Marimar episode 44 – The one where Marimar learns to write

October 28, 2007

Marimar Episode 44 – The one where Marimar learns to write
Gustavo arrives with Natalia pretending to be his long, lost daughter – Marimar.  Marimar sees her and stops herself from being seen by Natalia as she is afraid the former will reveal her true identity.  Fulgoso even asks “Hindi ba natin siya babatiin?” (Aren’t we greeting her?) as Gustavo introduces Natalia to her aunt Esperanza.  Natalia embraces her aunt and the still doubtful Esperanza asks Gustavo, “Paano mo siya nakita?” (How did you find her?)
The scene cuts to Renato and Angelika’s suite.  Angelika had been thrown by Renato’s brute strength into a corner where she was able to grab a gun from a cupboard.  She is now pointing the gun at Renato who becomes all the more manic in his rage asking his wife, “Kaya mo akong patayin?” as he breaks a mirror.  He then grabs the biggest chuck that is shaped like a knife and lunges at his wife.  He easily overpowers Angelika and takes the gun away from her.  Renato grabs her face and aims the mirror shard at her.
Meantime Sergio who called Kim for a date is lying on his hotel bed as Kim comes in with a bottle of vodka.  She can see that Sergio is already drunk and comments, “Mukhang nagsimula ka na without me.” (Looks like you’ve started without me).  Sergio looks at her with drunken eyes and says, “Pwede ka pa naman humabol.”  (You can still catch up.)  Smiling down at Sergio, Kim removes her robe to reveal a very sexy and short nightgown as she tells him, “Now the real party begins.”
Back at San Martin dela Costa, Renato strangles Angelika who is wide-eyed with fear.  He shouts at her, “Are you challenging me?” while the woman tries to pacify the man by asking, “Renato, di ba mahal mo ako?” (Renato, don’t you love me?)  But Renato remains angry and tells Angelika, “Ang hirap mong mahalin, napakasinungaling mo!” (It’s so hard to love you; you’re such a liar!)  Just then he cuts Angelika’s face with the shard.
We flash back to Natalia’s earlier encounter with the private investigator we now know as Sanchez.  He is asking her how she came by with Marimar’s necklace.  I remember when Nicandro stole it from Marimar and handed it to Angelika, she threw it away calling is a cheap fake.  Someone did pick it up.  The hands where those of a man so I suspect Choi picked it up to return it to Marimar later but maybe Natalia, who seems to have killed Choi took it and claimed it for herself. 
Natalia has heard of Senor Gustavo Aldama, she knows that he is a very rich man; a multi-billionaire.  She insists that she is the Marimar Sanchez has been looking for but the private investigator told her outright that he had checked on her background already and knows that she is not Marimar.  Natalia then brokers a deal with Sanchez telling him no one needs to know and he can divide the profit between them.  The PI gives in and even fills-in Natalia on some crucial details that she needs to know if she is to successfully pull off being Marimar.  She also hires a fake set of parents who will corroborate with her story that they had picked her off the shore near San Martin dela Costa after an aircraft crashed nearby those many years ago.  She holds the necklace already, the one thing Gustavo recognizes as his gift for his daughter.
The next scene is the meeting between Gustavo and Natalia a.k.a. the Marimar impostor.  Gustavo was quite cautious as he is afraid to be disappointed.  Natalia pretending to be sweet and modest claims, “Naiintindihan ko po kung ayaw ninyong maniwala sa akin. Pero meron po akong isang bagay na pinanghahawakan na magpapatunay kung sino talaga ako.” (I understand if you do not believe me but I have one thing that will certainly prove her identity.)  Then she shows her necklace that Gustavo had given Marimar when she was only seven years old and all reservations melted away as Gustavo rushed to embrace his daughter.  Well, at least the one he thinks is his daughter as Natalia returns his embrace calling him “Papa.”
Natalia then asks Gustavo a favor.  He tells her anything she wants, she will get.  She requests Gustavo to call her Natalia as it had been the name her parents gave her and one that she had gotten used to.  Gustavo of course agrees and tells her how happy he is to have finally found her.
