Marimar Episode 45 – The one with the explosion

October 29, 2007

Marimar Episode 45 – The one with the explosion

Gustavo sees Bella hitting Natalia with a feather duster and demands that the maid stop what she is doing to her daughter immediately. Natalia whines to Gustavo crying how Bella just attacked her. Marimar in her anger at Natalia almost harming Cruzita forgot that Gustavo is in the same room and lashes at the lying Natalia, “Walang hiya ka napakasinungaling mo talaga!” while she continues to use her feather duster as a weapon.

Gustavo now believes Natalia’s story that Flor and Bella, mere servants in his home, have been cruel to his daughter. He shouts at Bella to stop hitting Natalia.

Sergio and Antonio rush to Kim’s suite after a hotel staff warned them about Kim not opening her door after several requests to clean the room. They get to her just in time as she is splayed out on the floor, her head resting on the bed and beside her a bottle of sleeping pills that she had taken. Sergio runs to her and covers her with a blanket. Kim declares, “Ayaw ko nang mabuhay, Sergio. Kung di mo din lang ako papansinin mabuti pa mawala na lang ako.” (I do not wish to live, Sergio. If you aren’t going to give me your attention, it is best that I disappear.)

At the Villa Santibanez, Renato can be seen pulling a trolley bag towards the door and Angelika asks him where he is going. Renato replies, “Sa lugar na malayo at di mo ako maloloko.” (To a far away place where you will not be able to fool me.) Suddenly Angelika pulls a gun ang points it at herself. She cries, “Papatayin ko ang sarili ko kung ito lang ang tanging paraan para maniwala kang nagsisisi na ako.” (I will kill myself if this is the only way to convince you that I feel sorry for what I’ve done.)

Bella continues to air her side to Senor Gustavo. She says that he probably will not believe her because she is only a maid in his household against the words of his very own daughter. “Katulong lang ako dito, hindi ninyo ako anak,” declares Bella wanting Gustavo to believe her cause for hitting Natalia continuously.

Natalia sensing Gustavo softening declares that nobody wants her in the house. She threatens, “Aalis na lang ako dito. Hindi ko kayang manirahan sa isang bahay na kasama siya,” pointing at Bella. (I’d rather leave this place. I cannot bear to live in one house with her.)

Gustavo tries to pacify Natalia and tells her she is not leaving. “Ako ang bahala kay Bella,” he tells his daughter as the two of them leave Bella’s quarters.

Back at a five-star hotel suite in Manila, Sergio asks the woman before him, “Kim anong pinagsasabi mo?” (What are you talking about?) Kim passes out and Sergio tells Antonio to call an ambulance quickly. He tries to carry Kim to take her to the hospital.

Renato seeing Angelika on the brink of a massive nervous breakdown tries to calm and pacify his wife. He reaches for the gun and gently holds her in an embrace and asks for forgiveness. The elder Santibanez declares, “Angelika bakit hindi kita matiis? Lahat na ng kahayupan ginawa mo sa akin pero bakit hindi pa rin kita makalimutan? Ikaw pa rin ang laman ng puso ko.” (Angelika why can’t I ignore you? You’ve done all despicable things towards me and yet why is it that I cannot forget you? You are still the one my heart longs for.)

Angelika now secured in her husband’s admission of love for her answers, “Renato, patawarin mo ako. I love you Renato. Magsimula tayong muli.” (Forgive me. I love you. Let’s start over again.)

Natalia is alone in what appears to be a stockroom of sorts and of course, in her demented mind, her elder sister is with her. She shows her sister the things that she’s taken from Gustavo’s room – evidences of the real Marimar: a picture of a young girl and the drawing Marimar gave his father on the plane. Her sister’s ghost orders her, “Sunugin mo para walang ebidensiya.” (Burn them so there won’t be any evidence left.) Natalia uses a cigarette to burn a huge hole into the picture. When this seems to be slow in flaming up, she uses a lighter instead. Just them she heard someone coming so she hurriedly throws the stuff in a bin and hides herself. It is another maid who is bringing a basket of unused stuff into the stockroom for storage.

Marimar is at the kitchen with Cruzita and Fulgoso. The mutt is still angry at Natalia and her lying ways as he barks, “Napakasinungaling ng Nataliang iyon. Dapat kinagat ko siya para nakaganti tayo, Marimar.” (I should have bitten her to avenge us, Marimar)

Esperanza walks in on the trio and asks why Bella is crying. She tells the elder woman her side of the story leading to Gustavo walking in on them seeing her hit Natalia. After she tells her story, Esperanza believes her but sighs, “Ang laking gulo naman nito.” (What a big mess this is.)

