Marimar episode 41 – Bella moves to the Aldama mansion, Sergio sees Innocencia and Cruzita

October 23, 2007

Marimar Episode 41 – The one where Marimar moves to the Aldama Mansion and Sergio sees Innocencia and Baby Cruzita.

Marimar stops short in her attempt to call Sergio’s attention as she sees Angelika run towards her husband and embraced him. Sergio asks Angelika in an irritated manner what she is doing in the same hotel but Angelika tells Sergio that she just needs to talk to him. “Kailangan kita makausap.” Sergio takes Angelika’s arm as he leads her away from where Marimar is standing. Marimar cries and falls on her knees in despair. She believes that Sergio and Angelika are indeed lovers and what Angelika had told her before killing her by the grassy hill was true. What she and Sergio had was all a lie. Marimar mourns for her past as she slumps to the floor uncaring about the world around her.

The private investigator that Gustavo talks with tells him not to keep any false hopes despite the possibility of finding her long, lost daughter. Gustavo tells the man about Bella, the young woman who is now under his employ and is also from San Martin dela Costa. The investigator suggested to Gustavo to ask this Bella about her hometown as she may know about Marimar. Gustavo has some hesitations about doing this and he admits to the man that Bella seems to be keen on forgetting about her painful past.

Innocencia is carrying baby Cruzita telling her that she is such a pretty baby. She tells the infant that when her face didn’t have any scar, she too was pretty. “Alam mo Cruzita, noong wala pa akong peklat sa mukha ko, maganda din ako tulad mo.” Her mother comes to them and tells her daughter that she is still pretty even now. “Maganda ka pa rin ngayon anak.” But Innocencia tells her mother to stop pulling her leg. “Inay, huwag nyo na akong bolahin.” She adds that she knows how she looks like as she can clearly see herself in the mirror. She knows that most people find her face quite revolting nowadays. Cruzita cries, thankfully putting a stop to such doomed conversation. Both women turn their attention to the little girl who is bringing such joy in their lives. Innocencia’s mother declares that Cruzita is such a happy child and takes after her mother in looks. Innocencia observes that Cruzita looks a bit more than his father. “Nay parang mas kamukha nya ang ama niya.” Cruzita cries but Innocencia continues to talk about Sergio, telling the baby how handsome her father is, who looks like a celebrity. “Alam mo Cruzita, ang guwapo-guwapo ng tatay mo. Tapos artistahin pa ang dating.” Innocencia stops as she realizes that perhaps, with the way things are going, Cruzita may never get the chance to meet and get to know her real father. “Sayang, kahit kailan mukhang hindi na ata niya makikilala.”

Marimar is still down on the floor in tears. Gustavo finds her in this state and asks her what she is doing. He’s been looking for her and was quite worried. “Bella, anong ginagawa mo riyan? Kanina pa kita hinahanap. Saan ka ba nagpunta?” He helps her up and asks whether she is alright now. Marimar lied saying she saw someone she though she knew but it turned out she was mistaken. “May nakita po kasi ako, akala ko kakilala ko. Hindi pala.” She asks Gustavo whether they are leaving presently and the elder man confirms it. They are leaving now so they’d be able to get to the mall while it is still open as Gustavo promised Marimar that he will buy her things for her baby. “Oo aalis na tayo, para maabutan natin ang mall.”

