lose another loved one. She asks him to promise her that he will do his best to get better. “Ipangako mo sa akin Tay na gagaling kayo.”

Gustavo does not answer her the way she expects but tells her instead, “Di ko kaya mabuhay kapalit and buhay mo.” He asks for baby Cruzita to be taken to him, if possible.

Kim flares up at Sergio’s comment. She screams (and painfully so!), “I’m throwing myself at you. Pero anong ginagawa mo? Wala! Ayaw mo ba sa akin? Di ba ako maganda? Sexy? Siguro bakla ka. Kaya ka siguro iniwan ng asawa mo; sigurado dahil bakla ka!” She is totally at the end of her rope telling Sergio that despite all her advances he still didn’t do anything. Isn’t she pretty enough or sexy enough for him? Or maybe, Sergio is gay – that’s why his wife left him? After all these unfair outbursts, all Sergio could say at the end is “Tapos ka na?” (Are you done?) and walks out. This makes Kim even all the more explosive as she screams Sergio’s name. She breaks down crying and lashing at everyone around her.

Marimar brings Cruzita to her grandfather. The sweet baby is asleep and Gustavo kisses her on the forehead. He tells the baby, “Apo ko, Cruzita, mahal na mahal kita.” He then asks Esperanza to go and call the attorney who came in after a few minutes in similar pink hospital gown with some papers and a pen. Esperanza takes Cruzita from Marimar as the lawyer and Marimar await Gustavo’s instructions. Attorney Romualdez is set to transfer everything – all land, properties, businesses including the huge Aldama Enterprises – to Marimar, his sole heir.

Marimar continues to cry, unable to smile at her good, multi-billion fortune. (Aow!)


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