Bella offers that perhaps it is best if she should just leave but Esperanza asks her “Bakit ka naman aalis eh ikaw ang nasa tama?” (Why are you leaving when you’re in the right.) Adding that Natalia started it and she is wrong to cause harm to Bella’s daughter. But Marimar tells Esperanza that Gustavo is pretty much upset and he’d surely side with his own daughter instead of a lowly maid. Esperanza tells Bella not to worry adding, “Ako ang magpapaliwanag kay Gustavo. Huwag kang mag-alala,” she will explain things to Gustavo.

But before Esperanza had the chance to talk to Gustavo, he already returned to Bella’s quarters and found mother and daughter there. He tells her to leave at once and shouts, “Lumayas ka na!”

Marimar is putting clothes into a bag crying as she tells Gustavo that there is no need for him to send her away. She has decided to leave. “Hindi ninyo ako kailangang ipagtabuyan. Aalis ako dito. Hindi ko po pagpipilitan ang sarili ko.” (I won’t impose myself on you.)

Just then an Esperanza who had obviously come running enters Bella’s room and pleads with Gustavo not to let Bella leave. She tells her cousin that Bella and the baby have nowhere to go.

Gustavo reasons that Natalia is afraid Bella will hurt her again and he remains firm in his earlier decision. But Esperanza pleads some more, telling him Bella is a good person who would never hurt anyone for no reason. Esperanza even offers to pay Bella’s wages out of her own pocket just let her stay with them.

Surprised at his cousin’s turnaround he asks why now Esperanza is defending Bella when she used to dislike her and had been quite harsh on her. Esperanza tells Gustavo that she made a mistake in judging Bella earlier. She has had a chance to get to know her and she finds her to be a good person. “Kaya hinaharap kita ngayon.” (That’s why I’m telling you now.) She implores her cousin, “Nakikiusap ako sa iyo Gustavo, huwag mo siyang palalayasin.” (I’m pleading you Gustavo; please do not send her away.)

In his anger, Gustavo still has a soft heart and Esperanza pleadings got to him. He decides as he faces Bella, “Dun ka sa bodega! At huwag na huwag kang magpapakita ng kahit na anino mo sa anak kong si Natalia!” (There in the storeroom. And don’t even show your shadow to my daughter Natalia!)

Bella thanks Gustavo as he leaves with Natalia but Natalia is all the more angered in the fact that Marimar has found an ally in Esperanza. To herself she says, “Leche ka Marimar! Nakahanap ka pa ng padrino kay Esperanza. Kung mapilit kayo, sige. Ewan ko lang kung talagang tatagal ka Marimar.” (If you insist on her staying, ok. We’ll soon see how long you are able to last.)

Esperanza walks towards Marimar and hugs both the young woman and her baby. She is relieved that Gustavo had listened to her pleas but is still worried at what Natalia would do to get rid of Bella.

At the Villa Santibanez, Angelika and Renato are getting ready to leave for their second honeymoon in Paris. Diego is loading their luggage to the vehicle as Angelika and Monica talk by the resort’s lobby steps. Monica asks her friend, ” Sigurado ka bang ayos na kayo niyan? O baka naman trip mong magpakamatay sa Eiffel Tower? (Are you really sure that you and him are okay? Maybe you feel like getting suicidal on top of the Eiffel Tower.)

Angelika assures Monica that she has all her little schemes planned and worked out. She is not one who just leaves without something up her sleeve and she will execute her plans in Paris. Monica keeps asking her whether she is sure her friend’s plans are 100 per cent certain. She reminds Angelika that Renato is stronger than her; probably also smarter. But Angelika is quite confident that her scheme this time will be a success and tells Monica, “Watch out ka na lang sa pagbabalik ko sa Villa Santibanez.” (Just watch out for my return to the villa.) She them leaves the managing and overseeing of the resort to Monica and Perfecta while she is away. Renato is ready to leave and compliments his wife on her choice of clothing. They leave for the airport as Monica, Diego and Perfecta wave them goodbye with Monica even sneaking in “Pasalubong!” (Bring some gifts!)

