Marimar episode 46 – The one where Sergio finds Marimar and her confrontation with Esperanza

October 30, 2007

Marimar Episode 46 – Sergio sees Marimar and runs after her and Marimar’s Confessions to Esperanza

The explosion caused all the diners to get up, except for Natalia who remained calm and seated. Everyone rushed out of the house when a maid came in to inform them that the explosion came from the bodega. (Is baby Cruzita alone in there?) Natalia waited for everyone to leave, smiled and pretended concern as she too ran out a while later calling after Gustavo. Marimar falls with the explosion but soon regains consciousness and tries to stand up. She is unhurt as she sits up but her head is suddenly in a whirl as her memories come flooding back. She can now recall the plane crash that broke her family apart all those years ago. Marimar gasps, “Ang pagsabog na iyon kutlad nt pagsabog ng eroplano. Kasama ko si Itay, si Inay. Tama ba ang naaalala ko? Si Senor Gustavo, siya ang aking ama?” Her memory has been restored and can see her parents faces, her father is none other than Gustavo Aldama. She questions her memories whether they are true.

Meanwhile in another corner of Manila, Sergio asks Antonio if he has seen Kim. Antonio tells him not to avoid Kim anymore as she’s done nothing but good things for his friend. Sergio agrees and tells Antonio that the reason he is looking for her is because he intends to take her out on a date. Indeed she’s been very kind and patient with him. He adds, “The least I could do is to be nice to her.” as he talks to his friend. Antonio asks whether he is going to forget about Marimar from now on. Sergio declares he can never forget about Marimar but he believes it is really time for him to move on.

After her recollections about her past, Marimar passes out. Fulgoso is barking for help as two men came near her and go run to get help. Just then, the guests with Esperanza and Gustavo leading them come out of the house and the men inform them about what happened. Esperanza exclaims, “Diyos ko, si Bella!” Gustavo sensing a panic he cannot explain rushes towards the flaming bodega.

Sergio and Kim are out on a date and the rich divorcee asks the handsome racer “Is this a romantic gesture, or naaawa ka lang sa akin?” Referring to her earlier suicide attempt which Sergio doesn’t know she staged (the faker!). Sergio replies that he wants to make it up to Kim. Kim tells him that she understands. They’re both on the rebound after their respective spouses left them but she says it’s time to forget about them and tells Sergio, “Let’s focus on each other.” Sergio returns Kims smiles as he promises her, “From now on I will focus on you.” (Nooooooh!)

Gustavo carries Bella over to the crowd as Esperanza cautions him reminding him not to exert too much effort since he isn’t really all that well. Natalia even dared a comment to just leave the maid to people who can help but Gustavo ignored them. He puts Marimar down and orders those around to call an ambulance. Bella wakes up and sees Gustavo looking worriedly down on her. She says, “Itay…” Gustavo is surprised at how she called him. He calls her name and asks, “Sino ang tinatawag mong itay?” (Who are you calling father?) But Bella passes out again. Natalia frowns as she gets worried that soon her lies will catch up with her, knowing Bella’s true identity.

Kim asks Sergio to dance. The young man tells her he doesn’t dance but Kim insists and so Sergio gives in. They dance with arms around each other, faces too close for comfort, ready for a kiss. Sergio and Kim seem to be enjoying each other’s company. (Pakshet! Doesn’t Sergio remember the first time he danced with Marimar overlooking the beach pa nga! Ang how sexy Marimar was when she was teaching him to dance? Grrrrr…how short-term his memory is indeed)

At one of the bedrooms of the Aldama mansion, a doctor checks on Bella and declares her to be out of danger. Gustavo and Esperanza, who is holding baby Cruzita (thank God she’s safe!), are both relieved to hear the good news. Gustavo asks about the baby, “Papaano si Cruzita?” Esperanza volunteers to look after the baby while Bella is in the hospital, even offering Cruzita to stay with her in her bedroom, “Dun na muna siya sa kwarto ko.” She hands the baby to a maid who takes baby Cruzita to Esperanza room. Natalia who was also present tried to start up a conversation about how the fire came to be and why there was an explosion. Esperanza who doesn’t hide her dislike for the impostor snaps, “Anong malay ko?” (How should I know?) Natalia tries to blame Marimar that perhaps it was due to her negligence being such an ignorant, uneducated person. Esperanza cuts her short by telling Gustavo that she wants the matter investigated to root out the true cause of the fire and explosion. Gustavo who seems as puzzled about the origin of this night’s disaster tells the two women that they should discuss this matter outside to allow Bella time to rest. He leaves followed by Esperanza. Natalia swears in her head, “Leche, pumalpak ang plano ko. Nabuhay ka pa Marimar.” Esperanza turns around and sees Natalia still hanging about the room. She orders the younger woman to leave the room and Natalia is forced to follow her. Fulgoso, worried about his mistress can only say, “Dios mio, Marimar!”