Perfecta serves food for Monica and Diego who are openly flirting by the pool area. She asks whether Monica has other instructions for her and Monica notices how Perfecta speaks in a falsely patronizing manner, obviously unhappy with the fact the she alone is doing most of the household chores especially made difficult by Corazon quitting. “Oh eh bakit parang galit ka?” Perfecta denies that she is unhappy, adding that she is on the contrary quite happy. Monica orders her to get some fresh pineapple juice for her and for her ‘baby’ Diego. (Lo and behold, Diego speaks!) The ever silent bodyguard of Angelika finally has a few lines, first agreeing to Monica’s demand of fresh pineapple juice, then dismissing Perfecta who is more incensed about a hired hand like her, giving her orders. Diego hands Monica some food and admits that it is so much nicer that Angelika is not around as they have the resort all to themselves. “Alam mo, mas okay talaga na wala si Angelika dito eh. Solong-solo natin ang resort.” Monica agrees and adds that they both feel like they own the place. “Oo nga, feeling don at donya tayo ngayon.” She adds that the swimsuit she is wearing actually belongs to Angelika. Fishing for compliments, she asks Diego whether is suits her. The hunky bodyguard agress but tells her she’d look a whole lot better without it. “Bagay, pero mas bagay yan pag hindi mo suot.” (Kinky!) As the two continue to flirt and eat, even feeding each other, Renato arrives unannounced commenting how happy they are when he is not around. “Masaya pala kayo pag wala ako ano?” Both Monica and Diego stand up, fear visible in their faces. Renato continues to say out loud his observations focusing on the bodyguard he hired to watch over his wife, how Diego is embracing Monica, wearing casual clothing and not the all-black bodyguard number he is often seen in, and demands where his wife is. “May payakap-yakap ka pa. Naka-board shorts ka pa. Asan ang asawa ko.”

Angelika and Sergio are talking. Angelika acknowledges the fact that Sergio is mad at her but she just wants to explain something to him personally. “Sergio alam ko galit ka sa akin. Kailangan ko lang magpaliwanag sa iyo ng personal.” Sergio continues to be harsh towards Angelika asking his ex-girlfriend whether her latest escapade to the city is known to Renato. “Alam ba ito ng tatay ko?” Angelika explains that Renato doesn’t know about her coming to Manila to find Sergio. She says that her husband is in Cebu. She tells Sergio about her plan to leave Renato. She tells the young man that they can be together again like before. “Sergio may plano ako: hihiwalayan ko na si Renato. Pwede na tayong magsama.” Sergio tells her to stop running after him. He says that she shouldn’t have wasted time in coming over. “Tigilan mo nga ako. Di ka dapat nagpunta rito.” But Angelika pleads with the man she loves, telling his she just needing to talk to him. “Sergio kailangan kitang makausap.” Sergio cuts her short, asking what reason is there for them to have any further discussion when whatever they may have had in the past is long gone. He bluntly tells Angelika that he no longer feels anything for her. He does not see her in the say way anymore. “Para saan pa? Wala na tayong dapat pag-usapan pa. Matagal nang tapos ang sa atin. Wala na akong nararamdaman sa iyo at wala na akong pagtingin sa iyo.” Angelika refuses to believe what Sergio is telling her. She reasons that Sergio is only saying this because he is upset with her. His anger springs from his suspicions that Angelika has something to do about Marimar disappearing. “Hindi. Sinasabi mo lang iyan dahil alam kong galit ka sa akin. Dahil akala mo may kinalaman ako sa mga nangyayari kay Marimar.” Angelika swears she doesn’t know anything about whatever it is that may have happened to Marimar. “Sergio, I swear to God wala akong alam doon.” But instead of calming Sergio, it has the opposite effect. Sergio calls her a liar and tells her never to use God’s name just to fool Sergio so he’d believe her. “Sinungaling ka talaga ano? Pwede ba huwag na huwag mong gamitin and Diyos para lang mapa-paniwala ako, dahil hindi ka Niya kakampihan!” Sergio leaves disgusted by his ex-girlfriend and Angelika can only cry out his name ash she watches him walk away.

Back at the resort, Monica and Diego were caught unawares by Renato and couldn’t answer him quickly enough as to where Angelika is. Renato asks for Monica’s cell phone. “Akin na telepono mo.” At first she is hesitant to give it but has no other choice seeing as Renato is getting more and more upset by the minute. Renato calls Angelika and the unsuspecting vixen thinks it is Monica calling her asking for updates about her pursuit of Sergio. She blurts put that her recent attempt is a failure. She tells Monica that she found Sergio but the young man wasn’t happy to see her. “Monica, lecheng Sergio iyon! Pinuntahan ko siya dito. Akala ko matutuwa siya pero….” Angelika could only open her mouth in surprise when she hears Renato’s voice in reply. “Pero…?” Renato repeats to prompt Angelika to talk. “Pero ano?” Angelika feigning ignorance asks who is on the other line. “Si…Sino ito?” Renato with ironic humor replies that she is talking to Sergio’s father, her husband and even gave his full name asking whether she recognizes him now or not. “Ama ni Sergio. Asawa mo. Si Renato Santibanez. Hindi mo ba ako nakikilala?” The wife, caught in her lie can only say her husband’s name. The husband incensed at his wife’s treachery can only say her’s in return.

