Marimar Episode 48 – The one where Bella is declared as the real Marimar

November 4, 2007

Marimar Episode 48 – The one where Bella is declared as the real Marimar
Sergio is in his room.  He is feeling quite lonely as he goes to his laptop and looks at pictures of Marimar and himself during happier times.  He is still wondering whether he did see his wife or if his loneliness and need to see her had just played tricks on him, “Ikaw ba talaga ang nakita ko o namamalik malang lang ako?  Pinapaniwala ko lang ba ang sarili ko na ikaw nga iyon?  Nandito ka nga ba sa Maynila?”  Sergio wonders whether Marimar is really in Manila,  He wants to see her so much nut wonders whether Marimar wants to see him back.  “Gusto mo ba ko makita?”
He looks at his wedding ring and calls out a desperate message to his wife, that he wants to see her and be with her. “Marimar nahihirapan na ako.  Di ko na alam ang gagawin ko.  Isa lang ang gusto kong mangyari: magkaharap tayo muli.”
Kim who saw Marimar and Cruzita pass by is fighting within herself whether she is going to call out to Marimar or not. “Anong sasabihin ko sa kanya?  Na kilala ko si Sergio?  Paano kung gusto niyang balikan si Sergio?”  If she would approach her nemesis, what would she say?  Would she reveal to her that she knows Sergio?  And what would she do if she found out that Marimar would still want Sergio back? 
Fifi had been looking for Fulgoso for over a week.  She is also quite hungry.  She sees a saucy-looking dog complete with a bone paraphernalia.  She admits the dog is quite an ugly pug but she is more interested in his bone than his looks so she goes and sits beside the rich-looking mutt.
Kim has decided not to tell Marimar or Sergio of what she knows about them.  She has thought it through and knows that she will only complicate matters if she should tell about each of them to the other.  (Besides, she is more likely only protecting her own interests in keeping Sergio to herself.)
Fulgoso arrives with flowers for Fifi.  He’s accompanied his mistress who has decided to stay with Innocencia and her mother whilst awaiting for the DNA results.   Baby Cruzita and Marimar are already well ahead of him but he stopped to pick flowers for his beloived Fifi who is left in Innocencia’s home and care.  But Fulgoso sees the ugly pug beside Fifi and demands who he is, “Fifi sino siya?  Sino yang aso na iyan?” (Sus seloso din pala itong si Fulgoso, di lang pala si Marimar ang possessive!)  Fifi tries to explain, “Fulgoso, this is not what it looks like,” but Fulgoso has already ran away.  Fifi calls, “Please let me explain, sandali.” But Fulgoso is gone. (Ay sus, pati pala nga dogs may LQ rin!)
Gustavo implores the help and guidance of his dead wife to help him find the true Marimar.  “Nalilito ako.  Di know na alam kung anong gagawin ko.”  He tells her that between Natalia and Bella, who should he choose?  Who is their real child?  He wishes his wife is still alive and with him at this very trying moment, “Sana nandito ka.” 
Natalia talks to a man who is key in ensuring that the DNA results will reveal her as the real Marimar.  She tells him she is willing to pay whatever is necessary, “Name your price,”  to show the results as her bearing the Aldama genes.
Marimar is learning to read as Innocencia teaches her and Inay (both Innocencia and Marimar call Innocencia’s mother, ‘inay’) is looking after baby Cruzita.  Marimar is a very diligent student and Innocencia seems happy at the progress her friend has made.
Back at the Aldama home, Gustavo and Esperanza meets the medical team who did the DNA testing.  Esperanza breathes a sigh of relief to her cousin, “Sa wakas Gustavo, malalaman na rin natin ang katotohanan,” telling him that at last they’d be able to finally know the trurth.  The doctor hands Gustavo a sealed envelop.  He opens it and reads.  Suddenly he stares out in disbelief, “hindi.”  Esperanza alaramed as her cousin’s reaction asks him what the problem is, “Anong problema?”
Marimar falls back into the routine at Innocencia’s home and she is sweeping the floor, helping the kind mother and daughter keep their home clean.  She talks to Innocencia that she hopes to find out the results of the DNA test as soon as possible.  She has some doubts, even to the point of believing that maybe Natalia is indeed Gustavo’s child.  But in her memory, she knows she is right.   Innocencia tells her not to doubt, she is in the right. 
Marimar asks Innocencia why Gustavo can’t accept her as his daughter.  Why give in to the doubts instead of the call of their hearts that indeed they are father and daughter.  She wishes her loving grandparents, Pancho and Cruz were still alive.  They were very loving and supportive of her, no matter what.  Then Marimar remembers the time when they were still alive.  We flashback to a scene when Pancho and Cruz are speculating about the gender of Marimar’s child.  Cruz declares any gender will be acceptable so long as it is a fair-faced as the mother, “Basta kamukha mo lang, okey na sa akin yon.  Ipangako mo lang na kapag babae, ipangalan mo sa akin.”  Cruz asked Marimar to name the child after her if it is a girl and Marimar immediately agreed. (This gives us more background as to why Marimar decided to call her baby, Cruzita.)
