Marimar episode 42 – The one where Corazon and Natalia meet

October 24, 2007

Marimar Episode 42 – The one where Corazon and Natalia Meet
Sergio comes and plays with baby Cruzita.  When he asks Innocencia who’s the mother, she tells him that he doesn’t know her.  She’s a friend of hers.  Sergio admires how pretty the baby looks.  Innocencia tells him Cruzita has her father’s eyes but her mother’s nose and lips.  Sergio couldn’t explain how he likes the baby he had just met.  He seems to be unable to take his eyes off the baby, getting intrigued by the second.
Meantime Fifi and Fulgoso have some time alone together.  Fifi is glad that Fulgoso hasn’t forgotten about her adding, “Kala ko kinalimutan mo na me.”  He exclaims that it’s only been a day since their last meeting!  Fulgoso promised his lady-love that if he comes by some fortune he will buy himself a cell phone so he can call her every time he wants to.  Fifi reminds him that even if he has a cell phone but if didn’t have one; they still wouldn’t be able to communicate so Fifi asks Fulgoso to buy one for her too.  She describes what she wants “Gusto ko may 3G at 2 mega-pixels na camera.”  Fulgoso moans how his girlfriend can be such a materialistic mutt.  He accuses her of being a “ma-dog-as na babae” (madugas meaning a bit of a hustler) to this Fifi denies she isn’t one as she truly loves Fulgoso but right now she hates him for even thinking about her in that way.  Fifi walks away leaving Fulgoso to whine about her having this tendency of always walking out on him.
Gustavo is looking for Flor but Bella tells him that she’d been sent by Esperanza on an errand.  When she asks if she can help, Gustavo says he’s looking for something but he notices Marimar’s bruises on her arm.  He is suddenly worried about the young maidservant but Marimar remains silent.
Renato is talking to Angelika who is riddled with bruises from her last treachery of her husband.  He is detailing the many patrons who have booked in their resort: a doctor’s conference, a wedding and notes that since Sergio left, business seems to have picked up.  Renato even dares to point that it seems Sergio is the jinx in their business and with him gone; business is bound to get better.  He asks his sulking wife whether she is happy.  Angelika replies plainly that she is but for a different reason, “Alam mo sa totoo lang, masaya ko…dahil ginawa mong punching bag ang mukha ko!” telling Renato that she is happy he made a punching bag out of her face.
Renato is unaffected by his wife’s drama-queen stance telling her she has no once to blame but herself for whatever pain she is suffering.  He tells her that she had it coming for sneaking away and running after Sergio while he’d been away.
Sergio asks Innocencia if he could carry the baby to which she obliges the young man who once had been a big crush of hers when he was her boss.  He tells Innocencia that it is the first time he is holding a small child.  He exclaims that she is very small and asks how old the infant is.  Innocencia tells him just a little over three months. 
Sergio likes Cruzita so much that he even kids Innocencia that he’s now taking the baby home.  The baby doesn’t seem to mind, and in fact Cruzita even seems to be enjoying the attentions of this stranger.  She isn’t crying and is happy being in Sergio’s arms.  Innocencia tells Sergio he can’t take the baby; her mother will be upset.
In the Aldama mansion, Gustavo is still asking Bella the truth about her bruise.  She defends that she easily gets bruised and this one is no exception.  She bumped herself somewhere and is not a big deal.  She assures Gustavo that this is normal and there is nothing to be worried about.  Unknown to them, Esperanza is eavesdropping on their conversation.
Back at the resort, Renato gives his wife a set of jewelry as a peace-offering.  He puts the ring on her fingers as he tells her she has beautiful hands, hands that deserve nice and expensive things.  Angelika’s mood seems to have gotten better after receiving her latest gift.  Renato is intent with his message to his wife.  He tells her, “I hope this serves as a lesson to you,” referring to the beating she received from him.   Renato tells Angelika a warning, “Kung mabait ka sa akin, dadalhin kita sa langit.  Pero kung masama ka sa akin, ihahatid kita sa impyerno.”  he is good to those who are good to him but a terrible enemy to those who aren’t.  Angelika hides her fear by thanking her husband for his latest offerings of diamond encrusted baubles.
Sergio returns the baby to Innocencia but not before kissing the little one in her tummy.  He also gives her his calling card.  He tells her to contact him if she ever needs a job or for anything.  With a wave to Cruzita Sergio goes to his car.  After a safe distance where Sergio wouldn’t overhear anything, Innocencia tells Cruzita that the man who was just playing with and holding her was her father.