Fifi and Fulgoso are arguing. Fifi is upset that Fulgoso is leaving her behind after all she has done to find him. “You’re leaving me here! Pagkatapos kong maglayas at magpalabuy-laboy sa streets para hanapin at makasama ka lang, iiwanan mo ako!” The male mutt explains that he wants to be with Fifi but he also must be beside his mistress and her baby as they need him too. “Fifi my love, hindi ko rin gustong magkahiwalay tayo pero kailangan ko ring samahan si Marimar at si Cruzita eh.” Fifi suggests that Marimar should just take her with them to live in the mansion where she works as a housemaid. “But how about me? Bakit hindi na lang din ako isama ni Marimar sa mansion na pinagta-trabahuan niya bilang chimi-a-a?” Fulgoso reasons that what she wants is quite impossible. Marimar already took a great risk in asking that he accompany her and Cruzita to the Aldama mansion, she cannot afford to possibly ask to bring another dog. “Diyos mio naman Fifi, ang kapal na nga ng mukha ni Marimar, sinama nya ako eh. Sobra naman kung pati ikaw isasama rin niya.” Fulgoso assures his lady-love that Innocencia will look after her. “My love, huwag ka na malungkot. Hindi ka naman pababayaan ni Innocencia eh.” Fifi complains that Innocencia only feeds her with whatever leftover is available. “Hello tira-tira lang kaya ang pinapakain nya sa akin.” Fulgoso promised Fifi that he will visit her often and bring her some dog food. He adds that someday soon the will be together for good and that he will definitely return to make good on that promise. “Huwag kang mag-alala, dadalaw-dalawin kita lagi at dadalhan kita ng dog food. Balang araw magkakasama na tayo habang-buhay. Babalik ako.” (Doesn’t this remind you of Sergio’s promise to Marimar? Anyways, I always love the unheard exchanges between Fifi and Fulgoso.)

Marimar is putting her clothes and stuff in a bag as Innocencia looks on the sleeping Cruzita. Marimar promises to visit her friend when she has a day off work. “Innocencia pag wala kang trabaho dadalaw ako dito ha.” Innocencia tells Marimar that she is more than welcome to visit and in fact she and her mom would feel bad is Marimar and Cruzita would just leave and forget about them. “Oo naman ano. Sasama ang loob namin pag tuluyan mo na kaming kinalimutan at iniwanan dito.” Marimar assures her friend that she will never ever forget them. She thanks Innocencia for all their help and kindness towards her and her daughter. They have been her salvation and admits that without them, she could have been dead by now. She adds that she does owe them a lot. “Pwede ba namang magyari iyon. Alam mo naman na malaki ng utang na loob ko sa inyo. Sa lahat ng kabutihang ginawa nyo sa aming mag-ina. Siguro kung hindi dahil sa inyo, patay na siguro kami.” Innocencia tells Marimar to take care and should she have any problems, to just come and let them know. “Basta tandaan mo pag may problema ka, wag kang mahihiyang pumunta dito ha?” Innocencia’s mother tells Marimar that what Innocencia says is right. She and Cruzita have been like family to her and that she will miss her especially Cruzita whom she has grown to be so fond of. “Tama si Innocencia. Para nang anak ang turing ko sa iyo. Ito namang si Cruzita ay apo ko na. Ang totoo niya ay mami-miss ko ang bata.” Innocencia can only agree with her mother’s sentiments. Innocencia asks Marimar if she is ready and takes the bag from Maimar. Marimar takes Cruzita. Innocencia and her mother kiss the baby goodbye. They also hug Marimar telling her to take good care of herself and her baby. Innocencia accompanies her friend outside. Marimar takes her leave from the kind, sickly woman whom she also calls mother like Innocencia. “Sige po Inay, aalis na po kami.” Before she leaves, Marimar asks Innocencia a favor. To forget about the past and Marimar. From then on, she wants to be known as Bella. Innocencia promises to keep the secrets to her past safe.