Back at the Aldama mansion, the real Marimar whom everyone knows to be Bella is still hiding, afraid for Natalia to see her with Fulgoso also crouching beside her.  She tells her loyal mutt, “Talaga bang hindi ko na matatakasan ang mga ala-ala ng Villa Santibanez?  ni Sergio?” (Could I not really escape the memories of Villa Santibanez or of Sergio’s?)   She asks Fulgoso what is she to do.  What if Natalia tells everyone about her true identity?  What is she to do if they found out she’s been lying to them about herself.  Her fear that Gustavo and the strict Esperanza would most certainly throw her out for fooling them.
Back to Sergio’s room and sexy Kim who joins Sergio in bed saying, “Sobra akong nataranta nang tinawagan mo ako, ayan tuloy, di ako nakapagbihis.  Pero ikaw, over dressed.  Bawasan kaya natin?”  (I got so flustered when you called me up for a date that I forgot to dress!  But you look so overdressed.  Why don’t we remove some of your clothes?)
Sergio bluntly asks Kim, “Ano ba ang gusto mo, Kim?” (What do you want, Kim?)
Kim replied as bluntly, “Ang katawan mo.” (Your body.)
Sergio is in doubt that this is all she wants so he pushes further, “No strings attached? No feelings involved?” and Kim replies, “Oo.” (Yes)
Sergio then tells her the obvious, “Pero hindi ikaw ang mahal ko.” (But you are not the woman I love.)
Kim tells him that they will do this, “just for fun.”
Natalia is trying to get familiar with her new, rich surroundings when she came across a familiar and hated face; that of Marimar’s.  Marimar is quick to greet her and adds she didn’t expect to see her so quickly.  She tells Natalia that she left Villa Santibanez and is now here in Manila and serving the Aldama mansion as a maid.  She quickly informed Natalia that she changed her name from Marimar to Bella and hope she will use her new name from now on.  At first, Natalia was worried that the real Marimar is also in the Aldama mansion and she would get caught by pretending to be a fake one but she felt so relieved that Marimar has quite stupidly changed her name which costs a billion in fortune!  She pretends to be friendly with Marimar telling her that they should really start anew with their chosen lives.
Sergio admits to Kim that he cannot betray Marimar even if it’s just for fun.  Kim is now furious and shouts at Sergio asking the young man why he asked her to come at all.  Kim reasons that she wants to help Sergio forget about Marimar just as she needs him to help her forget about her ex-husband.  Sergio remains unresponsive and she screams at him in desperation, “You can’t forget dahil kay Marimar lang umiikot ang mundo mo!” (Your world only revolves around Marimar).
Still greeting one another, Marimar congratulates Natalia for finally finding her lost father.  She adds that Senor Gustavo is a very kind and compassionate man.  She is truly lucky to have him as her father.  Then Marimar takes her leave telling Natalia that she has to go and finish her chores.  When Marimar leaves, Natalia’s face changes from a smiling sweet facade to the real one – full of anger and hated.  She exclaims, of all the houses to be in, Marimar is in the same house as she is in!  She is glad about her decision to ask Gustavo to call her Natalia.  Of Marimar she talks out loud to her ghost of an ‘ate’ (older sister) “hindi siya makaka-eksena dito ng matagal dahil titiyakin kong maiksi lang ang role niya dito.” (She will not have a chance to have a long exposure here as I will make sure her role is cut short.)  She also decides that she will force Gustavo to give her access to all her inheritance so she can get her hands on his fortune. 
Just then Esperanza walks in and overhears a bit of Natalia’s monologue.  She asks her niece why she is only calling her father Gustavo instead of Papa.  The older woman also asks her who she is talking to.  Now, more than ever, Esperanza is quite suspicious of Natalia and whether she is indeed the real thing.  Natalia quickly changes to total sweetness as she explains to her aunt that she is just practising calling Gustavo, Papa and that she is still in the process of getting used to it that’s why she was talking aloud to herself.
In private, Esperanza talks to Gustavo about her reservations.  She isn’t sure why Natalia would insist to be called such instead of Marimar.  She says it doesn’t make sense.  But to all her arguments, Gustavo has a counter-argument proving to her that her cousin has accepted Natalia to be his missing daughter.  He has bought it all: hook, line and sinker.
It’s the next day and Sergio with Antonio are going to the hotel’s restaurant to eat.  Sergio is asking Antonio about their shipments.  However Antonio changes the subject to Kim who is very sexy and very visible in the pool area.  Antonio tells his pall, “Pare naman, she deserves better treatment that this.”  Sergio agrees that yes, Kim is very kind and has done so many things for him but he maintains, “Mas maganda nang iwas-pusoy” (Better to avoid being in trouble).  When Antonio asks him how long he is able to fend off her advances, he honestly tells his friend, “Hanggang kaya ko.” (For as long as I can).  He then asks Antonio that it would be better if they transfer to another place for their meal.