In Marimar’s quarters, Cruzita is safely in her crib as Marimar inspects the bruises that Gustavo earlier noticed.  Esperanza walks in her room and Marimar asks if she needs anything.  Esperanza asks her directly why she didn’t tell on her when Gustavo asked about her bruises. “Bakit hindi ka nagsumbong kay Gustavo nung tinanong ka nya tungkol sa mga pasa mo kanina?  Bakit hindi mo sinabi na ako ang may kagagawan niyan?”
Marimar replies that she doesn’t want Esperanza and Gustavo to fight about her.  She doesn’t want to cause any troubles between them.  She tells Esperanza that she is here to work and earn her keep in an honest way.  “Wala po akong intensiyong pag-awayin kayo ni Senor Gustavo.  Sa maniwala kayo’t hindi, nandito po ako para magtrabaho.”
Still suspicious, Esperanza takes a step further and tells Bella that perhaps the young woman is also trying to win her over so she can pursue her plan of wheedling money and whatever else from Gustavo.  “Baka naman gusto mong mahulog ang loob ko, para magawa mo ang plano mo na mahuthotan si Gustavo?”
Marimar denies her claim telling her truthfully that when Esperanza hurt her, all she wanted to do was pack up and leave.  When Esperanza asked her why she didn’t, Marimar tells the stern woman that she has nowhere to go and no means to support her child.  She chose to stay for the sake of Cruzita so she can give her a better future, a chance in getting an education.  Marimar declares, “Handa akong magtiyaga, handa akong magtiis, handa akong magpakahirap alang-alang sa kaya,” she is will to do everything, to undergo anything, to face all the odds for her daughter’s sake.
Somewhere in Manila, Sergio and Antonio talk about Innocencia.  Sergio updates his friend about his unexpected encounter with his ex-secretary and his fondness of the little baby she has with her.  Sergio says that something has changed in Innocencia, a pity since she used to be quite pretty, intelligent, loyal and full of confidence.  He adds that in fact, Marimar used to be so jealous of Innocencia. Antonio teases Sergio that perhaps the reason why Marimar had been jealous of his ex-secretary was that he did have an affair with her, “Pinagseselosan?  Knowing you pare, eh baka naman naging girlfriend mo iyon.”
Sergio denies it stating that he is quite loyal much to the surprise and disbelief of Antonio, “Loyal, ikaw? Sergio?”  But Sergio continues to talk about Marimar.  How she is a bit childish and thus quite possessive.  He tells Antonio how she used to be quite suspicious of anyone who tries to be close to Sergio, anyone, especially women who try to get close to him, she is easily jealous of them.  Antonio says that perhaps Marimar didn’t have anything else to do but keep a watch on Sergio.  Sergio explains that Marimar’s world only revolved around him.  “Sa akin kasi umiikot ang mundo niya eh.”
The handsome racer dreams out loud to his attentive friend telling him that had they had any children, Marimar would have surely poured out all her love and attention on their child.  “Naisip ko nga, siguro kung nagka-anak kami dati, malamang dun nya naibuhos lahat ng pagmamahal at atensiyon nya sa akin.”  He regrets not having any child with her.  He says that if they are still together now, Marimar would surely be pregnant or already they would have a child.  He likes the fact that his wife had wanted to have a lot of children, as many as the crabs on the island according to Marimar!  “Nakakapanghinayang.  Siguro ngayon, kung magkasama kami, sigurado buntis na siya o hindi kaya may panganay na kami.  Gusto pa man din niyang magka-anak.  Yung marami ha.  Yung maraming-maraming anak.  Kasing dami daw ng mga talangka sa isla.  Ang dami non.”
Antonio observes his friend closely and says that Marimar had truly loved him for wanting that many children and that he truly does still love Marimar by the way he talks about her. “Mahal na mahal ka niya…at mahal na mahal mo pa rin siya.”
Esperanza seems to have softened a bit in her treatment of Bella, in the least she is not shouting at her anymore.  She asks the young mother about her husband.  “Wala ka bang asawa para tulungan ka sa pagpapalaki ng batang iyan?” Marimar replies that Cruzita is all she has and that she alone is responsible in raising her.  “Wala po, tanging ako lang po ang bumubuhay kay Cruzita.”  She wants to be able to provide for her and not let her grow up naive and ignorant like her.  She wants her daughter to get an education. “Lumaki man akong mangmang, sisiguraduhin kong mabigyan siya ng magandang kinabukasan.  Hindi siya lalaki na walang pinag-aralan katulad ko.”