Sergio and Kim are drunk. Kim thanks Sergio for a lovely evening. Sergio brushes it aside, “Wala iyon.” He takes his leave but Kim asks him to dance with her again. He is surprised at her request, “Dance?” Kim tells him straight, “Come on Sergio. Let’s not talk. Stop apologizing and I’ll stop being a bitch.” She also commends him for how well he has handled their business so far and she is quite impressed. She sways with him but suddenly stops and says, “Kung nasa high school ako, alam kong dapat lang akong kiligin. So ito yung part na susubukan kitang halilikan at iiwas ka.” (If I were a high school teen this would be the part I’d feel shivers down my spine. This is where I’ll try to kiss you and you’ll try to avoid it.) But Sergio surprises her with his reply, “Hindi na ako iiwas. Sabi ko naman sa iyo, simula sa araw na ito, sa iyo na ako fo-focus.” (I won’t avoid it anymore. Like I’ve told you, from today, I will focus on you.) They kiss.

The next day, Sergio is just waking up from a rumpled bed sans Kim. He tries to get up and Kim is seen by the bedroom door asking him, “Hangover?” She offers him breakfast: coffee, sandwich…but Sergio asks, “May nangyari ba sa atin kagabi?” (Did anything happen between us last night?) Kim tells him she’s never had sex with someone who immediately forgot about it the very next day, hindi at how good she must be in bed. She tells him whether he remembered anything and he replies that he didn’t. She confirms that nothing happened to them. She wouldn’t want to make love to a drunken man anyway.

Innocencia visits Marimar who now seems to be well after her accident. The former insists that Marimar should get some rest instead of walking about as she may not be all better for all she knows. But Marimar told her that she just needed someone to talk to about what she’s been able to remember. She tells Innocencia about her memories, restored at last and her discovery of her parents. Innocencia tells Marimar that she indeed have amnesia as she previously told her. Marimar doesn’t know what it means. She tells her friend that she now remembers everything including the faces of her parents. She declares that she know who her father is. When Innocencia asks, she declares that it is Senor Gustavo. Innocencia urges her to tell her employer at once. But Marimar hesitates stating that he knows Natalia to be his daughter. Innocencia insists that Marimar has all the right to let him know. However Marimar reveals that Gustavo had been quite upset with her. She knows that he now prefers Natalia over her. Still, Innocencia reasons that she must tell him.

Sergio is nursing a nasty hangover and Kim’s look quite amused. She declares, “Nacha-challenge ako sa ganitong mga sitwasyon.” She coaxes Sergio to go eat and get changed and to, “Make it up to me,” she says as she gets closer to him. She continues, “Alam mo kung bakit? Birthday ko ngayon,” and she kisses Sergio. After they kiss, Kim says, “Happy birthday to me,” and leaves a Sergio who is still disoriented and still drunk. He just waves at her and says in a flat tone, “Happy birthday.”

Marimar enters the Aldama residence and looks around the huge hallway leading to the living room. She goes over to a bureau where there are several framed photos including a recent addition, which is that of Natalia’s. She picks up the framed photograph of her mother and tells her silently, “Kaya pala pamilyar kayo sa akin. Nung bata pa ako, iniisip ko kung anong itsura nyo. Ngayong bumalik na ang alaala ko, naaalala ko ang kabaitan nyo, ang pagaaruga nyo sa akin. Mahal na mahal ko po kayo.” Esperanza walks in and she smiles, glad to know Bella is alright. She asks why Bella is holding Lupita’s picture. Marimar replies that she saw it had some dust so she was just cleaning it when Esperanza arrived. Marimar asks where Gustavo is and Esperanza told her that he went to the park with Natalia. In fact, she adds, the she is on her way there as well. She asks Marimar to come along with her and the young woman agrees.

Sergio gives Kim a nice birthday treat at a restaurant complete with a meal, flowers and a birthday cake. He holds the cake in front of her and says, “Happy birthday, make a wish.” Kim looks into Sergio’s eyes and tells him, “Wala na akong mahihiling pa dahil ang matagal ko nang hiling, nandito na sa harapan ko.” (There’s nothing more she could ask for as everything she wants is right in front of her.) They are about to kiss but suddenly Sergio’s eyes catch a glimpse of someone familiar. He sees Marimar walking with shopping bags and in a maid’s uniform. He forgets everything about Kim as he gets up and leaves the restaurant.

Sergio runs out and shouts, “Marimar?” Marimar, about to get into the car sees her husband and softly asks, “Sergio?” She realizes that she doesn’t want any form of confrontation at this moment so she ducks in quickly into the car as she tells the driver to leave at once. Sergio runs after their vehicle shouting her name over and over again. Esperanza noticing the young man and the name he is screaming asks Bella whether she knows him. Marimar just keeps silent as the car gains speed and Sergio finally got tired and stops running. He falls on his knees screaming her name. A while later, he stands and walks back to the restaurant where Kim still waits for her birthday kiss.

