Marimar episode 47 – The one with the Bella-Natalia stand off

October 31, 2007

Marimar Episode 47 – The one with the Bella-Natalia slapping spree to prove who the real Marimar is.

Esperanza takes Marimar to Gustavo who is sitting with Natalia in the living room. Esperanza tells Gustavo that Marimar wants to tell him something, “Gustavo, may sasabihin si Bella,” and Marimar makes a move to speak but she is interrupted by Natalia who stands and says she’ll go first, “Ako muna magsasalita.”

Natalia tells her father, “Alam ko nung una akong iprinisinta sa inyo, nag-aalinglangan kayo kung ako talaga ang inyong anak pero ngayon nagbalik na ang alaala ko,” and she went on to reveal what she overheard from Marimar and Esperanza’s conversation; making the two women wonder how she knew it and making Gustavo all the more convinced that she is her daughter.

Marimar is crying as Esperanza consoles her with a hug. Natalia tries to be sweet towards Gustavo, who is now truly convinced at Natalia’s identity. Bella says, “Paano nya nalaman iyon. Ako yon eh. Ako yon” insisting that Natalia’s story is about her.

Meantime Sergio is with Kim and he apologizes to her. “Sorry if I ruined your birthday.” She asks Sergio for a picture of Marimar. Sergio asks her why she’d want to see one. She replies, “Bakit, kailangan ba lahat ng gagawin ng tao may rason? Gusto ko lang, birthday gift mo na sa akin.” (Why, must everything we do have to have a reason? I just want to see it. Let this be your birthday gift to me.)

Back at the Aldama mansion Esperanza does not believe Natalia’s recollections but is a bit surprised at how she seems to know everything about it, so close to what Bella had told her just a while ago. “Sinungaling ka Natalia. Magsabi ka ng totoo Bella!” She asks Bella to tell her side of the truth.

Bella tells Gustavo that she is the real Marimar, “Ako po si Marimar. Ako ang nawawala ninyong anak, ako yung totoo ninyong anak,” she is his long, lost child.

Sergio gives Kim Marimar’s picture and when she sees it, she recognizes the lady she helped in the hospital “Siya yung babaeng tinulungan ko,” and we see a flashback to Kim and Bella in the hospital worried about little Cruzita.

Sergio, “Kilala mo siya?” (Do you know her?) But Kim denies it, saying that she just seem to look like someone she knows. Sergio persists, “Sino?” (Who?) Kim lies saying she looks like her best friend in Macau. Sergio further adds, “Nakita ko lang kasi sa reaction mo.” (I saw in your reaction that you seem to know her.)

Gustavo is dumbstruck at having now two Marimar’s before him but Natalia insists that she is Marimar and says, “Papa, wag kayong maniwala sa kanya…katulong lang siya dito.” (Don’t believe her, she’s only the maid). Natalia comes toward Bella and slaps her while calling her a liar, “Sinungaling!”

Gustavo stops her and asks Bella, “Bakit ngayon ka lang nasabi sa akin niyan?” (Why say this to me only now?)

Marimar was about to tell him but Natalia cut her short shouting that she is a liar and she just wants to be rich and steal from Gustavo.

This angered Marimar who came at Natalia, slapping her back with a vengeance as she too shouts, “Ikaw ang nagnakaw sa pagkatao ko. Lahat alam nating dalawa kung sino ang tunay na Marimar, at ako si Marimar.” (You are the thief, you stole my identity. We both know who that real Marimar is and that is me.)

Gustavo tells everyone in the room to stop fighting as he faces Bella nd say, “Oo, unang kita ko pa lang, magaan na ang loob ko sa iyo. Kamukha mo si Lupita. Pero may mga sinabi si Natalia na kaming dalawa lang ang nakaka-alam.” (Yes I admit the first time I saw you, I already liked you. You look like Lupita. But Natalia has mentioned things that only my daughter and I knows.)