As they walk out, Kim tries to call Sergio but he knows she is the one calling so he ignores the phone.  Kim is obviously not happy that the handsome racer is giving her the cold shoulder.
Marimar is in the kitchen washing dishes when Esperanza walks in clearly in a hurry as she tells Marimar to get a pen and paper and write down what she is going to tell her.  She explains that Gustavo wants her to cook ‘paella’ and she must go and buy the ingredients immediately.  She checks the refrigerator to see what else they should buy from the grocery store and she decides that they should shop for a week’s worth of groceries and supplies.  She keeps talking as she calls out things that they need to buy: guisantes (green peas), milk, 3 kilos of shrimps, tahong (mussels), tomato paste….when she notices that Bella is just sitting there, staring at the paper and crying.
Esperanza flares up, demanding why Bella is not writing down anything she is telling her, “Anong iniiyak-iyak mo diyan?  Magsusulat ka lang, ano ba ang problema?”  (What are you crying about?  I just asked you to write things down.  What is the problem?)
Marimar admits to her strict lady boss, “Ngayon lang po kasi ako natututong magbasa at magsulat.  Sana po Maam Esperanza, huwag po kayong magalit sa akin.” (It is only now that I am learning to read and write.  I hope Maam Esperanza that you would not get upset with me.)
Esperanza anger thaws into compassion as she sits and takes the pen and paper from Bella.  She writes down some letters and asks Marimar to copy them.  Marimar tries to write as Esperanza has shown her.  She looks with pity at the young woman who grew up illiterate.  She tells her “Huwag kang magmadali.  Kaya mo yan.  Huwag masyadong manggigil.” (Don’t rush it.  You can do it.  Don’t get too eager.)  She tries to encourage her as Bella does her best.  Esperanza is now truly feeling sorry for Marimar and has turned out to be a patient teacher in this scene. 
Still at the Aldama home, Natalia and Gustavo had just returned from a shopping spree.  Natalia exclaims, “Hay, ang sarap pala talaga mag-shopping, Papa!” (It is truly a wonderful experience, shopping is.)  Gustavo is happy that his daughter had a nice time but he complains that shopping can get too tiresome.   Natalia is oblivious to the fact that her father is a sick man and continues to inspect the clothes and shoes she purchased.  She tells Gustavo that she’s excited to try on all her purchases.
Marimar sees the happy father and daughter scene in the living room and she hesitates in approaching Senor Gustavo.  She tells Fulgoso that she doesn’t want to disturb them as they are so caught up in their happiness.  Fulgoso doesn’t like the way Natalia seems to be taking advantage of her father’s fortunes as he comments, “Abusado.  Tingnan mo lang o, inubos nya ang laman ng tindahan!” (What an opportunist!  Look at how she seems to have bought all the store was selling.)
Back at the villa, Monica sees Angelika’s cuts and bruises and is alarmed at how her friend looks.  She offers to take her to the hospital but Angelika declines telling Monica that she doesn’t want people to know how she and Renato had a row again.  Besides San Martin dela Costa being such a small town would definitely feast on this juicy bit of gossip should she expose herself by coming to the hospital.
Marimar continues to stare at Natalia ang Gustavo and tells Fulgoso that she envies them.  “Anong kaya ang pakiramdam ng may isang ama?  Mula nung mawala ako, hindi na nila ako hinanap.”  (What does it feel to have a father?  Since I got lost, it seems that they never came looking for me.)
Angelika tells Monica that she really wants to leave Renato.  But Monica tells her that Renato may kill her is she ever left him.  Angelika agrees with her friend’s conclusion and confesses that since she had been a little girl, she wanted to escape the poverty-stricken world she had been born into.  Angelika claims, “Ginawa ko lahat, ginamit ko katawan ko maka-alis lang sa papag.”  (I did all, used my body to escape poverty.)  She admits she still needs Renato’s money and power so she can get Sergio back.  But she is also certain that money alone is not enough to make her happy.