Marimar is frantic as she enters the Aldama residence with Esperanza’s shopping bags. In the kitchen, Esperanza confronts her about the young man running after her. She admits that the man is Sergio, her ex-husband who left her. “Ama ni Cruzita?” Esperanza asks whether he is her baby’s father. Marimar says yes but adds that he left them. Esperanza couldn’t quite figure out one thing which she told Marimar twice. “Tinawag ka niyang Marimar.” (He called you Marimar) And the young maid replied, “Opo.” (Yes)

Now Esperanza’s voice is a pitch higher, “At ang pangalan mo ay Bella!” (And your name is Bella!) Indeed it is quite difficult to explain and Esperanza has some foreboding in her when she demands of Bella to be honest with her. “Huwang kang magsisinungaling sa akin.” Marimar tries to calm her down by assuring her of her honesty, “Hindi po ako nagsisinungaling.”

Esperanza asks Bella, “Sino ka? Paano ka napadpad dito? Sinong magulang mo?” (Who are you? How did you get here? Who are your parents?)

Meanwhile, Sergio is back at the restaurant to an obviously annoyed Kim. After all her scheming, still one sight of Marimar and Sergio literally runs out her door. Sergio tells Kim that Marimar is in Manila too. He wonders who she is with. Irritated by his lack of sensitivity, she blurts out, “Ayaw ka na niyang makita, Sergio. Ayaw na niya sa iyo. Tapos na kayo!” (She doesn’t want to see you Sergio. She doesn’t want you. You’re through!)

But Sergio was in such deep thought that he actually missed what Kim had been saying, “Anong sabi mo?” he asks the disappointed celebrant.

She tries to rephrase her earlier statement and says, “I’m sorry Sergio, sa akin pa manggagaling ito. Sometimes the truth hurts. Tanggapin mo na ayaw na ni Marimar sa iyo.” (Accept that she doesn’t want you anymore) and she stands to leave.

Sergio grabs her arm and tells her, “Si Marimar lang makakapagsabi kung ayaw na nga niya sa akin. Hindi ikaw.” (Only Marimar can tell me if she doesn’t want me anymore. Not you.) Kim walks out, her perfect date ruined. Sergio is still wondering how he would be able to find Marimar.

Back to Marimar and Esperanza’s confrontation, Marimar tells her aunt, “Kung sasabihin ko ang totoo, baka di kayo maniwala” her reservation that the elder woman may not believe what she is about to tell her. But Esperanza insists, “Sagutin mo ako!” (Answer me!)

Marimar reveals that Gustavo is her father saying, “Ako po si Marimar,” that she indeed is the real Marinar. Esperanza couldn’t believe what she is hearing, enough for her to repeat her declaration that Bella is lying twice, “Sinungaling ka! Sinungaling ka!”

She also asks her, “Kung ikaw si Marimar, kung ikaw si Marimar, bakit ngayon ka lang nagpakita?” (If you truly are Marimar, why have you only shown yourself now?)

Marimar in tears confesses, “Kagabi lang lahat bumalik ang alaala ko. Dun ko lang naalala lahat dahil sa pagsabog.” Esperanza is still in denial as she too cries, “Hindi ako naniniwala sa iyo. Hindi ako naniniwala sa iyo!” (I don’t believe you)

Marimar answers, “Hindi ko po kayo pipiliting maniwala sa akin pero totoo po lahat ng sinasabi ko. Malinaw po sa alaala ko. Nandito po lahat sa akin yon.” (I won’t force you to believe me but everyhting I said is true. It’s all clear to me now.)

She talks about her first encounter with Gustavo, “Pinuntahan po kami ni Itay. Naglalaro po ako ng bola. Sabi ko noon, ang saya-saya ko dahil sa wakas makukumpleto na rin ang pamilya ko. Nangako si Itay na dadalhin kami ni Inay sa Maynila. Sumakay kami ng eroplano. Gumihit ako ng larawan: si Itay, si Inay, ako. Magkahawak kamay. Binigay ko kay Itay. Nilagay niya ito sa bulsa niya, malapit sa puso niya. Sumabog ang eroplano. “ (Father came to us. I was playing ball. I said back than that I am the happiest child because at last, my family is complete. Father promised to take me and mother to Manila. We rode a plane. I gave father a drawing of a family – father, mother, me – holding hands. He placed my drawing in his shirt pocket, near his heart. The plane exploded.)

Marimar longed for her to be reconciled with her parents but fate destined them to be apart. But now because of the explosion, she remembers.

Esperanza, after listening to her confession and knowing Bella to be quite truthful comes to her and embraces her. She still has many reservations about her true identity but this she tells Bella, “Hindi pa ako lubos na naniniwala, pero kung papipiliin ako kung ikaw o si Natalia; ikaw na lang sana ang tunay na Marimar.” (I still do not completely believe you. But if I were to choose between you and Natalia, I would like for you to be the real Marimar.)

Esperanza advises her that they should look for Gustavo and tell him her story at once. “Hanapin natin si Gustavo. Sabihin mo sa kanya lahat ng sinabi mo sa akin.”

Unknown to them, Natalia is just outside the room. She heard everything. (Uh-oh!)


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