Marimar episode 43 – the one where Natalia becomes a Marimar impostor

October 25, 2007

Marimar Episode 43 – The one where Natalia becomes a Marimar impostor

Doctor Rodriguez arrives at the Santibanez Resort but not on a social call to Angelika.  He is there to wheedle more money out of Angelika’s purse in exchange for his silence in their once-successful conspiracy.  But Angelika doesn’t have the money yet exclaiming, “Doc masyado kayong impatient!” (You’re too impatient) with his initial visit being only the day before.  She cannot possibly come up with 1 million pesos in that span of time. 

The gambling doctor tells her that should he approach Renato with some information, like the truth about her pregnancy, for sure Renato would be able to come up with the required amount.  Angelika asks for a week to maneuver and the doctor agrees telling her, “O sige hanggang Biyernes na lang ha.  Kung hindi, pasensiyahan na lang tayo.” (OK until Friday, if not then just forgive me.)  He also reminds her not to slap him this time or else things could get really complicated. “At huwag mo na akong sasampalin kung ayaw mong magkabuhul-buhol tayo pareho.”

Marimar seems to be on a break from her chores and takes time to play with Cruzita as Fulgoso looks on.  They are by the front steps of the Aldama mansion.  Marimar exclaims how Cruzita is such a happy child; a joy to her mother.  The cute baby smiles at her mother.  Just then, Senor Gustavo arrives and is happy to find the baby awake.  Most of the time she is asleep, he says. “Mabuti naman at nadatnan kong gising, madalas kasing tulog.”  Marimar agrees that Cruzita is “takaw-tulog” (hungry for sleep) most times and also Fulgoso who exclaims that those are the only things the baby seems to know how to do. “Dios mio eh wala naman ibang alam gawin yang si Cruzita kung kumain at matulog.”

The elderly man asks his maid if he can carry Cruzita and Marimar gives him the little girl who giggles and smiles at Gustavo as if on cue, prompting laughter from the mother.  He introduces himself to Cruzita as grandfather Gustavo and asks the permission of Marimar whether it is OK for her daughter to call him that.  Marimar of course can only agree at the kind gesture.  “Hello Cruzita.  Siguro nagtataka ka kung sino ako no?  Ako ang lolo Gustavo mo.”  He asks Marimar whether she has any difficulty in caring for her daughter.  Marimar replies that Cruzita is a good baby and seems to know that she is alone in raising her so she doesn’t cause her any more troubles.

Sergio and Kim are in their place of business going over some details.  Sergio declares, “Finishing touches na lang, ready na”  and Kim adds that perhaps in a few more weeks they would be able to open their business.  Sergio thanks the rich divorcee for giving him a chance to manage the business and Kim tells him that all he has to do is make sure their business is doing well and that would be more than enough payment for all the favors that she has done for him.  Sergio promises to work hard , “tutal binuhos ko na rin naman lahat ng oras at atensiyon ko dito.  Sisiguraduhin ko maayos lahat.”  Kim agrees by telling the young racer that she has all the faith in him and asks him not to use up all his time and energies into their business.  “Leave some for me,” she suggestively declares.  Sergio tries to change the subject by checking whether they need to change the business name.  Kim naughtily steers it back to her loaded double entendres by suggesting, “Moving On.”

The playful baby loves the attention the adults are giving her as they continue to coo and play with her.  Meanwhile Gustavo notices how she seems to be getting bigger for her clothes.  He offers to buy her some new one, telling Marimar to accompany him to mall later that day but Marimar quickly declines his kind proposal telling her employer that her friend Innocencia had just bought Cruzita some new clothes and that should be more than enough for now.

Gustavo observes that she is quick to deny help from him when it had been another person, they would have grabbed at the opportunity.  Marimar replies that she already owes him a lot and she doesn’t want to abuse his kindness.  “Tunay po kasi ang pagmamalasakit ninyo sa aming mag-ina.  Ayaw ko naman pong abusuhin and kabaitan ninyo.”  She adds that besides, she would want for Cruzita to grow up like she did.  “Gusto ko po lumaki siya na hindi umaasa sa mga materyal na bagay.” She may have been poor and barely had life’s necessities but she wants her daughter to learn to value other things like having a good character and principles than wanting material things.   Gustavo tells her that she is truly quite admirable.  “Habang nakikilala kita ng matagal, lalo mo akong pinapahanga sa iyo.  May prinsipyo ka pero nasa lugar.”   Marimar a.k.a. Bella has integrity and principles declares Gustavo Aldama. 

Suddenly he remembers his lost daughter and asks how she is, whether she turned out to be with good attitudes and values.  He tells Marimar that from what he recalls about her when they were together many years ago, she was also a happy child but easily cries at the slightest bit of sorrow.  She was loving, respectful and beautiful.  Fulgoso butts in that Gustavo’s daughter is very much like Marimar after all “Masayahin pero iyakin; mabait, magalang pero selosa at maganda!”

Angelika and the doctor/gambler/blackmailer walk towards the main entrance of the resort as they agree on Friday being the date of exchange.  Again the doctor warns Angelika to make good on her promise or else he will be forced to tell Renato the truth.  Unfortunately, Renato overheard his name and demands both to tell him which truth is it that he needs to find out about?