Marimar has settled in the bodega (storeroom) with Cruzita and Fulgoso. She asks her loyal mutt, “Fulgoso sa tingin mo, dapat pa ba tayo manatili dito?” (Should we continue to stay here?) Fulgoso reveals that he is also hurt at the fact that since Natalia arrived, Gustavo has not been as friendly to Marimar. Marimar seeming to hear her mutt’s feelings adds, “Dati magkasundo kami, pero ngayon, ni katiting na amor wala na siya para sa akin.” (Before we used to get along well but now not even an iota of feelings is left for me.) Marimar laments how hard it is for her to have Gustavo mad at her when she considers him like a father. Fulgoso can only sigh and dish out his famous doggy line, “Hay, Dios mio, Marimar.”

Trying to forget the days events, Marimar gets ready for bed as she removes her bonnet and her eyes get caught to the contents of the trash bin. She finds the burnt photo and the drawing that is still intact. She gets a flashback when she saw the drawing but she isn’t certain. Marimar exclaims, “Pamilyar ang batang ito sa akin pero bakit ganoon, parang sinunog ng sigarilyo. Baka si Natalia ito pero bakit parang hindi naman niya kamukha?” (This child looks familiar but why is there burn marks like cigarette burn? Perhaps this is a picture of Natalia but why is it that it doesn’t really look like her at all?) Marimar is stunned by another blast from her past.

Natalia continues to fume about not being able to get rid of Marimar. She schemes about having Marimar totally thrown out of the mansion when unfriendly-sister-ghost opines, “Pero kung lumayas siya, paano natin siya mapapatay?” (But if she leaves, how are we going to kill her?) She sees her ate’s point and agrees. “Tama kailangan niyang manatili rito para mailigpit natin siya nang maayos.”

Just then Gustavo walks in greeting his daughter good morning. Natalia reminds Gustavo that they still are short of servers for their party that night. Gustavo tells her that is not a problem as he can call his secretary to hire some extra hands to serve in the party. Natalia offers a suggestion of using Bella instead of spending more money, she says they can utilize the manpower they have at their disposal.

Gustavo clarifies using Bella as earlier Natalia exclaims she is afraid of the young mother. However Natalia seems to have forgiven Marimar and wants to give her a second chance. She tells her father that she feels sorry for Bella. Gustavo appreciates the kindness that Natalia is showing. He tells her that she has taken after her mother who like her had been quite “maalalahanin at maintindihin” (thoughtful and considerate) of others.

Esperanza is busy because if the party. She is in the kitchen and Marimar is cleaning the cutleries. She tells Bella that she is glad Gustavo had allowed her and Cruzita to stay in the bodega. Marimar tells her that she hopes Senor Gustavo will forgive her for hitting Natalia. But Esperanza, ever the pragmatist adds, “Mangyayari lang iyon kung titigilan ni Natalia ang kakasulsol kay Gustavo.” (It will only happen if Natalia stops creating stories that irk Gustavo.) Esperanza tells Bella how she dislikes Natalia. “Bruhita yang batang iyan. Sobra kung pumapel!” (What a little witch she is. So flaky!) She even tells how Natalia acts like the organizer of tonight’s event becoming such a “punong abala” (main busybody) when all these years she’d been the one organizing all of Gustavo’s party without any hitches or complaints.

Bella reminds Esperanza to just forget about Natalia as she will only get herself all worked up about nothing. The elder woman agrees at her sage advice and remembers that she has a gift for Cruzita. Esperanza gives Bella a colorful ball and again, Marimar gets a flashback. The one of her own ball that looks a bit similar to the one she is holding. Her ball had been rolling and a man picked it up. She couldn’t see the man’s face though. Esperanza pulls Bella back to earth and Bella explains, “Wala po, may naalala lang po ako pero malabo po sa isipan ko.” (It’s nothing. I remembered something but it is vague in my mind.)

Sergio visits Kim who is now recuperating in her suite after having her stomach pumped in the hospital. He sits on her bed and asks her how she is. Kim doesn’t beat around the bush. She says, “alam mo kung anong kailangan ko Sergio, pero ayaw mong ibigay sa akin.” (You know what I want Sergio but you refuse to give it to me.)

Sergio reasons, “Sorry kung iniiwasan kita pero di mo naman dapat ginawa iyon.” (I’m sorry if I’m avoiding you but you didn’t have to do that.)