At the resort, in the privacy of their own home Renato releases his anger on Angelika who arrived clearly in fear of the consequences her latest action would result from. He slaps his wife and when Monica pleads him to stop, he also lashes out on her. Angelika tells her friend to call the police as Renato continues to hit her. Renato dares Monica to do so if she wants to suffer the same fate as her treacherous friend. Monica can only watch, helpless about her friend’s sorry state. Angelika implores her husband to stop hurting her.

Kim plans to introduce Sergio to their employees the very next day. She tells the young man who seems to have been having another drinking spree with Antonio that he has to choose his own secretary. Antonio teases Sergio to get one who is good-looking and sexy but warns him that Kim may disapprove of his choice. Kim denies this stating plainly that she isn’t the jealous type. “OK lang. Hindi naman ako selosa.” She then hints at Antonio that it is time for him to go home. Antonio takes his cue and tells his friend, “Sergio, bukas ha. Mukhang pinapaalis na ako ni Miss Kim.” Alone at last, Kim complains that her seat is a bit uncomfortable as she transfers to Sergio’s lap. She asks Sergio whether this is OK with him and he says it’s fine, she’s not that heavy anyway. This prompts Kim to take the situation to the next level, of course with more alcohol to set the mood right. “Time for a body shot,” she exclaims and grabs a lemon slice. “Now where should I put this,” she asks as she pretends to look around then makes Sergio bite it. Sergio was saying, “I don’t think this is a good idea.” but Kim pretends to not hear his protest. Giving herself a shot, she licks salt then takes the shot in a quick gulp then sucks the lemon lodged between Sergio’s lips. The inevitable happens: they kiss.

Marimar is now in her living quarters as she tells Cruzita and Fulgoso how kind Senor Gustavo is for allowing them to stay in the mansion. She is telling both that indeed they are quite lucky to be under his employ. Esperanza arrives and is surprised to see that Marimar has a dog. “Nandito ka na pala at may kasama ka pa palang aso.” She looks at Marimar’s daughter and tells her that the baby looks like her. She is brutally frank with Marimar telling her that she doesn’t like this but she is quite helpless as Gustavo’s wills it. However, she warns Marimar to be diligent in doing her duties as a maidservant in the mansion. She added that should Marimar make one tiny bit of mistake, she is going to make sure that she and her daughter leave without a single cent earned. “Bella, tatapatin kita. Ayokong manatili ka rito. Kung akong masusunod, matagal ka nang nasisante at wala kang makukuha ni isang kusing mula sa akin. Kaso, nabilog mo ng maigi ang ulo ni Gustavo eh. Kaya etong tandaan mo: hindi magiging sagabal sa trabaho mo bilang isang muchacha dito sa mansion. Pero pag dumating ang araw na iyon at hindi mo magawa ang trabaho mo, palalayasin kita at iyang anak mo.” Marimar whom Esperanza knows as Bella can only agree in fear. “Opo, maam.”

Sergio and Kim kiss but in Sergio’s mind, he is kissing Marimar. He pushes her away as he apologises telling her he cannot do it. “Stop. Sorry, sorry di ko kaya.” Kims asks him, “What do you mean?” Sergio explains that she had been very good to him and he doesn’t want to just use her, not while he still has feelings for his wife. “Kim napakabait mo sa akin. The least I could do is to be honest with you. Aaminin ko hanggang ngayon, si Marimar pa rin ang nasa isip ko.” Again he apologises to which the rich, young woman who only says, “You should be.” To cut the awkward moment, Kim adds, “Sayang ang tama ng tequila.” Sergio is quite amazed at how easily she springs back to normal, as if nothing happened. She is not even upset about the whole thing. “Palabiro ka pa rin. Di ka ba marunong magalit?” Kim replies that nothing will come out if she gets angry. Besides, she can wait. She is quite a patient woman after all and declares that Sergio is the kind of man worth waiting for. “Ano naman ang mapapala ko kung magalit man ako? Pasensiyosa akong tao, Sergio. Hindi ako basta-basta napipikon. Handa ako maghintay hangga’t handa ka na. You’re definitely worth waiting for.” Kim takes the tequila claiming it as her own so she can drown her sorrows by her lonesome self in the privacy of her own suite. “Well, akin na lang itong tequila. Lulunurin ko na lang ang sarili ko sa loneliness ko.” She kisses Sergio on the cheeks and leaves.