Back at the Aldama mansion, Marimar is giving Gustavo his medications and has even added a glass of milk for her kind master to help in speeding his road to recovery.  She tells Gustavo that Esperanza had explained all his medications to her and she took note of each one.  Gustavo jokes that there is a lot of them and Marimar assures him that she knows them all and the times which he needs to take them.  Gustavo thanks Marimar for her care and adds that with her looking after him, he is surely on the mend “Kung ganyan ba kabuti at kagaling ang mag-aalaga sa akin, siguradong gagaling agad ako.”  Just then his phone rings and he answers the call.  It is from the man he hired as private investigator, Sanchez.  It seems he found a good lead towards finding his long, lost daughter.  Sanchez tells Gustavo about the necklace and this discovery excites the rich man who believes that he finally found his daughter, “Diyos ko, magkikita na kami ng anak ko.”

In another part of San Martin dela Costa, Renato demands the truth from his wife and the mysterious doctor.  At first both have been caught unawares but Angelika quickly gains her wits about her introducing Richard to Dr. Rodriguez asking him whether he remembers the good doctor.  Richard recognizes him as the one who helped Angelika when she had her fall and lost their baby.  Angelika lies, telling Renato that she asked the doctor to come over as she wants to get pregnant again and the reason why they seem to be hiding it is because she wanted to surprise Renato.  The doctor support her tale even advising her to come to the hospital for a series of tests and thus they managed to convince Renato and pacify him.

Gustavo excitedly updates his cousin, Esperanza about Sanchez’ findings but Esperanza in her pragmatic view of the world warns him from getting his hopes up only to be disappointed.  He mentions the necklace but still she insists to a little caution as that finding the necklace does not equate to finding his daughter.  He reminds Gustavo about his weak heart and a frustrated blow may bring about a relapse in his fragile condition.  “Tandaan mo ang lagay ng puso mo.”  But Gustavo is convinced he has found his daughter and that he is right to suspect she would be somewhere in San Martin dela Costa after all.

Marimar visits Innocencia and her mother again and while eating, the two friends gossip about Marimar’s bosses.  Marimar updated her friend about Gustavo being all excited at maybe finally finding his daughter.  Innocencia exclaims how lucky the girl would be being suddenly rich, “instant heredera na siya,” and practically an instant heiress.  She wonders how she will be like in terms of attitude and disposition.  Marimar assures Innocencia that she would be very good as Don Gustavo is a very kind and compassionate man.

In the racing business, Sergio orders 10 computers  and will be delivered the next day.  He talks to the staff and a couple ask him if Miss Kim is his girlfriend.  He tells them that he is a married man, showing his ring, saying that he is loyal to his wife.  He confirms that he and Kim are business partners and are only friends.  When they ask him where his wife is; he tells them to “go back to your work” and leaves.

Still at Innocencia’s Marimar appears to be quite sad.  Innocencia asks her why and she tells her that she remembers her lolo Pancho and lola Cruz advising her to go and look for her own parents.  She laments that fact that at her current state, she does not have the means to find them nor does she know where to start having no memory of them.  When Innocencia hears this, she tells Marimar that perhaps she has amnesia.  She tells Marimar that sometimes, people with amnesia get back their memories.  Marimar tells her she has no such recollections only lola Cruz giving her a necklace that had her name on it.  She said when the elderly couple found her, she was wearing that necklace.  Innocencia asks where it is but Marimar tells her it had been stolen.  Innocencia feels sorry for her as they could have used that necklace to begin their search for her parents.

While Sergio is talking with their staff, Kim is at the parking lot smoking and Antonio reminds her that she should be there with Sergio so she too can meet with their employees.  Kim seems to be happy leaving everything up to Sergio and here Antonio gets an epiphany.  He tells Kim this – that she did all this not really to have any business venture but more to for the sole purpose of winning over Sergio.  She confesses, “I’m doing all this for Sergio.” Antonio warns her that her gamble may not pay off asking her, “Paano kung mabigo ka?”  She confidently tells Antonio a fact.  “Alam mo ba kung bakit mayaman ako, Antonio?  Hindi ako sumusugal sa isang bagay na hindi ako sigurado.”  She doesn’t gamble on things she isn’t certain of winning.  It will take time but she is sure, she will win Sergio’s heart.  Especially now that her only rival are fond memories.

Marimar is getting Cruzita ready for bed but the little one is not sleepy yet.  She asks her baby if she’d want Marimar to sing her a lullabye.  She hums a tune and it brings back memories of her lolo Pancho and and lola Cruz.  They were by the beach sitting on their small boat.  Marimar asks her grandparents is she has a nice singing voice.  Lolo Pancho tells her she sings like a frog, “boses palaka” and she tells on him to her grandmother who defends her, telling her that she does have the voice on an angel, an angel who had swallowed a frog!  “boses anghel na nakakain ng palaka”  She pretends to be angry as the old couple laugh.   Then she asks Cruz if she will be a good mother.  Her grandmother exclaims that she is too young to worry about such things.  When she meets the man she will love and have children, then she will know it, instinctively.