Bella says she cannot explain how Natalia found out about the same things that she knows. At this Gustavo, in this highly emotional confrontation, starts feeling his chest. He seems to be in some pain he is trying hard to hide from the women. Bella insists that she is the real Marimar. She says she doesn’t know how to make them all believe her but God knows she is telling the truth. She talks directly to Natalia who is now also in tears telling her that she knows the truth.

Natalia is stubborn and won’t give in. She tells Marimar that she is the daughter of Gustavo. She repeats that to Gustavo saying not to believe in Bella who is only a maid.

Bella in tears runs out hurt that Gustavo does not believe her. Esperanza runs after her. Just then Gustavo falls clutching at his chest. Natalia screams for help.

Flor and the maids gossip about what happened earlier. They are in the kitchen and everyone is rooting for Bella to be the real Marimar. They all agree that she is the real one because she is as kind as Senor Gustavo and Natalia is such a horrible little witch. Fulgoso tells them that he already knows who the real Marimar is. He is however hungry and would like to eat, “Hoy pakainin nyo muna ako. Ilabas nyo lahat ng buto na natira sa bulalo kagabi.”

Flor declares that early on Bella was already genuinely kind and caring of Senor Gustavo, unlike Natalia who seems to be moody with her good graces. Fulgoso adds that had he been placing bets, he would surely be a rich man by now.

Sergio stands on the sidewalk where he saw Marimar pass by. He hopes, “Marimar sana magpakita ka ulit,” for her to show herself again.

Outside the Aldama homes, Marimar is contemplative in the gardens. She wonders why Gustavo didn’t believe her and seems to prefer Natalia over her when she is his real daughter. Gustavo is now alright and calls her. He wants to talk to her about what happened. He asks Bella for proof, hoping that he could give her more about her past. Marimar talks about the picture, her drawing and her ball but all this have been also revealed by Natalia. Gustavo adds that Natalia has the necklace which he had given his daughter. Bella asks Gustavo to believe her. She tells him that all she is saying is true. But for Gustavo, it is just too difficult to decide who to believe. (Why can’t Marimar talk about how her mother and her used to sell rice cakes at a bus station. Surely Natalia doesn’t know that?! Or that she knows the name of her ninang, the woman who told Gustavo where they are. Hindi nga ako si Marimar pero naalala ko na si Silva yon! Or she can talk about Lupita, how she used to care for her dahil di ba emote nya sa picture frame ng nanay nya naaalala nya ang pag-aaruga nun? Hay Dios mio Marimar, que boba mo hija! Grrr!)

Sergio seems to be oblivious to everything else around him. His eyes are fixed on the spot where he last saw Marimar. Antonio arrives and tells him, “Tama si Kim, dito nga kita matatagpuan.” (Kim is right . I’ll find you here.) He asks Sergio what he wants to do and Sergio goes to an outdoor chair facing the spot and tells Antonio, “Maghihintay lang ako.” (I’m going to wait.) Antonio reminds his friend that they have a business to run and that he is the boss of that company. He told Sergio he had to cancel two meetings this morning because he didn’t show up for work. But Sergio appears to be somewhere else and indeed he is. The handsome racer keeps replaying in his head the scene where he saw Marimar walking with the shopping bags and in a maid’s uniform.

Esperanza and Gustavo talk in the den. The woman asks her cousin, “Iniisip mo ba ang kalagayan ni Bella at Natalia?” Gustavo replies that they can’t keep Bella and Natalia together or else they’ll fight. Esperanza has thought of a way to know who is the real Marimar. She suggests to have both girls tested for DNA.

Cruzita and Marimar are in the bodega again. Apparently the explosion did not affect the structure. Esperanza comes in and tells her “Kanina ba kita hinahanap. Bakit kayo nandito? Bakit wala ka sa kwarto mo?” (I’ve been looking for you. Why are you here? Why aren’t you in your room?)

Marimar tells her aunt that she would rather stay in the bodege to avoid Natalia besides their constant bickering is really quite embarrassing especially to her father. “Nakakahiya kay Senor Gustavo, ayaw ko namang ipagpilitan ang sarili ko sa kanya.” Esperanza assures her that Gustavo’s cynicism is due to the fact that many have come before pretending to be Marimar only to find out that they were all lying. She tells Marimar that she cannot blame the man for becoming too wary of impostors. However Esperanza tells her that they will find a way to prove to Gustavo that she is the real Marimar. Esperanza leaves making sure first that both mother and baby are fine and Marimar tells baby Cruzita to go to sleep.