The older woman tries to tell Bella how expensive it is to send a child to school.  “Isa ka lang katulong.  Hindi sapat ang sahod mo para magpalaki ng isang bata.”  She advises the young maid to think about other options: like giving up her daughter for adoption.  Many couples with more money can raise her and give her a better future.  “Bakit hindi mo na lang siya ipa-ampon?  Maraming mayayaman diyan na walang anak.” 
But Marimar is firm in her resolve not to part from her daughter.  She tells Esperanza that she will never give her child away as she knows how hard it is to grow up without any parents.  “Kahit kailan hindi ko ipapamigay ang anak ko.  Wala na nga siyang ama tapos pati ako mawawala pa sa kanya?  Kaya sisguraduhin ko na mapalaki ko siya ng maayos kahit mag-isa lang ako.  Bibigyan ko siya ng magandang kinabukasan.  Alam ko kung gaano kahirap na walang magulang sa tabi.”  Esperanza looks on at Marimar who is putting Cruzita to sleep, and it seems the younger woman has earned some positive points for her integrity and honesty.
Innocencia visits Bella in the mansion and tells her about her encounter with Sergio.  Marimar asks what Innocencia told him; whether she divulged that Innocencia and her have any contact.  While once her face would light up at the mention of Sergio’s name, now a crease and a dark cloud marks it as she asks, “Anong sinabi mo sa kanya?  Sinabi mo ba na nagkikita tayong dalawa?” 
Innocencia assures her that she gave nothing away even the true identity of Cruzita and her parentage.  “Hindi wala akong sinabi tungkol sa iyo.  Nagtanong nga siya sa akin kung sino ang mga magulang ni Cruzita eh, hindi ko nga pinagtapat sa kanya ang totoo na siya ang…siya ang ama non.”  Marimar is glad and tells Innocencia that she did the right thing.  Sergio must never know that Cruzita is his daughter.
Innocencia tries to argue and says, “Pero Marimar…” to which Marimar corrects her that her name is Bella.   Innocencia hands her Sergio’s calling card as she reminds her friend that being the father, Sergio has a right to know about his child.  “May karapatan si Sergio sa anak niya.  Anak niya si Cruzita, Marimar.”
Marimar is now quite angered and declares that Sergio lost his right when he decided to abandon her and their daughter.  “Karapatan?  Simula nang iwanan niya ako, wala na siyang karapatan sa aming mag-ina.  At hindi kailangan ni Cruzita ng amang katulad niya.  Hindi siya makikilala ng anak ko dahil wala na siyang puwang sa puso naming mag-ina.” Marimar tears the card into pieces telling her friend that Cruzita doesn’t need a father like Sergio.
At the Villa Santibanez, Monica helps Angelika as she tries to walk and sit in the lobby.  The now talking Diego exclaims how extravagant Renato is when it comes to giving gifts to his wife.  Angelika states that he should give her expensive gifts because he beat her hard.  In fact whatever she got does not completely compensate for all the pain she has gone through.  “Talagang dapat galante dahil galante din siyang mambugbog no?  Kulang pa nga yan sa dinanas ko sa kanya.”
Monica reminds her friend that it was her fault after all.  “Eh loka girl ka naman kasi no.”  She asks Angelika why she can’t just stick to Renato when he has everything a woman could want: power, wealth, good looks and brains.  Angelika tells her that it is Sergio she wants and not the older Santibanez.   When Diego butts in on their conversation asking her, if she loves Sergio, why marry Renato? “Bakit si Senor Renato ang pinakasalan nyo?”  Angelika snaps at her bodyguard reminding him of his place.  “Kaibigan ba kita?  Bakit nakikisali ka sa usapan namin ni Monica?” (Indeed, I liked him better when he was the silent, brooding type too Anj.)
Monica tells Diego to make himself scare for a while as Angelika is on the warpath.  “Diego babe iwan mo na muna kami ni Angelika ha?  Init ng ulo ng lola mo.  Sige na, love you.”  She then asks why Angelika is so harsh with her man but her friend is serious when she declares she is no longer happy in her marriage.  She is not happy with Renato.  “Monica, hindi na ako masaya kay Renato.  Gusto ko na siyang iwan.”  She wants to leave Renato.
Gustavo calls Bella who is tending the garden.  He gives her some books to help her learn to read.  “Galing ako sa bookstore, eto binili ko para sa iyo, mga libro.  Para mahasa ka sa pagbabasa.”  At first, Marimar declines them but her kind employer insists that she take it otherwise he will feel bad so she accepts and thanks him for his kindness.  “Naku Senor wag na lang po naku hindi ko po matatanggap iyan, Nakakahiya naman po sa inyo.” 