Marimar stops humming and tells Cruzita she will never know her father.  But she assures her that she will always be by her daughter’s side.  The cute baby seems to listen attentively.

Sergio is busy at work.  Antonio finds him in his office and says, “hindi pa nga nagsisimula ang trabaho, workaholic ka na diyan” the haven’t opened for business yet and already he is a workaholic.  Sergio explains he is doing the liquidation of their finances so he can show Kim where her money is going.  He fears as confirmed by Antonio that Kim has fallen for him.  He exclaims, “Life could be so much easier kung natuturuan lang ang puso kong kalimutan si Marimar.”  If he could only forget his wife….Antonio asks what witchcraft Marimar had used to have such a hold on him, “Ano bang gayuma ang ginamit ni Marimar sa iyo?”

Renato is at their suite as he dines and drinks alone.  He is brooding over something and looks quite sad.  Angelika comes down and tries to charm her way into her husband’s good graces.  He asks her what she wants and she inquires whether he is tired.  He admits he is and she acts quite disappointed telling him she is ready for some night of passion, “Sayang ready pa naman akong makipagpuyatan sa iyo.”  But Renato knows her well.  He bluntly asks her how much is it this time, “Magkano kailangan mo?”

Gustavo is headed for San Martin dela Costa to meet with Sanchez who will take him to his daughter.  Esperanza asks why he has to travel at night when it would have been safer to travel in daylight but he cannot be deterred any longer.  Marimar, Esperanza and several maids see him off, wishing him good luck and a safe trip.

Angelika sits on her husband’s lap explaining that she wanted to start a small business so she is able to keep herself busy as well as help in making some income for them.  She tells him she only needs a small capital, about 1 million.  Renato thinks about it and agrees.  Angelika is happy and tells her husband that she loves him.

Flor is busy in a room full of clothes and shoes.  They belong to Esperanza and when Marimar comes in, she calls the young woman to come and help her.  The informant of Esperanza seems to be kinder to her now, even talking to her in a chummy way.  She asks Marimar if she likes shoes and Marimar tells her that she used to run around barefoot in the island and only started wearing shoes when…..Flashback to Sergio giving Marimar her very first pair of shoes.  She wanted to return it having no money to pay for it but Sergio tells her it is a gift, from him.    Flor calls Marimar back to earth and tells her most of the shoes they are stowing away are worth several thousands of pesos.  Marimar is distracted, in her mind she asks herself that after all this time, why is it that she cannot seem to forget about Sergio. 

Meantime Sergio is in a coffee shop alone as he stares into his laptop.  He smiles at himself and we see that he is staring at the screen showing pictures of him and Marimar during their time at the resort. 

A few miles away Marimar who is now carrying Cruzita is also remembering happier times with Sergio.

Sergio couldn’t help but laugh when he sees a picture that reminded him of a particularly funny incident.  Marimar kisses her daughter and sees Sergio’s face in her small face.  Sergio sighs as he closes his laptop.  He thinks for a while then gets his cell phone.  He calls Kim and sets-up a date later that evening.

Flor and Marimar are gossiping about Gustavo’s daughter.  Flor wonders how she would look like.  Marimar tells her for sure she will be beautiful as Senor Gustavo is quite handsome and his wife, whom she had seen in one of the pictures, looks beautiful as well.

Angelika hands the money to Dr. Rodriguez and he assures her that her secret is safe. “ang sikreto mo, manananatiling sikreto.”  The doctor leaves and Angelika tells him never to show his face again. 

The doctor and his male companion leave with the doctor acting so jolly.  Renato catches the doctor and his companion on their way out.  He tells him “Mukhang masaya ka, para kang nanalo ng isang milyon.  Sige bilanging mo, bilanging mo ang pera ko.”  looks like you’re happy, like winning a million pesos.  He takes them aside declaring that the good doctor has a long story to tell him.

Esperanza is on the phone with Gustavo and we can her from the other line the excitement that he is coming home with his daughter.  Even the usually dour Esperanza couldn’t help but be happy for him and tells him to be careful on their way back home.  She calls Marimar and orders her to prepare the guest room.  Make sure it is clean and has all the things their guest might need.  She calls Flor to help Marimar on this task.

Renato arrives in their suite and without any discussion hits his wife with a hard slap on the face.  “Niloloko mo talaga ako!” Shouting at Angelika for tricking him over and over again.  Now he knows that she just pretended to be pregnant and he hits her again and again.  Angelika tries to explain but he shouts at her, “Sinungaling ka, wala kang kwentang tao!  Napakasinungaling mo.  Ginamit mo ako para mawala si Marimar dito, para ano?  Para makita mo si Sergio?”  His wife used him to get rid of Marimar so she can have Sergio to herself.  He is enraged and continues to beat her.  He threw her by a corner and she is able to get hold of a gun.  She holds it firm, pointing at Renato.  He stops short.

Gustavo has arrived and everyone in the mansion is excited.  Who is this daughter that he has found?  Marimar sees Natalia in a girly dress looking very happy as she walks beside an equally jubilant Gustavo.


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