Back to reality, Marimar tells Innocencia how she wished both are still alive to at least alleviate some of the loneliness she is feeling right now.  She declares they had always been her staunch supporters, “Kakampi sa lahat ng bagay.”
Innocencia reminds her friend that altough her grandparents are no longer with her, she is there for her and that she is her friend and ally too. “Kakampi mo rin ako Marimar.  Nandito lang ako para sa iyo.”
Just then Flor arrives and tells Marimar that Senor Gustavo has asked her to fetch them as the results of the DNA has arrived.  Marimar suddenly felt nervous but Innocencia told her to be strong and that she should not worry because she holds the truth, “Huwag kang matakot.  Hawak mo ang katotohanan.  Sa DNA test na yan mapapatunayan na isa lang Aldama,” and the DNA test will confirm that she is the real Aldama heir.
Fulgoso and Fifi now say their goodbyes.  Fifi tells her dogfriend that he has not even spoken a word to her in a week.  Now they are about to part ways again.  Fulgoso only tells FIfi , “Goodbye salawahang aso ko.” (Farewell to you my two-timing dog.) He leaves Fifi in tears.
Kim is staking out Marimar’s home which unknown to her is actually Innocencia’s home.  She sees Innocencia accompany Marimar and Cruzita to a vehicle.   Innocencia waves goodbye and the car leaves.  Kim follows in her own car.  Sergio calls her on her cellphone asking where she is.  They have a meeting and the young man wants her to be there with the team.  Kim tells Sergio she is pursuing a project.  Sergio asks her whether she is just trying to avoid him.  Unable to decline to Sergio’s whims, she ends the call with her agreement to attend the meeting and even asks Sergio, “Happy now?” as she cuts the call and Sergio prepares to leave his room.
Marimar carrying baby Cruzita arrives at the Aldama home.  Esperanza and Gustavo meet her but both hold generic expression on their faces.  Esperanza gives her an encouraging smile as the older woman takes Cruzita from her.  Marimar stands facing Gustavo and Natalia arrives taunting how the trouble-maker is back at her home. “At nagbalik ang intrimidera.  Ano Bella, manggugulo ka na naman ba sa bahay namin?”
Marimar cuts her telling Natalia she is not her to fight, “Hindi ako makikipag-away sa iyo Natalia.”  The psychotic impostor tells Marimar that she is sure that despite not having any fights, Marimar would still come out as the loser. “Kahit di ka makikipagaway, sigurado akong talo ka.”
Gustavo tells both women that now they’re both here and he is ready to reveal the DNA results.  Marimar looks anxious and Natalia looks quite confident.  Gustavo tells them that the results are clear. “99.5 per cent match.”  Natalia comes to Gustavo’s side and takes his arm saying she is his child, “Papa ako ang tunay mong anak.”  But Gustavo disproves her statement, “Nagkakamali ka Natalia.”  She feigns surprise and puzzlement, “Anong ibig ninyong sabihin?”
Gustavo now shows an angered and betrayed face to the impostor who has fooled him for quite sometime, even causing his real child and granddaughter harm, “Hindi ikaw ang tunay kong anak, niloloko mo lang ako!”  Finally caught at her game, Natalia continues to deny it, “Hindi maari, ako si Marimar.  Papa, ako ang tunay mong anak.”
“Hindi kita tunay na anak,” Gustavo is adamant.  “Kundi si Bella, “ looking at Bella for the first time and with eyes full of tenderness and love, “Siya ang tunay na Aldama.”  He goes to his long, lost daughter and embraces her.  Marimar is speechless and in tears but at last happy that the truth has finally come out.
Natalia is now rabid screaming, “Mali, ako ang dapat lumabas sa resulta!”  Esperanza now faces her and tells her, “Alin dahil dinoktor mo ang resulta?  Nagsumbong sa amin ang duktor kaya bistado ka na!  Lumayas ka na!”  A security personnel comes and takes Natalia away.  Esperanza instructs the man to take her away and out of the premises.
Natalia screams at them all, threatens Marimar, “Pagsisisihan ninyo it.  Lalo ka na Marimar, pagbabayaran mo ito!” 
Marimar takes Cruzita and hugs her.  She is happy.  Esperanza looks at Gustavo and Marimar and cries tears of joy.  Marimar and Esperanza hug one another, finally knowing their true relations.  At last, the true Marimar is revealed.  Marimar goes to hug Gustavo again.  Finally, father and daughter are reunited.
In Kim’s office, Antonio arrives asking for the woman’s signature.  He notices that she is looking quite jolly and comments, “Parang masaya ka ah.”  She replies that she is indeed, “Well alam ko na kung paano laruin si Sergio.  Ang feeling ko eh ang gusto niyang laro eh – habulan,” she declares she now knows how to play Sergio’s game and at the moment, that game is ‘catch me’.