Gustavo explains that he likes helping people like Bella, those people who want to improve their lot in life.  Quite admirable.  “Pag hindi mo tinanggap ito magtatampo na ako sa iyo.  Sige na.  Alam mo natutuwa ako sa mga taong katulad mo.  Nagsusumikap para magkaroon ng magandang bukas.  Kahanga-hanga ka.”  Bella tells her father that she is lucky to have him as her employer as he is very compassionate and kind to everyone, helping them without expecting for anything in return.  “Ay senor kayo nga po ang kahanga-hanga.  Tumutulong kayo sa kapwa nyo na wala kayong hinihinging kapalit.  Napakabuti nyo po.  Pagpalain po kayo ng Diyos.”  She shows her books to Fulgoso and the mutt asks whether the kind gentleman sa some books for him too, “Senor papaano naman ako?  Wala ba kayong biniling libro para sa akin?  Basta meron akong nabasa dati na ‘Run, Bantay, Run!'”  Marimar thanks Gustavo and promises to learn to read and when she does, she will read to Cruzita everyday.
Meanwhile Monica is shocked about her friend’s revelations telling her that what she wants to do is like committing suicide as well as saying goodbye to the good life that she now enjoys.  “Gaga ka ba?  Alam mo pag ginawa mo yon, para ka na ring nagpaalam sa mga luho at bisyo mo no?”  But Angelika tells her plainly that she knew what that move would result to.  That’s why she’s still Renato’s wife because she is afraid of what Renato might do.  He certainly wouldn’t want her to leave him and make him look like a fool among his peers.  For sure, he’d rather kill her than have any other man have her.  “Alam kong hindi siya papayag na iwan ko siya at magmukhang tanga sa lahat ng tao.  Mas gugustuhin pa niyang mamatay ako kaysa mapunta ako sa ibang lalaki.”
Monica advises her not to do anything that would cause Renato to be angry with her again.  She fears that maybe next time Angelika will get more than just bruises and bumps…something worse than what he gave her the last time.  Just then, Perfecta announces some visitors for Angelika.  It is none other than the doctor she once paid off to lie to everyone that she lost her baby when she staged her fall to blame Marimar.
The doctor asks whether she still remembers him and she clearly admits that she does,  “Oo, ikaw yung sugarol na doktor hindi ba?” confirming that her visitor is indeed the gambling doctor she once conspired with.
Marimar sits on the steps of the Aldama mansion with Cruzita.  She seems to have finished her chores and she shows her daughter her new books from Gustavo.  She opens a page that shows a picture of a beach.  She tells Cruzita about her childhood, how she grew up in an island and how she and Fulgoso used to play by the shore.  “Anak tingnan mo o, eto yung dagat!  Alam mo ba dati nakatira ang nanay sa isla tapos naglalaro kami ni Fulgoso sa dalampasigan.”  Fulgoso agrees with Marimar’s account and how he used to catch crabs.  Speaking of crabs, Fulgoso realizes it has been quite sometime when he last ate them and he almost barks when he discovers that he missed eating them!  “Dios mio, hindi ako makapaniwala, nami-miss ko ang lasa ng talangka!”
Marimar continues reminiscing and telling Cruzita about her childhood.  She tells her daughter that she is a good oarswoman as she was taught well by Lolo Pancho.  She adds that she is also a good swimmer as she was taught well by Lola Cruz.  Fulgoso adds that he too is quite good, “Ako eh expert sa langoy aso,” in swimming doggie-style. 
Marimar says her life then was simple but it didn’t have many problems.  Fulgoso adds that things changed when she got married.  It even changed Fulgoso’s life as he met Fifi whom he loves.  Marimar admits that San Martin dela Costa may have given her so much pain but it also gave her friends like Padre Porres, Choi, Natalia and Corazon.
Speaking of the kind cook, Corazon, she  is now a fishmonger who is calling to all customers to buy her fish.  She haggles with a buyer but she is distracted when she sees a familiar face.  Corazon screams in delight her name, “Uy Natalia!” and asks her to come closer.
The gambling doctor demands for more money from Angelika stating he put his profession and credibility on the line when he agreed to connive with her.   He asks for half a million pesos to guarantee that he remains silent about their past treachery against Angelika’s husband.  “Dahil sa akin, naloko mo ang asawa mo.  Napapaniwala mong buntis ka at nakunan.  Ano kaya ang masasabi niya kung malaman nyang isa lang palang malaking kasinungalingan ang lahat nang ito?” Angelika is upset at how the doctor is now trying to frame her and slaps him across the cheeks.  Instead of backing out, the doctor only raised his asking price to 1 million.  Angelika wants to slap him again but Monica stopped her fearing that another slap may take the asking price half a million higher.