Kim tells him it’s not all about him. She divulges that she’s an orphan. Her parents kept on travelling a lot leaving her alone. One time they got sick in India and returned home cold corpses. She cries that she didn’t even have the chance to properly say goodbye to her parents. She continues her story to her ex-husband who ran off with his secretary leaving her. They got married yesterday, thus the suicide attempt. Kim laments, “Lahat na lang iniiwan ako.” (Everyone seems to leave be.) This has led her to be quite traumatized at being left all alone.

Sergio now feels sorry for Kim. He tells her, “I’m sorry. Dami mo palang pinagdadaanan.” (You’re going through a lot.)

The party is in full swing at the Aldama mansion. Many of Gustavo’s friends and business associates have come to wish him well and welcome his long lost daughter. When some guests inquire when they will see her, Gustavo asks Esperanza to check on Natalia.

Outside in the darkest part of the garden, Natalia meets a man who gives her a cell phone. “Sigurado ka bang gagana ito?” Natalia asks her contact who assures her that any key she presses on the phone will trigger the bomb, “Yes maam, kahit anong pindutin mo sa cell phone, sasabog.” Natalia smiles to herself as she thinks, “Tingnan natin kung makakaligtas ka pa Marimar.” (Let’s see if you are going to survive this, Marimar.) She gives the man his money and instructs him to set-up the bomb near the bodega. She tells him to leave after the explosion and not before that to make sure that everything works.

Meantime Antonio is in the office and walks in on Kim’s to ask for some signatures. Antonio asks his employer how she is and she replies that is OK. He tells her that both he and Sergio were quite worried about her last night and she confides to Antonio that what she did last night was all an act. “Emote lang yong kagabi. Ginawa ko lang iyon para makuha ang atensiyon ni Sergio.” (I just did it to get Sergio’s attention.)

Antonio was surprised at her revelations. He asks, “Ibig sabihin, hindi talaga kayo magpapakamatay?” (Does this mean you weren’t really planning to kill yourself?)

Kim replies, “No way. That’s not my style. I love myself so much. Ginawa ko lang yon para makuha ang pansin ni Sergio.” (I only did that to get Sergio to focus on me.)

Antonio asks , “Nakuha mo nga ba?” (and did you get it?) as Kim’s phone rings. She happily shows Antonio who it was who’s calling her, “Well si Sergio ang tumatawag, so I guess it worked, right?” (Sergio’s calling.)

Gustavo talks to his guests about how he spent years of his life and his fortune for this day to come and he proudly presents his daughter, “Mga kaibigan ipinakikilala ko sa inyo ang nag-iisang heredera ng Aldama, ang aking anak na si Natalia.” (Friends, I’d like to introduce to you the sole heir of the Aldamas, my daughter, Natalia.) Natalia greets the guests acting so sweet and agreeable to everyone. Marimar looks on and in her head she is saying how pretty Natalia looks. How lucky she is to have Gustavo for a father. As Natalia is introduced by Gustavo to everyone around, Marimar carrying a tray of wine walks over. Suddenly, Natalia side-steps to trip her and the glasses full of red wine topple over the tray and spill on Natalia’s clothes, the glasses breaking as they fell in the floor.

Surprisingly, Natalia keeps her cool and doesn’t even break a high note. She jokes that this gives her a chance to have a costume change and try another outfit. Gustavo was a bit embarrassed at how clumsy Bella had been. He calls Esperanza to oversee the clearing and cleaning up of the mess. Marimar apologises and Natalia asks the maid to accompany her and help her get changed.

Marimar continues to apologize to Natalia in her room as she tries to wipe off the stain of the red wine. Natalia says it’s quite difficult to remove the stain and they’d need some soda. She orders Marimar to go to the bodega and get some.

On her way out of the house to the bodega, Marimar overhears a couple of guests talking about Gustavo’s daughter named Marimar. She was surprised to hear her name getting mixed up with Gustavo’s and Natalia’s thinking it strange that they should call her Gustavo’s daughter or calling Natalia, Marimar.

Meantime, Natalia in a new outfit comes down to guests already seated around the dining table. She sits next to Gustavo and when Esperanza asks where Bella is, she says she’d sent Bella off minutes ago. She invites the guests to pray.

Marimar still ponders with Fulgoso what she overheard. Fulgoso smells something and tries to warn Marimar not to go near it but she keeps on walking.

While saying their prayers, Natalia get the cell phone and hits the OK button. Marimar who was walking on the path towards the bodega does not see the blinking lights of the activated bomb. It explodes just a she was passing by it.

Everyone in the house heard the explosion as they were about to begin dinner.


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