Sergio calls Kim and invites her to accompany him to an event he is attending that evening.  Kim declines telling him, “I need my beauty rest.”  Sergio asks again, “Sure ka?”  Kim is firm in her decision and tells him, “Dati eh isang kalabit mo lang nagkakandarapa na ako.  Well I finally got the message,”  she used to be at his beck and call but now she is over that.
Natalia continues to struggle against the man who is pulling her out of the Aldama mansion.  The man comments that she is quite crazy, “May sayad pala ito!”  Near the gate, she is able to use her elbow to hit him hard on the stomach telling the guard that she is going to show her what crazy is, “Sayad pala ha!” as she also takes his weapon – a gun –  that she points at him.  She shoots and the guard falls.  With a loaded weapon, Natalia goes back into the Aldama mansion, filled with hatred and vengeance.
Esperanza sees Natalia come in who is point a gun at all of them, looking quite crazed and maniacal.  She tells the young impostor to leave them be, “Patahimikin mo na kami.”  Gustavo tells Natalia to stop what she intends to do, “Tigilan mo na kami.”  Esperanza moves to call the police but Natalia points the gun at her and tells her that if she calls the police, she will shoot Cruzita, who is now nestled in her pram.
They plead her to calm down and give it up but she tells all the maids including Gustavo and Esperanza to leave.  The maids run.  Gustavo and Esperanza are both hesitant to leave Marimar and Cruzita but Natalia looks scary and could very well do what she threatens to do so they have no choice but to play along.  Gustavo declares they are leaving, “Lalabas kami pero huwag mo sasaktan pati apo ko, please Natalia,” and implores that Natalia not hurt Cruzita.  Outside Esperanza quickly calls the police. 
Natalia points the gun at Marimar.  Marimar pleads, “Huwag mong idamay ang anak ko.  Natalia nakikiusap ako sa iyo.” She wants Cruzita excluded from all this.
Unable to know what is going on inside the house, Gustavo feels quite helpless.  He feels that fate continues to toy with his family’s life, bringing them together then taking them apart, always pawns to destiny’s whims. “Parang pinaglalaruan ako ng Diyos.  Ang tagal kong hindi nakita ang anak ko.  Ngayong nagkita na kami, parang gusto na naman kaming paghiwalayin.  Parang gusto kaming laglaruan.  Esperanza tells her cousin to be strong and have more faith.
The press and the police arrive together and the SWAT team set up their posts.  Esperanza talks to the lead, “Kailangan hong itligtas ang pamangkin ko sa sira-ulong babaeng iyan.”
Natalia asks Marimar what her last request is. “Huling hiling bago mamatay.”  Marimar declares she wants to hold Cruzita for one last time.  Natalia fires a couple of gunshots.  People outside are startled and Gustavo gets more worried. 
Press have updated radio and television about the Aldama hostage-taking news.  Innocencia’s mother overhears it on the radio and tells her daughter.  Innocencia wants to immediately go and make sure Marimar and Cruzita are okay.  Her mother has second thoughts, thinking about Innocencia’s own safety but she declares Marimar needs her leaving her mother alone and quite worried.
Sergio is in a party but the TV is on and the news is up.  He hears a familiar name being mentioned, that of Natalia’s.  He tells everyone who cares to hear that he knows her.  She used to be one of their employees at the resort.  He wonders who Natalia has taken hostage.
Natalia wants to kill Cruzita but Marimar cries and pleads her, “Hindi! Ako na lang patayin mo,” offering herself instead of Cruzita.  Marimar adds, “Pag pinatay mo ako, wala nang mangugulo sa iyo,” if Natalia kills her then she will no longer exist to bug Natalia.  She implores the crazy woman, “Parang awa mo na Natalia, ako na lang ang patayin mo.”
Sergio gets and idea.  If he could speak to Natalia, she may be able to tell him where to find Choi.  He remembers Natalia and Choi used to be close.
Marimar tells Natalia to let Cruzita go.  “Ilabas mo ang anak ko, wag mong idamay dito.” 
Innocencia arrives at the scene.  She is able to enter and now stands beside Esperanza and Gustavo who are hoping for Marimar and Cruzita to be alive still. 
Sergio in his car asks why he is feeling something strange and why is he in such a hurry. “Bakit ba ko nagmamadali?  Bakit parang may humihila sa akin para puntahan si Natalia?  Sino ang kasama nya?  Sino ang nasa panganib?”  Who is she with?  Who is in danger?
Natalia kicks Cruzita’s pram and it rolls towards the Aldama’s front steps.  Marimar screams, “Huwag!” as she runs after the pram and the endangered baby inside it.  She catches the handle just in time but Natalia shoots her in the arm.  Marimar let go of her arm, Innocencia starts to run towards the pram as she screams, “Bella!”  Gustavo calls out to his daughter, “Anak!” as he clutches his heart. 
Marimar falls to the floor, Natalia stands over her, gun pointed at Marimar’s head.
Innocencia catches the pram.  Cruzita at least is safe.
Marimar’s shoulder starts to bleed as she reaches out for Cruzita.


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