Natalie was surprised to learn that Corazon has resigned from the resort too.  Natalia tells her that she is now working as a waitress in a canteen.  Corazon asks about Choi and got a chill at Natalia’s reply that the young man is now at peace.  “Huling balita ko sa kanya, nalagay na sa tahimik ang buhay niya.”  It is possible that she herself killed Choi.  Corazon can only exclaim, “Oh my gosh, he’s dead?!”
Monica assists Angelika to lounge by the pool as they discuss the recent visitor and his demands.  Angelika cannot touch her bank account as that is closely monitored by Renato.  Monica suggests that Angelika sell some of her jewelries to come up with the money.  She agrees that is one way to go but she’s got to have some excuse about their disappearance.  Angelika says she will tell Renato that Monica stole them.  Monica quickly tells Angelika not to do that in fear that Renato may send her to jail, just as he did to Marimar not so long ago.
Gustavo asks Esperanza about a private tutor that he wants to hire.  Esperanza is surprised that Gustavo seeks a tutor but he explains that it is not for him but for Bella.  Esperanza still does not understand his feelings toward Bella.  She knows how helpful Gustavo is.  She just doesn’t get the special treatment he is extending towards their latest servant girl.
Meanwhile, Marimar a.k.a. Bella is visiting Innocencia and her mother with Cruzita and the ever loyal Fulgoso.  She bought food and they are about to eat.  Innocencia’s mother is happy that they didn’t forget about them as she missed baby Cruzita so much.  Marimar hands her some cash but she declines at first stating that the younger woman needs it for her child.  However Marimar insists saying that it is not even enough for the kindness they have given her.  “Naku sige po kunin nyo na po para naman makatulong ako sa inyo kahit papaano.” She accepts and thanks Marimar for her help. 
Gustavo tells his cousin how peaceful he feels when he is with Bella.  She is a very good child and not opportunistic like many.  She also reminds him of his daughter. “Sinabi ko naman sa iyo noon pa, magaan talaga ang loob ko kay Bella. Tuwing nakakasama ko siya, para bang may nararamdaman akong kapayapaan sa puso ko.  Mabait si Bella, hindi mapagsamantala.  Hindi abusado.  Tiwung nakikita ko si Bella, naaalala ko ang anak ko. Iniisip ko kung nasaan na nga ba si Marimar.” 
Innocencia asks Marimar whether Esperanza is still a witch and she tells her friend that she doesn’t mind Esperanza so much because Senor Gustavo’s kindness more than makes up for her wickedness.  She shows them the books Gustavo bought for her and asks Innocencia is she could help her and teach her to read.  Innocencia tells Marimar that she would be happy to help her, “Pagtitiyagaan kitang turuan pero magtitiyaga ka ring matuto,” so long as she would be willing to learn. 
Gustavo wonders what fate had befallen his daughter.  “Ano kaya ang naging kapalaran niya?” Did people raise her well?  Were they good towards her?  “May mga kumupkop ba sa kanya?  Mababait ba sila?”  He prays that for each person he has shown kindness, his daughter also get the same in return.  “Palagi kong pinapanalangin na sa bawat taong tinutulungan ko, may mga tao ring tumutulong sa anak ko.”
A man approaches Corazon who is shouting in her stall, “Come on everybody magbili na ng fish!  Fresh na fresh ito, just like me!”  and asks her if she can answer some queries that he has.  Corazon clarifies that he just wants to ask questions and not buy her fish.  When the man said yes, she apologizes but it is better if he asks someone else as she is trying to find customers who will buy her fish.  “Ay I’m sorry, hindi pwede dito ang question and answer portion, sagabal yan sa negosyo eh,” as she points to where the man can ask others instead of her.  The man moves to the next available person who happens to be Natalia.
He asks Natalia whether she knew someone with the name of Marimar as she shows her a picture of a child, the young Marimar.  It is quite an unusual name but the man is surprised when she admits she knows one person with that name.  When Natalia asks the man why he is looking for her, he says that he cannot divulge the reason but only said that this Marimar had been missing for the past 12 years.  Natalia asks whether the Marimar he seeks had a necklace.  The man is surprised that she knew about something so few people knew.  His surprise is even doubled when Natalia raised her hand showing the necklace and asking whether it is that particular necklace.  The man exclaims, “Saan mo nakuha ang kwintas na iyan?” demanding from where Natalia got the necklace.


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