Innocencia visits Marimar in her new home at the Aldama mansion. It is her day off and she plans to take Cruzita and Fulgoso for a walk. Marimar reminds her daughter to be good. She is assured that her friend will take good care of Cruzita. As they leave, she tells Innocencia to take care. Fulgoso is excited to be able to see Fifi and happily bids Marimar farewell. He quickly changes her name to Bella, remembering that she wants it this way. Unfortunately, even Bella does not hear him.

Bella is busy cleaning the Aldama house. She is seen dusting a bureau with many ornate fixtures and a couple of framed photos. Marimar picks up one of Lupita and admires how beautiful she looks. Gustavo walks in and compliments Marimar on how well-kept and clean the place appears to be. He says he has never seen the room looking so clean and orderly in a long time. He notices the picture Bella is holding and he talks about his wife. How beautiful she was. How she too had been a very good housewife. He tells Marimar how she was such a good cook especially in preparing native sweets like rice cakes. Gustavo asks Bella to sit with him as they continue to talk about his wife. Marimar asks Gustavo whether he and Lupita have any children. He confirms that they did have one…a daughter but got separated when she was only a child. He tells Bella that it is difficult not knowing what happened to her.

Meantime, Innocencia and baby Cruzita sit outside a restaurant. She orders some food and drinks from a waiter and waits for her meal to be served. She playfully talks to the baby while she waits.

Gustavo now asks Bella about her own childhood. She tells him about her grandparents who raised her. Marimar admits that she never went to school and it was only the kind priest, Padre Porres who taught her how to write her own name. She tells her employer that she had always wanted to learn to be able to read and write.

Sergio appears and starts the vehicle parked near to where Innocencia and baby Cruzita are seating. He is blocked by another car so he asks the security to find the other vehicle’s owner. He looks around and sees Innocencia. He calls her.

Gustavo tells Bella that is she really wants to learn, he can help her. She is quite embarrassed telling him not to bother as getting an education can cost quite a lot of money. Gustavo offers to pay for her tuition but she declines. She tells the kind man that he had helped her and her daughter enough already. She thanks him for his kindness towards her and Cruzita. Unknown to them, Esperanza’s right hand maidservant is eavesdropping on their conversation. Gustavo understands and tells her that if she changes her mind about it, to just tell him and he will be happy to help her. He changes the subject back to Marimar’s home town, San Martin dela Costa. He is hoping Bella can help him with his search but the young woman requested him if they can stop discussing her past as she isn’t keen on remembering how painful it had been for her. She explains that she lived in a nearby island, quite isolated from the mainland. She lived alone with her grandparents and did not know that many people in town. She wouldn’t really that much help to him.

The maid runs to Esperanza to tell her what she overheard about Gustavo willing to pay for Marimar’s education. She adds to the now incensed Esperanza that even this early, Bella must be stopped from taking more advantage of the kindness of Gustavo. Esperanza confronts Marimar. She didn’t have enough time to defend herself as Esperanza threatens her with a barrage of accusations and warnings. She tells Bella to stop wheedling into Gustavo making him pity her and offering certain privileges to her. If she doesn’t stop, she will make sure that Bella is terminated from her post. “Pagka-nalaman ko na hindi mo pa rin tinigilan si Gustavo, talagang palalayasin kita.”

Sergio comes over to where Innocencia and Cruzita are sitting. He seems happy to find his old secretary. He asks whether Innocencia is married and whether the baby is hers. Innocencia almost slips telling Sergio that no, she is not married and that the baby isn’t hers but is actually the child of….fortunately, Innocencia was able to stop herself in time. However this only sparks Sergio curiosity as he now looks closely on the baby and asks whose child it is. “Anak nino?”


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