While they were sleeping, the sinister Natalia comes into the bodega and sprays sleeping gas to Fulgoso saying, “Fulgoso tulog na, panaginipan mo ako ha?” (Sleep now Fulgoso, dream about me ok?)

She then comes over to check on the baby and goes nearer towards Marimar. She grabs a pillow and tells the sleeping Marimar, “Bago pa malaman ni Gustavo na ikaw ang tunay niyang anak, makakaharap mo muna si San Pedro o si Satanas!” (Before Gustavo finds out that you are his real daughter, you will first face the pearly gates of heaven or that of hell!) Natalia suffocates Marimar with the pillow saying, “ako ang karapat-dapat maging Aldama, hindi ikaw!” (I’m worthy to be an Aldama and not you!)

But our heroine wakes up and is able to deflect the pillow while screaming, “Hayop ka Natalia. Walang hiya ka!” (You’re a beast Natalia. You are quite shameless!)

Marimar overpowers the slighter-built Natalia who is also screaming, “Hindi ako titigil hangga’t hindi ka namamatay!” (I won’t stop until I’ve killed you!) But Marimar is able to pin Natalia down and strangles her. Just then Gustavo walks in and saves Natalia. He is upset again, thinking Marimar is going to kill his daughter. He tries to send her away. Marimar tries to explain but Natalia emotes that Marimar is trying to kill her when all she wanted is to apologize to her. Esperanza arrives and tells the girls to stop bickering. There is a way to end all this, she says. DNA test.

Bella asks what that means and Esperanza explains what the process is. Either a sample of their saliva or some strands of their hair to be compared to that of Gustavo’s to determine who the real Marimar is.

Natalia is afraid and asks, “Kailangan pa ba yon?” (Do we really need that?) And tries to get on Gustavo’s good graces to bypass the DNA testing. She even threatens to just leave if they force her. But Bella, replies, “Papayag ako.” (I will undergo the test.)

When Natalia and Gustavo have left, Marimar tells Esperanza that she will stay at her friend, Innocencia’s place until everything is settled. “Aalis na lang ho muna kami ni Cruzita para makaiwas na rin kay Natalia. Hiyang-hiya na po kasi ako sa malimit naming pag-aaway.” (I’m so ashamed about out constant fighting.) Esperanza takes some saliva from Marimar using a cotton swab and places it in a plastic bag.

Gustavo and Esperanza discuss the DNA test and Gustavo asks how Esperanza will convince Natalia to agree to one when she was quiet against it earlier. Esperanza assures her cousin, “Akong bahala.” (I’ll get to it)

Natalia is in her bedroom brushing her hair. She leaves the brush on the sofa and goes into her bathroom. Esperanza enters and takes some hair strands from the brush and places it in a plastic bag.

Natalia comes out of the bathroom and demands Esperanza to stop what she is doing but the elder woman tells her it is their right to know who the real Marimar is. “May karapatan kaming malaman ang totoo.” Natalia insists she return her hair samples as the elder woman didn’t ask her permission. Esperanza asks her why she is so afraid. Is it because she fears her lie is about to be found out?

When Esperanza leaves, Natalia panics and talks to her dead sister. She tells the dead that she is now used to the rich life and wouldn’t want to go back to being poor. Her sister tells her not to be stupid. There are many ways to fix this situation. Natalia’s brain begin plotting solutions and smiles.

Marimar and Cruzita are walking in Innocencia’s area. A neighbor finds her and greets her and Cruzita. Kim sees them and is certain that she is Sergio’s ex-wife.

The doctors doing the DNA testing have arrived. Gustavo and Esperanza meet them in the living room. Esperanza hands them the samples, first Marimar’s and then Natalia’s. A doctor labels them and keeps them. From a distance, Natalia is peeking, worried but not yet about to give up.


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