We are in Natalia’s room at the Aldama mansion and with her are Flor and Marimar.  She is angry at Flor for ruining a delicate blouse by ironing it.  Marimar tries to defend Flor stating that it was an accident. Still upset, Natalia tells Flor that it is an expensive blouse and perhaps she would do well to have the price taken off her salary.  Just then Esperanza enters and tells Natalia to calm down.  She tells the young woman that they do not deduct from their helper’s salary.  She adds, “damit lang ito, mapapalitan ito.  Ang mga katulong na mapagkakatiwalaan, mahirap hanapin.”  (It’s only clothes, easily replaced.  Trustworthy maids are harder to find).  Esperanza adds a bit of history for Natalia.  The elder woman tells her niece that she should be compassionate towards household helpers and adds, “Hindi mo naaalala, o hindi mo alam?….katulong din dati ang ina mo.” (Don’t you remember or perhaps you simply do not know?  Your mother used to be a maid.)
This fizzles Natalia’s anger and arrogance.  She fears that Esperanza will catch her in her lies.  Esperanza further doubts Natalia as had she been the real Marimar, she would have remembered her mother’s sad plight at the Aldama’s old home as surely, her own mother, Lupita would have told her that story – which led for her to know and fall in love with her father.
Marimar, the real one, who is Bella to all at the Aldama house is busy practising her writing skills.  Esperanza walks in the kitchen to find her diligently writing and admires how she is quite keen to learn.  Marimar feels encouraged by the elder woman’s kindness and admits she didn’t want Esperanza to get disappointed with her as she had kindly taught her how to write.  She promised next time she would ask for her to write down a list, she would definitely be able to do it.
Their happy atmosphere got disturbed by an angry Gustavo demanding Marimar and Flor to explain their actions, of ruining Natalia’s blouse.  Esperanza tells Gustavo that he has it all wrong, that it was Natalia who started shouting at the two.  Natalia makes a scene by walking out and Gustavo, quite upset about how everyone seems to be treating her daughter poorly tells Esperanza that Natalia is his daughter.  Marimar tries to defend Esperanza and Flor but Gustavo shouts at her too, “Huwag kang makikisali sa usapan!” (Don’t interrupt the conversations of your betters!)  Marimar gives a start, shocked at the harsh words of the always kind and soft-spoken man.  Esperanza tries to explain to Gustavo what really happened but he is already convinced that Natalia is right and the three are just treating her poorly.
Flor is in Marimar’s room as they gossip about how evil Natalia is.  Marimar is taking Cruzita out for a walk and opens the door when she sees Natalia who seems to have been eavesdropping on their conversation.  Natalia asks about Marimar’s baby telling her how cute she it but Marimar, now wary of Natalia doesn’t let her touch Cruzita. 
Sergio and Antonio are dining (again!) together and the former wonders about Kim whom he hasn’t seen all day.  Antonio teases him, “Ano ka ba?” (What’s with you?”  Implying that when Kim is very visible, he ignores her and now that she has made herself scare, he asks about her.  Just then, a hotel staff approaches their table and asks for their help to open Miss Kim Chan’s suite.  She says that their staff have been knocking on her door the whole day but she seems to not hear them.  Alarmed, both men go with the hotel staff to Kim’s suite.
Natalia brings Gustavo and Esperanza to her room showing her father and aunt what a mess Flor and Bella had done to show their dislike of her.  This makes Gustavo all the more convinced that they are not being nice to his beloved daughter.
Marimar is unaware that Natalia is blaming her for ruining her bedroom and things.  She is happily talking to Cruzita as she gets ready for work.  She tells her daughter to be good and asks Fulgoso to look after Cruzita while she’s at work.  Fulgoso assures Marimar that “uncle Fulgoso” will look after baby Cruzita well.  Marimar leaves and Natalia arrives.  She walks inside Marimar’s room and declares, “Di ba nya naisip na delikado iwanan ang bata mag-isa?  Paano kung mahulog ka jan?” (Doesn’t she know better than to leave a baby alone?  What if she fell?”
Natalia looks crazy enough as she slowly tips the crib, humming and laughing as she tips it even lower.  Fulgoso barks at her as Cruzita begins to cry.
Just then, Marimar walks in and shouts “Huwag!  Anong ginagawa mo sa anak ko!”  (No!  What are you doing to my baby?”
Marimar who is holding a feather duster rushes towards Cruzita.  She grabs her baby securely to her bosom as she lashes at Natalia hitting her continuously with her feather duster.  Gustavo hearing the commotion enters the room and sees Bella hitting Natalia.


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